[Marauder] I wanna solo

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[Marauder] I wanna solo

Post#1 » Thu May 03, 2018 5:18 pm

Hi guys,

I was playing WAR at begining and wanna give a shot again, wanna play a bit between my music project.
So i'm coming here alone and I like to roam solo. I was asking what class can be usefull if I wanna play objectives and still can roam solo when I wanna play 30mins/1hr.

So, i'm asking if anyone can give we advices how I should spec to play alone and what RR Skills I should take to do it. I'm 16 atm.

Thanks for reading this !

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Re: [Marauder] I wanna solo

Post#2 » Thu May 03, 2018 5:41 pm

mara . we. but mara best. rr anticrit 15 perfect other ulike

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Re: [Marauder] I wanna solo

Post#3 » Thu May 03, 2018 6:51 pm

Mara is defiantlyone of the most versatile classes in the game and is certainly a valid option to to solo with

http://www.ror.builders/career/marauder ... ,5191,5217

you want to do the standard brut save spec grabing thunderous blow, deadly clutch and cutting claw along with unstable convulsions and giouttine

rdps is kin in this game so along with anti crit you need to get max deft defender and them put rr into parry too

always run brute force 50% crit and piercing bite and then either deadly clutch or feeding on fear

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Re: [Marauder] I wanna solo

Post#4 » Thu May 03, 2018 7:31 pm

Thanks TenTonHammer,

So with my gear i'm focucing and damages and with RR I need to focus on my defensives stats that's right ?

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Re: [Marauder] I wanna solo

Post#5 » Thu May 03, 2018 7:48 pm

If u got only 30-60min to play I suggest focus on scs and classes that shine here. RvR can be very empty when there is no keep fight or zerg vs zerg can be waste of time for solo play. SW/SH is very nice solo sc play if u want dps. Otherwise offensive tank like IB ( abit not newbie frendly tho). Mara as a melee class require at least dedicated or awarred healer to do decent job in scs.
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Re: [Marauder] I wanna solo

Post#6 » Thu May 03, 2018 10:15 pm

If you're gonna solo with a marauder you need to make up for their abysmal init and super high chance to be crit. You can run 2 piece rare fortune or if you go primarily sav run scything talons and drop piercing bite. With either option you'll probably want 1-2 pts in futile strikes. Your now buffed WS and armor debuff will make up for that loss of PB plus you get more parry win-win. You can also run without brute force and you can pop ferocious assault at the start of fights to make up for the lost stats, the extra toughness is just a bonus. If you sub spec monstrous it's even better. Going brut subspec will obviously net you more damage with GI and mutated aggressor (guillotine is also nice but the other two benefit you in sav stance).

FoF+GI is huge for damage but you need to minimize your chance to be crit with renown. I think if you're gonna try and burst people these tactics are a must. Warped flesh also adds to your defense considerably especially if you can stack up your other passive defenses so keep it in mind. With disrupt changes and a couple points in deft defender you'll have more occasions to RKD in a week than you ever had on live which is nice.

Your hardest fights will be against high burst both WH and WL try and detaunt before the kd and hope you can recover once you get back up. Spare no expense on potions cause you'll need them. Guardian WL and BAL whs are a dime a dozen these days.

Good luck.

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Re: [Marauder] I wanna solo

Post#7 » Fri May 04, 2018 12:11 am

Alright so there's allot of advice some of which is ok HOWEVER there are quiet a few things you should be aware of.

1. No spec you have will take all comers, You can either solo in dps or as a tank and what kinds of enemies you can take on successfully will depend on that.

So lets look at the virtues of dps specs and how they play as well as what to avoid.
So first off you have high burst this will help you out a fair bit vs any rdps you run across as well as against any dps healer, your pull is an amazing tool here and will make these fights a bit easier as will having a high dodge/disrupt if your knock down procs you will probably score the kill.

Things you should avoid when fighting rdps or dps healers.

Dug in engies
If the engie sees you first and drops the turret don't try rushing him all that will happen is you will get loaded with dots, disarmed, knocked back and finished off while being kited to death, while pull can help the odds are not in your favour if any good engie sees you coming.

Shadow warriors
Bit of a mixed bag really the pure ranged ones are less trouble than the melee lot. While the ranged can kite you effectively if they time their cc if they miss time and you are smart about your positioning after you pull you can nicely negate their self punt. Ranged SW are squishy and if you can stay on them for more that a few gcd they will die fast. Now the melee SW are a bit of a different story the good ones are durable and are generally denoted by their weaker ranged damage, If they load you with dots and it kinda tickles consider that they might be bating you into their court, they can have surprising damage at times and their rate of crits is guaranteed to be higher than yours (under current bis) you will soon get experience of which names you can pull and which ones are best left to their own devices.

Bright wizards.
Not the greatest kiting class in game but they still have a ranged kd, a ranged snare and a root. Obliviously pull helps just watch out for knock downs or silences, Mutated energy is gold if it procs here. You are unlikely to see many solo BW but it can be done and it will kill you if you don't respect it.

AM's and Runies
2 classes with similar tool kits your first problem is closing the gap, pull is the big equaliser here however if it fails consider running away imediatly as you will no longer have the tools spare to catch them, 2nd is dpsing though their heals before your ap runs out something that is especially difficult vs am as they will drain you constantly so carry a large supply of ap potions. get these fights over with fast you are living on borrowed time and will soon bleed to death or be just left behind by puddle or proced snares.

Dps wp
It's all or nothing here really, pop buffs and go for it hard as you can, interupt divine assault and hope for a death grip proc and you might win.

Order tanks
Tanks that are defensive will out last you, offensive ones can be beaten but generaly have superior cc which gives them the edge.

Order mdps
in a dps spec you will find the opponents solo specs hard to deal with they are all superior to dps speced mara when it comes to solo.

Witch hunter has 2 modes for play the most popular which is what we will look at is the BAL/repel spec. The basic problem you will have against this spec is that they can have up to 8 seconds where you cannot fight back 3 seconds in knock down 5 seconds of 100% parry. Vs another dps class this is death recovery form a string of 1k crits is difficult but hey its ok to respawn. You will also find that some wh take the parry shield a step further and slot riposte, while lazy its very effective vs a melee 1vs1 when you have 100% proc rate.

You are going to run into 3 types of slayer, Those who thing ROA is solo mode (which you will easily deal with) parrytards who rely on you killing yourself on their high parry/riposte (theirs is always higher than yours as slayer can ignore all parry)don't try these in a dps spec you will always die first or the very dangerous ones that run power though whom you will never out dps as they ignore your parry and completely prevent you from critting, then follow it all up with a knock down when they reach red, KD infront of a red slayer is death. Your only method of tackling this type of slayer is to hit um hard and fast like dps wp hit them hard and fast, don't let them kite the longer a fight goes the more the chance of victory slips away.

It's worth mentioning at this point dont use rend solo vs a melee, riposte will make you regret it.

Hunter axe has better out of the gate dps than you as well as better averaged damage thanks to the pet, Generally the winner is RNG based by which i mean who is luckier with parries and crits. If its guardian speced run the other way, it will just outlast you no point giving away renown for free.

Putting part 2 in another post walllllll of text
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Re: [Marauder] I wanna solo

Post#8 » Fri May 04, 2018 12:29 am

SO they other mode of play for solo on mara stacking mitigation or monstro tank/monstro bot as it is refereed to. So hight toughness, armour, avoidance and low crit

The play style isn't very interesting and it universally requires a long time to kill most things, but if you can keep the monstro proc up (which requires a hit not just attacking) you can out last most opponents that aren't healers (whom you now cannot kill)

So rdps the same principals apply with the exception of engie, if you have a high enough core of toughness ots possible to out heal the dot damage on some, while you can still be kited to death by any of these rdps if they play well the fight is guaranteed to last longer and if you can make it melee range before you are near death you are guarenteed to outlast anything that isn't a complete pippu of an engie.

Tanks depenting on your toughness and mitigation level are no match, though these fights will go on so long its best to lure the tank as you fight or one of you is likely to be zerged.

Healers as mentioned don't bather your dps will be woeful and the magic damage ignores your monstro procs defence, find a differant target.

Heres the thing you can kill any other dps if your mitigation is high enough and they are stupid enough. Guardian wl and wh both have the ideal escape options so you will only land kills on these classes if they let you by being to stuborn to run. Slayer on the other hand has less options for running and so it is perfectly feasible to keep them in combat till they bleed to death.

Much shorter advice really but i covered most of the things to look out for. Monstro kinda plays its self and is very forgiving as specs go (you can be tougher than most tanks) I haven't even tried it in full dominator (which is the ideal set for it) and it still felt op as anything.
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Re: [Marauder] I wanna solo

Post#9 » Fri May 04, 2018 2:10 pm

Toldavf covered it well: Monstro is also easier to do with poorer gear, IMO, but the big issue is how long it takes to kill people. For example, trying to 1v1 a keg engi or solo spec IB takes so long that the chances it stays a 1v1 are incredibly low (i.e. one of you probably gonna get zerged).

Brut/sav is more fun but you have poor matchups against basically every common order solo roam class.

Monstro seriously is invincible though. Maybe full conq solo spec IB and BG are tougher, or a bubble spec SM (though that spec may be one of the only ones that kills people slower than you).
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Re: [Marauder] I wanna solo

Post#10 » Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:44 pm

To say it simple.

Marauder is crap in solo it you will getting 95% of the times asskicked, especially cuz there are tones of wh`s what is more or less made for solo play and you have absolute no chance of seeing any land against.

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