GM application Amidala

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GM application Amidala

Post#1 » Fri Jul 28, 2017 2:14 pm

Hello all, this is my formal application to join GM team and be a member of this great game

My name is Maria(26) and I have a great knowledge about all Warhammer World
I am a warhammer boardgamer/WHFR player really active and a studied a lot High Elf story and language

I have been playing on ROR for 2+ years. I never played on live so I really tried to learn game asap!
I had the good fortune to play with a lot of great live players that showed to me war mechanics

Activity Requirements.
* I can be active up to 6/6 days a week,especially during week end and EU time

Thick skin.
* I am absolutly a respectful and peaceful player and I always try to calm and bring peace on channels, especially during hard flames/harassment.
* I am always ready to help players in any type of requests and to explain patch notes.
* Ready to work to create more events

Forum participation.
* I have been participating on the forums for 1+ years, offering help especially about healing classes and order side

Game Systems.
* I helped sometimes in game tests, I always study patch notes, and i got really good knowledge about War system and good experience with Wbs /6man groups. Actually I am learning more about destruction classes

* I am a tolerant girl with a lot of patient,but everytime I saw people broke rules (multibox/kill friends again and again to get rr in other maps/ racists insults/ innapropriate names) I always reported them to Gms with a good amount of screenshots
I come from a family full of soldiers and commanders so I always respect rules !

Team Communication.
*Regular use of Discord,i used Github too

I am playing online games for years,but Warhammer world for me it's more. I really love it and I would like see this game great again! Personally I love talk and have great time with players of both sides . I am always ready to mitigate the amount of toxicity and be friend with all ! I can say that I am really active in the community, but I would like do more for this project, to help staff members and learn more from this game!

I am using all famous voice programs like TS/gamevox/Discord/Ventrilo.

Sincerely yours,

Princess Amidala Estellanor

--Tilean Warlords--Amidala AM-Drafalgar SM
--Hammer Kult--Amidalina ZE


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