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More killboard features

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More killboard features

Post#1 » Thu Jan 05, 2023 4:49 pm

The Killboard is a good tool for the game (although it has also caused the rise of Top10-egofarmers), but i think it is useful for a lot of players who wants see the progression of his game skill. For this reasons, i think it can be improved with a few things:
-Add a custom time search, insted of "This month", or "Last month", so we can see the Kills and death of older periods (or even from the last day).

-Add time search (and custom) in "Player vs Player Feud" or "Guild vs Player feud". It is funny check the progression in this feuds. :mrgreen:

-Fix the search box on This search box, look for guilds, instead players.

Thank you again
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