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  • Beastlord Season - Ends Friday 23/6
    Hunting season is coming to an end, but it will re-open after the summer passes.

    The Beastlord hunting experience was best during the initial weeks when PvP was frequent at the lairs, as it's now mainly being farmed for loot, we're going to close it down and let a backlog of characters needing that step of gear to build up to the point the lairs will be strongly contested again. This will also give us some time to go and perhaps uncover new Beasts to be hunted, and different quest-lines that unlock the same gear.

    The existing lairs will stay as they are, with the bosses retaining their abilities for players to test their might and skill. They will also stay flagged as RvR. While the rewards of the Beastlord Set may not exist, the spirit of contesting lair bosses will be around for the long run.
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  • Patch Notes 17/6/2017
    Traduction Française
    Traducción Español


    - Added the Hunters Set and associated quest to the Nordland warcamp near your flightmaster.


    - Converted Willpower and Weaponskill to other more usable stats on 575 Staves for Magus, Sorceress, and Bright Wizard

    [Public Quests]

    - Pure Power (Ch 22 High Elves) is now fully operational !
    - The Might of Ulthuan (Ch 22 High Elves) is now fully operational !
    - Executioner's Blade (Ch 21 High Elves) is now fully operational !
    - The Shrine of Tethlis (Ch 21 High Elves) is now fully operational !
    - Shadowchasm (Ch 20 High Elves) is now fully operational !
    - Drake's Rest (Ch 20 High Elves) is now fully operational !
    - Ulan Bel (Ch 20 High Elves) is now fully operational !


    - 'Darkclaw Mauler' will now also drop 'Bear Pelt' for ToK unlock
    - Added all Trophy/Pocket rewards at vendor for ToK unlocks
    - 'Xavian's Pride' will no longer drop his Pocket reward for his unlock
    - 'Elder Salamander' will now also provide the ToK unlock 'A Matter of Scales'
    - 'Beach Salamander' will now also drop 'Scaly Skin' for the title of 'A Matter of Scales'
    - Only one of the 'Skyherald Warhawks' will provide the ToK unlock 'I Just Washed This Cloak' and its title
    - 'Witch Hunter Adept' won't be dressed with only underwears anymore
    - 'Good Night Goblin' and its title are now obtainable talking to the correct 'Bloody Sun War Blasta'
    - Corrected ~1000 items so that Full Armor Set Unlocks and Titles work fine
    - 'The Most Ancient of Evil' and its title are now obtainable for Order
    - Killing 10,000 Daemon Princes will now trigger the correct title
    - Killing 1,000 and 10,000 RvR Slayers will now trigger the correct titles
    - Killing 100,000 Snotlings will now trigger the correct title
    - Killing 10,000 Maggots will now trigger the correct title
    - Killing 1,000 Blackguards will now trigger the correct title
    - Corrected several kill count unlocks

    - ToK unlock for killing Slayers in RvR (players) has been fixed.


    [8586] 'Scorch Tail' and 'Scorch Breath' will now also provide the ToK unlock 'A Matter of Scales' and also drop 'Scaly Skin' for its title
    [8798] Now obtainable
    [6350] Now obtainable

    [9788] Eyes in the Dark : PQ Fixed
    [9786] Burning Windmill : PQ Fixed
    [9800] Tower of Lysean : PQ Fixed
    [9203] House Of Cards : PQ Fixed
    [9202] Burnbeard's Oath : PQ Fixed
    [8702] Skullsmasha's Boyz : PQ Fixed
    [8698] Troll Island : PQ Fixed
    [7838] Ungry Ungry Greenskins : PQ Fixed
    [7490] Reaver's End : PQ Fixed
    [7455] Fallen Keep Of Grom Rodin : PQ Fixed
    [7487] The Specter Of Battle : PQ Fixed
    [7448] Slayer Keep : PQ Fixed
    [7437] A Wyvern In The Hand : PQ Fixed
    [7439] Ambush Canyon : PQ Fixed
    [7427] Valley Of The Rangers : PQ Fixed
    [7382] Thardrik Smashin' : PQ Fixed
    [7377] Kolaz Umgal : PQ Fixed
    [7378] Sigmarite Temple : PQ Fixed
    [7373] Blight Favored Cult : PQ Fixed
    [8320] Muck Pen : PQ Fixed
    [6645] The Might of Ulthuan : PQ Fixed
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  • Anniversary Event : Ghosts of the Past
    [Traducción Español]

    It is that time of year again... now striking the third year since Return of Reckoning was brought to be, we're still going strong! We've already had our lovely T1 rework patch and event rolled out, but now there's an extra treat looming on the horizon; A two week long chance to partake in extra killing and questing galore across the tiers, for unique loot only seen in past seasonal events! Specialised merchants have been placed near both capital's flight masters who hand out travel quests which should be no problem for those who have been with us all these years, but newcomers may need some help with. Help them on their way if you can! Meanwhile there's additional killquest givers out there in each of the major warcamps around the Old World, forcing you to fight a heavy battle in their respective racial pairings. Go out there and do what we know best; wage a proper war with one another!

    Order quest givers

    Found in Altdorf
    - Long-Forgotten Pilot
    - Fallen Nightmare
    - Ghostly Ogre

    Found in any racially alligned warcamp
    - Imperial Fieldmashal
    - Royal Ironguard
    - Captain of the Guard

    Destruction quest givers

    Found in the Inevitable City
    - Battle-Born Gobbo
    - Fallen Wight King
    - Spectral Gnoblar King

    Found in any racially alligned warcamp
    - Raven's Chieftain
    - Da Thump-Masta
    - Witch King's Deathblade


    - Too many to name. Honestly. Check out the merchants in the capital!

    This event will be active from June 10th until June 24th

    Here's to countless more years of WAR! WAAAAGH!
    Sat Jun 10, 2017 5:38 am View the latest post
  • Patch Notes 10/6/2017
    Traduction Française
    Traducción Español


    T1 :
    - Fixed t1 campaign reset (again)
    - All objectives now require to be fully secured to lock a battlefront (no timer displayed)
    - Fixed defensive ticks scaling, mainly improving values in elf and dwarf pairings
    - If a battlefront is locked, a portal spawns on each objective, and allows player to return back to their warcamp. Disabled when in fight.
    - If a battlefront is active, a portal spawns in the warcamp when an objective is fully secured with no opponents around. Those portals can be used by players every 5 seconds, to avoid full warbands spawning on objectives.


    - Fixed an error when trying to invite someone porting to a zone or scenario

    -Reinstated the cross zone invite restriction
    -Removed the capital invite restriction

    - 'Heathgut Troll' will now drop 'Troll's Dinner' (item for ToK unlock)
    - Added description to some items for ToK unlocks


    - Destro Stonemine and Cannoneer gloves are now correctly flagged as gloves, instead of boots.

    [Public Quests]

    - Lost Artifact (Ch 20 Empire) is now fully operational !
    - Dance Of Bones (Ch 20 Empire) is now fully operational !
    - Madness (Ch 21 Empire) is now fully operational !
    - Hell's Fall (Ch 19 Empire) is now fully operational !
    - Griffon's Last Stand (Ch 19 Empire) is now fully operational !
    - Eyes in the Dark (Ch 18 Empire) is now fully operational !
    - The Caladain Steppe ( CH 19 Dark Elves) is now fully operational !
    - The Phoenix Eye (Ch 20 Dark Elves) is now fully operational !
    - The Senthoi Pool ( Ch 20 Dark elves) is now fully operational !
    - The Battle of Avethir (Ch 15 Dark Elves) is now fully operational !
    - The Vault of the Dragon Princes (Ch 15 Dark Elves) is now fully operational !


    [6537] Fixed: Created NPC 'Plague Feaster', kill him for the unlock
    [8480] Totally fixed: Witch Hunter Adept will now drop 'Grisly Necklace'
    [4879] Fixed ToK 'Trinkets for Treasure'
    [8637] Work-around added to Hammerstriker Hasher
    [9719] Ungol Stallion, instead of Ungol Mare, will now drop 'Fresh Meat'
    [9722] ToK 'Fall Fur Fashions' now obtainable thanks to work-around
    [8854] ToK 'The Best Secrets Are Worth Dying For' and its title now obtainable
    [3937] Completely fixed

    [9781] Cinderash Enclave : PQ Fixed
    [9769] The Fall of Night : PQ Fixed
    [9767] Altar of Madness : PQ Fixed
    [9766] Reaping Field : PQ Fixed
    [9399] Keeper's Vigil : PQ Fixed
    [9398] Galiron's Mouth : PQ Fixed
    [9397] Dragonwatch Falls : PQ Fixed
    [9623] Caladain's Furnace : PQ Fixed
    [8266] The Caladain Gate : PQ Fixed
    [7430] Kelysian's Landing : PQ Fixed
    [7433] The Fortress of Caledor : PQ Fixed
    [9348] Skargor da Traitor : PQ Fixed
    [9203] House of Cards : PQ Fixed
    [9204] The Storm is Coming : PQ Fixed
    [9202] Burnbeard's Oath : PQ Fixed
    [9178] Agymah's Lair : PQ Fixed
    [9127] Gudrim's Veterans : PQ Fixed
    [8889] Lake of the damned - PQ Fixed
    [7455] Fallen Keep of Grom Rodrin : PQ Fixed
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  • Slightly Broken! - FIXED
    Currently on live there is an issue that may cause extreme cooldowns on your abilities.

    This is caused by both
    * Having an ability on cooldown
    * Transitioning to another zone (Flightmaster, Scroll/Book, Scenario pop/leave)

    This is cleared on log-off, which can be problematic I'm sure.

    If you can avoid zone transitions, you should be fine. This probably means RvR will not be adversely affected. However, if you are planning to run Scenarios it will be more problematic as any skill that is on cooldown when you join or leave, will be broken until you relog. If you're careful about things you can avoid this rather severe bug in the meantime.

    This was a piece of code that was intended to preserve your cooldowns between zone transitions. It, somehow, is broken. We attempted to roll it back in a couple different ways, but we can only go back so far without breaking other things. It's a bit of a mystery what caused to to present issues at this time. At least, from the meager skills that those currently awake can provide.

    Unfortunately it is the very early morning hours for most of our devs, not to mention most of us hold day jobs and are not necessarily going to dive into troubleshooting and coding right upon waking up. This may persist for the day until other more qualified persons can handle it fully. We're not giving up, just going to sleep for a few hours.

    Thank you for your patience.
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