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  • Patch Notes 18/01/2020

    - Fixed an issue where some auras used the old 9 AOE cap instead of the new one.


    - Added text explaining that pounces will not fire if there is too big of a height difference between you and your target.
    - Pounce abilities z axis restriction has been loosned.

    Black Guard:
    - Removed the mention to blade of ruin in monsterous rending as the ability has been replaced since a long time.

    - Tracer Rounds now functions as it is displayed in the tooltip. (previously, it only applied to just abilities and not autoattacks, and only functioned if you were within 20 units of your target.)


    - Fixed an issue where the teleport from Reikwald as Destruction was placed wrongly at the Maw.
    - Fixed an issue where the respawns for shining way was wrong.


    - Added palisades to the hill of the south keep in Talabecland as to prevent access to it.


    - Added the missing ToK unlocks for salvaging and planting a seed while in combat and not naked.


    - Purple seeds are back, find them at your local city dungeons and some dark hole in the ground.
    - Keg End has ended no need for fireworks to still drop.


    - The quests of the Chaos Chapter 1 have been reviewed to be in line with how they were on official. It means some of them have been disabled
    - All original on completion texts have been set for the quests of the Chaos Chapter 1
    - Blood: You will now have to kill Thorshafn Citizens instead of Empire Spearmen
    - None Shall Escape: You will now have to talk to Surtsen the Deceiver to complete the quest
    - The quests of the Empire Chapter 1 have been reviewed to be in line with how they were on official. It means some of them have been disabled


    [15026] Marker position was adjusted.
    [14855] Markers were redone.
    [14419] Missing markers were added.
    [14362] Missing markers were added.
    [14349] Missing marker was added. Can no longer burn tents without ember.
    [14348] Missing marker was added. Order of objectives corrected.
    [14347] Markers were redone.
    [15456] The typos have been corrected
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  • Patch Notes 11/01/2020
    Italian translation provided by elk76
    Hotfix #1 16/01/2020
    [Ranked Scenarios]
    -Draws will no longer count as destruction wins for matchmaking rating calculations.
    -Prep time in Solo Ranked Scenario changed to 90 seconds (was 60s)
    -If a solo ranked match ends early without rewards, the players in the match are now teleported out immediately, and re-added in the queue at the very front.


    - Fixed some ToK unlocks from last week that did not properly work.
    - Statdoll for runefang and daemonclaw updated to match true values.
    - Fixed an issue where the leader icon was missing from warbands.
    - Standards are no longer usable in SCs.
    - Fixed an issue where players could get the buffs from the standard while not holding it nor it being planed. Now when teleporting the standard will automatically be stowed.


    - Pounce like abilities have had their z axis requirement tightened as to not allow jumps up walls (palisades of the west part of talabec was used in this case).
    - Tactics will now recalculate when items are equipped and unequipped, as such tactics that require a certain item equipped cant be exploited to work when the item is unequipped anymore.


    - Rumors have been circulating about skittering skaven taking a keen interest in bloody battles.
    - Increased number of participants to 168 vs 134.
    - Fixed an issue where players would get reservations to a fort that already ended.
    - Hopefully fixed an issue that caused players in queue to not be moved to reservation even though it should have.
    - Made its more clear when you get a reservation and when one expires. The game will now give you a dialog box telling you this.

    [Ranked Scenarios]

    - Rating is now updated after every match, as opposed to every 2 hours. This means the Tome of Knowledge's rating will display accurately after matches.
    - You now receive a weekly Oppressor token reward based on your performance for the week in Solo Ranked queues. The amount varies depending on your current matchmaking rating and amount of matches played, up to 200 matches.
    - Too many matches where you are considered a 'deserter' will result in you being excluded from weekly rewards.
    - Solo Ranked now requires an item of at least item level 45 or higher in all armor slots to be able to queue for the game mode.
    - Ranked Scenario rewards have been reduced to 10 for a win and 3 for a loss as weekly rewards have been implemented.
    - Added some more aggressive logging for players who intentionally throw matches or disrupt the game mode. Those that are found disrupting ranked scenarios in any way will find themselves unable to queue for ranked for very long periods of time. Don't push it.
    - Players who are non-participants in matches will now be considered as losers of the match if the match is recorded.
    - You no longer are forced into Solo Ranked Scenarios when the timer expires. Instead, you are granted a quitter debuff that lasts 1200 seconds (20 minutes). If the match starts without you after you hit 'give me more time' (or an addon does it for you) and do not accept, you are considered a 'deserter' and will lose matchmaking rating and have a negative mark on your weekly rewards.


    - Added the function to repair siege weapons.
    - Siege weapons no longer receive a incoming damage reductions from BOs as players can now repair them (however, the debuff stays).


    - Gunther Eckard, who was previously at the Empire starting area, has moved a little farther in a safer place at the Grimmenhagen Village


    - Wolves Among the Sheep: Marauder Torchbearers will now also count toward the quest
    - Into the Fire: This quest is now available if the quest 'Wolves Among the Sheep' has been completed
    - Training Course: Viktor Riese is now the quest finisher like it should be
    - A Host Divided: Map Markers were added.


    [15416] Stags are shy creatures and will leave you one day.
    [15396] You won't lose your trousers anymore if you wear the invader belt.
    [15425] You can use the mask as alternate appearance now.
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  • Patch Notes 04/01/2020
    Italian translation provided by elk76
    German translation provided by Gangan
    HotFix #1
    -Fixed an issue that would cause fort reservations and queues to break.
    -Fixed an issue that caused the Solo Ranked Scenario queue peeking commands (.rankedscstatus and .uiscstatus) to fail.

    - Sigmars hammer and Vipers pit now also grants x2 rested xp gain (just like the capital).
    - Added the unlocks for ToK and titles for crafting and gathering while naked, in lava, in water, in combat, while chicken and any combination of these that exists.


    - The channeled ability bar will now disappear when you die and the channel has not finished.
    - Optimized various ability packet sending in an effort to reduce lag. Please let us know of any abnormalities regarding abilities or invisible players on the bug tracker.


    - Daemonclaw changed to proc on parry and not critical hit with great weapon.
    - Daemonclaw now buffs Strength and Weaponskill.
    - Critical Suppression removed and exchanged with Discordant Winds.
    - Discordant Winds change all damage to spirit damage but the chosen receives 20% less incoming healing.


    - Stay Focused has had its AP restoration removed. There is a proper AP aura and something as strong of a career mechanic as chosen and knights needs to be same for both.
    - Mighty Soul has become core.
    - Mighty Soul has been reworked to convert all damage to elemental but the knight takes 15% increased damage.
    - Runefang has been placed in Mighty Souls place with it scaling on masteries and it now only increase initiative and toughness.

    Witch elf
    - On your knees morale drain and gain changed to 125 125. (down from 300 300).

    Witch hunters
    - Dragon Guns morale drain and gain changed to 125 125. (down from 300 300).


    - Fortresses now have an enforced cap again of 120 vs 96.
    - Fortresses have a reservation from previous zone contribution again.
    - Portals to forts are not added back but instead you run to the fort or use the adjacent fortresses portals.
    - Entering a fort when there is not enough room for you will now teleport you out and add you on a queue to receive a reservation.
    - Fixed an issue in where a player could roll for a bag even though they had too little contribution.


    - Solo Ranked Scenarios will now aggressively try and close matches that start without the proper amount of players on both sides. These matches that end early will no longer grant emblems, renown, or quest completion.
    - In Solo Ranked, defer to individual effort if both sides are 0 score when the match ends, and consider both players losers (only affects rewards)

    - Added a new command, .rankedscstatus - this command will display in chat the amount of players of each archetype queued for the Solo Ranked Scenario.

    * For UI Developers: Added a new command, .uiscstatus - this command will display in /9 chat the current players of each archetype in a formatted string similar to State of the Realm, similar to the .rankedscstatus command mentioned above but in a format for consumption by UI addons.
    An example output string is:

    - Fixed the realm specific display of clickable flags upon their state being changed.
    - Fixed an issue where, in scenarios, clickable flags would sometimes fail to display when you are out of range and someone else captures the flag.


    - The Skavens that had invaded Unterbaum in Talabecland, the Port of Barak Varr, The Griffon and Dragon Gates in Ellyrion, and some other places in different zones, have been repelled.
    If you see any trace of these skavens at these places, please report them


    -The player's Ranked mmr rating is displayed on the ToK mainpage

    -Scenario scoreboard now displays players solo mmr ratings

    -Surrenderwindow won't be stuck on showing when user is exiting the layouteditor


    - Fixed appearances for following item groups: Conveyer's, Advancing, Elfslayer, Assaulting, Sabotage
    - Added a unique, buyable-for-50g-each dye for every 2 Renown Ranks, starting at Renown Rank 82 and ending at Renown Rank 100.


    [15278] You are no longer able to click on these cages again and again
    [15281] The typo has been corrected
    [15385] See item section.
    [15368] They have the correct appearance of gloves now.
    [15347] Yep, sorcerer should become more intelligent with items.
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  • Patch notes 30/12/2019
    French translation provided by Machwar
    German translation provided by Gangan
    Italian translation provided by elk76


    - New PUG SC: Nordenwatch
    - Updates to the Realm lockout system. [Discussion Thread]
    - Temp bans no longer teleports your character, it will simply close your connection and not allow logins for the time exiled.
    - The 80, 90 and 100 rr toast messages are now also sent into persistent chat.
    - SoR addon will now be able to read rank progression of keeps.


    - x2 week has ended.


    - If for whatever reason the system is not able to add medallions on a character when its online the system will attempt to mail them to a character.
    - The postern levers can now only be used in stage 3. They are not meant to allow the attackers to spawn camp the defenders.
    - Disabled war report use if captured in a prison at fort.


    - Fixed an issue where if a guild leader deletes his character all characters in the guild would be unable to play.
    - Added guild logs when a new leader is assigned during server startup due to character being banned or offline for an extended period.
    - Fixed an issue where the character names in the guild logs when a character was deleted showed extra characters.

    [Public Quests]

    - Madness: Orag Fleshsplitter is now an Ogre Tyrant like he should be


    - If for whatever reason the system is not able to add medallions on a character when its online the system will attempt to mail them to a character.


    - Brush of Wings: The quest rewards have been set
    - Unfinished Business: This quest line is now available at the Chaos Chapter 22
    - Tome of Ages: This quest is now available from the Tome of Ages in Reikland
    - Stuck on You: This quest is now available by examining Sasha Michailov's helm. Sasha can be found in Praag
    - The Fallen of WAR!: The quest objective "Slay Dark Elf Players" will now correctly count the Dark Elf players that have been slain, and no longer the Greenskin players
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  • Patch Notes 21/12/2019 - Kegs End/2x
    HOTFIX 22122019
    [City Siege]
    - You can now queue again by going through the portal.


    - Someone forgot the Battle Brew Backpack. SHAME!
    Hint: Kill the giant again.

    - Fixed issue which stopped scenario quests from completing.
    Italian translation provided by elk76
    French translation provided by Machwar

    [Kegs End]
    The wheel of the seasons has turned, ushering out the sun’s last warmth with bitter blasts of northern winds. As snow creeps down to block mountain passes and lock the Warhammer world in the icy talons of winter, the citizens of the Old World raise their mugs high; the time of Keg End is at hand. In an epic celebration fraught with boasting, toasting, and epic fireworks, the Dwarfs empty their stores of ales and beers, they celebrate the event known as Keg End – to bring luck in the new year and make room for stronger, better brews. Meanwhile, the forces of Destruction scramble to ruin the celebration, by guzzling all the Dwarf brews first!

    Rewards include a new mount and dyes.


    - Fortress rewards now scale with RR rank up to invader. So if you are below rr 50 you will get lower rewards from a fort.


    - Added in the unlocks for friend list and ignore list TOKs and titles.


    - Sentry's Pavise of Reverence has now the correct high elf appereance.


    [15302] Vanquisher boxes and satchels are now BOP as intended.
    [15186] The last rope is now inside the PQ area.
    [15280] The servants are actually friendly to order players now.
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