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  • Recruitment of a BT manager
    We are looking for a new Bugtracker manager as Sioding has moved from BT manager over to full time GM. A BT manager is needed to help categorize and ensure that tickets are filled with as much information as possible for any dev who attempt to replicate and/or fix the issue.

    We are ideally looking for someone that we recognize in the community as being a helpful player that has stuck around for some time as ingame knowledge helps the work enormously.

    The position includes being able to read a lot of the chats internally which are not for discussion outside of the team, but its used for the BT manager to facilitate discussion between him/her and the devs of different departments.

    A description from Sioding about what the task entails:
    As the Bugtracker Manager you take care of all incoming reports on

    You are the first who see the reports cause you check the bugtracker once or twice a day.
    You make sure the bugreports are "useful" what means they contain as much information
    as needed, to reproduce the bug/problem.

    If it's not enough: Ask for more.
    If there are missing good proofs like screenshots or videos: Ask for them.

    You also make sure there is only one report open per issue - if not merge them into one.

    If you think the report is fine - you add labels on it. It helps our devs to find
    the things they need to fix and you attach them to the right department.

    You are "tied" to all leads and have contact to the devs. For important bugs/reports
    you can ask directly a dev to have a look at it.

    After the patch is done, you close all open and fixed labeled reports.

    What's needed?

    Some time - like 2/3 hours a week to do the job.
    Thick skin - you are in contact with the community.
    Tenacity - you help the devs to focus on important issues.

    If interested please post an application:
    Sun Nov 10, 2019 1:50 pm View the latest post
  • Patch Notes 09/11/2019
    German translation provided by Gangan
    French translation provided by Machwar
    Italian translation provided by elk76


    - All Hallows' Eve has now ended.


    White Lion:
    - Coordinated Strike now use a stat contribution scale of 1 from .75


    - Using a book of binding to get out from a fortress will block any future contribution gain from that fortress.


    - Fixed an issue from last weeks patch where the anti-spawn killing mechanic forgot to check z axis and as such caused issues in SCs like CoC.

    Logrin's Forge was redesigned.

    - New objective was added in the middle
    - Capping any objective will grant 15s 50% speed buff too you and all allied nearby players
    - If you cap middle objective and your realm doesn't have any other objectives capped the middle objective will explode after 15 seconds. This will not grant any points.
    - If you cap any 2 objectives all 3 objectives will explode after 15 seconds and grant 75 victory points
    - If you cap 3 objectives all 3 objectives will explode after 15 seconds and grant 150 victory points

    Scenario Tiers have been updated. Brackets are now as follows for SCs:

    [*]T1: 1-15 (matchmaking disabled, bolster remains unchanged)
    [*]T2-T3: 16-39 (matchmaking disabled, bolster to 36-39, depending on how far you are from 40, and stop bolstering at 36.)
    [*] T4: 40+ (matchmaking enabled, no bolster)

    - Scenario queue wait times have been lowered for T1-T3 brackets.
    * Matchmaking is enabled in T4, and thus matches will take longer to appear.


    - Warcamp Guards are not intended to be killed and have received training to not die.


    - There is now an interface for Scenario Surrender


    - Fixed some Grimmenhagen Villagers


    - Usable On and Career should now show on trophies

    [Live Event]

    - The Halloween rewards can now be claimed from the usual live event master in the city.


    - Plaguesworn Betram and Bor Graymane (both for Chaos Epic Quest 'Chosen') now patrol their areas


    - updated tooltips to match changes from 28102019.
    - Updated tooltip for CS to use stat multiplier of 1.
    - Updated the Magus and Engineer tooltips to mention the pet specific bonuses.


    - Souls for the Raven God: Barbarous Brigands and Foragers will now also count toward the quest
    - When it Rains...: The quest rewards have been set
    - A Head Above the Rest: You will now have to take the head of the pyromancer
    - Turn Pike: This quest is now available from the Piked Head in Talabecland
    - The Old Ways: You will now have to take the claws from the yhetees
    - The Changer's Gaze: You will now have to take the heads of the dead marauders
    - Claws for the Raven God: Iceridge Prowlers will now also count toward the quest
    - Pickled Dwarf: This quest is now available from the Pickled Dwarf in High Pass
    - All Stomped Out: This quest has been corrected and rewards have been set
    - A Wasted Effort: Whole quest line is now available and reworked
    - Filthy Elves: You will now have to take the head of the Emissary
    - Man-cicle: This quest is now available from the Frozen Corpse in High Pass
    Sat Nov 09, 2019 9:50 am View the latest post
  • Few infos about event's end and fort test.
    Hi all;

    Hallows' all eve event :
    Please take note, that the Halloween event will end on next update.
    -The pumpkin fields and the pumpkins (all) will rot and disappear. The event item (pumpkin) will remain without its stats.
    -Don't forget to get your rewards back from even't master ( Bawon Sanmdi) before the end of the event. (You have to do Jack's quest to make him appear)

    Fort test :
    As announced, the recent change is a test. Some seems to be annoyed about it, but well, we have no solution to check mechanics involving massive amount of players (and in the end, live is the real test).
    Some explanations to help you to understand the reason who pushed us to make this test :

    During forts, and especially the last one, no more RvR area are open. We can't open any without taking the risk of breaking everything.

    Previous Fort event mechanics led to 2 nested issues :
    - Many players were "removed" from game, wasting their time clicking on a portal during the whole fort duration, removing them from ORvR/SC. Attackers were camped.
    -Pre 40 players had no option during fort phase, than waiting and praying for a SC if possible, the ORvR being dead or closed.
    Those 2 situation were leading to frustration.

    We are aware that last change makes fort a bit messy, but hey, atleast, can everybody plays, and it was precisely what we were looking for.

    If you wonder, we are not satisfied with phase 3, and some change will come patch after patch. Problem being that we must find the "magic formula" to make a fort hard enough for attackers and not undefendable on the defender side in the same time.

    Many options are on the table, all with advantages and disadvantages. Be assured that it's not as simple as you may think it can be.

    Thanking you for your patience, and waiting for your ideas if you got some. Who knows, maybe we missed something obvious :).
    Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:03 am View the latest post
  • Patch Notes 02/11/2019
    French translation provided by Machwar
    German translation provided by Gangan
    Italiano translation provided by elk76


    - Fixed the back doors on fortresses so that defenders can enter from the back.
    - Fixed the issue with fortresses spamming that it has removed your contribution.


    - Fixed an issue where forts would teleport players out on entry.


    - Fixes for items not being deleted, and rams not working properly.


    - Fixed an issue where if the player were offline they would bypass the contribution check to get rewards.
    - If you contributed with a character in a fortress and change character the old character will have its contribution wiped.
    - TEST No more portals to fortress, you can walk to it, no more reservations, no limit on rank or pop. Original portals to the fort zones have been enabled.


    - Ground target AOE abilities no longer ignores LOS from centre of impact.
    - Using items that fails in its cast will no longer remove the item.
    - Blasting potions wont go through walls.

    Bright Wizard:
    - Flashfire now works like tooltip state, as in makes next cast on proc instant cast. Animation does not sync up and we are looking into this.

    The following morale abilities now have a hard cap of 9 targets, and have had their tooltips updated accordingly.

    KotBS - Solar Flare (was previously hard capped at 9, tooltip updated)
    Slayer - Looks Like A Challenge (tooltip will be updated later)
    Slayer - Doom Seeker
    Swordmaster - Shadow Blades
    Marauder - Energy Ripple
    Zealot - Windblock
    Black Orc - Yer Nothin
    Choppa - Yer Goin Down!
    Choppa - Stomp Da Yard
    Sorc - Crippling Terror


    - Fixed so that items in overflow can now be moved to normal item slots.


    - Added a check to ensure players are not killed on respawn point in SCs.


    - Updated tooltips for the tactics that we changed a few weeks back so that they are no longer red when they are unlocked.


    - The Orb and the Tome: The quest rewards have been set
    - Breaking and Entering: You will now have to loot the items to complete the objectives
    - Mourning Beauty: This quest line has been reviewed, and rewards have been set
    - Take Your Pick: This quest has been corrected and reworked
    - Servitude: Whole quest line is now available and reworked
    - Useless: You will now receive the case in which you must put the Verminkin tail
    - Hammer of Doom: The quest rewards have been set
    - Sore Feet: This quest has been corrected
    - Charming: Whole quest line is now available and reworked


    [13033] As the objects now have to be looted, it is no longer possible to spam-clicking on them to complete the quest
    [15085] - Bloodlord Runesash fixed
    [15041] - BG weapon was missing Skill
    [14982] - Invader 7pc proc fixes
    [14412] - Corrected proc
    [14187] - Devastator/Obliterator/Braggart gear can be salvaged
    [14145] - Choppa Merc set can be dyed
    Sat Nov 02, 2019 12:15 pm View the latest post
  • All Hallows' Eve Cloak is out !
    Dear all;

    Finally The second event's reward is out. You just have to update your client.

    I take this message to credit Kissitbetter aka Machinea for all assets design creation ( pumpkins, apples, buckets...) and especially for the spider cloak design.

    Moreover, would like to thank you to Londo for figuring out the encoding of the tint files.

    You have to know that this event is very special for us (even some don't really like it :p).

    In this end of the year, many staff members have lot of obligations IRL (work, exams...) and this event has been designed in the rush : 1 week; which was a very short timing.

    Amount of work to make it possible had just been crazy in this short time; but it was worth it. Atleast for us.

    We finally learned how to create new animated content (body parts like gear, mount, faces, monsters...) on the appearance part of it.

    For this event, in addition to the usual work (NPC, questlines, rewards...), lot of innovative mechanics have been deployed and lot of new assets. We had to confirm on our side we were able to extend our ability to control the client, and "force" the client to bind to our will. Another step has been done in this way.

    Most elements of the event are original, like the phase system for quest (where is stinky jack!), gambling games, new icons (even we already used it in the past), new model assets-colliders, original dies , timed quests system (even it need to be refined and debugged)...

    You understnad that each event is a way for us to test new things, and if some parts of it don't always please you, it is made with sincerity, with the desire to always go a little further.

    To conclude, and to lift the curtain a little, our end of the year planning is pretty busy, as much as at the level of ongoing RoR projects, than IRL obligations, and we count as always on your understanding and kindness with the future incoming patch.

    Many heavy parts of RoR project are on the table, and we are focused as much as possible on it :City Siege, Scenario (Objective Design/Deep mechanic/Ranking system), incoming events and Fort and ORvR improvement.

    You noticed lot of test are actually made on live involving big population, and feedbacks are interesting at many levels, even they can be very contradictory.

    Thanking you once again for your support and your patience.

    Yali & The team.
    Fri Nov 01, 2019 12:30 pm View the latest post