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  • Patch Notes 23/06/2022
    Weekend Warfront: Battlemarsh


    Things have degenerated in the Marshes of Madness. As both sides struggle for dominance of the crucial battlefield, unable to establish control, veterans of the battles at the ruins of Mourkain conflict return to the site to once again take up arms for the cause. The heroes of Order and the champions of Destruction have but one goal: take control of the Mourkain Temple, once and for all!

    This weekend Battlemarsh will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Mourkain Temple scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Complete all tasks to earn the title "Marshreaper".

    Live Event Extended

    The current Live Event Hexensnacht has been extended and will now end on Monday 27th of June, at noon Altdorf time. During this extended period, Garden of Morr scenario will remain available but will not be listed as Weekend Warfront.

    Realm versus Realm
    City & Forts contribution

    Tweaked healer's contribution a bit to be more fair across archetypes.


    - The minimum renown and XP gains for the losing side in a scenario is now 25% of the winning renown & XP gains. Just like before, the gains scale with points, so the closer score is when the scenario ends, the more rewards the losing side will get.


    The minimum MMR for getting a Triumphant Insignia after winning a match has been lowered from 1000 to 700.

    The Ranked Quartermaster now offers liniments for sale for 1 insignia for 2 liniments. The box of 4 random liniments for 1 insignia already for sale is still available.


    The Instructor's Boon which gives a XP reduction has been removed from the game.

    Nowadays this is mostly used by veteran players to stay in T2/T3 a very long time at lvl 35-39 and farm lower level players. Some players might think that is fun for them, but it is detrimental to the game itself.

    We also have a set of enhancements coming to tackle some concerns that occur in T1 and T2/T3. We have plans to review the leveling and gearing process pre-T4 and we're rolling out a survey to understand the main points where an actual fresh player is mostly concerned about.


    Bastion Stairs

    - Galvoth Darkrage Energy Flux ability is working correctly now

    Mount Gunbad

    - Glomp da Squig Masta Acidic Muck ability is working correctly now


    [20204] Fixed the path of Page in Altdorf
    [19435] Bolster no longer drops off when levelling up
    [20213] Fixed Tome of Knowledge issues with Maurader Bloodord Belts and Cloaks
    [20210] Butcher's Cleaver of the dead animations should now be fixed
    [20191] Fixed Black Orc and Sword Master Tome of Knowledge mix up
    [20022] Quivering Mushroom can now be examined outside of Gunbad
    [19818] Fixed Tome of Knowledge issues with Shadow Warrior Bloodlord Belt
    [19751] Goldrune's Pick now correctly increase gold gain by 5%.
    [19733] Furriksson's Pick now correctly increase gold gain by 5%.
    [19736] Fixed Tome of Knowledge issues with Archmage Bloodlord Belt
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  • Weekend Warfront: Spirit of War
    Weekend Warfront: Spirit of War


    It has long been said that the souls of the violent dead cannot rest when fresh blood decorates their graves. A saying that appears to be more than mere superstition to those that battle within the cemetery atop High Pass. Strange and frightening figures form from the cloying mists to tower above the clashing armies.

    This weekend Spirit of War will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Highpass Cemetery scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.
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  • Patch Notes 10/06/2022
    Is your character stuck?

    Please head to this thread and paste the details in a new reply.

    We know it's annoying, we're trying to find out why it's coming back. It has a lot of scenarios, a huge variety of characters, guilds, levels, etc. We need more data to solve it.

    [June 12th Hotfix]

    - Hexensnactch Mounts stats have been adjusted (this may still appear incorrectly in the tooltip)
    - You no longer build morale from Creature in the Garden of Morr
    - Some fixes have been made to the event quest line
    - The animation for Axe of the Dead is fixed

    [Live Event: Hexensnacht]


    Wisps of clouds do little to hide the terrifying view of the two full moons of Morrslieb and Mannslieb. It is one of those times of year when the living pray that it won't be a cloudless night, for the view of those two full moons fills the hearts of the living with dread. Children are rushed indoors, windows are boarded up, and doors are barricaded. As the sun sets an eerie quiet overcomes the lands of the Old World, an eerie quiet that is shattered by the shrill cries of the undead. Morrslieb's sickly hue is fully visible in the Old World, washing the lands in its unnatural energies which give life to the undead. It peers down almost as deathly skull grinning at the harvest of souls that is about to begin.

    Hexensnacht is upon us, a time when the living cower in fear as the undead rise from their eternal rest. Agents of the Order of the Shroud come to the forces of Order for assistance in dealing with the undead, while Destruction seeks to take advantage over the turmoil within the Empire. Head to Altdorf and the Inevitable City to learn how you can help during Hexensnacht.

    Hexensnacht is a new live event for Return of Reckoning, which will be added to our annual rotation of live events. For this live event the Return of Reckoning team worked hard introducing a slew of artistic treats for you to enjoy; including: 14 new capes (plus some returning oldies); a new custom-made thematic mount in five colorful flavors (yes, yes, the magus got some love too, though we really wish you'd get off your floating dinner plates); the return of some deadly weapon skins with the inclusion of seven retextured weapons and one newly modeled 2h sword in order to check off all the weapon slots; and the importing of a new npc model and the Garden of Morr scenario in RoR with our custom loading screen art. Our immense thanks to our artistic contributors for their continued dedication to RoR.

    Hexensnacht will start on June 10th at 17:00 Altdorf time and last until June 24th 17:00 Altdorf time.

    Basic reward: [Signet of the Cursed Company]
    Advanced reward: [Potion of Acclaim], or [Morrslieb Coin] - a unique event currency to purchase event-related cosmetics (merchants located at the Temple of Sigmar of Altdorf or Temple of Change in the Inevitable City).
    Elite reward: [Pale Zombie Horse / Pale Zombified Disc][Feverish Zombie Horse / Bloody Pale Zombified Disc][Jaundiced Zombie Horse / Gilded Zombified Disc][Verdinicteric Zombie Horse / Raging Gilded Zombified Disc] You can also checkout the mounts in this thread.
    Completing the Event Quest - Morrslieb Crest - an event slot item; and the Cloak of the Fallen Duke. Additionally after completing the Event Quest players will have the possibility to earn more Morrslieb Coins.

    [Konstantine's Night Court]
    Hidden across the Old World are the resting places of Konstantine's Night Court - fourteen champions of undeath awaiting their Duke's call during Hexensnacht. Defeat them and take their cloaks for yourself. Should you find them, then keep their location a closely guarded secret, for sharing their location can lead to some bloody rivalries.

    [The Garden of Morr]

    Click here to watch on YouTube

    The Garden of Morr is the newest scenario in the Return of Reckoning. During the Hexensnacht live event the scenario will feature a PvEvP struggle between Order, Destruction, and the Undead. Fight for your realm and against the undead. By capturing the Vampiric Relic at the center of the scenario, your realm will have one minute to kill one of Konstantine's generals - while the opposing realm tries to stop you. Defeat all three of Konstantine's generals and invoke his wrath, causing him to make his presence known. Fight for the living, or join the dead.

    Events & Drops
    Twitch Drops: Hexensnacht

    Twitch Drops will be active on all the channels streaming Warhammer Online. Starting from Friday June 11th, at 19:00 till Friday June 17th, 19:00 Altdorf time.

    You can check all the rewards in this thread.

    X2 XP/RR/INF

    Enjoy double the career experience, renown points and influence from this Friday at 19:00 till Monday the 13th, also at 19:00 Altdorf time.

    Community Roles

    As a community-centered project, having an extra hand to assist the team with feedback, suggestions, proposals and testing is really important.

    What are Focus Groups?

    Focus Groups have been officially created at the start of 2022 and envelop the below fields:
    - Class Balance Focus Group (opened in May 2022)
    - RvR Focus Group (opened in June 2021)
    - QoL Focus Group (opened in January 2022)
    - PvE Focus Group (opened in January 2022)

    The focus groups are basically a group of players who were either recommended or invited in order to share well-organized, accurate and constructive feedback that is based on their experience. Focus Groups are one of the many streams of feedback/suggestions that we rely on and they do not replace the Forum where everybody could share any feedback and suggestion.

    The difference between Focus Groups is that the players inside them are expected to be constantly active and provide unbiased, proper feedback, that would benefit the community. It is highly important to note that no final decisions are taken in any focus group, as the team holds the final say. Development priorities may also throttle proposals or feedback discussed in Focus Groups.

    What are Wiki Editors?

    Our Wiki section was opened to all the community of RoR since last year, and anyone is now able to edit, create or enhance most of the pages.

    If you believe you could support new and veteran players, by updating the information or by creating new pages & details, you could start improving the experience of other players immediately by simply logging in to the Wiki.

    What are Community Events?

    Community Events are either solely created, managed and funded by the community (players or guilds), or are considerably supported by the CM team. These events help the community bond together, celebrate guild anniversaries, PvP tournaments, Ranked finalists, FashionHammer or possibly new race events, chat riddles and hide & seek contests.

    You can share your Community Event proposals with the community on the forum, or if you already have one ready and would like some extra support from the team (where possible, logical and fair), reach out to any of the Community Managers.
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  • Patch Notes 03/06/2022
    Weekend Warfront: Lair of Despair

    Eridial was without the prudence of an experienced master, and he became arrogant in his abilities. He attempted to create an artifact that could gift the power of the dragons to the High Elves, even while the beasts slumbered. His attempt proved a success, but at a terrible cost. The soul of Eridial's dragon companion, Thiralies, was ripped from his massive frame, leaving only a decaying husk. Overcome with grief and shame, Eridial fled into the bowels of Tor Anroc, never to be seen again.

    Now both the forces of order and destruction journey into the bowels of Tor Anroc where Eridial fled in shame. Seek out this trinket, to claim it for the Witch King, or to prevent the Dark Elves from gaining what they seek.


    This weekend Lair of Despair will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Tor Anroc scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Combat and Careers
    General Changes and Fixes

    - Ground Target abilities can now be queued before the global cooldown ends.


    - Fixed an issue which could cause alliances to not be created.


    - Fixed Mark Read/Mark Unread


    - The amount of quests a player can have has been reduced from 60 to 40. We will now only send up to 40 quests on login. If you have gone over the cap, abandon some quests and relog until it falls under the limit. We have done this because some players experience problems when they have too many quests. We decided on 40 because it is what we believe to be the original limit.


    [20164] Fixed a bug which allowed creatures in dungeons to follow players outside of dungeons.
    [20130] Fixed a bug which allowed creatures in dungeons to follow players outside of dungeons.
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  • Patch Notes 27/05/2022
    Weekend Warfront: Battle at the Cairn


    The land of Ulthuan seems to have been built on tragedy. Some tragedies come from without, and are guided by neither malice nor whim. Others are manufactured and forced upon their victims like deadly poisons. The tale of the Brothers Blackcairn, Elthryril and Lothelryel, is one such tragedy. Lothelryel made a pact with Morathi to betray his brother, Elthryril. Using Morathi's magics, Lothelryel sought to take control of his line and follow Malekith. Yet it was Lothelryel who was deceived. The magic that would have imprisoned his brother entrapped both of them, even as their blades guaranteed their mutual destruction.

    In places the rage and hatred of familial betrayal have seeped into the land, turning the sites of ancient struggles into magical wellsprings of dark power. Now a new battle erupts as Order and Destruction forces vie for control of the Blackcairn Estate.

    This weekend the Battle at the Cairn will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Blood of the Black Cairn scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Realm versus Realm
    City Sieges

    You can now fly to outside the enemy city gates when the city is in contested state.


    The crest rewards for scenarios have been tweaked to be:

    - Winning team T4: 10 crests

    - Winning team T2-T3: 8 crests

    - Winning team T1: 6 crests

    - Losing team all tiers: 1 crest + 1 crest per 100 points (up to 5 crests if losing team has 400+ points)

    The top player of each category on each side gets one extra crest as before.


    - Disabled queueing for Group Ranked while in a warband.

    - Ranked Triumphant Emblem Rewards have been switched to War Crests and all existing Triumphant Emblems are converted to War Crests.

    - Ranked Solo gives 15 War Crests for a win, 2 + 1 per kill for a loss

    - Ranked Group gives 20 War Crests for a win, 2 + 1 per kill for a loss

    - Ranked Warfront rewards adjusted, 25/50/75 War Crests accordingly instead of Triumphant Emblems.

    - Ranked Event slot items now cost 200 War Crests and 1 Triumphant Insignia.

    Ward System changes

    The PvE and Public Quest set wards have been merged into one unified system with the PvP sets. So now you can unlock each ward with either PvE or PvP sets, and unlock the next tier of armor sets of either type.

    - Carnage PQ set counts towards Recruit’s Ward.

    - Havoc PQ set counts towards Scout’s Ward.

    - Tracker Consignment set counts towards Scout’s Ward.

    - Keeper’s dungeon set counts towards Scout’s Ward.

    - Mayhem PQ set counts towards Soldier’s Ward.

    - Stalker Consignment set counts towards Soldier’s Ward.

    - Ruin PQ set counts towards Officer’s Ward.

    - Red Eye dungeon set counts towards Conqueror’s Ward.

    - Onslaught PQ set counts towards Conqueror’s Ward.

    - Sentinel dungeon set counts towards Vanquisher’s Ward.

    - Bloodlord dungeon set counts towards Invader’s Ward.

    Combat and Careers
    General Changes and Fixes

    Items with +AP/s now grant that each second regardless of GCDs or casting, this is soft capped at 6AP per second, for anything above that you get half the value.

    Implemented "Battlefield Master" and "Advanced Battlefield Master" buffs from live.

    These buffs give +25 AP pool each. On live servers you got them at RR65 & RR75. We have decided to give them a bit earlier, at RR50 & RR60, but also require that you are level 40.

    Bug Fixes

    - [20120] Phoenix Wing doesn't require enemy target within 5ft anymore


    - Fixed an exploit which allowed you to keep set bonuses after unequipping them.

    - Fixed an issue which caused you to not be able to remove a single item from mail.


    Alternate appearance is now allowed if item slot matches, even if not item type matches. So on a chosen you can now use an Axe alternate appearance on a Sword, or on an Ironbreaker use a Hammer alt appearance on an Axe.
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