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  • Patch Notes 20/01/2023
    NOTICE! The last patch requires you to restart the launcher for a DOUBLE patch. If you are missing Ability text in-game, you need to patch again. ATTENTION!

    Weekend Warfront: Factory of War


    The Reikland Factory is one of the most important manufacturers of arms and ammunition for the armies of the empire. Without it they will be forced to fight with sword and shield alone!

    Take the Warehouse and the Machine Shop for your realm! Carve a bloody swath of destruction through your enemies and emerge victorious from the Steamtank Plant!

    This weekend Factory of War will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Reikland Factory scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.


    Players who return to the game with very full inventories and wearing mixed sets will no longer find their armor deleted if it gets stripped off of them due to the ward update.

    If your character logs in for the first time in years and your armor isn't in your inventory, please check your Overflow tab at the bottom of your backpack to find the missing pieces of gear. This may have brought back some existing gear which had previously gone missing on a character.


    The Buy-back window at a vendor will now remember a few of the most recent items you sold.

    This means that even if you sell something important, then disconnect or crash before you have a chance to buy it back, you can still log back in and safely buy your item back without losing it forever.

    Public Quest

    A number of Public Quests in the Dwarf/Greenskin pairing, as well as a few in other pairings, would not start as of the last patch - these have all been fixed and will work properly upon entering their area again. Some of these PQs include:

    - Gudrim's Veterans

    - Bar Dawazbak

    - Grimbeard Station

    - Moonfang Remnant

    - Kron Komar Gap

    - Marsh Conquest

    - Fireforge's Camp

    - Battle at Blood Fen

    - Revoltin' Gobbos

    - Unterbaum Cemetary

    Bug Fixes

    [20653] - The Destro version of the Chicken Scouting Quest has been completely re-worked to send the player to T1 Elf, and now properly grants rewards and XP. In addition, this quest (for both factions) now requires characters to be at least Rank 16 to begin, in order to trigger the Chicken transformation.

    [20654] - The Slayer of The Hunter's Moon has had its name fixed up from moonrunes into proper punctuation. Tzeentch claims this was all part of the plan.

    [20659] - Respawning in Gunbad now works properly again, and will remember your checkpoints.

    [20635] - Destro players War Reporting to Marshes of Madness will now properly arrive at the Warcamp, not the PvE camp, unless they select a Public Quest.

    [20579] - The "Guile" ability found on some Fortress Weapons now properly reads "Reduces heals by 25%" instead of just "by 25", which caused confusion in the past. All weapons which have this proc included should display it correctly now.

    [20660] - Potions purchased from Ruin Set Vendors for PvE War Tokens will now instantly stack with crafted potions. (Previously, some would not stack, and others had to wait 30s to convert.)

    [20567] - The Ironclaw Rock Lobba Siege weapons will no longer hunt and chase down players who dare to attack them. Gork or Mork are reportedly to blame for their temporary bout of sentience.


    Please note there are a number of open roles on the team, .e.g Artists, Designers, Coders, Game Masters & Community Management. If you are interested and have some spare time feel free to apply.
    Click here for a list of open roles.
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  • Patch Notes 11/01/2023
    Weekend Warfront: Days of Doom


    The ancient site known as Doomfist Crater is one steeped in myth and lore. Now Order and Destruction forces converge upon the broken landscape, determined to deny their enemies access to whatever treasures may lay buried beneath the surface.

    This weekend Days of Doom will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Doomfist Crater scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Completing all tasks gives the title: The Doomed

    Realm versus Realm
    Fortress and City Bag updates

    - All Fortress reward bags now include Genesis Crests as an option

    - All City Siege reward bags now also include Genesis Crests as an option

    Warband Assistants

    Though originally announced last year, the Warband Assistant functionality was very buggy and often wouldn't activate at all.

    With this patch, new fixes have gone live that allow Warband Leaders to properly set Warband Assistants going forward. Warband Assistants can:

    - Move players and manage parties

    - Invite players to Warband

    - Remove players from Warband (but not the Warband lead)

    For leaders of all Warbands, and especially PUG and open groups, we hope this functionality will be useful as you can assign others to help you manage groups, handle invites, and more while the leader makes calls for movements, attacks, and other strategies.

    Returning Player Ward Fragment Improvement

    Since the new Ward and currency system was introduced, general reception has been very positive to the freedom granted to players in choosing how they wish to acquire wards and gear up.

    However, one area that remained challenging for many players was the lack of ward fragments granted for wearing partial sets. Players who returned to the game wearing 4/5 pieces of a set would get no credit for that ward, and in some cases would have to purchase every single set from the bottom back up in order to finally purchase the one item they were missing.

    Today, we've added a new check into the system that will automatically grant backwards-compatible ward fragments for returning characters who log in wearing partial sets. As an example, if a character has not logged in since before the Currency change, and logs in wearing Conqueror Shoulders, Helmet, and Gloves, but never unlocked the Chest, they will automatically unlock all previous ward fragments for Shoulders, Helmet, and Gloves from Conqueror down.

    This means that returning players will only need to purchase the specific pieces they may be missing, and not the entire set. This now applies to:

    - All RvR/PvP Ward Sets (up to Invader)
    - All PvE Ward Sets (up to Bloodlord)

    While this change won't affect new players or characters who actively play each day, we hope it will have a positive impact for those returning to the game after a long absence.

    World Building

    As part of a continued effort to expand and bring more life to the world, various NPCs are getting new idle dialogue added. These are small additions, but for those who care, will give some more personality to the characters you encounter in the world. New dialogue has been added for:

    - Level 16 Mount Vendors in I.C./Altdorf (Stablemaster Hans and Roeland Beastbreaker)

    - Level 38 Mount Vendors in I.C./Altdorf (Dismounted Knight and Gesture Stalker)

    - Specialty Mount Wrangers in I.C./Altdorf (Earnest Duncan and Bloody Sun Git Handla)

    - Beastlord Quest Givers in I.C./Altdorf (Ellyrion Herdmaster and Druchii Beastmaster)

    PvE: Tier 1 Influence Re-work

    - Basic Rewards (Potions) for High Elf, Dark Elf, Dwarf and Greenskin Chapters 1-4 have been updated to the new improved versions

    Bug Fixes

    - All Chapter 4 Public Quests (for both Order and Destruction) now offer War Tokens from their reward bags.
    [20646] - Order's duplicate Warlord Vendor has been sent back to the right spot.

    - Should have further fixed an issue some players were having them causing them to go back to the character selection screen or crash on logging in.
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  • Patch Notes 22/12/2022
    Live Event: Keg End


    The wheel of the seasons has turned, ushering out the sun’s last warmth with bitter blasts of northern winds. As snow creeps down to block mountain passes and lock the Warhammer world in the icy talons of winter, the citizens of the Old World raise their mugs high; the time of Keg End is at hand. In an epic celebration fraught with boasting, toasting, and epic fireworks, the Dwarfs clear out their stores of ales, beers and other intoxicating beverages in order to bring luck in the New Year and make way for a stock of better, stronger brews. But the dwarfs are not alone in their celebrations as ogres and giants once again invade the lands of the Old World, and the greenskins are always finding ways to ruin dwarfen festivities.

    The Holidays are upon us and, as such, Keg End returns to WAR! This year Keg End returns to the dwarfen holds of Karaz-a-Karak and Karak Eight Peaks, though the latter is in need of some housekeeping. Travel there and speak to Josef Bugman or Wurrzag Ud Ura Zahubu to begin your Keg End experience.

    Keg End will start on December 23rd at 12:00 Altdorf time and last until January 6th 12:00 Altdorf time.


    - Basic reward: [Party Keg], 21 day duration item that gives a 5 minute renown and XP boost for party

    - Advanced reward: [Keg Tapper], 60 day event slot item

    - Elite reward: Exclusive New Cloak Appearance [Ranger's Cloak] Preview here

    - Completing all tasks: Exclusive Title – Brew Hound (Order), Broo Dawg (Destruction)

    - Completing the 'Saving Keg End' Quest - [Dwarf Keg-Handler] (Order), [Goblin Bar-Back] (Destruction)

    Defeating Giants in RvR lakes: [Battle Brew Backpack] and Fireworks

    Defeating players in PvP: [Keg End Present] with random gifts, including three rare never-before-seen fireworks!

    Golden Stein: Find and drink from the Golden Stein in RvR lakes for a 6 hour +25% renown, XP and influence boost.

    A limited-time Keg End quest 'Keg End Special' has been hidden somewhere in the world. This quest is a branching quest, where taking one path in the quest line will block you from taking others. The rewards differ based on the path you choose, so choose wisely. A new hidden quest 'Homeward Bound' has been added, its location is noted in the Ranger's Relics; its reward is only revealed to the worthy.

    Live Event Shoppe & Dyes

    This Keg End visit two new vendors in Karaz-a-Karak or Karak Eight Peaks, near the Live Event heralds Josef Bugman and Wurrzag Ud Ura Zahubu respectively, to see what limited-time curiosities await you.

    It wouldn't be a new live event without some new themed dyes. We are happy to introduce 22 new dyes related to the stony dwarfs and their Kev End festivities. Two of these dyes (Pure Silver and Pure Mithril) are unique in that they replace the specular dyes of your gear (for gear that uses specular dyes); these may only appear if your graphics settings are high enough. Please note that these dyes are only available for purchase during this Live Event.

    Dye previews are available here towards the bottom, but please be aware that the colors may apply differently on different base armor colors. We recommend to use an addon such as Pocket Palette to see how this dye will look on your armor. These colors were drawn largely from Citadel Paints and Games Workshop publications. We hope to continue to introduce new dyes based on inspiration from the source material in the Live Events to come.

    New Scenario: The Old Dwarf Road

    We are happy to introduce to Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning the new scenario 'The Old Dwarf Road'. This scenario is a battle for control over three shrines commemorating dwarfen High Kings who had key moments in dwarf-human relations. They were built along the Old Dwarf Road, an ancient trade route that once connected Karaz Ankor to the elven Old World colonies, as it passes through Black Fire Pass. Battle for control over the three shrines as you secure this key position along Black Fire Pass.

    Weekend Warfront: Road to Vengeance


    In ages past, the Old Dwarf Road was the main trade route between Karaz Ankor and the elven Old World colonies. The War of Vengeance and subsequent Time of Woes saw the road fall into disrepair. It wasn't until the dawn of the Empire that the Old Dwarf Road would see a second life, tough for greenskin invasion as much as dwarfen trade.

    The Old Dwarf Road passes through the strategic Black Fire Pass, the traditional point of invasion of greenskin WAAAGHs from the Badlands into the Empire. The battle for the control over this section of the Old Dwarf Road is vital for the security of the Empire.

    This weekend the Road to Vengeance will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in The Old Dwarf Road scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Tier 1 Influence Re-work: Phase 1

    We're happy to unveil the beginning of the Tier 1 Influence Re-work, which is now live in Nordland and Norsca. For a long time, Chapter Influence rewards were not only weak compared to other gear, they were also widely random, with some factions and some classes gaining significantly better gear than others.

    Today, we've fixed all that and unified Empire & Chaos Chapters 1-4 into the new system, which upgrades all rewards given for Chapter Influence, and balances them evenly between factions. This new system includes:

    - More potions, and higher level potions, given for Basic Influence Rewards
    - All Advanced Rewards have been increased to Green Rarity or higher, with their stats upgraded to match
    - All Elite Rewards have been increased to Blue Rarity or higher, with their stats upgraded to match
    - Players may now begin collecting Off-spec gear for their class as early as Chapters 1 and 2

    The goal of this revamp is to offer significantly better rewards for players who choose to do Public Quests/PvE content, and to teach newer players about items like Heal Potions, 1-hour stat Potions, and Defense Potions, which will also help them later in RvR.

    This first phase covers Empire and Chaos Tier 1, and next year, we'll release additional phases that cover the Elf and Dwarf/Greenskin T1 pairings as well.

    If player reception is positive, we may consider implementing this further into PvE, so we'd love to hear your thoughts on this first step!

    Public Quests

    - Bar Dawazbak, the Barak Varr Hard PQ for Destruction would often bug out with one of the Dwarf Cannons not counting. An additional Dwarf Cannon has been spawned here to ensure the PQ can be completed each time.

    - Marsh Conquest, Easy PQ for Destruction in Marshes of Madness, had a similar issue with one Rock Cart bugging and not counting. An additional Rock Cart has been added here so this PQ should always progress.

    Capital Cities

    - Ramps have been added to the cauldron in the central hall of Karak Eight Peaks for easier movement around the city.

    - A game object has been added to teleport between the guild halls of Altdorf and Karaz-a-Karak; and between the Inevitable City and Karak Eight Peaks.

    Bug Fixes

    [20612]- Added an additional cart to the Fields of Woe PQ for Destruction, to help ensure this PQ can progress properly to Stage 2.

    [20621] - The doors for taverns in both High Pass and Black Fire Pass are now invulnerable to damage, and should no longer somehow take damage and die.

    [20624] - Swordmasters may now properly trade in their Blade of the Subjugator for a Fortress Weapon at the Invader Gear vendor.

    - Fixed the icon for the KotBS sovereign chest piece.
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  • Patch Notes 30/11/2022
    Weekend Warfront: Talabec Massacre


    The forces of Destruction have struck deep into the heartland of the Empire, and in doing so they also threaten the autumn harvest. Some battles are won through bloodshed, others are won through starvation. The Empire has rallied its troops, and sent a plea for aid to its allies, in order to repel the invaders from Talabecland.

    The Raven Host and its allies are threatening not only the harvest in Talabecland, but also the trade along the Talabec River. Control over the Talabec Dam is crucial to ensure that commerce and communication along the river remain undisrupted. Join your realm in the struggle over the Talabec Dam!

    This weekend Talabec Massacre will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Talabec Dam scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Realm versus Realm

    - Changed how minimum contribution to get a bag roll is calculated, and grant scaled renown and crest reward regardless if you meet the minimum requirement or not.

    Combat and Careers
    General Changes and Fixes

    - Pets no longer reset their ability cooldowns when recalling them.

    Live Event - Pie Week
    - Changed Pie Week pie ingredients to be classified as crafting items so they can be stored in the crafting bag.

    - Lowered count of pies to eat for task credit from 25 to 20

    - Added a -1% crit event jewelry item to the Pie Week Quests 'Applebottom's Pie' and 'Protector's Fee'

    Bug Fixes

    - Fixed an issue with live event mounts not decaying, no permanent mounts for naughty gits.

    - Fixed an issue with live event jewelry items not decaying.

    - Fixed the Quinsberry Pie not giving credit for the Pie Week Live Event.

    - Sequencer should now be working again.
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  • Patch Notes 25/11/2022
    Live Event: Pie Week


    Pie Week has come! Toll the bells and throw open the city gates! Caravans of halfling bakers and traders ride into cities to sell their wares and earn a good coin off the hungry stomachs of the Old World. Esmeralda blesses all on this special celebration in her honor. The custom, which originated in the town of Saurapfel in the Moot, has quickly spread across human settlements in the Old World, but particularly in the Empire. Loosen those belt buckles, because Pie Week is all about eating your fill of all manner of pies and washing it down with tasty beer, Esmeralda wouldn't want it any other way!

    The Autumn harvest is in full swing in the Old World. Farmers reap the bounties of the earth, as hard work and toil turns into food to feed empires and kingdoms. No where is the Autumn harvest celebrated with greater joy than the Moot. Halflings mark the Autumn Equinox with the celebration known as Pie Week, a celebration of thanks to their goddess of the hearth and home - Esmeralda. Halflings across the Old World use this opportunity to flock to human settlements and earn a quick coin feeding hungry mouths with delicious pies. Of course it wouldn't be a proper Pie Week without some silly games and baking contests, so join in the festive fun while the ovens are hot!

    Pie Week will start on November 25th at 12:00 Altdorf time and last until December 5th 12:00 Altdorf time.

    Click here to watch on YouTube

    Pie Week is Return of Reckoning's newest live event which will join our annual rotation of live events. Our artists have made new trophies, new capes, a new mount saddle and magus disc, and a new custom hat for this live event. Our thanks to our artistic contributors for their continued dedication to RoR. We are continuing to test our new approach with mounts lasting longer depending on your renown bracket - your feedback on this system is welcome and appreciated. While permanent mounts are not something we are considering, we do recognize that players who invested more time in their character should reap better rewards.

    +Basic reward: Golden Cockerel Stein - a new trophy to remind you that you experienced Pie Week too its fullest, and cannot remember anything after the 5th stein. Preview here
    +Advanced reward: Fiery Cockerel Cloak for Order; Soiled Cockerel Cloak for Destruction - two new capes. Preview here
    +Elite reward: Battle Ram, or Daemonic Ram Disc mount (decay timers based on renown bracket)
    -Completing the Event Quest 'Applebottom's Pie' (Order) or 'Protector's Fee' (Destro) - Rumster's Rum an event slot item.
    -Unconfirmed reports speak of apple trophies found in bobbing apples

    The Great Bake-Off
    In addition to the new items that can be won through the in-game tasks, the Return of Reckoning team is proud to have its first-ever Baking Contest. Those who submit entries which meet the rules will earn the Chef's Wooden Spoon and Chef's Rolling Pin trophies Preview here, and the Picnic Blanket cloak (no preview available at this moment). Additionally one (or more? ) lucky top-baker will have the choice of winning the Halfling Chef's Hat Preview here How do you enter the Great Bake-Off? Head to this forum post and join the festivities. There is still plenty of time to enter, as the final time for entry submissions will be around December 2nd/3rd (TBD).

    Pie Week Pies, Picnic Baskets, and Moot Silver Shillings
    What would Pie Week be without pies or a picnic basket full of food? Certainly not a proper Pie Week. During Pie Week you can bake pies (i.e. 1-hour liniments) by gathering food from Picnic Baskets, which drop from players. Get the right combination of ingredients and head to the Pie Week baker merchants in Altdorf or the Inevitable City to buy an oven. Buying an oven will start the baking process (you didn't expect to turn ingredients into a pie instantly with a click did you?), which will say 'decaying in 10min' because changing the text to say 'baking' is complicated. After 10 minutes your express pie will be done and ready for your consumption! However, why bake one pie with one fish and one potato when you can bake 2, 3, or 5? Players will also drop Moot Silver Shillings, and you can buy multipliers with your Moot Silver Shillings to bake more than one pie with your ingredients. Names of existing/old liniments which have pie-themed names for Pie Week can found here.

    It wouldn't be a new live event without some new themed dyes. We are happy to introduce 20 new dyes themed around the Halflings/Moot. Please be aware that these dyes are only available for purchase during this Live Event.

    Dye previews are available here towards the bottom, but please be aware that the colors may apply differently on different base armor colors. We recommend to use an addon such as Pocket Palette to see how this dye will look on your armor. These colors were drawn largely from Citadel Paints, Games Workshop publications, and maybe food... We hope to continue to introduce new dyes based on inspiration from the source material in the Live Events to come.

    Live Event Shoppe
    Multiple Pie Week themed vendors have popped up in the Altdorf War Quarters and Inevitable City Slaanesh Chambers (oh those poor lost halflings who stumbled into the Inevitable City... or is it the Slaanesh cultists who are the poor ones?). Four vendors sell pies for ingredients; one sells pies at a basic ratio of 2 ingredients for 1 pie, while the other three sell the same pies but with output multipliers so a single pair of ingredients combined with a multiplier can yield 2, 3, or 5 pies. Please check all four bakers and check what you want to spend your event resources on. Other vendors sell items for the LE currency 'Moot Silver Shillings' (which drop from player-kills), such as beer and dyes.

    Pie Week Quests
    A couple new quests have been added for Pie Week. Six of these called 'Quest for A Pie' use our new race-specific portion of the quest system - meaning that each race has different tasks catered to their racial peculiarities. We hope to use this system more in the future, especially during live events so each race has a more unique take on the festivities. There are also two new branching quests for an event slot item - 'Applebottom's Pie' (Order) or 'Protector's Fee' (Destro); one branch focuses on PvP tasks from T1 to T4, while the other is PvE oriented. These branching quests are not required to complete the LE.

    Weekend Warfront: Slaughter Hills


    Reikland Hills, a key point of defense in the guarding of Altdorf, have come under assault by the forces of the Raven Host. Those hills afford an excellent position from which a siege could be launched on the city. Make haste to the Hills and secure them for your realm!

    This weekend the Slaughter Hills will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Reikland Hills scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.



    - Fixed a bug in Sigmar Crypts which would cause the Arch Lector Verrimus to reset.

    Bug Fixes

    20556 - Rhanz Folner had temporarily wandered off from his Southeast Altdorf post in search of "Rat-men" underneath the city. He's properly returned to his spot now, and of course, there are absolutely no rat-men hiding underneath Altdorf.

    20550 - Dwarf starting quest "Fire in the Hole!" has had its rewards updated and improved to benefit all classes.
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