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Hunter's Vale Preview - This Weekend!

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Hunter's Vale Preview - This Weekend!

Post#1 » Fri May 28, 2021 6:33 pm

Hello, this weekend - from Friday 28 May till Sunday 30 May - some streamers will be live-streaming the upcoming dungeon "Hunter's Vale" with exclusive access on their channels. The purpose of this preview is to allow you to closely see the dungeon, inside out, including its mechanics and beautiful aspects. The streamers have been instructed to form their own groups in the way they prefer, with the people they'd like to have around.

Here's the current schedule:
  • Saturday:
    - Zarbix: 6:30 PM server time
    - Kortaac (french): 9:00 PM server time
  • Sunday:
    - ReBiff: 11:00 PM server time
The above schedule could be updated based on streamers' requests.

We hope to see you guys on their streams to share with us the hype and feedback on Hunter's Vale!
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