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    "Some pages of the tome of knowledge have been torn away. The missing pages represent the worst creatures that have walked on this world. Murderers, vile assassins ... They are venerated in their country, but hated by half of this world ...

    Some pages of the tome of knowledge have been torn away. Some say it's better that way. Nevertheless, I am the author and beyond what these pages may well represent, my art was stolen from me.

    Some pages of the tome of knowledge have been torn away. Bring me back a few pages if you can."


    Objective :
    Make a Dead or Alive notice of your personal In game Nemesis.
    Keep in mind that this contest must remain courteous. The purpose is to honor an opponent and not to humiliate or provoke him.

    An exemple :

    Contest duration :
    This contest will be closed on March 4th

    Rules :
    - Use the background below
    - Your are free to use a screenshot or drawing (could be very funny :) ) to represent your enemy.
    - It must be amusing or artistic.
    - No text posts, just images. (anything else will be deleted during the contest period)
    - 1 Image per account.

    Background to use :

    Rewards :
    As usual, probably nothing (but who knows...).

    Jury :
    Depending on participation.
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  • Patch Notes 18/2/2017
    New items should land during the next patch cycle, if not sooner provided we cannot wait that long and get impatient with ourselves. We want them in-game as well. :)

    [Public Quests]

    69.71% of all Public Quests are currently operational.*

    T2 Chaos:
    - Plague Altar is fully operational.
    - Tearing the Portal is fully operational.
    - The Blightstone Trolls is fully operational.

    T2 Dark Elf:
    - Quyl-Isha Temple is fully operational.

    T2 Dwarf:
    - Agymah's Lair is fully operational.

    T2 Empire:
    - Gore Wood is fully operational.
    - Howling Vale is fully operational.
    - Wolfenburg is fully operational.

    T3 Chaos:
    - Mud Flats is fully operational.

    T3 Dark Elf:
    - Dartian Forest is fully operational.
    - Everspring is fully operational.
    - The Pool of Elthrai is fully operational.
    - Sea Guard Beachhead is fully operational.
    - The Jade Stand is fully operational.
    - Watchtower of Aethwyn is fully operational.
    - Trial by Fire is fully operational.
    - Whitemoon Manor is fully operational.
    - Ghyran's Embrace is fully operational.
    - House of Cards is fully operational.
    - The White Tower of Hoeth is fully operational.

    T3 Dwarf:
    - Hindelburg is fully operational.

    T3 Greenskins:
    - Statue of Inspiration is fully operational.
    - Thardrik Smashin' is fully operational.
    - Kolaz Umgal is fully operational.
    - Altstadt is fully operational.
    - Priesterstadt is fully operational.
    - Sigmarite Temple is fully operational.
    - Blighted Herd is fully operational.

    T3 High Elf:
    - Ritual of Corruption is fully operational.
    - Rotten Embrace is fully operational.
    - Slash and Burn is fully operational.

    T4 Chaos:
    - Reaping Pain is fully operational.
    - The Storm is Coming is fully operational.

    T4 Dwarfs:
    - The Cult of Drakk is fully operational.

    T4 Greenskins:
    - Burnbeard's Oath is fully operational.
    - Slayer Keep is fully operational.

    T4 High Elf (Isle of the Dead)
    - Ritual of Beasts is fully operational.
    - Ritual of Life is fully operational.
    - Ritual of the Heavens is fully operational.

    T2 Empire
    - Plague Trolls is now fully operational.
    - Nurenmir's Lancers is now fully operational.
    - The Black Mire is now fully operational.

    T2 Chaos
    - Lursa's Blight is now fully operational.
    - Plaguewood Thicket is now fully operational.
    - Trovolek is now fully operational.

    * where operational means you can start it, play it, finish it and get reward.

    [Other changes]

    -Fixed the inner slayer keep door
    -Fixed 2 doors in the northern Death Peak zone
    -Uncovered a door from some sand...

    - Master Moulder Vitchek in Kadrin Valley is now the appropriate level and has his double spawn removed.
    - Hroldiir Koldrhan in Dragonwake has been moved slightly to reduce aggro range with other NPCs.
    - Moved some orc spawns on the ships in Barak Varr to prevent aggro through walls.
    - Moved some wolf spawns near Mobash's Place in Barak Varr to prevent aggro.
    - Moved a troll spawn in Felde Castle in Troll Country to prevent aggro.
    - Moved some NPC spawns north of Fireguard Spire in Dragonwake to prevent aggro.
    - Removed several rogue NPC spawns on mountains in Death Peak.
    - Fixed a door in the northern Death Peak zone.
    - Fixed 2 terrain exploits in Death Peak.
    - Fixed a terrain exploit in Black Crag.

    - Removed R2 Blue gear from drop tables that is currently being used for the Ch1 PQ blue and purple bags.
    - Created Beastlord Set gear. Not available in-game yet.
    - Created Xaphan of the Pyre, Gholnaros the Deathless, and The Bulbous One lair bosses. Not yet accessible.
    - Removed doublespawns from Inevitable City

    - A selection of armor set titles can now be bought at the Commodities Quartermasters in Altdorf's War Quarter/Sigmar's Hammer and the Inevitable City's Undercroft/Viper's Pit. NPCs are;
    * Eisenkopf Field Lieutenant Imbrul Esquire the Third for Order.
    * Revelation Harbinger Trynnar-Esquoth, Scourge of Nuln for Destruction.
    - Altered General Albrecht's RvR statue inspection quest 'The Shoulders of Heroes' to a remembrance quest for the statues in Altdorf.
    - All Knight of the Blazing Sun boots shall from now on be known as Sabatons. Blackguard boots will remain as Greaves.
    - Added unseen Knight of the Blazing Sun and Blackguard Bestial Trophies to the Library/Lyceum trophy vendors.
    A list including all the new Bestial Trophies (including Slayer/Choppa ones added before) can be found here:
    The original Bestial Trophies can be seen here:

    [Addressed Tickets]

    - [305] Quest: A Sticky Situation: Gavin Scherer now spawns properly.
    - [524] NPC: Moved Gorthlak and his friends in the Blighted Isle a little as to not interfere with quests.
    - [792] NPC: Changed quest-related NPCs around Wayshrine of Sigmar as to not aggro on each other.
    - [1591] World: Armory and Brewery doors in Barak Varr are now working.
    - [2140] World: Monastery door in Black Fire Pass is now working.
    - [5403] World: Felde Castle doors in Troll Country are now working.
    - [9048] PQ: Battle at Blood Fen: NPC double spawn removed.
    - [9131] PQ: When the Ship Hits the Sand: Stage I now spawns the correct NPCs.
    - [9132] PQ: Ironrock Point: Stage II now spawns the correct NPCs.
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  • Dev Diary - February 2017

    Greetings everyone.

    It’s been quite a few months since the last diary, as appears to be our custom with these sorts of things. Lots of hard work has been done to both RvR and PvE, but we’re still deep in the Alpha state trenches. The team as a whole is solid, and we’re committed for the long run to bring out a Warhammer experience that we have all had lingering in our imaginations for years. This process of course takes time, experimentation, and a few disruptions along the way. We understand and appreciate that these things interfere with the status quo of the server, but that simply cannot deter us from walking the hard path forward. I hope you all understand that we want to build something better, and at times that means tearing down old structures to build them back up again.

    To help us out with the raze and burn process, we have brought CegeePegee and Thayli onto the team. Both have experience with the coding language we use on the server side, and they’re currently going through the Database Dev gauntlet. Learning all the things, what’s broken, what’s frustrating, what’s probably impossible, and hopefully taking notes on all the things they might hope to achieve in the future.

    First, some good news. We are planning on releasing three sets in the near future and some new RvR carrots to acquire.

    Releasing The Carrots
    Conqueror is the set you’re all familiar with.This will be taking the place of Annihilator in Gold Bags at the keeps, and will have it’s own currency which will only be downconverted for a good period of time. Boots and Gloves will not drop for this set in RvR, so you’ll either need to grind out the currency, or get some lucky gold bags. Currency will drop from players of the appropriate level, and will be awarded from RvR activities.

    Annihilator will remain in place as a purchasable set with existing T4 currency and the costs will be reduced so it’s an entry level set to T4 RvR that doesn’t require the end-game grind it’s enjoyed since T4 released.

    Subjugator gear will be assigned to Purple keep bags, and the rest of the current items will be shifted down a bag. Yes, that means Genesis gear in the blue bags. You’ve all waited long enough. Subjugator will include R40 79.8/55 DPS purple weapons with new never-before-seen-on-RoR appearances and procs. There will also be some R40 purple accessory/back pieces to collect, as well as diluting the chances of receiving a weapon from your first bag, of course.

    Dominator gear is a new set that is equivalent to Conqueror in stats. This will also have its own currency that will take the place of Merc emblems from each 100 points earned in scenarios. Similar to Conq, Boots and Gloves will not drop from kills during scenarios. Currency will also drop for players of the appropriate RR rank during scenarios, and will only be downconverted. While Subjugator is the counterpart to Conqueror, Dominator will have Glory and Tyranny weapons purchasable with currency.

    Mercenary will have its costs reduced, similar to Annihilator treatment, and you will earn the Merc emblems from completing the scenario win quests, as well as from player kills.

    Beastlord is another new set that has been created for the purpose of bringing some real reasons to go out and fight the Lair Bosses in the world. This is a step up from Ruin, but not quite at the power levels of the new sets. As you may have experienced, we have had some good success at making sure bosses in our Live Events pose a reasonable challenge, and re-building the lair bosses means we can assign gear worthy of their power levels. Although, with a twist. We will be flagging the lairs as RvR enabled, and both realms will be tasked with hunting the same beasts. There is also a player kill requirement to complete the related quest line, which means we fully encourage getting your group into conflict when the bosses are spawned.

    Renown Compression
    We’ve got a bunch of cool stuff coming soon*. So here’s the bad news. You know how we’ve been repeating that no wipes are planned currently? We have moved beyond that current position. Wipes are planned, ~Two Weeks™. RoR meme incoming.
    No specific timeframe currently, just a warning.

    Not a full wipe, but we will be taking a swing at renown ranks. Back when T4 released there was some discussion about what we should do in regards to level caps, considering we would not be releasing any other armor sets for quite a while. RR50 cap was one strong consideration, and having a low rate of renown uncapped was the other option that we went along with. After a solid 6 months of gameplay (excluding DDOS time) we’re starting to see a few characters creep up on that RR80 marker. Generally these are players that you find roaming in RvR, maximizing their gains, and playing every single day. Hardcore elite is one nice way to put it. This rollback will hit them the hardest, but they will also start a bit further ahead for their efforts.

    We were initially going to apply this rollback with the new gear coming into play. This is not the case, as we would like to also address the RR40+ system in general. When it does occur, you can expect a scaling rollback based on how much renown you’ve accumulated. The math on this isn’t complicated, but I’ll spare the details. Essentially the closer you are to RR80, the closer you will be placed to RR50. This will only affect accounts above RR43. So if you’re close, this is your last chance to get out there and be one of the first to hit RR80 before you’re slapped back down with the rest of us plebs.

    Renown Mastery
    Objectives that we have in changing the system will be to address power creep, in particular the backend advantages of a free mastery point every 10 RR’s. The old renown tree was also brought up in conversation with positive regard for the visual implementation of points, and the ability to separate the abilities into tiers. The current system allows you to purchase the most powerful renown abilities without having to build up to them. This leads to stacking renown abilities in a way that makes them a requirement for several playstyles instead of a strategic decision based on your current playstyle.

    It’s another piece of the game long gone, that can be addressed with client control, probably.
    The Client Patcher™
    Which brings us to the Patcher, ah the patcher, something of a mythical beast for how long we’ve talked about wanting it. We’ve also talked about how we (staff) already have it, and have had great success in using it both on the private dev server, and pulling things over to live. Things started small.

    Tooltip updates are a dire necessity when it comes to class balance. Otherwise we can only have hidden changes, or in the rare case, swapping an unused ability for a used one. This was a huge issue with the changes to Warrior Priest and Disciple of Khaine. Unless you were fully aware of the changes via the forums, there were no significant indicators in-game. Even for the current implementation on Archmage and Shaman, being able to update the balance indicator with what stacks are actually doing goes a long way to providing clarity to players who would be trying out the experimental mode for the first time, instead of mentally cataloguing the changes and adjusting in combat as you can best recall them.

    There are also a vast list of gear in-game that is assigned to NPC’s, and while it would be trivial to use these appearances on armor or weapons currently, they’re unfortunately tied to inventory icons. This means the Khorne or Nurgle gear for Chosen shows up as a blank icon. Oh, and the pants are actually a back piece. Not particularly ideal, certainly not something we would be comfortable intentionally putting into the game, for the sake of quality at very least.

    With the patcher, and some Londo wizardry, he has managed to pull assets from Wrath of Heroes into the game. Several abilities and models are compatible which could lead to some interesting opportunities. Currently there’s nothing planned for these assets, just an interesting side effect of having client patching active. There’s more Londo sorcery here if you want to watch some demonstrations of things what could eventually be done beyond the scope of Two Weeks™

    As a matter of large importance, further significant RvR changes rely rather heavily on being able to patch. Same as changing tooltips on abilities, we badly need to be able to update the objectives in order to establish what the RvR system is actually doing. For every person who understands the VP system currently, there are a dozen who are fighting the blob in RvR because it’s not plainly obvious what they should be doing.

    Good UI design includes all sorts of information. For example, when a Keep is taken down, the attackers need to be notified that their new objective is to capture the BO’s and let VP tick upwards to 100%. Defenders on the other hand need to know that they can take back control of their keep by holding off defenders for a set amount of time, and then pushing their own VP past 45%. Without good information the game gets confusing. What are we supposed to be doing? Are you sure this is working? How do we know? Well, we know when things are patched and the information is displayed as intended.

    With that, we can finish up with some questions from the community that were gathered over a couple hours on each realm.

    Pre-gathered Q&A Session

    Guild banners and abilities?

    No progress currently. This is a Core Dev task that requires decoding any existing packets, and quite a bit of experimentation to get things working properly. While we could go ahead and activate the remaining guild ranks, there’s enough stuff not working currently that we would want to fix before doing so, not to mention finding things that aren’t working later.

    Legendary weapons from Warhammer Lore?

    Adding items with existing assets is a rather trivial process. What is quite a bit more complex, in process and in regards to the IP, is adding customized skins to the existing models that significantly change their appearance. One would assume that keeping it in the Age of Reckoning era would be rather safe, but that would be a measured risk we would need to address internally before we dive into it.

    Higher gear cap?

    Beyond Conqueror is a magical place where we have things like Instances and Dungeons in full effect. Where we can implement sandy beaches, a functioning sewer system, and Slaanesh pleasure resorts. Where the very cities you visit occasionally to re-spec become battlegrounds to beat each other over the head in Champion mode. Yes, a higher gear cap is coming eventually, but we’re a ways off. However, the higher gear cap will use a flatter scale than the live implementation. This means less impact from set-to-set as you grow in Renown Rank, although gains will certainly a part of things, as we’ve determined by the state stabilization thread.

    What would be interesting to note about a higher gear cap, is not just the stuff that existed before, but how we can implement new things at each level. What if you would only be able to acquire a set during the window of a temporary live event? We could go so far as releasing parts of the set over the course of several events. There are untapped dimensions of gear distribution that simply never got approval, or went unconceivable in the era of big MMO subscription content.

    When will the wheels on the ram turn?

    They do. Unless there's a specific model we've missed.

    Timeframes for new content?

    Conqueror/Subjugator/Dominator/Beastlord - ASAP, finishing up some details and they will be released.
    Public Quests - Every patch we should be releasing a few or a dozen, depending on the difficulty implementing them.
    Live Events - Find the next holiday on a map, flip a coin. If Sigmar then maybe, if Tzeentch, also maybe. If Slaanesh then Dickbutt and go home.
    Patcher - No ETA
    Instance Builder - No ETA
    Dungeons - See Patcher and Instance Builder ETA’s for details.
    Renown Compression - Two Weeks™ or more. Wait, that’s not new content...

    Dungeons, yes please.

    I agree. Yes please. Give us the ability to create them and we will be happy to dump all the existing dungeons somewhere in-line with T4. Considering the amount of work that’s going to go into them, the working theory is that low rank dungeons will be tweaked to for R40 at various levels of power and difficulty. It was a shame that Mount Gunbad was criminally underplayed on live, so we want to make sure it, and other low level dungeons, have a place in end-game progression. Perhaps at some time in the distant future beyond, they can be tweaked again to be instance based on the party level, but we want to have content in place where the most good will come of it. Or else, stuff like PQ’s happen… 188 PQ’s, all unloved beyond the level 1-40 process...

    Class balance?

    We feel pretty good about the current state of balance. Let’s qualify that a bit. There are no incredibly weak, or overwhelmingly powerful classes at this point in the game. You can still point out “the best” class for each archetype, and “the worst” class for each archetype. No matter how close you come to a perfect level of balance, this will be the case. When we have long debates about which class deserves that top spot, we know we’re getting close. The low hanging fruit that can be more easily addressed is where classes have underperforming, or straight up undesirable mastery trees. Shadow Warrior and Squig Herder melee trees come to mind. Bringing these specs up to a reasonable level allows these classes to show what build diversity really brings to the class, and will then result in further balancing for the class as a whole, if it’s still warranted.

    Dok/WP changes are returning? Same implementation?

    These changes were rolled back because the implementation we’re able to achieve with server-only changes did not line up with what we hoped for the classes. Simply put, too many variables were hidden, and too many abilities were overperforming while being obscure in the methods implemented. Client patching will allow us to take a more thorough pass at was is possible. Same implementation? Not exactly, but a similar direction. These are melee healers, we desire them to perform as such.

    Why are Boundless Faulds (kobs belt) missing?

    This is a result of the packet sniffer that was run on the live servers. Dozens of players accumulated data from live over the course of a few months before shutdown. Not everything was recovered, and several things were never recorded, dropped, misinterpreted, or scrubbed during the implementation process. This means many items are missing stats, and many items also simply don’t exists. There are thousands of items for each class, having items missing is just a matter of someone on the DB team rebuilding them and adding them in where they belong. Feel free to check on the bugtracker if items like this appear to be an issue, and report them if there is no existing report available.
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  • Patchnotes 16/02/17
    • Reverted experimental AoE mechanics.
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to maintain duel mode within RvR lakes.
    • Fixed an issue causing keeps in a faction's native territory (closest to fortress) to revert to the control of the native faction instead of the previously holding faction, after the "captured" period expired.
    • Quick Escape should work again.
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  • Patch Notes 10/2/2017
    [Item Changes]

    - Adjusted unification of Accessory pieces based on feedback. The changes detailed below should be less disruptive as you can trade these items amongst each other to recover from any lost usability.
    - Back pieces are now included in the unification.
    - Renamed all affected Slayer cloaks to Vengercloak, this helps quite a bit in easily filtering through items.
    - Replaced Strength and Willpower stats on 838 pieces of Squig Herder, Engineer, and Shadow Warrior gear.
    - Replaced Willpower, Ballistic, and Intelligence on 1665 pieces of Melee gear.
    - Replaced Willpower, Strength, and Weaponskill on 286 pieces of Magus, Sorc, and Fireclown gear.
    - Replaced Weaponskill and Strength on 115 pieces of Healer gear (excluding dok/wp).

    All unified items will remain split to their appropriate factions.
    Tank items are shared between tank classes, and the racial Medium Armor MDPS class.
    Melee DPS items are shared between melee classes (including Dok/WP), and the racial Tank class.
    Healer items are shared only between healers.
    Caster items are shared between healers and casters.
    Ballistic items are shared between ballistic users.

    Examples (not all variations are included)
    - Chosen Chaos Seal - Useable by Chosen, Black Orc, Blackguard, Marauder
    - Marauder Rend Ring - Useable by Marauder, Choppa, Disciple of Khaine, Chosen (DoK is considered Melee)
    - Zealot Change Ring - Useable by Zealot, Shaman, Disciple of Khaine
    - Magus Warp Pendant - Useable by Magus, Sorceress, Zealot, Shaman (DoK is not a caster)
    - Blackguard Dark Band - Useable by Blackguard, Black Orc, Chosen (neither WE or DoK are Medium Armor)
    - Squig Herder Squig Teef - Useable by Squig Herder
    - Engineer Band - Useable by Engineer, Shadow Warrior
    - Bright Wizard Ember Ring - Useable by Bright Wizard, Runepriest, Archmage (WP is not a caster)

    This concludes the unification of Accessory and Back items. Apologies in advance for any lost gear, we will not be replacing them. As a compensation bonus, drop rates in both PvE and RvR will remain elevated for Two Weeks™


    - Unified all Scenario quest completion dialogue for both Order and Destruction.
    - Assigned the Mourkain Temple Scenario quests to the correct hand-out NPC.
    - Added a Scenario quest for Talabec Dam.

    [Public Quests]

    - Added items to Blue and Purple bags at Ch1 PQ's

    T4 Dwarf
    - Poisonwing Canyon is now active. Map icon cannot move yet, it is now located in the southeast corner of Black Crag to avoid conflict with the RvR area.
    - Dammaz Skar is now active.

    T4 Greenskin
    - Duraz Deb is now active.

    T4 Dark Elf
    - Follow the Light is now active.
    - Last Stand is now active.

    T4 Chaos
    - Fields of Reikland is now active.

    T2 Dwarf
    Marshes of Madness
    - Marsh Conquest is now fully operational

    Barak Varr
    - Gudrim's Veterans is now fully operational
    - Bar Dawazbak is now operational but there is a visual bug in the PQ tracker for stage 1

    T2 Greenskin
    Marshes of Madness
    - Marsh Conquest is now fully operational

    Barak Varr
    - Gudrim's Veterans is now fully operational
    - Bar Dawazbak is now operational but there is a visual bug in the PQ tracker for stage 1
    - Burn Rock Tower is now operational but there is a visual bug in the PQ tracker for stage 1

    T2 Empire
    - Hochnar is now fully operational

    T2 Dwarf:
    Marshes of Madness
    - Dam Boglars - fixed, again...
    - Tree of Beards - fixed, again...

    T3 Dwarf:
    - Black Orc Slog - fixed, again...

    T2 Greenskins:
    Barak Varr
    - Long Drong and the Slayer Cove is now fully operational
    - Ironrock Point is now fully operational
    - When the Ship Hits the Sand is now fully operational

    T3 Greenskins:
    Black Fire Pass
    - Blight-Favored Cult is now fully operational
    - Kolaz Umgal Scouts is now fully operational

    [Map Changes]

    - Updated Ostland. Bohsenfels will now show as Ch8. Hochnar is on the PQ tracker. Areas for Nurenmir's Lancers and Gore Wood were adjusted so they are in their proper chapters. Shadow Lake is a bit bigger. Wolfshade Swamp covers more of the swamp. Black Mire no longer stretches across the entire map where it's not very black and mire-y. Wolfenburg is now in Wolfenburg. Bloodfane now shows ch9. It was, to put it gently, a bit messy.

    Fixed all PQ areas (means they will now show a User Interface) for all Public Quests in every T4 zone.
    - Cleaned Dead Pixels for T4 areas.
    - Finally fixed Hell's Fall PQ Interface (Praag)
    - Finally fixed the PQ in caledor... you know, the one in the very south where you wouldn't even expect a PQ and therefore forgot to create an area map for it.
    - Adjusted Keep areas for all Tier 4 Keeps
    - Adjusted some PvE Areas so their Borders make more sense and don't interfere with PQ areas.
    - Adjusted Chaos Wastes, Caledors and Eataines RvR Lake (slightly) once again.

    West Praag:
    - Created an Area Map and a PQ map.
    - Wiped Tome Unlocks for "you have discovered..." for this zone. (Since they were all wrong).
    - Fixed Influence IDs and chapter.
    - Named Area: West Praag.

    The Isle of the Dead
    - Created an Area Map and a PQ map.
    - Defined two Areas for the surrounding ocean and called them Sea of Dusk (west) and Sea of Dreams (east).
    - Added Respawn Points.
    - Added a Healer for both realms.
    - Added Portal guards (safe respawn zone)
    - Corrected Influence IDs.

    [Other Changes]

    - Removed R15 Pillager drops from the R12-R13 drop table.

    - Added a bunch of Noteworthy Person unlocks to Destruction Greenskin Rally Master and Kill Collectors.
    - All gameobjects with an assigned ToK unlock should now be interactable for both realms.
    - Fixed the Capital Palace/Citadel Keep Capture quests for T2 and T3.
    - Opened two cemeteries in Morr's Repose. Happy crypt ambushing ;)

    -Fixed the door to the monastery in Talabecland
    -Fixed the door at the keep of asavar kul PQ
    -Fixed the door at the dark retribution PQ
    -Fixed the doors of the slayer keep in KV

    - All Slayer Pirates are now wielding pistols!

    [Addressed Tickets]

    - [3984] ToK: 'Foul Amongst The Fowl' can now be obtained from Rauklus.
    - [5137] ToK: 'Diseased Pecking Order' can now be obtained from Blightbeak Beak.
    - [8973] Quest: Disabled the T4 Keep Capture quests in the Capital's Palace/Citadel.
    - [9084] Quest: "None Shall Escape Us" quest hand-in text fixed.
    - [8975] World: Added an additional invisible wall in Talabec Dam.
    - [8983] NPC: Added Drakk Cultist subtypes to Drakk NPCs.
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