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Terms of Use

Step 0


This is an important step. We run a clean server and have an active GM staff that WILL take action against your account if you violate our rules. There are no warnings for severe offenses. Both your Forum and Character names should abide by our naming policy. Notably, we do not allow multiboxing or botting in any form, which will usually result in a wipe of your account, and possibly a permanent ban from the server.
Terms of Use


Set up your account

Step 1


Playing on Return of Reckoning is easy! First thing you should do is register an account if you haven't done so already.

Step 2


In order to finish your registration, you will need to confirm your email address by clicking on the activation link sent to your email address. Check your mail, and don't forget to look inside your spam folder.

You should have received something like this:

After activation, your account is ready to play. All you have to do next is set up your game client..

Did you know?
Registering an account instantly creates a forum account AND a game account.


Download/Install the game client

Step 3


In order to play Return of Reckoning you will need a copy of the game client patched to 1.4.8 as shown below.
This is the last official Warhammer Online game client version.

If you have already have the game client installed and patched up to 1.4.8, you may skip to step 6. However, you will need our launcher (place it in the main folder, this is the program you will use to start the game).

Warhammer Online CD Game client will not work.
If you have an original Warhammer Online CD, you'll have to download the 1.4.8 client.

Step 4


You can direct download the client using the installer (if you do this you can skip step 5) or use the torrent magnet

For more download options, please check this topic on the forum.

Step 5


After the torrent has finished downloading, be sure to stop the torrent and move the downloaded files OUT of your download location. Copy the entire folder if you wish to support the torrent and leave it running.

After you have moved the folder, right click the WAR folder, open Properties, and uncheck Read-Only. Apply to all files.
Some users may need to follow this process if they do not have full access. Document folders marked read only

Step 6


DirectX 9.0c is required for Warhammer to run correctly. This step is important for players running Windows 10 as it is not installed by default, although some older games may have it installed already.
Download DirectX 9.0c from the Microsoft website here: DirectX End-User Runtimes, and install it.