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Kotbs reworked Runefang - no resonable builds...

Knight of the Blazing Sun, Bright Wizard, Witch Hunter, Warrior Priest
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Re: Kotbs reworked Runefang - no resonable builds...

Post#21 » Fri Jun 07, 2024 10:58 am

You can do very solid damage with a knight just don't build crit, it is underwhelming. You want to use nightless anyway for 90% of the time unless you have some other source of reactionary proc. And nightless is a very good stat stick anyway.

Get 880 str with aura, get runefang, arcing swing, stack 3 blazing blade stacks (remember stacking refreshes all 3 stacks), M1 demolisher, taunt, myrmidias fury with runefang up, precision strikes without runefang up. This is an immense amount of pressure. You wont do sick bursts. That is a DPS' job. You guard and punt away other tanks once your blazings are stacked.

A lot of forum discussions like these are kinda pointless cause there is no context to them (6v6? solo?city?orvr?) and also apparently the concept of adjusting and fine tuning your builds and tactics to the needs of the party or situation you are in seems foreign to many people. Respeccing is free. You can save builds. Do that.

Knight is S tier solo, A tier for small scale and S+ for warbands. Just build accordingly like everyone else.


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