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  • Happy Birthday Warhammer Online!
    Happy Birthday Warhammer online!

    Initial release date of the game: September 18, 2008

    Post your best wishes!

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  • Patch Notes 14/09/2019
    German translation provided by Gangan
    Italian translation provided by elk76
    French translation provided by Machwar


    - World Group search will now automatically search for world groups when you first open the window. By default people will have Searchable enabled, Any Tier, Any Activity, Any Zone. The search and set preferences will now both set your preferences and search. You can now make the group only appear in nearby groups by having the party open set and world searchable disabled.


    - The bonus damage on inner door for holding 5 BOs has been lowered to 12% (from 15%).
    - Each BO held by attackers deals 2% damage to inner (up from 1.5%).
    - Each BO held by defenders now heal inner for 1%.

    [Public Quests]

    - Fixed an issue which caused Public Quests to start without spawning any NPCs.


    - Quest with time limits will now show on the quest.
    - Unmasking the Enemy: This Epic Quest has been reviewed, mainly quest markers that have been added


    - The Sentry's Sword of Anathema was declared wrong and has been transformed into Titan's Sword of Anathema as the defensive version doesn't exist, even for the previous tier.


    [14802] Convinced Livia Aselta to accept your quest and told her to give you a follow up.
    [14850] Corrected the mess for the Chosen renown weapons.
    [14880] You are allowed to fight those Frightened Peasants back.
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  • Patch Notes 07/09/2019
    French translation provided by Machwar
    Italian translation provided by elk76
    German translation provided by Gangan


    - Pathfinding for NPCs/Pets/etc is now enabled in Nordland and Norsca only. We expect there to be some some effects on classes balance, specifically those with pets. Before we generate navigation meshes for other zones we would encourage people to test and check out the Pathfinding Info/Feedback thread HERE.
    - Archetype checks now looks at your investments into mastery trees. RP and Zeal are using the older check as they do not have a mastery tree that is clearly used for specific roles.


    - The "World" tab in Open Parties and Warbands is now working and will allow you to set your group/warbands preferences. It will also allow players to search for your group.
    - The "Nearby" tab will now only show groups/warbands in your region.
    - A notification will now pop up when you enter a new region stating the open parties/warbands in your region.


    - Using an item that is equipable now requires you to have it equipped.

    [Public Quests]

    - Plague Mist Vale: Last boss 'Contagion the Blighted' is now a Great Unclean One, as he should be


    - Lightbringer: Whole quest line is now available and reworked
    - Champion of Ulthuan: Whole quest line is now available and reworked
    - Answering the Call: This quest line has been corrected
    - A Moment's Respite: This quest is now available from the Merelain's Bliss in Caledor
    - Preservation of Honor: Whole quest line is now available and reworked
    - Reclaiming Caledor: This quest line has been corrected and reworked
    - The Pride of Caledor: This quest line has been corrected
    - Worse than Defeat: This quest line has been corrected
    - Precious Cargo: This quest line is now available from the High Elf Corpse in Caledor
    - Song of Sorrow: You will now have to free Wrathwind Captives
    - Ulthuan's Fury: Several NPCs will now count toward the objectives of the first and third steps of the quest line
    - What Lies Within: Krothaak is now a Lord of Change, as he should be
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  • RoR needs you!

    As Database Developers, we mainly work on PvE content (NPCs, GOs, PQs, ToK, quests…), and as DB lead, my goal has always been and will always be to make things the way they are meant to be, which usually means like they were on official.
    Thanks to Yaliskah, we have RoR and much information, but sadly we are also lacking much information. The goal of the following topics is to gather information, as much as possible, mainly screenshots or hopefully videos you made on official. Note that every file is welcome! Even the most basic screenshot can be helpful! We are also using many websites to help us gathering information, so if you know some, don’t hesitate to share them!
    I know you are glad and thankful that every day RoR team makes live this wonderful game again. I also know many would like to contribute more. Now is the time! So let’s check all the screenshots you took on official ;)

    Keep in mind that we are limited on what we can do for now, RoR is a whole world that we need to rebuild, step by step.
    The goal of these topics is NOT to debate, any post that will not follow the rules will be deleted.

    You can also contact me directly on forum or on Discord (Lheana #7986) if you prefer or have any questions.

    Public Quests:
    Every file about Public Quests can be posted in this topic: Public Quests

    Every file about Quests can be posted in this topic: Quests

    Tome of Knowledge unlocks:
    Every file related to ToK unlocks can be posted in this topic: Tome of Knowledge unlocks
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  • Patch Notes 31/08/2019
    Italian translation provided by elk76.
    French translation provided by Machwar.


    - You can now set yourself as an Advisor in the Social Options window.
    - Players can now do searches for Advisors only to help them find people to help them!
    - Fixed some bugs in the Social Player Search window.
    - The 'Make your party open' toggle should now be correctly updated when you are not the party leader.


    - For testing purpose: On last zone before a fortress, if the "Defending" faction (for example Order in Reikland), locks the zone and pushes to the mid T4, all connected (when lock happens) contributors of this faction (lvl 16+, minimal contribution (i.e. roll candidate)) will gain an Invader's token.

    Reasoning: Actually there is no real motivation to defend last zone before Fortress but Realm pride. Some path of least resistance fans suggest to let attacker wins according that the only way to access to higher gear. That's bad. Now, a faction will have some concrete reasons to resist stronger and avoid fortress: Having something the other faction wont have (realm pride for real!), give the opportunity to the whole faction to start to collect Invader token (maybe slower than in fort, but it will be opened to a higher pop). If this change seems to be valid (there are probably some unexpected ways to abuse it), it will probably be extended to fortresses defense system when cities will come (meaning: Warlord's token for successfull defense).


    - Quest finishers, when there are multiple in the visable area, will now all no longer show the quest hand in icon upon completion.
    - Quest finishers will now automatically show the hand in icon properly if you are in range when accepting a quest.
    - Harnessing the Power: This quest line has been corrected and reworked. It means you are now able to discover the Cinderblade Vault
    - Keeping an Eye: This quest is now available from the Ancient Urn in Dragonwake
    - Awakening: This Epic Quest is now available until the end (only the first step was available), and has been corrected and reworked
    - Birthright: Whole quest line is now available and reworked
    - Wyrmkin: Whole quest line is now available and reworked
    - Saving the Tactician: You will now have to loot Elderak's key to free Alerinas

    [Public Quests]

    - Burnbeard's Oath: The statue now has its original appearance, and the health points of the GameObjects you need to destroy has been increased
    - Hall of the Crimson Shroud: Restored original appearance of the Stone of Shyish
    - Dominion of Khaine: Restored original spawns of Bloodfury Witches

    [Tome of Knowledge]

    - The History & Lore unlock 'The King's Flying Corps' can no longer be obtained, as it is meant to be a proximity unlock, and the workaround that had been made has never really worked fine


    [9691] The different spawns of Prince Endhil have now their own quests, and only the correct one is a rally master
    [14824] These NPCs are now correctly attackable
    [14847] Increased the area around the NPC to talk to him and complete the objective
    [14851] Reminded dwarves that goblins are green, and goblins that dwarves have beards
    [14852] The different GameObjects can once again be destroyed, and the second stage of the PQ be completed
    [14849] Cannons can once again be destroyed, and the PQ be completed
    [14845] The Stone can once again be destroyed, and the PQ be completed
    [14846] NPC is now correctly attackable
    [14843] NPCs now count toward the PQ objective
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