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  • Patch Notes 29/05/2023
    New Weekly: Dungeons

    A new PvE Dungeon Weekly has been added to the game, and will begin Monday May 29th. Players who run level 40 Dungeons Gunbad, Bastion Stair, and their City Dungeon will now passively earn influence towards these rewards.

    We've designed this Weekly to mirror the RvR Weekly, and even RvR-focused players can use it to gain an additional Renown Potion or save War Tokens every week. The rewards are:

    Basic: Potion of Acclaim or 10 gold or 25 War Tokens
    Advanced: 7-day Event Slot item or 50 War Tokens
    Elite: Stalwart Soulstone or 50 gold or 100 War Tokens

    You can pick up the Dungeon Weekly rewards at new Heralds within every Capital City:

    - Altdorf: Markus Wulfhart (Located 32k/48k, Southeast area)
    - KaK: Gotrek Gurnisson (Located 36k/37k, Southeast area)
    - IC: Herald of Slaanesh (Located 23k/51k, Southwest area)
    - K8P: Badruk Eadsplitta (Located 28k/34k, near tunnel to the Stunty Diggin Pit)

    In the future we, may expand this Weekly further, so let us know what you think in the comments on the patch notes! More info can be found here on the Wiki page.

    Chat and Mail restrictions
    Due to recent spamming we have made the following restrictions. Please note these may not be permenant and we will improve how things like this will work once we have had some more time to work on better detection. Please feel free to provide feedback below. We are sorry about any inconvenience caused by this.

    - We have restricted talking in Advice, Region, Region-RvR and other global chat channels to players who are level 5 or above.

    - We have restricted whispering other players to players who are level 5 or above, unless the other player has messaged you first or you are on their friends list.

    - We have restricted sending mail to players who are level 5 or above.

    Bug Fixes

    [20919] A new barrier has been added to the Destruction spawn to prevent damage and pulls from being cast through on both sides.

    [20918] Fixed a typo with Templar Grey dye for Sigmartag Live Event

    [20918] Fixed a misnamed dye: Jutones Blue dye is now properly named in the Sigmartag Dye vendor

    [20901] - Quest "The Price of Failure" now properly displays spikes to progress.

    [20890] - Quest "Breaking and Entering" now properly displays Baskets of fish to progress

    [20876] - Quest "The Bloody Maul" now properly displays interactable barrels to progress

    [20875] - Quest "Dangerous Assumptions" now properly displays stone moss & bitter roots needed to progress

    [20874] - Quest "Chosen" now properly displays acid burned corpse interactable to progress

    [20873] - Quest "The Exalted One" now properly displays the chest interactable to progress

    [20872] - Quest "Savoring Conquest" now properly displays the Order of the gryphon corpses needed to progress

    [20871] - Quest "Hand of Glory" now properly displays the chest interactable needed to progress

    [20870] - Quest "Temptress" The Sigmar wayshine now properly displays to progress

    [20869] - Tome of Knowledge "Manbane" Now properly displays, allowing the unlock to be achieved again.

    [20868] - Quest "Call of the Hunt" now properly displays the spike to progress

    [20867] - Quest "Treachery of Kin" now properly displays the corpses needed to progres

    [20865] - Quest "Echoes of the Past" now properly displays the orb needed to progress

    [20864] - "Legend and Infamy" now properly displays the corpse needed to progress

    Temple of Isha: A new barrier has been added to prevent attacking players within their spawn.
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  • Patch Notes 18/05/2023
    Live Event Video!

    Click here to watch on YouTube

    Live Event - Sigmartag


    Bells toll across the Empire on the 18th of Sigmarzeit, for on this day Sigmar ascended to the heavens to take up his mantle as god. No longer would the men of the Old World have to live in fear of the wilds and children of Chaos, for one of their own was among the divine hosts to watch over the Empire he founded. All citizens of the Empire, praise Sigmar!

    Sigmartag is the most important celebration across the Empire, as citizens flock to Altdorf for celebrations full of spectacles and food - especially Sizzling Sausages! Elsewhere, denizens of Chaos pay tribute to their own first Champion, a sad mimicry of Sigmar’s triumph.

    This live event will run from May 18th to May 30th, Altdorf noon time. May Sigmar Bless You All.

    Basic: [Sigmar's Sizzling Sausage], [Balthasar’s Blocking Bacon], [Franz’s Fiery Fishsticks], [Volkmar’s Vigilant Venison], [Harald’s Hearty Ham], [Be’lakor’s Baleful Bacon], [Festus’ Finger-lickin’ Frog Legs], or [Sigvald’s Scrumptious Sausage] - unique limited-time pocket items that give you some bonus, but at a cost. No one said such fatty food was good for the gut.
    Advanced: [Hammer of the Goblins Icon] for Order, or [Harry the Hammer's Icon] for Destruction; or a Potion of Acclaim. Trophies can be previewed here .
    Elite: [Heldenhammer's Pendant] for the forces of Order, or [Hammerstorm's Pendant] for the forces of Destruction. These are Live-Event-Slot items.

    All Live Event rewards are only available from the associated heralds: Arch Lector Kaslain in the Temple of Sigmar, or Sven Bloody-Hand in the Sacellum.

    Live Event Quest: Griffon Mounts / Chaotic Origins Disc. You can preview the Mounts here and Magus Disc here. Additionally, players who push to the end of this questline can expect to earn a new cloak here .

    Hidden Quests: The Sigmartag festivities have brought with them some trinkets to acquire. How many are there? What do they reward? That is for the curious to find out.

    We thank our artists for their continued contribution to RoR. Thanks to their efforts we've added new cloaks, a new magus disc, and a new custom trophy.

    Skulls of Fallen Foes and Relics
    Every player kill during this event will drop a Skull of a Fallen Foe.

    New limited time shrines have appeared in Altdorf's West Temple and near the Inevitable City's Sacellum Arena. Take the skulls you acquire and contribute them here in honor of the gods, and you'll receive a limited time Renown Boost.

    The Renown Boost lasts for 8 hours, and by working together as a realm, you can increase the boost even higher. The boosts, and the skills required, are:

    Realm Skull Boosts (Per faction, resets every 8 hours):
    100+ Skulls: 10% Renown Boost
    500+ Skulls: 20% Renown Boost
    1000+ Skulls: 30% Renown Boost
    2500+ Skulls: 40% Renown Boost
    5000+ Skulls: 50% Renown Boost

    Heroic Relics

    After every 1,000 skulls donated, a Relic will soon spawn in front of either the Reikwald Fortress (Order) or The Maw (Destruction).

    This Relic acts as a pairing wide flag running mechanic, and if you can escort your relic all the way to the enemy's shrine (Order runs to Maw, Destro to Reikwald) and place it there, your entire realm in the zone will get an additional 50% Renown Boost, which stacks on top of your normal skull Renown Boost.

    Likewise, if you intercept the enemy realm and prevent them from capturing their relic, your realm will earn a 25% Renown Bonus for a successful defense.

    Relics must be taken through RvR flagged zones and cannot be pulled into PvE, and with a full 3 maps to traverse, you can set ambushes for your enemy or send scouts ahead to ensure your relic caravan survives the journey. Relics can spawn at maximum once per hour, and are intended to layer in more options for RvR players during this event.

    Live Event Shoppe & New Dyes
    This Sigmartag we've introduce 30 new dyes, including four new spec dyes themed around the Empire and its distant history. During Sigmartag, Order players can purchase these limited-time dyes from Felicia Grunhaber near the Temple of Sigmar, and Destruction players can shop with Kresla Beingen near the western entrance to the Sacellum.

    Dye previews are available here towards the bottom, but please be aware that the colors may apply differently on different base armor colors. We recommend to use an addon such as Pocket Palette to see how this dye will look on your armor, but please note it may take a few days before the add-on is updated. These colors were taken from official publications.

    Weekend Warfront: Trial By Fire


    The Bright College has long been a target of Tzeentch, who sees himself as the sole master of the Flames of Change. The Masters Vigilant have always had to work hard to keep the pyromancers free from corruption, though recently the rising power of Tzeentch threatens to overwhelm the capabilities of the Masters Vigilant.

    Agents of Chaos have somehow infiltrated the Bright College, leaving the Masters Vigilant scrambling to purge the surging corruption. Join your realm in the battle for the heart of the Bright Wizard College in the College of Corruption scenario.

    This weekend Trial by Fire will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Colleges of Corruption scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Hotfix 19/05/2023

    - Fixed an issue with kills not counting for the Pyromancer's Request & Flamespeaker's Gaze quest.
    - Fixed an issue with the relic despawning under the bridge in north Praag, and given a small 5 second grace period upon entering PvE to return to the RvR lake.
    This should prevent accidentally resetting the relic in most cases.
    - The Live-Event Slot Item's Heals-Received stat has been adjusted based on player feedback.
    The level 21 item has gone from 4% to 3%;
    the level 31 item has gone from 6% to 4%;
    the level 40 item has gone from 8% to 5%.


    Dwarf Chapter 2
    - Ekrund's Curse: This quest line has been corrected and reworked


    - Several hundreds of gameobjects which had been incorrectly linked to live event Eastern Wyvern Hunt, aren't anymore, and appear once again

    Bug Fixes

    [20568] Black Powder Barrels now vanish after you've interacted with it during stage 2
    [20860] The Sharpened Pike appears once again
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  • Patch Notes 20/04/2023
    Weekend Warfront: Talabec Massacre


    The forces of Destruction have struck deep into the heartland of the Empire, and in doing so they also threaten the autumn harvest. Some battles are won through bloodshed, others are won through starvation. The Empire has rallied its troops, and sent a plea for aid to its allies, in order to repel the invaders from Talabecland.

    The Raven Host and its allies are threatening not only the harvest in Talabecland, but also the trade along the Talabec River. Control over the Talabec Dam is crucial to ensure that commerce and communication along the river remain undisrupted. Join your realm in the struggle over the Talabec Dam!

    This weekend Talabec Massacre will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Talabec Dam scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Realm versus Realm


    - Joining a Scenario while in a friendly keep will no longer keep you unflagged for RvR when returning to the lake. This was never intended in the first place, so for the very few people who were abusing this to spy / gank afk players: only death awaits you now.

    Combat and Careers
    General Changes and Fixes

    - Pets abilties will now show correctly if they have been toggled off.

    Bug Fixes

    - Fixed an issue with some Magus Disc not appearing.
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  • Patch Notes 07/04/2023
    Eastern Wyvern Hunt


    Every year after spring settles in, Eastern Wyverns flock to the west for their breeding season, leaving a foul stench across the Old World. Greenskins scour the lands for 'da bestest wyvern for da big boss', while their enemies seek to cull the wyvern population. Wyvern wings will blot out the sun unless the brave venture out into the wilderness.

    The Old World and Ulthuan reek with the stench of Eastern Wyvern eggs, a smell that seems to rile up the greenskins. War may be everywhere, but sometimes you just need to take out your basket and go egg collecting. Who knows what those pesky wyverns have been eating and laying in their eggs.

    This live event will run from April 7th to April 17th, Altdorf noon time. Look man, it's an invasive species. Just because they largely coincide with when patching is done to "turn them on" or whatever doesn't mean you should take your time for granted. Everything might just end this week for all we know. Make the best of your time, crack some eggs, get out there and explore the world while it's still here.

    Basic: [Crate of Bloody Sunz Dyes][Crate of Butcher's Pass Dyes][Mini Eastern Wyvern Eggs] or [Eastern Wyvern Eggs]
    Advanced: [Eastern Wyvern Claw][Eastern Wyvern Claw][Eastern Wyvern Claw] [Eastern Wyvern Claw] [Eastern Wyvern Claw][Eastern Wyvern Claw][Eastern Wyvern Claw]
    Elite: [Clipped Wyvern Wings] from 2022 seen here , [Shorn Wyvern Wings] at the top of the gallery here , or [Potion of Acclaim]

    Easter Egg Hunt or Live Event Quest: Wyvern Mounts / Eastern Wyvern Disc. This year we have added 5 new color variants of the wyvern. You can preview the Mounts here and Magus Disc here. The Ghastly White Eastern Wyvern is only available from the Live Event Quest "The Great White Wyvern" / "Da Great White Wyvern" in Karaz-a-Karak / Karak Eight Peaks respectively.

    All Live Event rewards are only available from the associated heralds: Wurrzag Ud Ura Zahubu in Karak Eight Peaks, or Josef Bugman in Karaz-a-Karak.

    We thank our artists for their continued contribution to RoR. Thanks to their efforts we've added a new cloak (yes it is different), new wyvern colors, and a new magus disc.

    Wyvern Egg Hunt
    Those wretched wyverns have laid over 6,200 eggs across the Old World and Ulthuan. Worst of all, somehow those eggs found their way into Karaz-a-Karak and Karak Eight Peaks! That's what you get when you let a slayer decide what's for breakfast.

    Tier 1 maps, along with Karaz-a-Karak and Karak Eight Peaks, have Mini Eastern Wyvern Eggs, which contain smaller quantities of rewards and items aimed at lower-level / newer players. Tier 2+ maps (including the side zones of Death Peak, Cinderfall, West Praag, and the Isle of the Dead) have Wyvern Eggs. Wyvern Eggs contain larger quantities of potions and dyes, and a few rare items for you to discover. However, Wyvern Eggs also have a chance to summon a feisty Eastern Wyvern Matriarch, so be careful when egg-hunting!

    This year we've moved the Live-Event-Associated mounts, the pesky wyverns, to be exclusive to the Wyvern Eggs. When looting eggs, you have a rare chance to find a special Specked Egg of a colored variety. These eggs can be traded between players, or if you hate wyverns they can be crushed under your foot. Eggs are traded for mounts at the Live Event merchant near the Heralds.

    Live Event Shoppe & New Dyes
    This Eastern Wyvern Hunt we've introduce 26 new dyes, including two new spec dyes themed around our Greenskin friends. The primary way to find new live event dyes is in the Wyvern Eggs, however some players may find that luck is not on their side and wish to buy dyes from a vendor. During the Eastern Wyvern Hunt, enemy players will drop a Green 'trash' item that players can use to buy dyes from the live event merchant (check your auto-rolls!) Order players will drop 'Teef' for Destruction players; Destruction players will drop 'Fangs' for Order players. Teef and Fangs are tradeable between players.

    During the Eastern Wyvern Hunt, players can visit the live-event vendor to trade any Specked Eggs for a colorful wyvern mount, or Teef/Fangs for dyes. Destruction players can find Wrangla Rugrit Onetoof in Da Great Green room in the north of Karak Eight Peaks. Order players can find Ranger Doreksson in the Tavern District of Karaz-a-Karak.

    Dye previews are available here towards the bottom, but please be aware that the colors may apply differently on different base armor colors. We recommend to use an addon such as Pocket Palette to see how this dye will look on your armor, but please note it may take a few days before the add-on is updated. These colors were taken from official publications.

    For more information and to get a quick insight into the Live Event check out this video.

    Click here to watch on YouTube

    Weekend Warfront: Assault on Black Crag


    Karak Drazh was once among the mightiest Dwarf strongholds of the World Edge Mountains, but was taken by the Greenskins during the Goblin Wars. Strategically placed at the western end of Death Pass, it guards the approach to Karak Eight Peaks. Today known as Black Crag, it is the most powerful Orc stronghold.

    This weekend Assault on Black Crag will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Black Crag Keep scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.
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  • 01/04 APRIL FOOLS Class Rework & Pending Changes.
    Patch Update: As of 02/04/2023. We have changed our minds on all of this and this patch will in fact not be going live.... yet. Your days are numbered dawi.

    Before we start with the main portion of this scenario. I would like to announce the opening of Thanquol's Stand: Ratnarök, our Skaven themed scenario!

    In this scenario you will compete against your opposing realm to defend your base from waves of Skaven.

    If a Skaven makes it past your defences your opposing realm will be granted 1 point. You will need to defend all 5 lanes from exponentially increasing amounts of Skaven in each wave. The first team to get 500 points and thereby the opposing realm having conceed 500 Skaven will win the scenario.

    Now, onto the meat.

    We have discussed this internally and have decided that it's time to release some upcoming changes that will be coming to classes within Return of Reckoning. As you know we have been working hard on the Ability Rework in the background and are ready to reveal some of our ideas for new balance changes. We do not yet have a release date for these changes but our best guess is around 2 weeks time.

    Although we do appreciate your input on the balance changes highlighted in this thread we will not be changing any of these regardless of player feedback as collectively as a team we are confident in our ability to balance the game without your input. But we do thank you for trying.

    Please see below the changes:

    Swordmaster will no longer use the 2h sword as their main weapon, but instead will use two swords similar to the current iteration of the Disciple of Khaine.

    We felt that Swordmasters just didn't have the flair that the name of the class demanded and thus we have decided to add more swords to it's arsenal to compensate.
    White Lion
    The White Lion class now has the Loner tactic as a default and will subsequently lose the White Lion as a companion. Instead, the White Lion can now mount it's old companion and a new set of mounted abilities have been added.

    The Lion was always negligible so we've given it a purpose bringing the attention back to the main character.
    Shadow Warrior
    The Shadow Warrior can now stealth during night time (Altdorf Time). Stealth works similar to the current iteration of WH/WE and will drain resources whilst cloaked.

    Similar to that of the Swordmaster, we felt the 'Shadow' Warrior really didn't live up to it's name. We've now added a new fun and engaging stealth mechanic to compensate.
    Archmage cast times have now been tripled (on average) for any damage spells used and healing spells have had their cast times halved. Also, if the Archmage casts a damaging ability, they take damage equal to the amount given ensuring they utilise their entire arsenal.

    Archmage survivability via kiting was getting a bit much so we're hopeful this should make them a little more dangerous to play whilst also rewarding the players who use this healing class as a healer.
    Knight of the Blazing Sun
    Knights will once again have to twist their auras.

    We felt that having the auras permanent created an imbalance and made KotBS too powerful.
    Witch Hunter
    The Witch Hunter now deals 300% damage to Witch Elves.

    I don't think an explanation is needed on this one. However we do hope that this slight buff to the damage will help balance the Witch Elf change found below.
    Bright Wizard
    Bright Wizards have received a new ability called Blind. They are able to channel the power of fire to ignite blinding lights across the battlefield, rendering all player characters unable to act, or see their screen, for a period of time.

    Bright Wizard has not had a very healthy history in Return of Reckoning. And we also felt they lacked the CC abilities necessary to fulfil the role of the ranged DPS correctly.
    Warrior Priest
    Warrior Priests now have access to the /praymore emote. This emote causes the Warrior Priest to levitate significantly and allows them to fly for a short duration.

    Warrior Priests were often the brunt of crowd control and focus in the battlefield and we hope this change will give them some much needed mobility.
    We have made a tough decision to delete the Dwarves race from the game. While we know this may upset some players who love playing as Dwarves, we believe this will greatly improve game balance and performance.
    We have made a tough decision to delete the Dwarves race from the game. While we know this may upset some players who love playing as Dwarves, we believe this will greatly improve game balance and performance.
    We have made a tough decision to delete the Dwarves race from the game. While we know this may upset some players who love playing as Dwarves, we believe this will greatly improve game balance and performance.
    We have made a tough decision to delete the Dwarves race from the game. While we know this may upset some players who love playing as Dwarves, we believe this will greatly improve game balance and performance.
    Blackguards have been promoted and will now be known as Lords of Oblivion. With this change a new Dragon mount has become available.

    The Blackguards have been working hard in Return of Reckoning for a while and we felt it was time they deserved some recognition for their service.
    Witch Elf
    Witch Elf has been reworked into a tank/dps hybrid class. They have additional regenerative abilities and now have 50% built in lifesteal across their kit.

    We didn't think it was fair that Witch Elves had to work for their regen builds, we hope this change opens more avenues for WE players.
    Sorceress' no longer have a passive ability and are free to cast abilities without risk of backlashing themselves. In addition to this we have increased overall damage output by 80%.

    We want Sorc's to be a glass cannon, but not because of their passive - more so because of their damage and lack of survivability. So we've buffed them slightly.
    Disciple of Khaine
    Disciples of Khaine now have a new weapon and skillset. They can use a halberd.

    We felt that Shield, DW and Chalice was limiting their playstyle and wanted individuals to have more options when playing this class.
    Unfortunately, you wasn't... Chosen... in this patch. So there's no changes here.

    Marauders can now wield similar weapons to that found in the 40k universe. As such they can now wield a large amount of weapon systems, including nose-mounted, movable turrets with Twin-linked Lascannons, rear turret-mounted Twin-linked Heavy Bolters, dorsal-mounted Twin-linked Heavy Bolters, 12 200 kilogram High Explosive Bombs in an internal bomb bay, and up to 6 400 kilogram Heavy Bombs on an external bomb rack.

    We just wanted to try something new here.
    Magus' no longer have to use a disc as a mount. Instead, they can now wield the disc as a weapon which comes with a new ability; Frisbee.

    The lore around this didn't make much sense so we have made a much request change.
    We have completely reworked Zealot and they now come with much requested DPS capabilities. All of their healing abilities, and values have been reworked to be offensive abilities. Similarly all of their offensive abilities are now healing skills.

    This was a highly contested topic so this may be reverted in the future.
    Black Orc
    The Black Orc has had their model reduced by 75%.

    We felt that their ability to body block in sieges was too high with their old model and have such made changes to alleviate the stalwart nature of this class without changing much of it's arsenal.
    Choppa's now have access to the Slayer ability Rampage.

    We listened to your feedback surrounding Rampage and felt it was fair to keep the ability in the game since the removal of the Dwarven race. We understand this ability is a lot of fun to use and as a result haven't made any changes to it's original form.
    Squig Herder
    The Squig Herder class has lost all offensive capabilities. Instead there are now Squigs roaming the world that this class can hunt and catch. They are able to battle with their new found Squigs throughout the world. There are also new quests in each zone which prove challenging and will reward badges specific to each region.

    We wanted to make the SH class more viable in its own way with this change and hope players of this class will be happy with this rework.
    Shamans can now drop a totem that will act as their main source of output. The totem will continue to cast all spells the Shaman would normally cast without a range limitation. In addition to this, Shamans will no longer have to concern themselves with running away whilst using their abilities.

    Kiting was never fun so we've made it easier to attack from afar. In fact, a different zone entirely. Time to hone your macro expertise.
    We thank you for your understanding as we step into this next exciting innovative next-generation A without the AA phase of our project.
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