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  • Patch Notes 25/3/2017
    [Tier 1 Update!]

    - Added two forward camps in Mount Bloodhorn and Ekrund's RvR lake.
    - Added two forward camps at the PvE entrances to the Chrace RvR lake.

    - Set respawn points for T1 forward camps. You will spawn in the opposite zone that you were killed in.
    - Added new T1 Influence gear to the Dwarf vs Greenskin pairing
    - Added new T1 Influence gear to the High Elf vs Dark Elf pairing

    Old influence gear from these pairings have not been changed, and are no longer able to be earned. The new items are equivalent to R13 Blue drop items, and have a requirement of Rank 12/Renown 12. Nordland items are unchanged at R9/RR9.

    [Public Quests]

    78.33% of all Public Quests are currently operational.*

    T4 Greenskins:
    - Morkfang da Mad
    - Overtop Outpost
    - Ambush Canyon
    - Skargor da Traitor
    - Und-a-Runki
    - Fallen Keep of Grom Rodrin

    T4 Dark Elf:
    - The Vault of the Dragon Princes is now fully operational.
    - Malyros' Rest is now fully operational.
    - The Fortress of Caledor is now fully operational.
    - Dragonwatch Falls is now fully operational.
    - Galiron's Mouth is now fully operational.
    - Keeper's Vigil is now fully operational.

    T4 Chaos:
    - Fall of Grimclan is now fully operational.
    - Sands of Time is now fully operational.
    - Gates of Praag is now fully operational.
    - Sundered Fortress is now fully operational.
    - Eastern Breach is now fully operational.
    - Southern Breach is now fully operational.
    - Wings of the Griffon is now fully operational.
    - Rain of Fire is now fully operational.
    - Dark Retribution is now fully operational.
    - Hunting the Hunters is now fully operational.
    - Stoneclan's Demise is now fully operational.
    - All the King's Men is now fully operational.
    - Reiksguard Training Grounds is now fully operational.

    [Other Changes]

    - Old mails will now expire correctly
    - Increased renown rates for RvR in T2/T3

    - BO guards no longer grant XP

    - Updated the initial 'Beastlord Hunt: The Fires of Ulthuan' quest that is not repeatable to give 4g on completion.

    - Tier 2 Keep and BO Guards are now level 30/31.
    - NPC's on the second floor of each T2 Keep are now rank 30/31 and neutral.
    - All of the T2 Melee Guards are set to 5ft range.
    - All T2 Ranged Guards had their range reduced from 35 to 5ft.
    - Removed all weird effects and emotes from T2 Keep guards.

    [Addressed Tickets]

    9345 - Set NPC spawns to rank 4
    9328 - Corrected stats
    9251 - Corrected stats
    9305 - Corrected career requirement on BG items
    Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:53 am View the latest post
  • Wiki available
    As you might have seen, a new link in the header has appeared : Wiki.

    Big thanks to Ceithin and Razielhell for the hard and good work they have done on it until now. They have been working for week to give a big amount of informations to all players (coming and old ones ;)).

    We hope it'll help people to find in an easiest way the information they need. A new section on the forum have been opened so that everyone can tell us if some datas are wrong or missing on the actual pages, or if some new pages would be usefull.
    Don't hesitate to post on the new section.

    See you on the wiki !
    Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:20 pm View the latest post
  • Problem to connect ingame/On the forum ?
    Hi there;

    Actually as you can see you may have some problem to connect in game or on the forum.
    Since few days we are experiencing (again) some DDOS attacks.
    We apologize for inconvenience despite we can't do more than we actually do.

    EDIT : Gameserver isn't impacted by this attack. You can still try to connect ingame by forcing a bit the launcher ( launching it try to connect, close, restart, etcetc).


    Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:48 pm View the latest post
  • Loot bags and their missing items
    Hi Everyone

    The GM team have been, with the release of new conqueror and subjugator items and the shift of genesis from purple to blue bags, receiving a sizable increase in reports of:

    a) Loot bags from zone locks missing items upon collection from the chest
    b) loot bags received in the mail not missing items upon collection
    c) loot bags not being delivered via the mail system

    The staff have looked into the code and found that:
    The code was checked and works fine the vast majority of the time. Keep loot was also checked, all the items are assigned correctly with proper requirements, unfortunately that is the end of the system involved. Whether some unknown packet issue exists that causes players to bug out isn't something we can easily fix, or understand.

    As a result, our official position is that we don't compensate loss of items through the mail system or failed results of loot rolls. It's frustrating, it can happen to anyone, but I hope you understand.

    - Gerv
    Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:54 pm View the latest post
  • Patch Notes 18/3/2017
    Gerv will be joining the GM team to represent the Oceanic timezones.
    Neutrino will be joining the Database team.

    [Public Quests]

    - Fixed the PQ position system so that the DB guys can do finer adjustments
    - Fixed so that mobs inside PQ areas again count towards quest progression

    - PQ Gold Bag Opt-out is now implemented
    - Contribution ratios have been changed. You may now earn up to 750 contribution, and roll for 750 randomly.


    - Client will now play a sound when a SC pops


    - Made it so that players are removed from any SC queue when joining a warband


    - Fixed T4 rally masters so that influence items can be picked up in any zone of a pairing.

    - Fixed all 410 PQ areas for all zones in all tiers (this means they are displayed in the correct locations so the actual PQ itself can be fixed by Database Monkeys).
    - Adjusted all Keep areas for all zones in all tiers

    [Other Changes]

    - Removed Warrior Priest from Bright Wizard back pieces.
    - Added Warrior Priest to MDPS accessories/back pieces as intended.
    - Fixed R21 Vaunted acc/back pieces that had incorrect requirements.
    - Carved Mushroom is now a grey rarity item, and is sold for more than 1c.
    - Goldweed, Arboreal Resin, and Zoic Gore of all levels will now stack to 50.
    - Trained Neutrino on many database things.
    - Corrected stats on Chapter 20/21/22 Influence rewards for Dwarf and Greenskins.
    - Corrected vendor cost on a few RR24 Destro scenario weapons.
    - Renamed ~100 Leigecollar's to Liegecollar.

    - Fixed stage III counter for "The Blightstone Trolls" PQ in Troll Country, so the PQ can be completed.
    - Fixed yet another map exploit at TM Order and Destro keep.

    - Some PQs would display an interface when you came close to them, resulting in a freezing PQ tracker. This issue is now fixed.
    - PQ trackers should now disappear when you leave a PQs area much more accurately.

    [Addressed Tickets]

    [6755] Fixed Map.
    [7158] Fixed Map.
    [7176] Fixed Map.
    [7184] Fixed Map.
    [9032] Fixed Map.
    [9127] Fixed Map.
    [9128] Fixed Map.
    [9244] Fixed Rally Master for Chaos Chapter 12.
    [9046] Adjusted Dragonwakes RvR lake.
    [7367] Fixed Map.
    [7271] Fixed Map.
    [7135] Fixed Map.
    [8160] Squigs can no longer punt themselves into the Order Keep in Praag.
    Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:09 am View the latest post