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  • Black Crag Keep
    Black Crag Keep is a fallen Dwarf stronghold in Black Crag or Karak Drazh in Dwarven tongue. It was taken during the Goblin Wars in which Greenskins, Skaven, Trolls, Ogres and Chaos followers besieged the stronghold. Are you prepared to defend against the forces of order? As the Dwarfs gather the throngs in hopes to settle a grudge or two, are you prepared to fight with them?

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  • Server Patch notes 21/10/2018

    - Serverside changes to how target handling is done. If this causes issues it will be reverted but the hope is that the issue with buffs not disappearing (visual buff icon only) should be gone.


    - Mastery buffs are now all removed on respec.
    - When debolstered abilities normally acquired later should now be unusable.


    - Hopeful fix for the issue where the campaign would get stuck. (This may very well break something and cause us to revert this particular code).


    - Added option to give items on quest acceptance.
    - Added option to give a buff on quest acceptance.
    - Pile On: Whole quest line has been activated and corrected
    - Hot Stuff: Reworked the quest
    - Bone of Contention: Whole quest line has been activated and corrected
    - Tapping the Vein: You will now receive 'Sack of Ore Samples' after accepting the last quest; Clicking on GO 'Ore Shovel' will now drop the two items needed to complete the quest
    - Means of Betrayal: You will now receive 'Restored Rubric' after accepting the quest where you need to use it
    - Seeing Green: You will now receive the 'Mushroom' after accepting the quest where you need to use it
    - The Devil Inside: You will now receive 'Sigmarite Pendant' after accepting the quest. Also fixed quest markers
    - Shades: You will now receive 'Light of Isha' after accepting the quest where you need to use it

    [Public Quests]

    - Order PQ 'Gobbos Carvas': GOs 'Dwarf Tool Box' will now vanish once they are recovered without respawning until the PQ resets
    - Order PQ 'Chaos Ruins': GOs 'Power Stone' will now vanish once they are destroyed without respawning until the PQ resets
    - Destruction PQ 'Ritual of Light': GOs 'Orb of Hysh' will still vanish once they are destroyed without respawning until the PQ resets, but NPCs will now respawn

    [Class Changes]

    The change to Get Down! turned into Halt, Fool! has been reverted. At 9pts in Malice, Halt, Fool! is now Malignant Strike!. The ability costs AP rather than Hate, has no cooldown reduction on Exile, no longer snares, and no longer grants a movespeed bonus.


    Phoenix Wing has had its aoe snare and its 2h requirement removed.

    Fragmentation Grenade has been changed to Fulminate Charge because its physical damage has been changed to Corporeal.


    -Fixed all bosses mitigation issue
    -Fixed an issue causing bosses to stop cast abilities when they were bugged with terrain


    - Fixed several abilities that were wiping Warbands


    [11642] Speezy will now drop the item needed for the quest. Also corrected the quest marker
    [6841] Quest markers have been set


    - Fixed issue with ability text on non European languages.

    A added a load more quests, items, npcs and gameobjects in Tier 1 Empire vs Chaos are now available in French, Spanish, German and Italian. Russian language support is now enabled (you may need to type the command .language 10 as well as /language 10.

    Thanks to the community translators:

    French: Arroswar, zageen60, thorbolt80, Nircivrath, sixpiwan, Baeltest, Hemen20, jeremy.nesme,, sylvain.febvre, Ghatisgob, Loutrattitude

    German: noiree, Change, cimba, Edigin, ioerror, sioding, SoldianTv, d.santa, Darosh, Bervarrak, razvanluchian85, Finduil, Schmissgesicht, Idrinth, p.medl94, Dontas

    Italian: zak68, DavidRob, Tesq, Trasnar, gattocate666, HansPaulBrisa

    Spanish: takhysis, Grimm, Dgex, policiacaro

    Russian: DanielWinner, brofinger, Nvm1nd, Favnir, Cupkiller, Artik172004, afa555, blackout, maximserenko1985, Brusilov1234, Cyberwolk, Gumpertappolo, Versir, gyurza, unepicfail, wowsche, Kommun, dmfrodol, kallian.tribe, winged.desu, Jakondo24
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  • Karak Drazh
    A fallen Dwarf stronghold on the southern Worlds Edge Mountains, located on the western end of Death Pass. Impregnable forts were built upon and within the mountain peaks. The mightiest strongholds, led by greatest Kings of the age. Stories say many kings and heroes are dead in this place...

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  • Bawon Sanmdi
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  • Server Patch notes 14/10/2018
    Tor Anroc is the new pug Scenario


    - Fixed an issue where WLs tactic Pack Synergy would not apply properly. [12405]


    - Special Mix: Set the quest marker
    - Tricks of the Trade: Activated and set all the quests of this quest line
    - Bred, Fed and Led: Reviewed the quest line
    - Messin' Wif Da Stunties: You will now have to destroy the Dwarf Supplies for the first step of this quest chain
    - Messin' Wif Da Stunties: Corrected the quest markers and reviewed the third step


    [6949] Fixed and set the quests like they are meant to be
    [12432] Quest now works
    [12422] Prisoners inside carts will now drop the item needed for the quest
    [12421] Removed the double tags on quest markers
    [12420] Quest will now work correctly
    [12425] Emperor's Champion should now heal the correct amount of hitpoints.
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