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[Slayer] Holding Grudges (and general 2h play)

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[Slayer] Holding Grudges (and general 2h play)

Post#1 » Sun May 24, 2020 12:42 am

So after getting my Bloodlord 2h I've been trying this spec - Slayer and, I have to say, I'm loving the change of scenery so far - the few >2k Deathblow crits I've had so far have been a joy to behold :lol:

I've been using Power Through due to the synergy with full invader and PFM, but I am missing being able to dump rage when focused. I had a play with Holding Grudges on a target dummy earlier but found I ended up staying almost constantly on the border of green/yellow rather than yellow/red as I'd like. If you've used it, how have your experiences been and how would you set up a build? I'd probably look to use this spec were I to find a way to run it - Slayer

If anyone has any other tips on 2h builds (either of the above or something different) I'd love to hear them !

edit - Also....does anyone know exactly how Spellbreaker works?
For example, if a target had both Soul Shielding (enchantment, absorb) and Khaine's Vigor (enchantment, HoT) active on them when you used it, would Spellbreaker remove both (classing SS as an absorb and KV as an enchantment) or would it consider them both enchantments and only remove one?
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Re: [Slayer] Holding Grudges (and general 2h play)

Post#2 » Mon May 25, 2020 12:37 pm

Those are both viable builds that I also run on occassion.

I do find that the power through build a bit more satisfying as I cycle through my exhaustive blows. It does come with great risk with being in the red at all times. If you have a strong pre-made group you should be fine, but pug healers and tanks will hate you for being so squishy. The AOE detaunt works well since you are single targeting, and not having ID ticks knock it off as soon as you use the detaunt.
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Re: [Slayer] Holding Grudges (and general 2h play)

Post#3 » Tue May 26, 2020 6:44 am

Those are the builds I dream of having as a 2h choppa; the AA + staying in red, /envy! So, for Power Through (Wot Rules for choppa), just make sure you are FS III (or IV!). I also found that I had to leave Invader gear and mix Inv 3pc+Sent 3pc+Bloodlord 2pc for extra wounds, or drop one of those to keep your crit high. Its a tough balance. And of course know your local tank populace and which guard. I friend or mark with Enemy the ones that not only guard but will follow my green-raging tukkus around. Those are gold.
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Re: [Slayer] Holding Grudges (and general 2h play)

Post#4 » Tue May 26, 2020 11:20 am

Spellbreaker removes one Blessing and one Enchanment - this is what description says. One and one. If target has two blessings I wager first goes the one that was applied first.

I love this build too. In fact I leveled my SL in GS and started using dual wield only once I hit 40. I really like 2H for its concentrated damage and defence piercing capabalities. This is an excellent build for scenarios.

Speaking of Power Through I personally think it is a must have for ANY build. Even if you are running SK build where we do not have too many finishers we still need to have +50% damage regardless of that.
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Re: [Slayer] Holding Grudges (and general 2h play)

Post#5 » Thu May 28, 2020 8:36 pm

I prefer Holding Grudges due to being able to dump rage with detaunt. Not sure detaunt will do much for you in red.

All in all both builds are good. In scenarios Giant Slayer gets a lot of unnecessary hate, mostly because ppl only care about big AoE fluff damage on the screen at the end of a 0-500 scen, those big numbers that do no pressure.

If ppl can actually use their brains and assist you then WL/Giant Slayer burst is pretty strong. IMO Holding Grudges and Breaking Point are the two best things to get out of mid tree. Whether you skip channel heal to get more is up to you.
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