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  • Patch Notes 22/7/17
    Traduction Française
    Traducción Español


    - Players will now correctly get influence for each small tick in T1 Dwarf / Greenskins and High Elf / Dark Elf pairing.
    - Reduced control timer on flags in T1.
    - Reduced quantity of resources needed to lock the zone in T1.


    -Removed the morale scaler, please note that this is to gather some data and we may very well insert a flat reduction instead of a scaler if it works out better (meaning you may see a hotfix quite fast to change the values)

    - NPC corpses will now disappear after craft components were looted.
    - GOs can now play sounds after interaction, both in PQs and outside of them.


    Fixed Mark of the Seer Jewelry so it can only be obtained from certain careers
    Fixed a couple of T1 PQ bag item stats
    Fixed Swampstomper's Circlet model/icon for AM

    [Public Quests]

    - It is now possible to play sounds during PQs and after PQ is finished.
    - NPCs from other stages of PQ should not create double spawns anymore.
    - Players of level 19+ can now participate in T3 Public Quests. It was set to 21 before.

    - Raven Host Vanguard: Empire Chapter 1 - Added missing PQ sound for Argog the Unstoppable.
    - The Burning Windmill: Empire Chapter 2 - Added Baruun the Seeker in Stage 3 and removed Seeker flamer. Also added PQ sounds.
    - The Norse are Coming!: Empire Chapter 2 - Added Norse supplies as Stage 2 objective. Will also play animation when clicked. Added PQ sounds. Added Smoke effect on boats.
    - Ruins of Schloss von Rubendorff: Empire Chapter 2 - Added Banners so Stage II will correctly match with the description of the PQ. Also added missing sounds.
    - Pillagers' Apporach: Empire Chapter 3 - Added PQ sounds. Adjusted NPC levels so they match the PQ difficulty. Fixed an issue with Citizen militia that didn't play animation and could be spammed. Also added sound when they are clicked.
    - Faewulf's Rest: Empire Chapter 3 - Fixed an issue with Summoning stones. Now you can click them once per 60 sec.
    - Tree of Beards: Dwarfs Chapter 8 - Added missing PQ sounds.
    - Tempest Horn: Chaos Chapter 13 - Added missing PQ sound for last stage. Also fixed an issue with Horn beeing unclickable.
    - Wagon Defense: Empire Chapter 13 - Fixed Stage 2. You can interact with Sack of Blasting Powder and Supply Box now.

    - Steinbruck Manor PQ Chaos Ch 10 : Fixed the VFX Fire at Stage III


    The End is Nigh quest - Fixed Description. You need to find Find Arnoldt's Corpse and not to speak with him
    Encroaching Darkness quest - Fixed quest markers
    Secure Reikland! quest - Fixed its' type
    Test of Loyalty quest - Fixed quest markers
    Chasing Oathgold quest - Dead Engineers will now play sound when clicked
    On the Brink of Chaos quest - Fixed quest and quest markers (Inactive for now until BW College opens)


    Decorated Bright Wizard College
    Added a Signpost outside of BWC
    Boiling Cauldrons will now play a special sound when clicked
    Made 2 Empire crate stack untargetable
    Made 7 Empire chests untargetable
    Made all 366 Planks untargetable except those in Temple of Sigmar which will play specific sound when clicked
    Made all Bored peasants targetable/order neutral and fixed their levels
    Extinguished some nonsense fire vfx in Talabecland crypt
    Fixed a Lord boss in ToVL from being invisible
    Fixed stance of Injured Wagoneer in Wagon Defense PQ: Empire Chapter 13
    Added T2 Dark Elves Epic quest on Wiki
    Added Currencies info on Wiki

    - Corrected the location for the ToK unlock Greenskin Chapter 3
    - Corrected the location for the ToK unlock High Elf Chapter 22
    - Assigned the correct ToK unlock to the Greenskin Chapter 18
    - Starting mounts will be sold at the same price at all vendors
    - The 2 Mount Vendors in both Empire Chapter 1 and Chaos Chapter 1 will now sell the starting mounts
    - Added the 'Unadorned Disk' (25% Disk Mount) to all vendors that were already selling the 'Enslaved Pack Mule' (Destruction 25% Mount)
    - Vendors 'Companion Keeper' will now sell the pets Warlord's Fell Hound (Destruction) and Imperial Hunting Hound (Order), buyable with 4 'Skaven Token'
    - Added faction restriction to pocket items rewards for unlocks Spoils of War
    - Made of the second quest ' 'Ead 'Unta' for Tracker set repeatable, like others
    - GO 'A Dusty Tome' is once again targetable
    - GO 'Journal of Teppo Benzinger' has now the correct appearance
    - Removed the ToK unlock H&L 'Ranald' from the item 'Three-Legged Dog Foot'
    - Corrected the subtype of ~30 creatures


    [10013] - Fixed
    [10015] - Fixed
    [9968] - Fixed
    [9948] - Fixed
    [9971] - Fixed
    [9986] - Fixed
    [10012] - Fixed
    [7153] - Fixed
    [10014] - Fixed

    [9948] PQ Fixed
    [9900] PQ Fixed
    [9895] PQ Fixed
    [9852] PQ Fixed
    [7397] PQ Fixed
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  • Server Status and Forum
    As many of you may have been aware, for the past few hours the forum and server have been down. This was due to some updates that had caused some incompatibility issues, thus taken down the login and webserver.

    Because of this, the forum was inaccessible and anyone attempting to log into the game server were unable to. Now the forum is back online, players may find they can't log in game. Until this has been resolved by our trusted Webmaster, Dascoub, we must wait.

    Updates will be posted as and when they come.

    Facebook update post: ... 5221615448

    We thank you all for your patience and hope you will continue to wait until we've rectified it.

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  • Patch Notes 15/7/17
    Traduction Française
    Traducción Español


    - Added a Recruit's Emblem Quartermaster in the T1 Dwarf/Greenskin and High Elf/Dark Elf warcamps.
    - Fixed the teleports atop the Gates of Ekrund location within Mount Bloodhorn.
    - Added a temporary work-around to the Stonemine Tower BO in Ekrund due to a mysterious self-locking door. The tower can now be entered and exited through a make-shift cave system in the collapsed mine to the north.

    - Fixed a terrain exploit at the Nordland XI Battlefield Objective.


    - Added check regarding invalid Talismans.

    - Correctly assigned ToK unlocks for each Greenskin Warcamp
    - Some NPCs linked to ToK unlocks will now spawn when interacting with a specific gameobject
    - Made of the 4 Explosive Barrels in The Inevitable City untargetable
    - Corrected the level of some NPCs for ToK unlocks
    - Added the last Trophy rewards for ToK unlocks that were missing to vendor
    - Corrected the item 'Token of Havoc' so that it gives once again the good title
    - Corrected the location of the ToK unlock Empire Warcamp 5
    - Changed ~90 vendors so that they don't sell anymore pets buyable with Skaven Tokens

    - Added vendors to each T1 Chapter camp. They currently sell white gear appropriate for the level of the camp, along with a Book of Binding and the starter mount. These will be expanded on in the future.

    [Public Quests]

    - Tied NPC pull in PQs to number of participating players.
    - It is now possible to assign unique PQ rewards to each of the PQs. Great things are coming.

    - The Norse are Coming: Empire Chapter 2 - Added crate of torches objective in Stage 1 and norse tent objective in Stage 2.
    - The Burning Windmill: Empire Chapter 2 - Structure will burn consequently on each Stage.
    - Faewulf's Rest: Empire Chapter 3 - Summoning stones added for Stage 2 objective. Now clicking on a stone will play animation and alter it's state.
    - Slayer's Demise: Empire Chapter 6 - Made Wounded Slayers neutral so they won't get attacked from Bog trolls.

    - Fixed Tree Of Beards PQ Ch 8 Dwarfs : The Tree Of beards will now take fire when interacting with torch at Stage III


    - Fixed a bug that counted quest objectives twice for party leader.

    Will of the Warboss Epic Quest - Fixed all quest markers
    Annihilation Epic Quest - Fixed all quest markers
    Chasing Oathgold Epic Quest - Fixed quest/quest markers
    Charming Quest - Fixed quest/quest markers
    Dying Wish Quest - Fixed quest markers
    Balance Quest - Fixed quest/quest markers
    Sabotage Quest - Fixed quest/quest markers
    Breaking the Balance Quest - Fixed quest/quest markers
    Saving Souls Quest - Fixed all quest markers
    Hearts and Minds - Added Sympathizers objective to the quest so it can work properly with the script plot
    (Also made Grimmenhagen Farmers friendly clickable as they should be and not hostile)


    Fixed a broken PvE Portal from Saphery to Eataine ( Order )
    Fixed a broken PvE Portal from Talabecland to Reikland ( Order )
    Fixed a broken PvE Portal from Saphery to Caledor ( Destruction )
    Fixed a broken PvE Portal from High Pass to Chaos Wastes ( Destruction )
    Made Tent Scaffold in Altdorf untargetable
    Made Sigmar Shrines in Altdorf untargetable
    Made over 50 Scaffoldings in Altdorf untargetable
    Made over 30 Planks in Altdorf untargetable
    Made over 30 Beer Barrels in Altdorf untargetable
    Made over 20 Barrel Stack in Altdorf untargetable
    Made over 20 Barrel of Bugmans in Altdorf untargetable
    Made 3 Wood Walls in Temple of Sigmar untargetable
    Made 10 Rat traps untargetable
    Made 110 Dead Skaven corpses untargetable
    Fixed a Sacellum Willbreaker in West Wing that was spawned under the ground
    Fixed Empire Turncoats name plates in Nordland
    Cleaned some PQ double spawns in Chrace/Shadowlands
    Added 6 barrels in Reikland Factory Scenario (Order spawn) so you can reach the exit portal


    [9922] - Corrected level of Orin Blightbinder
    [8037][5861] - Fixed
    [5846] - Fixed
    [5671] - Fixed
    [5741] - Fixed
    [9386] - Fixed
    [8336] - Fixed
    [9908] - Fixed
    [9929] - Fixed
    [9926] - Fixed
    [8336] - Fixed
    [2234] - Fixed
    [9931] - Fixed
    [6358] - Fixed
    [9930] - Fixed
    [8681] - Fixed
    [7514] - Fixed
    [554] - Fixed

    [9710] Entering Destruction Kadrin Valley Warcamp won't trigger anymore an unlock for Noteworthy Persons
    [8463] Assigned the ToK unlock 'Feiten's Lock' to the correct door
    [9905] Corrected typo within speech of Grand Theogonist Volkmar
    [9889] Removed double spawn
    [9946] Removed double spawn
    [9898][9933] Added Gameobjects to avoid players to fall through the ground (Thanks to Wargrimnir for fully fixing it)
    [9921][9924] Corrected vendor 'Hoardmaster Keggle'. Also corrected his homologue in The Blighted Isle Order Warcamp
    [9875] All creatures should be attackable
    [3798] Talking to the 'Screamer' in Norsca will trigger the ToK H&L unlock 'Nomads'
    [2838] Assigned the unlock for High Elf Warcamp 3 (Avelorn) to the correct location
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  • Official RoR Discord
    Over the past couple of weeks the team has transitioned over to using Discord for our team chat. Now that we have most of the permissions setup, and people are comfortable with it, we can open up a handful of channels for public use.

    Some things to note

    - This is a moderated space, follow the same ToS that you can find here on the website.

    - Your forum name is preferred, but not required. It just means you will have temporary access and need to click the link again to join if you're disconnected. If you want permanent access, ask a GM or Mod to validate your name and they will assign you to the Verified group. (Be patient in the beginning if you don't get a response, online does not always equal available.)

    - Once you're verified, you'll be able to see past message history. It's like a perk!

    - If there's a need for it, picking up a few people to give Mod powers would be a thing. Contact me if you're interested.

    - Staff use this as their primary chat platform, that's not a license to bother them. Moderation and common sense please.

    - Don't request custom emotes, there's a limit. Too many dank memes makes Discord sad.

    - Be cool to each other, this like many other things, is an experiment that we hope works out.
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  • Patch Notes 7/7/17
    Traducción Español
    Traduction Française


    - Added 'Win a Scenario' quests for the Blood of the Black Cairn scenario.
    - Doubled the experience gained from T2 Scenario quests, tripled the experience gained from T3 Scenario quests.


    -Enable Visual Effects on Game Objects.

    - Made some barrels untargetable in Altdorf.
    - Made all Pile of Rubble untargetable in Altdorf.
    - Fixed a Cage door in Caledor.
    - Fixed a Gatehouse door in Kadrin Valley.
    - Removed 5 empty game object "doors" from the Database which had no model in the world.
    - Haldred the Miller will no longer spawn as a PQ mob in the Norse are coming PQ.

    - GameObjects added previously in scenarios Battle for Praag, Temple of Isha, Gates of Ekrund, Black Fire Basin, Howling Gorge, Talabec Dam, Maw of Madness and Tor Anroc should not be targetable anymore
    - GameObject 'Ranald Tent' in Altdorf should not be targetable anymore
    - Made of many GO (like palisades) in War Camps/Chapters in Nordland, Reikland, Kadrin Valley, Thunder Mountain and Black Crag, untargetable
    - Corrected the creature subtype of ~800 NPCs so that they do not count anymore as player classes (kotbs, shaman, witch elf...)
    - Recruit's Medallion Quartermasters in Blighted Isle and Mount Bloodhorn War Camps now correctly sell their items
    - Changed the way to trigger the unlock 'Sacrifice Over Excess', to be closer to the original instructions. You can find updated information about this unlock on RoR Wiki
    - Several NPCs for ToK unlocks will now spawn when interacting with a specific gameobject
    - Moved the NPCs for ToK Achievements Pursuit 'The Herald'
    - Made of 'Harthul the Monstrous' neutral so that players can reach the GO 'Obscure Rock' to make spawn 'Ma'Leeng' for ToK unlock

    - It is now possible to spawn NPCs after clicking on GO. Changes and fixes to Quests, Public Quests and Tome of Knowledge unlocks are coming.

    - Fixed up various order quest waypoints and PQs in mashes of madness
    - Fixed up Chasing Oathgold, a T2 order epic quest starting in the Marshes of Madness, added appropriate epic reward (Rare Appearance proc helm)
    - Fixed up A Lords' Game, a T2 destro epic quest starting in the Shadowlands, added appropriate epic reward (Rare Appearance proc helm)


    - Corrected stats on ~920 R15 and R16 items.
    - Added talisman slots to ~5,000 chapter influence rewards.

    - Rebalanced T3 epic quest weapon rewards


    - A Darker Threat - Fixed all quest markers
    - Buying Time - Fixed all quest markers
    - Rough Justice - Fixed all quest markers
    - Rightfully Ours - Fixed all quest markers and objective description
    - A Newfound Urgency - Removed all unnecessary questmarkers and corrected hand in locations
    - Horns of a Dilemma - Fixed all questmarkers and added text hints
    - Harnessing a Vision - Fixed all questmarkers
    - Salvage Duty - Fixed quest and questmarker
    - The Grudges of Karak Drazh! - Fixed quest and questmarker
    - The Emperor's Mandate - Fixed questmarkers
    - The Grudges of Karak Drazh! - Fixed quest chain and all questmarkers
    - Starts at Black Crag Dwarfs Chapter Chapter 21 - NPC name Zaki Thunderbrow -Min req lvl 30

    Altdorf Quests
    - Everyone Pays - Added missing quest markers
    - Center of the World - Made a workaround on this one(speak to NPCs indicated until we know how to trigger explore areas for quests)
    - Suspicious Characters - Fixed the quest and added quests markers
    - Explosive Situation - Fixed IDs for questmarkers. Will now show correctly on each map
    - Strange Sightings - Fixed text on completion and progress text lines
    - Burnt Offerings - Introduced quest(speak with Bright Wizard Agnes in Altdorf outside of Bright Wizard College entrance)

    - Fixed Quest Icons in Tome of Knowledge Quest Log.
    - Quest GOs can now be clicked only once per 60 seconds.
    - Some quests will not be shareable anymore.
    - Most of the clickable Game Objects will now play animation and alter it's state after being clicked by player.

    [Public Quests]

    Fireforge's Camp - Greenskin Chapter 13 PQ is now fully operational
    Fireforge's Camp - Dwarf Chapter 13 PQ is now fully operational
    Neversong - High Elf Chapter 16 PQ is now fully operational
    Executioner's Blade - High Elf Chapter 21 PQ is now fully operational

    - Players of rank 9+ can now participate and be rewarded for completion of T2 PQs.
    - Most of the clickable Game Objects will now play animation and alter it's state after being clicked by player.
    - Dead PQ NPCs now despawn after 2 minutes, not instantly after finishing the stage. Happy farming.

    -Fixed 189 Invisible Chest in various PQ

    [Addressed Tickets]

    [9865] Item: Sentry's Glaive of Tyranny is now flagged as two-handed.

    [9851] Warlord's Fell Hound (Destruction) and Imperial Hunting Hound (Order) are now once again buyable from Dexiol/Polintel, with 4 'Skaven Token'
    [9464] All players should now be able to take the quest for scenario Gates of Ekrund (Thanks to Ryan for help). Note that players who are not affected by the bug will be able to take the quest twice, but only the first time.

    [6953] - Fixed mobs falling out of the Slayer's Demise PQ

    [8661] PQ Fixed
    [7293] PQ Fixed
    [6238] PQ Fixed
    [6853] PQ Fixed
    [7336] PQ Fixed
    [7337] PQ Fixed
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