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[Bio] Roster of Destruction

Feel like burning like a bright wizard? Being as green as a gobbo? Robust like an Ironbreaker? Bloodthirsty like a witch elf? Feel free to speak as them here.
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[Bio] Roster of Destruction

Post#1 » Sat Apr 27, 2024 7:12 am

"Let it be known that the names writ herein belong to those who have dragged themselves from the dregs. Time will tell if they will become champions, but they have already proven they are not peons. May Tzeentch guide them to their fate, be it glory or obscurity." -Scribe Tultham.
OOC: The following is a character listing of my Roleplay characters for Destruction. Others are free to use it to list their own Destro RP characters as well, if they desire to use this for a centralized listing. The template for characters is as follows:

Full Character Name & Title
(In-game name)
Character ref art (if applicable)
(Optional) Age
Physical Description

Character Self-intro (the character themselves introducing themselves, usually, but not exclusively, from First-Person Retrospective, i.e.: recounting events that already transpired)

As you may have noticed, this is the Destro counterpart to Order. Order's Roster can be found here: viewtopic.php?t=53027
Voshten Greywolf, the Unchosen
63 Years of Age
A hulking man, more like a wall of iron than a Norscan elder. His armor is bereft the marks of one devoted to the Raven, instead bearing the marks of all Four. The eight-pointed star is seared over his left eye, which has mutated into a baleful, cursed thing, seeming to agitate the very air as it casts its gaze about. He often dresses in dense fur, even in warmer climes.

"I was lost once. As a young raider, I was told I had been selected to be a champion of the dark gods. But my patron was hidden from me. Lost and confused, I went south, spent time among the Empire of Man. I found adventure, companionship... friends. And then, I found my patron. In exchange for my servitude, he twisted fate, and gave my companions salvation from doom. I had to return north. The less spoken of my worthless tribe, the better. They are meat for the Ulfwerner, now. Nothing more, and nothing less. The Raven called. He never chose me, but his followers had need of me. I cannot do what my patron demands of me from the frozen pale of my homeland, and so I march with the Raven. For now."
Sthezza la Firenze
22 Years of Age
A woman of fair skin and raven hair, dressed in opulent robes of enchanted velvet, dyed luscious pinks and violets, and decorated with numerous trophies and jewels. Her hair is cut and styled to conceal an ugly scar that blinds her left eye, leaving only her ivory white right eye visible. The disc she rides atop has been branded with the icon of Slaanesh, and has warped to match her defection from Tzeentch.

"Why should I settle for less? My parents left Tilea for what they thought would be better, the Border Princes. They settled with that. Then the orcs came, and burned our little township right off the map. Then my parents sent me to Altdorf for schooling as a wizard. For a time, I settled for that. Then the cultists showed me how little I was actually learning in the Celestial Order, and I pledged myself to Tzeentch. And. I. Settled. Well gentlemen, I have learned something since then: avarice is no sin. Indeed, it is the bedrock upon which real, meaningful change is enacted. And it was not Tzeentch that showed me this- although I must give him some credit for giving me the tools I bring with me to my new employ- no. It was the Dark Prince, Slaanesh, who instilled in me this virtue. Need drags men out of their beds, but it is want that makes them rise of their own accord. I am done settling. I have found my want, and I will see tens of thousands sacrificed at the altars of my greed to make it come to fruition. The Raven Host is but the first of many steps. I am Sthezza of Firinze. And I will etch my name on this world."
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Re: [Bio] Roster of Destruction

Post#2 » Sun Apr 28, 2024 7:03 pm

My name in a forgotten language means "give me blood". I'm a masked marauder. I wore so many masks that I don't remember my own face. The Sigmarites say that I am a slave of the Dark Gods, but it is not true. I simply accompany them in the slaughter. They reward me for it, although if they punished me, I would still do it.

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Re: [Bio] Roster of Destruction

Post#3 » Wed May 15, 2024 5:26 am

Silas Malchorel, Blackguard
83 Years of Age
Male Dark Elf
A svelte Dark Elf standing at about 5'11" Silas comes from a long line of warriors from the port city of Clar Karond. His ancestors however don't last long when compared to other elves. His Great Grandfather, Grandfather, and Father were all executed when invariably their leading Dreadlord makes a poor decision in battle and shifts the blame onto their regiment demanding their heads as payment for failure.

"The path towards power and glory is steep and littered with the bodies of the dead. The lords who killed my kin knew that and made their ambitions manifest. I have designs of my own that I would see come to fruition, and if I need to spill blood to do it, then I do so with a smile. I will pillage and burn Ulthan with glee, gather spoils both mundane and decadent and one day return to Clar Karond as a master of all. I will do this, or I will be gutted like so many others to Khaine's amusement. There is no other way, no other path that I tread."

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