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[WE/WH] Agile Escape/Declare Anathema

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[WE/WH] Agile Escape/Declare Anathema

Post#1 » Fri Mar 27, 2020 4:33 am

Issue: Agile Escape/Declare Anathema can be be parried, which prevents the stagger as well as the leap backwards from occurring.

Proposal 1: Do not allow Agile Escape/Declare Anathema to be parried, so that the leap backwards always happens. Stagger is already limited due to CC cooldowns, which preserves this ability's use as a get out of dodge escape tool.

Proposal 2: Allow Agile Escape/Declare Anathema to be parried, but always have the WE/WH leap away from the target.

While the WE/WH have a few other tools of escape (root breaking skill, Elixir of Shadows/Sanctified Oil, Stealth), Agile Escape/Sanctified Oil is meant to quickly distance the WE/WH away from combat, which both classes need in order to maneuver after risky situations occur.

Both of these proposals do not introduce challenging shifts in power for either class, and it simply makes their means of battlefield maneuverability more reliable, which they need in order to work a little better in larger conflicts.


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