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  • Karak Drazh
    A fallen Dwarf stronghold on the southern Worlds Edge Mountains, located on the western end of Death Pass. Impregnable forts were built upon and within the mountain peaks. The mightiest strongholds, led by greatest Kings of the age. Stories say many kings and heroes are dead in this place...

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  • Bawon Sanmdi
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  • Server Patch notes 14/10/2018
    Tor Anroc is the new pug Scenario


    - Fixed an issue where WLs tactic Pack Synergy would not apply properly. [12405]


    - Special Mix: Set the quest marker
    - Tricks of the Trade: Activated and set all the quests of this quest line
    - Bred, Fed and Led: Reviewed the quest line
    - Messin' Wif Da Stunties: You will now have to destroy the Dwarf Supplies for the first step of this quest chain
    - Messin' Wif Da Stunties: Corrected the quest markers and reviewed the third step


    [6949] Fixed and set the quests like they are meant to be
    [12432] Quest now works
    [12422] Prisoners inside carts will now drop the item needed for the quest
    [12421] Removed the double tags on quest markers
    [12420] Quest will now work correctly
    [12425] Emperor's Champion should now heal the correct amount of hitpoints.
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  • Server Patch notes 08/10/2018
    - Procs no longer benefits from increased damage % stats.

    - Covenants and Auras are now removed on respeccing as it could be used to max out the effect and then respec into another tree while still maintaining the more buffed up version.

    - Oil should no longer get damage bonus from damage % increases.


    - Adjusted mobs wounds and damage
    - Adjusted PQ bosses wounds


    - Goradian the Creator: Set the missing quest markers for the whole quest chain
    - An Army Marches: Reworked and corrected this quest line
    - Means of Betrayal: Reworked and corrected the whole quest line
    - The Drakk Revealed: Reworked and corrected the quest line


    - Mysterious smugglers have shown up in the capital cities and are willing to trade for powerful items. Be warned, no refunds are given.


    [12359] Friendly NPCs should no longer attack hostile NPCs and prevent players from completing the PQ
    [7835] Quest marker has been set
    [7834] Made spawn Brudig Stouthelm inside Mount Gunbad so that the quest is now completable, and set the quest marker
    [6988] Created and made spawn the NPCs that need to be killed for this quest
    [12415] Players will now have to open the cages to complete the quest
    [6987] Corrected the quest
    [12398] Quest disabled since we activate the scenario.
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  • RoR Builder
    Hello all!

    As you may know the rorbuilder that was linked previously have been really out of date. Thanks to the effort of Ramasee and several others (see viewtopic.php?f=53&t=28741 for full details) we have now started updating it through a new site.

    As such the link in the header have been updated.
    Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:08 pm View the latest post