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  • Patch Notes 16/02/2018
    Übersetzung in deutscher Sprache

    Gunbad has reopened.
    Hopefully it can handle the new server stability meta, because if it throws a fit we're going to take it out back again and show it what for.


    - Flashfire now correctly only loses a stack once a spell has been cast, not on the start of cast


    -Increase PQ bosses timers to 30 mins


    - Added jewelry and weapons to Gunbad Blue and Purple PQ bags. Green and White bags will be filled once we have some additional coding finished.


    - Removed many GO spawns that were related to finished events

    - Adjusted Area for Venom Lake Public Quest in Black Crag.
    - Adjusted position of the Airship in Altdorf.

    [Public Quests]

    - Multiple objective counts per one kill in PQs is now fixed

    - Corrected the level of all NPCs within the following Dwarf PQs so that it is now within the range of the level of the PQ
    - Verified and corrected the description of the stages and name of the objectives of the following Dwarf PQs - when it was possible - so that it fits with official and ToK

    - Order PQ 'Gobbo Carvas': Reorganized the NPC spawns of second stage; Last boss is now an orc and will no longer be accompanied
    - Order PQ 'Magister Dhetal': Reorganized the NPC spawns of second stage
    - Order PQ 'The Defiled Anvil': NPCs 'Pestilent Tentacle' will now count for first stage; Added NPCs 'Bilestench Plaguebearer' to the second stage
    - Order PQ 'Poisonwing Canyon': You will now find the last boss watching over her eggs atop the pinnacle (where the chest is on the map)
    - Reworked the following Order PQs:
      > Da Great Smashin' Pit
      > Muck Pen

    All Order PQs (except 1) are now working!


    - Fixed issue with T4 microticks
    - Fixed issue with blue bags not consuming bag pool bonuses after you get a bag
    - Fixed incorrect respawn points in Dragonwake, Praag, Caledor and maybe in Dwarf T2 and T3 but I didn't check this one.


    - Implemented backend for liniment buthering


    [11281] NPCs will now fly on the back of griffons

    [10647] Questmarker has been set for all steps of "Mob Mentality".
    [11174] Questmarker has been set for all steps of "An Opportunity for Glory".
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  • Patch Notes 9/02/18
    Übersetzung in deutscher Sprache

    ****Hotfix - 2/11/2018****


    - Backend to allow for modular control over pets damage taken from AOE


    - Close quarters now also work as intended with a hostile target within range


    - Fixed broken microticks in T4 for Battle Objectives

    [Public Quests]

    - Fixed incorrect objective count for PQs - 1 kill will now net only 1 credit for PQ progress

    - Corrected the level of all NPCs within the following Dwarf PQs so that it is now within the range of the level of the PQ
    - Verified and corrected the description of the stages and name of the objectives of the following Dwarf PQs - when it was possible - so that it fits with official and ToK

    - Order PQ 'Venom Lake': Second stage is now active and functional; Moved the last boss close to the Venom Cave
    - Order PQ 'Bait and Hit': NPCs 'Bloody Sun Gudheala' and 'Bloody Sun Gudfighta' will now count for first stage; Reorganized the NPC spawns of second stage; Last boss will now be accompanied by other NPCs



    [White Lion]

    Pet AOE immunity removed, replaced with -

    Adjusted the value of direct damage splash against White Lion Pets. Targeted AOE with the PET as target will hit the pet for full value. Targeted AOE with the PET receiving SPLASH damage will result in a much reduced value of damage to the PET. None targeted AOEs such as Dissolving Mist, Demolition or Infernal Wave will always do reduced damage to the PET.

    AOE dots do full damage to the PET again.

    AOE CC will now function fully upon the PET again.

    This allows for aoe placement of debuffs including detaunts/challanges snares and CC upon the pet without the pet being instagibbed in large scale RvR.

    NOTE - There may be one or two AOE abilities I didnt flag/didnt flag correctly so please bugtracker any you find.

    ****End of hotfix notes****


    - Reworked how you gain contribution, you are awarded more for playing objectives and your archetype now, expect values (which are hidden anyway) to be tweaked over the coming weeks.
    - Added a cap on rr gain from a lord kill/keep take to 2000.
    - Possible fix for no reward on zonelock.


    - Excluded healer NPCs from harm (especially a problem in gunbad where bosses could potentially kill a NPC healer with AOE)
    - Removal of the minimum rank requirement for a surname.


    - Added Annihilator gear to T4 gold bags again.
    - Boxes and Satchels to convert higher tier currency now have renown requirements appropriate for that currency.
    - Corrected stats on ~310 R26 items


    - Reduced PQ Trash counters
    - Fixed PQ spawns so trash mobs will correctly despawn when stage is over
    - Adjusted Trash Mobs wounds
    - Increased Da Squig-Maker Cast time a bit
    - Removed Healer NPC from Bosses Instances
    - Enabled Guild scroll : You can buy Gunbad Scroll at Guild merchant that will port you to Gunbad Entrance.

    [Public Quests]

    - Corrected the level of all NPCs within the following Dwarf PQs so that it is now within the range of the level of the PQ
    - Verified and corrected the description of the stages and name of the objectives of the following Dwarf PQs - when it was possible - so that it fits with official and ToK

    - Order PQ 'Red with Envy': Reworked the second stage; Modified the appearance of several NPCs to be closer from original
    - Order PQ 'Ashreaver Tribe Stronghold': Reworked the first stage; Reorganized the NPC spawns of second and third stages
    - Reworked the following Order PQs:
      > Gates of Grung Grimaz
      > The Sealed Tower
      > Dragon's Blessing
      > Ungry Ungry Greenskins
      > Emberlight Mine
      > The Cult of Drakk
      > Ankul Grob
      > Whoosha's Boyz


    [10841] NPCs 'Awakened Skeleton' will no longer spawn when destroying GOs 'Dragon Bone'
    [11110] NPC will now have the correct level
    [11262] Targeting the door will no longer target a banner inside the tower

    [11225] Doomglade Vraslyn is no longer hiding under the stairway for "Bait & Switch".
    [11181] Fixed questmarker for "Boom Rush".
    [11254] Talked to the Reikland Warscout about citadel quest. It´s not his job anymore.
    [11264] The regiment has sent well-trained dwarfs to protect Goldpeaks´s Warcamp.
    [11027] The dead dragon will no longer turn into a zombie and attack someone.
    [10972] The regiment has sent well-trained soldiers to protect Raven´s End.
    [10403] The regiment has sent well-trained shining guards to protect Bladewatch.
    [11275] Supply crates inside Fireforge´s Camp now also counts for the quest "Gotta Nosh!".

    [11189] - Added missing questmarker.
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  • Dev Diary : February 2018
    Übersetzung in deutscher Sprache
    Note en français

    Dear all,

    Here we are already in February, and here is a little note concerning the progress of the project. This Dev Diary will be quite brief and very general, but it will give you the outline of what is planned throughout this year.

    Since November

    Since last November, the project has generally made a good progress,
    - PvE; Many PQ's made functional, the appearance of the first Dungeon, some monsters that begin to have specific skills
    - RvR; the reworked roll system, dynamic siege system keep/BO
    - Core developments; the approaching patcher, increased hardware capacity

    Of course all this development is also source of new bugs and crashes, but it is always the case when we make progress!

    We will dedicate 2018 to strengthen the project, concentrating our efforts around 2-3 flagship projects:
    - Make the server more stable, track down and eliminate server crash sources
    - Finish Open RvR and make a push to implement fortress zones
    - Refine Gunbad and start a new dungeon
    - Client Control and patching, which opens up realm locking, addon control, truly NEW content, and unlocking things not solely found in the 1.4.8 version of WAR, along with many many many tooltip updates we won't annoy you with in the patch notes.

    Server Stability
    This is THE project of this year. This task naturally forces us to slow down everything else, so dev teams try after each crash to understand what the core cause is, and to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. This is a long-term task and we ask you to be patient as it may take a long time before causes are found and resolved. For now, we've increased the amount of RAM we have available on the server, but this has only prolonged the amount of time between crashing, not a permanent fix.

    Open RvR
    The ORvR mechanics is finally deployed in its essential form. It remains some small adjustments here and there but the essential is there. Nevertheless, as announced several months ago, there are some elements to complete the picture:
    - The keep claiming system (not necessarily as on the official)
    - The war treasure system (resource carrier on kills)
    - The war effort (guild investment)
    - Ordnance management

    Part of our time will also be devoted to a very rudimentary mechanic, although it has so far proven to be problematic: the contribution system.

    It is possible that small adjustments are made to T1 in the wake of these changes.

    Finally, once that's over, implementing the fortresses. We hope to see this before the end of the year, along with the release of Invader gear as the top-end RvR set.

    We do not plan to work on capitals this year (this will probably be done in 2019)

    Dungeons and PvE
    Gunbad was the nice surprise of 2017 for many of you, we need to refine it now. Nevertheless, we hope to be able to offer you another dungeon before the end of this year. Submit your issues to the bugtracker so we can get all the adjustments done that are needed.

    Lhéanna and her team (DB) do a great job every week that makes PvE content richer and more complete. You should enjoy a little more! :)

    To those who are desperately waiting for the Land of the Dead, I regret to announce that - although we could open it now - nothing is planned for it at the moment. Opening a new PvE zone just for fun does not seem to be a priority. The land of the dead when it is offered to you must be something other than a vast expanse of sand or lizards and beetles have chosen home to the delight of the craftsmen.

    Patcher and Client Control
    We've been talking about it for over a year, and more than ever it's more real. We have great hopes in this patcher because it will drive many possibilities that we will finally have access to, like additional content (or even long-term new original areas!), managing approved addons and third-party software, introduce the concept of realm lock, allow a client location (translated quests), update descriptions and tooltips, create new items and why not new playable classes (maybe not this year) ... in short, a whole universe of possibilities. Nevertheless our priority remains and will remain to respect as much as possible the logic of the original game while pushing it's boundaries. It should be noted that this client control will allow us to work in a much more precise and powerful way the whole system of skills; which implies a possible overhaul of ALL the skills of all classes and mechanics.

    To fully understand the interest we have in it, I will try to make an image that is understandable for everyone. Since the beginning of this project we are forced to make sure that the server complies with the client without knowing what the client really wants, which forces us to "cut" pieces of puzzle to "mostly ready" to meet the requirement . Having access to the game client will allow us to:
    1- To really understand what it wants
    2- To provide him EXACTLY what it desires
    3- That it accepts EXACTLY what we want
    And that will change everything.

    So here is this little Dev Diary. The road is still long, but we have more than ever the feeling to make progress. We are well aware, when we read your reactions on the latest patchnotes that changes upset you, and that some of you do not always understand where we are coming from, but once again, be assured that this project is at least as important for us as it is for you. We are trying our best to make it better every day.

    Yali and the RoR team.
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  • Patch Notes 02/02/2018
    [Hotfix Notes]


    - There is a rumor that keep lords have learned a special technique to dispatch those who anger them most.


    - Flag defense tick, Flag attack tick, Flag microtick, Keep Safe, Keep take and Zone Lock will now give higher XP for players level 16-30
    - Fixes for contribution, rewards and bags code. Expect more loot! (relatively)

    Übersetzung in deutscher Sprache


    - Doubled RAM and Storage capacity.


    - It is possible to not win a bag in RvR now
    - White Bags are no longer given to every player in RvR zone, you now need to work for it
    - Added new 'special' RvR bag containing surprise for players
    - Mail with bags will now contain time and name of PQ / RvR zone it was generated for
    - Some work on contribution and roll system to limit unwanted behavior
    - Removed AAO bag roll bonus for outnumbered realm. Penalty for bigger realm is still in place and unchanged
    - Conqueror, genesis and subjugator gear will now drop only for players with Rank 40 and Renown Rank 41
    - Annihilator gear will now drop for players that are Rank 31-39 and Renown Rank 34
    - Devastator gear will now drop for players that are Rank 21-30
    - Obliterator gear will now drop for everyone else
    - Each RvR zone will now reward players with gear appropriate to their level. Yes, it is possible to get a Conqueror in T2 and yes, your bonus can be used there (increase your chance to actually get something)
    - XP and Renown rewards for locking zones will now be connected to your character level and renown rank
    - Medallion rewards for taking BOs and locking zones will now be connected to your character level and renown rank
    - Number of Conqueror Medallions for T5 (R40RR45) characters on zone lock was increased
    - Introduced pairing medallion bonus - you will get double the medallions from zone lock reward in your racial pairing
    - Rewards from flag microticks are now based on your character tier, not zone tier
    - Rewards from flag takes are now based on your character tier, not zone tier
    - Increased the bonus you get from each roll to your future rolls
    - Your total accumulated bag roll bonus will now be displayed on lock


    - Bags from the Obliterator and Devastator tiers once again have the mid-tier rewards. This is generally because the amount of time you spend at these levels is relatively short, and two tiers for item rewards isn't necessary.
    - Bags from the Annihilator tier have new rewards: R31-R34 blue and purple accessory/back/weapon pieces.
    - Bags from the Conqueror tier have not been changed.
    - Corrected stats on 635 R25 items


    - Flashfire is now changed to decrease casttime of the next spell by 50% and allow moving while casting on that spell. ICD set to 3s.
    - Backend work to allow resses to be able to happen on the spot instead of caster (not changing abilities, this is all backend for future)
    - Backend stuff to be able to turn off abilities and buffs on the fly on the server (if wonky test happens to get pushed to live we dont have to reboot the entire server to fix)


    - You can deploy your guild standard , but they don’t grant abilities or give any buff yet . It's time to show you colors on battlefield ! Note : Only Standard bearers can deploy Guild Banner.

    [Public Quests]

    - Corrected the level of all NPCs within the following Dwarf PQs so that it is now within the range of the level of the PQ
    - Verified and corrected the description of the stages and name of the objectives of the following Dwarf PQs - when it was possible - so that it fits with official and ToK

    - Reworked the following Order PQs:
      > Bloody Savages
      > Black Orc Slog
      > Moonfang Remnant
      > Grimbeard Station
      > Hindelburg
      > Ambush Pass
      > Evil Axis
      > Plague Mist Vale
      > Night Riders

    - Fixed the influence of Greenskin and Dwarf Chapter 12, as Greenskin PQs of this chapter were giving influence for the Dwarf chapter and vice versa
    - Destruction PQ 'Grimbeard Station': Reduced the wounds of the GOs 'Track Supplies' for second stage; NPCs 'Hammerstriker Railmaster' are now Champions

    Fixed pq area for Heinrich Estate and Neborhest Vanguard.


    [11102] Second stage is now fully functional

    [2087] Spoken with Halma Silverbrow about the reward for "The Forgotten" and "Capture the Flag".
    [5717] Removed all the dust and trash from the Tomb of Hannarr so it can be found again for "Broken Core".
    [11222] The little lazy git slept behind the barrels. Kicked him once for "Da fings wot got Boom".
    [5739] Checked every quest step of "New Allies, New Enemies".
    [11064] Removed the new chest for "Gathering Storm". Instead the correct questmarker has been set.
    [11236] Did some PQ´s with Nogaz to bring him to a proper level. He is now ready to smash u for "Boss Huntin'".
    [4833] Starwillow Root is now harvestable for "The Glory of Ulthuan'".
    [11241] The regiment has sent well-trained dwarfs to protect Thurarikson´s Warcamp.

    [11221] Keg End mobs disabled
    [11210] Corrected Keep Defense quests
    [11114] Corrected items
    [10901] Corrected items
    [10634] Corrected items
    [10617] Corrected items
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  • Patch Notes 26/01/2018
    Übersetzung in deutscher Sprache

    Hotfix Notes


    - TEMPORARILY disabled contribution and loot from chest to rule it out as the cause of RAM issues (its the primary suspect) as such during this time I have increased the xp and rr reward from locking a zone.


    - Build several Abilities for PQ chap 22

    - Added following NPC abilities

    Swooping Bite Bat Ability
    Bat Screech Bat Ability
    Maul Bear Ability
    Ursine Roar Bear Ability
    Gore Boar Ability
    Boar's Rage Boar Ability
    Branch Scrape Dryad Ability
    Branch Regrowth Dryad Ability
    Ripping Claws Harpy Ability
    Harpy Screech Harpy Ability
    Ferocious Bite Hound Ability
    Hound's Cry Hound Ability
    Leaping Bite Rat Ability
    Spider Bite Spider Ability
    Envenomed Fangs Spider Ability
    Mangling Bite Wolf Ability
    Wolf Howl Wolf Ability
    Ethereal Rake Banshee Ability
    Banshee Wail Banshee Ability
    Raking Claws Cat Ability
    Pounce Cat Ability
    Boney Fist Ghoul Ability
    Cannabalize Ghoul Ability
    Brute Force Gorger Ability
    Bellowing Roar Gorger Ability
    Thorny Paw Spite Ability
    Dissolving Sap Spite Ability
    Crushing Bark Treeman Ability
    Sprout Roots Treeman Ability
    Horn Smash Tuskgore Ability
    Tuskgore Frenzy Tuskgore Ability
    Lacerating Claws Yhetee Ability
    Earsplitting Howl Yhetee Ability
    Devouring Bite Lizard Ability
    Tail Swipe Lizard Ability
    Nibbling Bite Maggot Ability
    Lacerating Talons Manticore Ability
    Booming Shriek Manticore Ability
    Trample Nightmare Ability
    Booming Roar Nightmare Ability
    Infecting Swipe Plaguebearer Ability
    Diseased Bellow Plaguebearer Ability
    Eye Peck Raven Ability
    Goring Swipe Rhinox Ability
    Goring Lunge Rhinox Ability
    Resounding Wallop Tentacle Ability
    Acidic Spit Tentacle Ability
    Overhand Slam Troll Ability
    Foul Vomit Troll Ability
    Crushing Hooves Unicorn Ability
    Beak Jab Cockatrice Ability
    Tearing Beak Cockatrice Ability
    Jagged Claw Daemonette Ability
    Impaling Claws Daemonette Ability
    Rending Hook Flayerkin Ability
    Ethereal Hand Spirithost Ability
    Ethereal Chill Spirithost Ability
    Buffet Warhawk Ability
    Scythe Gash Wraith Ability
    Ethereal Emanation Wraith Ability
    Chomping Maw Wyvern Ability
    Foul Breath Wyvern Ability
    Sanguine Howl Bloodbeast Ability
    Savage Blow Centigor Ability
    Stomping Hooves Centigor Ability
    Rabit Bite Chaos Hound Ability
    Lunging Maw Chaos Hound Ability
    Savage Jab Chaos Spawn Ability
    Savage Bite Flesh Hound Ability
    Bloodthirsty Howl Flesh Hound Ability
    Talon Swipe Griffon Ability
    Shredding Talons Griffon Ability
    Tramping Claws Hydra Ability
    Pus Eruption Plaguebeast Ability
    Assaulting Buffet Vulture Ability
    Mangling Pincer Wisdombeast Ability
    Daemonic Slash Bloodletter Ability


    - Corrected stats on ~160 R24 items

    Patch Notes


    - Mails now require a subject to be sent.
    - Backend work to change how the campaign is loaded.
    - General backend work.


    - Terrible Embrace is now undefendable when used from behind.

    [Public Quests]

    - Fix for when PQ is loaded but not started (this does however not fix when the PQ is not loaded at all)

    - Corrected the level of all NPCs within the following Dwarf PQs so that it is now within the range of the level of the PQ
    - Verified and corrected the description of the stages and name of the objectives of the following Dwarf PQs - when it was possible - so that it fits with official and ToK

    - Order PQ 'Legacy of the Mourkain': Reworked the second stage; Added one objective to the last stage; Last boss is now a Champion
    - Order PQ 'Dam Boglars': Reorganized the NPC spawns of second stage; NPCs 'Toadlar' and 'Bignose Toadlar' are no longer Champions
    - Order PQ 'Agymah's Lair': The GO 'Mourkain Portal' can now be used as a portal to exit from the chamber
    - Order PQ 'The Tower of Neborhest': The GO 'Mourkain Portal' at the top of the tower can now be used as a portal to exit from the tower
    - Order PQ 'Kazad Drung': Reworked the second stage; Last boss is now a Champion and no longer a Hero, and he will now be accompanied by two 'Warpclaw Rat Ogre'
    - Order PQ 'Troll Island': NPCs of second stage will no longer be Champions; NPC 'Gizbo da Wize' is now a Champion and no longer a Hero
    - Order PQ 'Revoltin' Gobbos': Last boss will now be accompanied by 'Ravenous Squig'
    - Reworked the following Order PQs:
      > Tree of Beards
      > Neborhest's Vanguard
      > Agymah's Lair
      > The Tower of Neborhest
      > Savage Assault
      > The Cauldron
      > Fireforge's Camp
      > Tomb of Kali'Amon
      > Skullbreaker Ridge

    - Destruction PQ 'Fireforge's Camp': NPCs 'Oathbearer Master Gunner' are now Champions; NPCs 'Oathbearer Sharpshooter' are no longer Champions; The boss 'Thane Grofsson' is now a Hero


    - Added some limits to the bonus rr,xp,inf and medallions that can be obtained from a BO when it ticks.
    - Fix for when a player could get double medallion rewards from a zone lock. (not entirely fixed, fix hopefully pending)


    - Fixed various bugs and errors with domination mechanic in scenarios


    [10967] Dwarf NPCs will no longer attack the Hero
    [10731] Dwarf NPCs will no longer attack NPCs of the PQ. Also there are no longer NPCs of second stage out of the PQ area
    [7653] Feral Trolls will no longer fight with orcs, so the quest and the PQ will be easier to complete

    [10772] Dispute between Gors and Chaos Spaws arbitrated for "Blight on the Forest".
    [5488] Spoken with the lazy acolyte, this one will now appear reliable for "Show of Power".
    [5650] Talked to Gunnar Klaurse about the amount of rewards for "Firebrew".
    [6611] Lazy Gits... yelled for more on "Destruction of Beauty".
    [6948] Warned all Suskarg Trolls: The are on the "Wanted" list. Good Hunting for "Cleaning House".
    [5995] Have checked all salamander eggs. Talked to Guk about the rewards for "Metal Hide".
    [11064] Find doesn´t mean "steal". A new chest is available for "The Gathering Storm".
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