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  • Changelog 23/08/16

    The scenario rotation will automatically be changed every Monday at 3am servertime. 9 scenarios will be available. Nordenwatch is always available. The remainder of the scenarios will be randomly selected, with a 6-3 split between classic rules scenarios and objective rules scenarios when factoring in the static Nordenwatch. This corresponds to the prevalence of each (there are 13 classic and 7 objective scenarios.)

    (There's actually a 7-2 split at the moment, but I'm not going to perform another rotation because of that. It'll be dealt with next week.)
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  • Hotfix 21/08/16
    - Fixed an issue allowing players to continue to gain RR for siege weapon kills.
    - Reduced the renown rank of all players above 50 to 50. This affects 30 characters.

    If you were in the top 30 of renown and somehow had a renown rank above 50 without abusing the siege, then you have my condolences, and you know whom to blame.

    The highest renown rank seen was 63.
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  • error 525?
    Actually you may experience some error 525 on the forum ( and his links). Dunno exaclty what happens (cloudflare? OVH? us?). Have encountered the same issue on some other site so...

    Solution : Just refresh the page and you will access the site, same thing when you post and have the error. Just refresh.

    I also suspect that activation/automated email system is effected by this. If anyone creates new accounts and don't receive their activation email, this could most likely be the reason why.

    It should come through, eventually. Just keep trying every now and then.

    - Elven
    Fri Aug 19, 2016 12:00 pm View the latest post
  • Hotfix 15/08/16
    • Quests with endpoints in Tier 2 or Tier 3 pay out triple XP to characters with a level between 12 and 31.

    • Objective-based scenarios (bomb dropoff, capture the flag, flag runner, double domination) do not provide any rewards whatsoever for kills. XP and Renown is rewarded for scoring points at the end of the game.
    • During the last minute of the scenario, the winner's score will tend to 500. The loser's score will scale appropriately. This is to ensure that a hard-fought draw leads to good rewards for both sides.
    • Scenario rewards are now proportional to the average time spent playing a scenario.
    • Objective-based scenarios will attempt to detect spawncamps.
    • Added the central dropoff flags to Phoenix Gate, which may be used when both flags are held and will score 50 points.
    • Increased the capture reward on Phoenix Gate from 100 to 150.

    Squig Herder
    • KABOOM! will now function correctly.
    • The range of the Spiked Squig is now 100ft.

    Pet Careers
    • Abilities which cause the pet to invoke a CC on its next attack will reset the attack timer, so that the pet will apply the effect at the earliest possible opportunity. This affects the Squig Herder's Drop That!! and the White Lion's Brutal Pounce and Throat Bite.
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  • Changelog 08/08/2016

    [RvR Campaign]

    - Fixed an issue where players on siege weapons would receive far more XP/RR/Inf than intended.



    Added the following scenarios:

    • Stonetroll Crossing
    • Phoenix Gate
    • Black Fire Basin
    • Doomfist Crater
    • Gromril Crossing
    • Logrin's Forge
    • Maw of Madness

    The following scenarios use different kill handling:

    • Howling Gorge
    • Phoenix Gate
    • Black Fire Basin
    • Serpent's Passage
    • Stonetroll Crossing
    • Logrin's Forge
    • High Pass Cemetery

    XP and renown made from kills within these scenarios will be deferred, and paid out at the end of the scenario, scaled by the number of points scored by your realm within the scenario.

    Items do not drop from kills within these scenarios. Instead, upon reaching certain point thresholds, every grouped player in the scenario will roll for the chance to loot an item from the player scenario loot table. These items will be rolled upon by the group.

    These measures have been applied because in a strongly objective-based scenario, kills which do not contribute towards your completing the objective are worthless.

    The duration and tier of each scenario match is now saved at its end. This data will be used to scale the rewards granted by different scenarios based on the average completion time of each. Some scenarios will also have a reward scaler and provide greater inherent rewards.


    -Khaine's Embrace: Khaine's Wrath will now occur 15 seconds after both control points are captured. Flag capture interact time increased to 10 seconds.

    [Public Quests]


    - Nimosar PQ in The Blighted Isle is now working.
    - Borguz's Boys in Ekrund is now working.
    - Murgluk's Gits in Ekrund is now working.
    - Engine Number Nine in Ekrund is now working.
    - The Siege of Komar in Mount Bloodhorn is now working.


    Added functionality for the following PQs:
    - Pit of the Forsaken (Order chapter 4 Empire hard PQ)
    - The Sealed Tower (Order chapter 16 Dwarf easy PQ)


    [PQ] - Tor Sethai - Hard Order PQ in Caledor is ready to rumble.
    [PQ] - Castle Grauenburg - Hard Order PQ in Reikland is now aktive. (In Stage Two, the Interface won't update after killing "Champion Kilmer". But it counts nonetheless and the quest can be completed).

    Fixed PQ-Area for the following Quests:
    (makes it much easier to fix them, and they show the right UI)
    - Flamerock Mine - Destro PQ, Cinderfall
    - Screaming Daemons - Order PQ, West Praag
    - Hells Fall - Order PQ, Praag
    - Tor Sethai - Order PQ, Caledor
    - Ambush Canyon - Destro PQ, Black Crag
    - Blind Justice - Destro PQ, Eataine
    - Engine No. 9 - Order PQ, Ekrund
    - Durak's Gate - Order PQ, Ekrund
    - Pit of the Forsaken - Order PQ, Norsca
    - Stone of Imrahir - Order PQ, Chrace


    - Fixed t1 pq set gear "of Carnage"
    - Fixed t2 pq set gear "of Havoc"
    - Fixed t3 pq set gear "of Mayhem", added helm to all classes and made this a 5 piece set.
    - Unified t1-t3 RvR and PQ set gear appearance according to pre existing modelID coding system. Appearances from Devastator may have been moved to Mayhem or to influence items. Scenario sets untouched. Previews here ... 11&t=15770

    Functionality added to the following tier 4 PQs

    DW - Plague Mist Vale
    DW - Dragon's Blessing
    DW - Venom Lake
    DW - Magister Dhetal

    EMP - Razing an Army
    EMP - The Siren Sea
    EMP - Beasts of War

    HE - The Tower of Lysean
    HE - Rescue of Aenares

    DE - Loryndaal

    GS - A Wyvern in the Hand
    GS - Gutbashed Gnoblars

    CH - Lonely Tower
    CH - The Tower of Awakening
    CH - Cinderash Enclave
    CH - The End is Nigh

    [Other Changes]


    - Potion buffs are persisted to the database once cast, and will be reactivated after a logout. The timer will run in real time.
    - Fixed an issue in which players would be unable to revive when killed by siege weapon fire.


    - Fixed an issue where quest items would still be dropped as loot after a player had already completed the relevant quest.

    - Added the appropriate Tome Unlocks to graves around the world, related to the Lair of the Defiler. The actual lair is not in use yet.
    - Removed 3 60% High Elf mounts from the guild vendor, as they were not supposed to be sold there for 15 gold each.
    - Added title 'the Fearless' and subsequent tome unlock 'Place of the Dead' to Amund's Barrow crypt entrance in Norsca.


    [ORvR] - Placed tons of magical barriers around the Mountains at Cascades of Thunder. This is not because I don't want you to climb up there, but simply because you can easily get stuck inside the trees. will leave it like that until I find a better solution.
    [ORvR] - Resized the RvR Lake in Dragonwake. Destruction can now tow their Siege Equipment up the small mountain path in the north to get it to the Order Keep.


    - Corrected mixed up PieceID for High Elf Chapters 15 and 16 returning the appropriate influence bars to the correct areas

    [Addressed Tickets]


    - [7033] NPC: Removed 2 spawns.
    - [7053] NPC: Removed duplicated spawn.
    - [7056] NPC: Removed duplicated spawn.
    - [7066] Quest: Corrected NPC faction.
    - [7068] Quest: Corrected NPC faction.


    - [7051] NPC: Mugga da Wolf Rider - Removed multiple spawn
    - [7046] NPC: Vermina - Removed multiple spawn


    - [7088] NPC: Removed double spawn for Barthilas Klienbecker.
    - [7039] Quest: Stout and Bitter now requires interaction with Bitterstone Crates as well.
    - [7038] Quest: Durak's Legacy now requires the Loot Chest to be interacted with for the Oathstone, and the Oathstone has to be right-clicked as a quest objective.
    - [6964] Item: Gladiator's Mediocre Greaves appearance fixed.
    - [6959] Item: Book of the Trollslayer is now Warrior Priest only.
    - [6907] ToK: Grinya now awards 'Not So Great Anymore' upon death as well.
    - [6862] NPC: White Lions arenow allied to Chrace Champions.


    [7043] - [Quest] Fixed Text Bubble.
    [7109] - [Quest] "Tunnels and Trinkets".
    [7117] - [NPC] Doublespawn
    [7103] - [NPC] Doublespawn
    [7087] - [NPC] Doublespawn
    [7099] - [NPC] Doublespawn
    [7091] - [NPC] Doublespawn
    [7082] - [NPC] Doublespawn
    [7077] - [NPC] Deathly Engineers traded their emote for visibility. Finally they can see themselves in the mirror.
    [7106] - [NPC] Changed "Lorista's" Type from Snotling to Dark Elf.
    [7090] - [NPC] Corrected Faction and removed Doublespawns.
    [2662] - [Terrain] Fixed this terrain exploit a long time ago.
    [7052] - [Terrain] Fixed this terrain exploit, which allowed players to walk through the walls of Thickmuck Pit.
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