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Guide: Reporting Bugs

You are expected to have read and understood the rules and guidelines and behave accordingly.
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Guide: Reporting Bugs

Post#1 » Fri Jan 01, 2016 1:53 pm

So, you've found a bug on Return of Reckoning and you wish to report it? Excellent. This post will tell you how to go about it.


This is the fundamental rule. Do not post bugs to the forum, the topic will be closed immediately and the bug won't be looked into. Don't post them in game either - even if staff are in game and playing, they will not bother to address bugs that are not posted to the tracker, and you may even find yourself kicked if you continue to report a bug to a developer after being told to go to the tracker.

The bugtracker can be found at

1. Verify that it's not been posted before.

You can search the bugtracker for keywords in order to verify that the bug you're posting wasn't already reported. Please do so to avoid creating work for the bugtracker's managers.

A closed report means only one thing – the devs consider the report either to be fixed or false. this does not means that the report was consumed by Chaos and lost forever. If you have something to say about a closed report, comment on it, we'll take a look and reopen it if needed. Do not create duplicate reports stating "I created / noticed report ABC, and it got closed, but the problem is still here because X and Y".

2. Do not post well-known issues that are within the realm of game / technical support.

Do not post problems related ONLY to you if the general existence of the problem is already known, such as missing items or inability to get into the game. These issues are solved on the forum (for example, trouble with the launcher), in game by GMs (if your character is stuck somewhere and conventional methods like /stuck twice do not help) or not solved at all (missing items – we are trying to fix the causes of items disappearing, but we will not reimburse items to individual players because we cannot check the veracity of the report).

3. Supply as much evidence as possible.

This depends upon the type of bug. If you're reporting an issue which is known by many players, you won't need to provide as much evidence. However, if you're reporting a bug in a core, often-used aspect of the game, which could be met with disbelief from the staff, please ensure that you provide the appropriate evidence, be it in screenshot or video format.

4. Do not bump.

The bugtracker is not a forum in which old threads get buried by the new ones – we regularly look through all reports, both old and new. Creating a duplicate report because the existing one "is too old" is pointless and so is "bumping" old reports with meaningless comments.

5. If contradicted by staff, don't press the point without evidence.

If a developer or staff member asserts that a certain feature of the game is working as intended, and you happen to disagree, please acquire proof which demonstrates that the staff member in question is incorrect before posting in the issue topic again. Staff will only state outright that an assumption or recollection about the game is wrong if they have personally verified that this is the case.

Please note that we do not care how long you played class X for on live and how knowledgeable you think you are about it. Only HARD proof will be accepted.

6. Do not whine for fixes.

The bugtracker is an instrument of the devs. As a player, you may report problems there and provide clarification and assistance with testing if needed. Do not ask "when this will be fixed" or "anything new on this?" (these questions can be asked by devs but for different reasons) – if devs are not fixing something then there is a solid reason for that and when they fix something it will be mentioned in the report or patchnotes. Do not post with "Please fix" in your report either.

7. Use the relevant keywords and spell them correctly.

This is vital, as it allows both our managers to easily collate and deal with duplicate reports, and other players to effectively search for duplicate issues. Use ability, class, item, location and monster names when needed to aid with this.

8. Ensure you can use English to a respectable standard.

Google Translate reports will be closed on sight.

9. One ticket per issue

Only report one issue per ticket as multiple issues within one ticket is harder to track and harder to address.

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Re: How to report - Bugs

Post#2 » Wed Feb 10, 2016 4:21 pm

Anyone who asks for a Griffon or Manticore mount will not receive one, regardless of whether the report would otherwise be eligible.

These mounts are given only for serious issues, which are not obvious, and which significantly threaten either the security and stability of the server or its economy. Please don't waste Devs time by creatively spinning minor reports into something that they're not.

We have also decided to open the option to give these mounts to people with a large amount of reports written in a good manner with many details, if this is the case you will be notified and do not need to ask for it.

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