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  • Patch Notes 15/02/2020
    Italian translation provided by elk76

    [City Siege]

    - Cities Rating can now change. A cities rating will increase over the following time periods.
    • 1 -> 2 in 12 hours
    • 2 -> 3 in 16 hours
    • 3 -> 4 in 20 hours
    • 4 -> 5 in 24 hours
    - The time until the next city rating will be displayed when you hover over a city on the world map.

    - Altdorf and The Inevitable City have been set to a rating of 3 which will increase at 6pm (Altdorf/Server Time).

    - The lockout for a city siege has been lowered to 8 hours.

    - When all instances of a City Siege has finished the winning realm will be decided by how many instances had been won. If defenders win the city will decrease by 2 ranks (e.g. 4 -> 2), if attackers win the city will decrease to rank 1 regardless of its previous rank.

    - Base Crest rewards for City Sieges are now dependent on the cities rating:
    • If you are defending a city with a rating of 5 you will get a minimum of 2 x [Royal Crest] per stage (i.e. a loss).
    • If you are participating in a siege city with a rating of 1 you will recieve nothing per stage loss.
    • If win a city stage the amount of [Royal Crest] you get will depend on the City Rating. (e.g. winners of a stage with a city raiting of 3 will give you 3
      x [Royal Crest])
    - Gear Pieces will no longer drop from gold bags. (at least until we ensure contribution is stable)

    - You can no longer attack the Lords in the prepration of Stage 2.

    - Cannons around flags that are not open for capture can't be attacked anymore

    - Reduced health of Lobba Gits/Cannoneers

    - Increased health of Sun Dragon & Lord of Change

    - Increased health of cannons around objectives in Stage 1

    - The range of an event in which you recieve contribution has been increased.

    - There is now a 10 minute "transition period" before a City Siege starts in which you will have time to form warbands. You will not be able to queue during this period.

    - The City Refugee camps will now only be spawned once a City Siege is in the "startup stage" (when queue opens).

    - Guards have returned to the front gates of the city but are removed once the transition period begins.

    - City information on the paring map timers have been fixed. Additionally we have added more accurate descriptions of what state the city is in.


    - Reduced range of poison pot in Reikwald & Fell Landing to cover lord room, but not extend much outside of it.

    - Another possible fix for adding players to forts not working.


    - Fixed tooltip of Gork's Barbs in client to 10s cooldown.

    - The pet ability penetrating round no longer stacks.

    - The pet ability Daemonic fire no longer stacks.


    - The pairing map which shows the cities has been updated to remove historic information and add in more relevent data.
    • City Activities will now show what state the city is in. (e.g "The City Siege queues are open." or "Altdrof is recovering and cannot be sieged."
    • The City will now show how long is left of the current city siege stage.
    • The City will now show how long until its rating will increase.

    - [14876] Don't allow items to be used when dead

    - Warlord and Sovereign jewelry are restricted to slot 4

    - Adjusted stats for WP/Dok on Warlord and Sovereign


    - Arming the Militia: The different weapons can now be looted from the correct corpses
    - The Emperor's Mandate: One step of this Epic Quest that had been disabled, has been re enabled
    - Gifts from the Damned: The level required to start this quest has been reduced, and you will now receive the quest reward when you turn in the quest, and no longer when you accept it


    - Addressed some LoS issues with the following oils:
    Praag: Southern Garrison outer
    Thunder Mountain: Karak Karag outer
    Black Crag: Badmoon Hole outer
    Black Fire Pass: Gnol Baraz outer

    [Tome of Knowledge]

    - NPCs 'Forsaken Acolyte' at the Empire PQ 'Pit of the Forsaken' will no longer wrongly grant the ToK unlock 'A Tale by the Fire' and its related title


    [15643] These NPCs are once again correctly attackable
    [13178] The dialogue of Karl Franz has been corrected
    [13703] These NPCs are now correctly attackable
    [15682] These NPCs are once again correctly attackable
    [13731] [15532] A fix for receiving mail while switching zone, should hopefully resolve issues with receiving bags from stage 3 of the city sieges.
    [2429] When you take items from the auction mails their status is now updated
    [15674] Properly fixed the unread mail count
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  • Oh la la!
    (and maybe a little earlier.)
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  • Patch Notes 08/02/2020 - City Sieges
    Italian translation provided by elk76


    Hotfix #1

    [8263] Auction mail count should show 0 after reading all auction mail now
    [13844] Loot bags in mail from zone flips will show the correct zone name

    -Scenarios will no longer update outside of the region thread they create, which should hopefully eliminate issues with the scenario manager crashing.

    [City Sieges]
    -Added better messaging to tell you that you might not get a fresh city when you're backfilling for scenarios.
    -Fixed an issue where city sieges would attempt to backfill with solo-queued players when a player is pending rejoin.
    -Fixed an issue where Stage 1 wins would be considered to have no winners.

    * Contribution
    -Contribution values slightly adjusted.
    -The beginning of a stage of a city siege will now reset your total contribution. Previously, contribution rolled over between stages.

    [Siege Weapons]
    -Fixed an issue where your current siege weapon could not be cleared in some cases.

    City sieges will now be a 24 versus 24 battle.
    City sieges will now last a maximum of 2 hours.
    Defenders and Invaders will both have a chance at obtaining some of the best items available in the game.

    [The Siege of Altdorf]

    Defenders of Order, Altdorf counts on you in this dark hour. The city gates have been breached and corruption spills forth onto our streets. Ride out in this hour of glory and show no mercy to the invaders! - Karl Franz

    [The Siege of The Inevitable City]

    The enemy seeks to purify our city, but they do not know how deeply Chaos is rooted in the stones of this city. Join my generals in casting back the pious louts into the Chaos Wastes! - Tchar'Zanek

    Read an in depth description of the city sieges HERE.


    - Fixed an exploit to get out of combat by leaving a guild.


    - Added a guard for chaos chapter 1 to prevent filthy and pathetic players from killing the chapter NPCs.


    - Fixed one bug causing Scenario manager to crash
    - Optimized packet handling and improved messages in murderball & part drop scenarios.
    - Allow capturing the flag in College of Corruption when standing in the middle part closest to the flag as well.


    - A message is now displayed to the entire scenario when the flag starts being captured.


    - Fixed an issue in where deflect oil did not work.
    - Wind of Insanity can now be interrupted by pure interrupts. (Taunt, etc)
    - Rune of Nullification and Changer's Touch will now only trigger off of single target abilities.


    - Making potions will now send a message in chat about you making the item.


    - [15309] Fix health bar display going up and down constantly when you are a champion.


    - Attempted to fix issues that caused contribution to not be added.


    - Promise of Battle: This quest line has been corrected and reworked
    - Encroaching Darkness: This quest line has been corrected and reworked
    - Love Lost: This quest line has been corrected

    [Tome of Knowledge]

    - ToK item unlocks now show properly on login.
    - ToK armory unlocks now properly shows even if the item is not in your inventory anymore.
    - Multi step tome unlocks such as Treaty for Treasure are now supported
    - ToK unlocks for equipping the Bloodlord belt and cloak have been set for all classes
    - All unlocks for having fully equipped several armor sets (see here) have been implemented. Of course, as these sets are not all obtainable yet, only the ones where all the sets are obtainable can be triggered for now


    Warlord and Sovereign gear are technically active
    - Not all procs are final, 7pc are subject to change to better fit the intended set theme
    - Power bonuses are visually showing as %, but are flat bonuses if you check .getstats
    - Each set will have an 8pc Granted Ability, however client limitations do not allow the tooltip to display
    - 8pc Granted Abilities will currently match those found on the main Sovereign set, although we intend to add more to fit other the set themes.
    - Due to a bug with Mastery Points, those set bonuses have been delayed and may change to a different proc in the future. They are represented by 1 useless stat for now.


    [15630] Wearing the Axe or Hammer of the Sentinel grants now strength instead of willpower.
    [15594] These Noteworthy Persons unlocks should work once again
    [15597] Bloodlord ToK unlocks for equipping the belt and the cloak have been set
    [14882] The second step of this quest line is now turned in by interacting with the Abandoned Sack
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  • Patch Notes 01/02/2020
    Italian translation provided by elk76
    Hotfix #1

    Pushed a workaround out for the fort debug message causing the fort to crash.

    DPS DoK: Curse of Khaine now only triggers off of direct damage abilities or autoattacks.


    - Fixed an issue where redeye set for SH would not appear in the ToK.
    - Fixed an issue where full armor unlocks would not work due to an issue in the DB, for SH in particular to get your redeye or bloodlord title and ward you need to reequip the chest of redeye/bloodlord.
    - Closed off some areas where players could use geography to be able to pounce up keep walls.
    - Removed some lingering gameobjects and NPCs from past events that are no longer active.

    - You can now search for items in the armory.
    - Armory Items should now show relevent informations about, what mobs drop them, what vendors sell them, what potions they can make, what quests reward them and much much more.
    - You can get item links for item for in game or the forums e.g. [Imperial Griffon]


    - Implemented deflect oil ability for tanks.
    - Deflect oil is a 10 second buff that will buff your group with 25% dmg reduction from oil.
    - Tightened the Z axis restriction on jumps with 2 feet (down from 22 to 20).


    - Fixed an issue where unforeseen items could be converted into resins.


    - Added more info to the debug message.


    - [8234] Capping enemy realm flags in Blood of the Black Cairn will no longer reset your own flags. And the ones that do reset will be reset properly.
    - [15359], [5811] & [10808]: Fix various issues with flags not being interactable when they should be or being possible to cap when they shouldn't be in the Battle for Praag and Gromril Crossing scenarios.
    - Optimized memory usage for sending objective state packets.


    - Fixed the RvR guild coin quest.


    - Added the missing ToK unlocks for vanquishing fortress lords.
    - Added the tome unlocks for completing scenarios of each race.

    [User Interface]

    - Fixed an issue where the apothecary window would get stuck if a critical failure happened.


    [15176] - Invader proc should now work from Path of Alchemy abilities as intended.
    [15527] Rearranged some of the barricades to prevent jumping over them.
    [15101] & [13887] Fix issues with staying and fighting on a mount when getting terror debuff
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  • Patch Notes 25/01/2020
    Italian translation provided by elk76

    [Scenario Leaderboard]

    We will be making some overhauls to our Armory, making it more modern and feature rich. The Ranked Scenario Leaderboard will be the first of these pages to go live with a new search page.

    The Leaderboard will be updated in 15 minute intervals from the live game server. To qualify to be on the leaderboard you must have at least 5 games played on average per week in that Season.

    Right now we have reset MMR for a 'Preseason' testing. The preseason will have started from Monday 20th so all games played since then will have gone to calculate your current MMR (which would have been 1500). You will not appear in the Leaderboard until you play your next game and your MMR is recalculated for the first time.


    - MMR has been retroactively reset for a 'Preseason' testing. The preseason will have started from Monday 20th so all games played since then will have gone to calculate your current MMR (which would have been at the default 1500).


    - Once again fixed siege scaling with stats where they should not.
    - Hopefully fixed a bug where the enemy realm could control your siege equipment.

    [City Siege Testing]
    - City Siege will no longer backfill when players are pending rejoin.
    - It is now possible to queue solo for city sieges to backfill existing scenarios. You will receive a message in chat notifying you that no additional instances will be created on your behalf.


    Talisman making:
    - Talisman crafting now actually use the items added crit chance to check for crit (was a static 3 and 10% before).
    - If a crit happens you should now always at least get either a rarity upgrade OR power increase.


    - Fixed an issue where if no reservation was needed the system would not remove you from the queue when you entered.
    - Added a debug message to confirm suspicion when no loot is awarded from fort.
    - Players who previously fled (quitting or teleporting out of the fort when in prison) will no longer be able to participate in the fortress.
    - Dwarf and Greenskin objects moved to bottom floor.


    - The guild token vendor has had its store expanded.

    Rend's Primary Stat Multiplier has been doubled.
    You can no longer proc Crushing Blows's morale drain off of anything other than melee attacks.

    White Lion:
    Blindside's Primary Stat Multiplier for both the primary hit and DoT hit have been doubled.
    Shattering Blow's Primary Stat Multiplier has been doubled.

    [Public Quests]

    - Madness: The final boss 'The Corrupter' is now a Chosen and has the equipment he is meant to have


    - All original on completion texts have been set for the quests of the Empire Chapter 1
    - Liquor Before Beer: This quest is now available from the 'Jug of Corn Whiskey' in Nordland
    - Of Honor and Glory: The quests of this quest line are now flagged as Tome quests


    - Eoldred's Coffin is back inside the Grimmenhagen Barrows. Clicking on it will make spawn Eoldred Nightbane
    - Librarian NPC 'Stephan Busso' is now selling ToK rewards as he should at the Empire starting area


    [5266] The NPC 'Eoldred Nightbane' will now correctly count as a Wraith
    [15512] The second stage of the PQ can once again be completed
    [15517] Ironbreakers should now be able to turn in this quest
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