Patch Notes 01/04/2022

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Patch Notes 01/04/2022

Post#1 » Fri Apr 01, 2022 7:47 pm


Today we will be opening up our new 6v6 Instanced battle PvE defence scenario. In this scenario you will compete against your opposing realm to defend your base from waves of Skaven.

If a Skaven makes it past your defences your opposing realm will be granted 1 point. You will need to defend all 5 lanes from exponentially increasing amounts of Skaven in each wave. The first team to get 500 points and thereby the opposing realm having conceed 500 Skaven will win the scenario.

This game will be free to all existing Alpha testers of Return of Reckoning.

We are also releasing a Live Event with the release of this new Scenario with some awesome rewards for everyone to enjoy in the main Return of Reckoning game. The Live Event will last until Monday night.

Here is a short gameplay video.

Click here to watch on YouTube

Realm versus Realm
Item drops

Item drops from players are now randomized according to % damage done to the victim, instead of all of it going to the player that did the top damage. So if another player did 25% of the damage, there's a 25% chance that player gets the loot instead. If you are in a group the loot is rolled on, just like before.

Quest triggers also work just like before, with the group of the top damage contributor getting the quest credit.

Against All Odds

AAO is now calculated using the maximum population in the region in the last 15 minutes for each realm. So if you wipe a large enemy force, it no longer immediately swings and give less renown for the last few kills.

Rewards from objective captures and supplies are now affected by AAO.

Against all Odds now affects loot drop chance. From -100% drop chance when enemy has 400 AAO, to +100% chance when you have 400 AAO.

For crest drops in the old system, it was 75% chance, but if enemy had above 200 AAO you stopped getting any loot drops.

Additionally the AAO malus for the side with more players is now shown as a debuff in the UI called "War-torn Apathy". This malus already existed, but was not visible in the UI.

Graphs with drop rate comparisons:
Red is previous drop chance, blue is new.

Same as above, but zoomed in on the -200 AAO to +200 AAO part


For those interested in the formula, it is: 1 - (1 - <drop chance>) ^ <drop multiplier>

RvR Warfront

The task to defend or attack forts has been merged into the task to defend or attack keeps. The tasks to capture BOs and defeat enemies have been increased a bit. So the tasks are now:

- Defend or attack 5 keeps or forts

- Capture 15 Battlefield Objectives

- Defeat 200 enemy players

Note: This change is from next week, current week is unchanged.

City Siege

The sieges now start at the time it says in the calendar and campaign meter, with the queue time starting 10 minutes before.

Necropolis of Zandri

- Battlefield Objectives owned by Order or Destruction now have guards even if not claimed by a guild. Guilds can still upgrade the guards to better ones.

- You no longer need 6 players to capture an objective.

- When objectives are locked because enemy realm doesn't own any nearby objectives, they are now shown as locked on map.

- The Diminishing Rations debuff now stacks up to 65 stacks.

- The capture radius has been increased from 50ft to 65ft.


- For 10,000 War Crests you can now buy a replica of the Triumphant or Victorious rings with same stats.

- War Crests now have purple rarity to make it easier to set separate auto roll for them and the Expedition Resources.
- White: Expedition Resources
- Green: Silver Scarabs
- Blue: Golden Scarabs
- Purple: War Crests

Unguent (Armor) potions have been updated for Tier 1 to avoid situations where players are receiving extremely high bonus values from the bolster mechanic. Stat potions are not as affected by the bolster mechanic as they get softcapped based on your rank already.

Armor however has a softcap at 75% reduction with no rank or class considerations, and even moderate levels of bolster had this value reaching several tiers above what is reasonable.

Resistance potions have a similar softcap at 40% with no consideration for rank or class, however these are separated into three different resists, of which only one is available at a time, and is therefore not considered problematic.

R15 Armor potions have been shifted to R16 so they're available in T2 at current values.

Previous Values
R1 - Lv4
R5 - Lv8
R10 - Lv12
R15 - Lv16

R1 - Lv5
R5 - Lv10
R10 - Lv15
R15 - Lv20

New Values
R3 - Lv4
R6 - Lv7
R9 - Lv10
R16 - Lv16

R3 - Lv5
R6 - Lv8
R9 - Lv11
R16 - Lv20


The Killboard now shows guild leaderboards and guild heraldry.

Recording of scenario scoreboards have started, and we will soon add display of that and grouping of kills that happened in the same instance.


- [19940] Losers are now routed, not the winners
- [19944] Vendors now work with client set to other languages than English
- [19922] Emblem of Nehekharan Assasins can now be equipped
- [19929] The City siege guild quest should work correctly now

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Re: Patch Notes 01/04/2022

Post#2 » Fri Apr 01, 2022 8:25 pm

nice one! looking forward to fight off skaven tide! :D

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Re: Patch Notes 01/04/2022

Post#3 » Fri Apr 01, 2022 8:27 pm

The drop chances tied to AAO is a good thing.

The who gets the drop as a percentage chance depending on the amount of dmg would encourage willy-nilly AoE, not? Will see how are the actual effects, but doesnt sound great.

Nice that this strange SC is back :D

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Re: Patch Notes 01/04/2022

Post#4 » Fri Apr 01, 2022 8:32 pm

The issue with the weekly RVR reward wasn't that you had to take/defend forts but that you had to win instead of simply participating in attack or defense.

AAO reducing crests might have an effect but the primary reward motivator was from the zone flips and bags and rvr reward. It still encourages stacking on one realm and zerging zones and is what has driven the heavily lopsided populations of the last week+.
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Re: Patch Notes 01/04/2022

Post#5 » Fri Apr 01, 2022 8:33 pm

So why is it still take or defend keep for the weekly? Why not have it be participate in the keep battle instead? or kill in the keep areas and bos?
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Re: Patch Notes 01/04/2022

Post#6 » Fri Apr 01, 2022 8:34 pm

btw "Tapping the dark" of sorceres is not working anymore, nor I can release body in scenario

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Re: Patch Notes 01/04/2022

Post#7 » Fri Apr 01, 2022 8:39 pm

Positive changes I think.

Where's the ninja obligatory WL buff tho?

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Re: Patch Notes 01/04/2022

Post#8 » Fri Apr 01, 2022 8:49 pm

lol nice, and whats about healer or supporter they maybe make a kill possible? no dmg means no loot or what? do i miss something here? so we need nomore healer right now?

btw. new content is fine, but maybe it would be better to fix first some of the xxxxxx bugs they still exist? its goin the same direction as live, new new new and the allready existing content gettin worse worse worse... we know what happens.

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Re: Patch Notes 01/04/2022

Post#9 » Fri Apr 01, 2022 9:05 pm

100xp / ratnarök

kkthxbye :D

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Re: Patch Notes 01/04/2022

Post#10 » Fri Apr 01, 2022 9:07 pm

Krima - WE RR 87
Carnage :ugeek:

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