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  • Patch Notes 23/09/2020
    [Weekend Warfront: Bane of Peace]

    The Dark Elf march through Dragonwake has not gone unchallenged. High Elves and their Order allies have rallied around key locations, determined to protect ancient ruins and dragon nesting sites.


    This weekend Bane of Peace will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Dragon's Bane scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Completing all tasks rewards the title "Orderbane" for destruction characters or "Destructionbane" for order characters.

    [Keep Upgrade System]

    Guilds that own a Keep can now purchase upgrades to bolster their hold's utility and defenses in a variety of ways. Once a Keep has been claimed, a guild member with sufficient permission can speak to the Keep Upgrade NPC on the upper level of the Keep to choose what upgrades to purchase. These upgrades require a periodic maintenance fee and some are available in multiple levels. Once purchased, upgrades will take time to be completed. This process can be monitored via the new Keep Upgrade Interface. Upgrades will decay if funds are unavailable to pay their maintenance or if a guild member chooses to stop paying for the upgrade.

    In the upper-right corner of the window, you’ll see the current Upkeep Cost for your guild’s claimed Keep. This is how much your Guild Vault is being charged every 5 minutes for owning that specific Keep. The default flat rate for claiming a Keep is 10 Silver for Tier 2, 15 Silver for Tier 3, and 20 Silver for Tier 4 every 5 minutes. This replaces the 80 Gold keep claim cost.

    Any upgrade you purchase will be added to this maintenance cost which is shown in the bottom-left corner of the Keep Upgrade window.

    Getting to the meat of the Keep Upgrade window, let’s look at how you pick and choose your upgrades. Each upgrade has a Rank, Cost, and Time associated with it. The Rank is the level of the upgrade, and can be adjusted via plus or minus buttons. Cost is how much the upgrade costs to initially purchase, and how much it will cost every 5 minutes to maintain. Time is how long it takes the upgrade to apply to the Keep.

    When you hover your mouse cursor over the upgrade name, you’ll see a small tooltip window which shows you the details of the upgrade. Details include the cost of the upgrade, a small blurb about the upgrade, its upgrade time, and Guild Rank requirement (if any).

    Some upgrades, such as the Guild Flight Master, have only one available Rank.

    Individual Keep Upgrades can be adjusted up and down as you wish until you click the “Save” button. Once you click the Save button, all upgrades you have purchased will incur the initial cost listed, and then the recurring upkeep cost every 5 minutes. Also note that if you reduce the Keep Upgrade back to 0 before your Keep is charged, you are not refunded the initial Keep Upgrade purchase!

    Chat window notifications are sent out when upgrades are purchased, when they are completed, and when they are removed. Also note that maintenance fee messages are sent out, so you know exactly where your Guild Funds are going.

    Taking a brief step back, the increasing or decreasing of an upgrade will take the same amount of time. During this time, your guild will still be charged the maintenance fees according to the upgrade’s Rank as it downgrades. In the event that your guild does not have enough funds in the Guild Vault to cover the upkeep of you claimed Keep, your guild will get receive a warning message.

    If your guild runs out of funds, the Keep will be released; however, all upgrades will remain up for a brief period of time. The amount of time they remain active depends on the Rank of the upgrade. For example, an upgrade that takes 5 minutes to spawn, will take 5 minutes to go away due to lack of funds. If you run out of funds, but deposit money back into your Guild Vault before the next maintenance cycle, your upgrade will remain. Any Ranks lost on the upgrade will need to be reset to their higher Ranks if you went from a Rank 5 upgrade to a Rank 3 upgrade.

    Now for the upgrades themselves!

    Here are the initial Keep upgrades:
    • Healer: Hire an NPC that cures Death Penalties.
    • Improved Respawns: Allows respawns at the Keep when the door is at lower health.
    • Guild Flight Master: Allows guild members to fly to your Keep from the Warcamp.
    As you can see, the Keep Upgrades offer many great additions to Keeps, and we’re just getting started! Stay tuned for further Keep Upgrades coming in later patches.

    To unclaim a keep please use /guildreleasekeep [keep number]

    Keep Ids:
    1 Dok Karaz
    2 Fangbreaka Swamp
    3 Gnol Baraz
    4 Thickmuck Pit
    5 Karaz Drengi
    6 Kazad Dammaz
    7 Bloodfist Rock
    8 Karak Karag
    9 Ironskin Skar
    10 Badmoon Hole
    11 Mandred's Hold
    12 Stonetroll Keep
    13 Passwatch Castle
    14 Stoneclaw Castle
    15 Wilhelm's Fist
    16 Morr's Repose
    17 Southern Garrison
    18 Garrison of Skulls
    19 Zimmeron's Hold
    20 Charon's Keep
    21 Cascades of Thunder
    22 Spite's Reach
    23 The Well of Qhaysh
    24 Ghrond's Sacristy
    25 Arbor of Light
    26 Pillars of Remembrance
    27 Covenant of Flame
    28 Drakebreaker's Scourge
    29 Hatred's Way
    30 Wrath's Resolve

    - Invader Medallion Shards and Royal Crest Shards now have a chance to drop from RR60+ or RR70+ players. These can be exchanged at a 5:1 ratio to Invader Medallions or Royal Crests at the Invader and Royal vendors. * This is a test and subject to change or removal.

    - Spawning of rams in warcamp after a keep has been taken is disabled for now.

    [RvR contribution]

    - Adjusted contribution values for some activities. Kills should give a bit more contribution than before.


    - Invader crests to loosing side lowered from 3 to 2.

    - Flag objective names are now shown on the map.

    - Lowered minimum contribution needed to qualify for rewards as flag captures give less contribution in new system.

    [City Siege]

    - The losing side now gets lower quality bags than the winning side.

    - The Undercroft & Altdorf War Quarters city siege scenarios has lower point gain over time for the flags. The full mechanic for these scenarios is still not implemented, that might come later.


    - Looks Like a Challenge: This M4 is now limited to 9 targets just like the Choppa mirror ability "Yer Goin Down!"


    - Stalwart Soulstone no longer decays.

    - Both Stalwart Soulstone and talismans bought with it can now be stacked, maximum stack size - 40.

    - Lowered influence required for 2nd and 3rd influence reward in city dungeons.

    - The quests for the Sentinel ring talismans no longer have a 7 day lockout timer, they will just use the dungeon lockout timer.


    - Royal Crests can be broken down 1:1 to invader Medallions at the invader merchant.

    - The invader ring no longer requires the invader tome unlock to be purchased.


    - Assistant Librarian Gruzuk is now selling ToK rewards as he should at the Greenskin starting area


    An order started to be set for the quests of the Greenskin starting area:
    - Save da Choppas: This quest is now available after you have completed the quest 'Stunties is fer Smashin''

    - Crazy Gits: This quest is now available after you have completed the quest 'Save da Choppas'

    - Lob it Good!: This quest line is now available after you have completed the quest 'Crazy Gits'

    - Down in Da Slop: This quest line is now available after you have completed the first part of the quest line 'Lob it Good!'

    - Pile it Up!: This quest is now available after you have completed the quest 'Sumfink in da Water'

    - Harnessing a Vision: This quest has been corrected


    - [17808] Fixed Fury of da Green/Energy of Vaul crit
    - [17805] Zealot dagger no longer has off-hand property.
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  • Patch Notes 16/09/2020
    Hotfix #2

    - The ramp up time and value for flags is increased to 90s, but the max value they contribute is greater than before.

    Several UI improvements to forts:
    - Time left and objectives are shown on each stage
    - A "WinOMeter" is displayed in each stage showing the health of the doors/fort lord (it is the UI element that Mythic used in Thranquol's Incursion).
    - In stage 2 the WinOMeter shows the current damage/healing each realm is doing to the inner sanctum gate by holding flags.

    [RvR contribution]

    - Fixed an issue causing zone rolls to sometimes bug out.
    - A few tweaks have been made in how players with low contribution are handled.


    - Fixed an issue with objective locations not updating on map in murderball scenarios in some cases.


    - [17785] Training requires you to be near a trainer again
    It's Warhammer Online's 12th Anniversary!

    Participate in this weekend's warfront and claim the "Gatekeeper" title.

    That title was rewarded on the first anniversary of Warhammer Online and this weekend, after more than a decade, you're able to claim it again.

    Hotfix #1
    [Personal Loot]

    Fixed some issues with the contribution calculation for loot rolls and saved bag rolls.


    - Fort lord now has a fixed amount of health. No buffing from flags held by defenders in stage 2. If defenders hold more flags, the attackers have less time for stage 3.
    - The total ramp up time for flags is now 60s.
    [Weekend Warfront: Assault on Ekrund]

    The ancient Gates of Ekrund guard the only mountain pass that is wide enough to accommodate an army. For the Dwarfs, recapturing these gates and sealing them shut is of vital importance in stemming the greenskins' tide of destruction. However the greenskins remain relentless in their attempts to break through.


    This weekend the Gates of Ekrund will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in this scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Completing all tasks rewards the title: "Gatekeeper".
    This title could be gained in the 1 year anniversary event for Warhammer Online, now you have a chance to earn it again for the 12 year anniversary.


    [Personal Loot]

    The personal loot roll system used in RvR has received some changes. Contribution should now be a much larger factor to getting bags, and the RNG roll is a smaller factor than before.

    The exact proportions are still up for some tuning and might change, but contribution mattering more is the general principle.

    The contribution that you gain now expires after 48 hours of inactivity instead of 1 hour of being inactive in a zone. Getting contribution in the same pairing on a different character will still wipe your previous contribution.
    This change was made to encourage spreading out and not only play in zones that are about to flip in the next hour.

    The roll scoreboard has also received some improvements:
    - The saved roll is now displayed in the persistence bonus column

    - The contribution rating is properly displayed (gold/silver/bronze medal).

    [Keep Defense Rewards]

    - A successful keep defense can now trigger a loot roll for the defenders. To trigger this a certain level of fighting needs to have happened.

    - Keep defenses now give a XP/renown/influence tick that is scaled with your individual contribution in the zone.


    - Lowered the max attackers from 240 to 192 and increased the defender ratio from 75% to 80%.

    - Flags now ramp up the contribution they make to the door health over 50s after capture. After defending them for 50s they contribute their full amount to the door health.

    - Lowered contribution from capturing flags and increased contribution for defending them.

    - Defenders can enter fort through main gate even if the health of it is under 50%.

    [The Maw]

    - Moved the Cage Lever so Destro is able to pull it without distraction from Order spawn.


    [Gromril Crossing]

    - Removed siege weapons and the guards closest to the edge. Note that there's two exits from the spawn that you can use.

    - Moved the order spawn point a bit further back as it was slightly closer to the middle.

    [Ranked Scenarios]

    - When you are put back in queue due to an aborted SC you will retain your old queue time instead of being put just in front of the player currently first the queue.

    - Fixed an issue that prevented matches from aborting when a player crashed when loading into the scenario.


    - Added an error message when trying to buy an item that requires a tome unlock if you are missing it.

    - Messages in a couple of places have been changed to use the original messages with translations available.



    Switching guard can now be done with a single click. To toggle it off, click guard while having no target or while targeting yourself. If trying to guard same target twice, the second click is ignored instead of toggling the guard off.

    [Morale buffs/debuffs]

    Percentage based buffs and debuffs to morale gain are implemented. This fixes the following abilities and tactics:
    - Witchfinders Judgement (WH M2)
    - Bloody Inspiration (WE M2)
    - Crushing Blows (Mara tactic) (Also updated tooltip of this to say 10% as it was lowered to that a few months ago)
    - Vision of Torment (DoK M4)
    - Planted Standard
    - Captured Standard
    - Recovered Standard
    - Heroic Defender (City buff)
    - Ruthless pillager (City buff)


    Using stealth abilities while carrying supplies will now make you drop the supplies instead of lowering the stealth duration to 1s.

    [Black Guard]

    - Malekith's Bulwark: Now the tactic also reduces Guard damage from spells.
    - Shield of Rage: Updated tooltip to say that it also affects the Dark Protector.

    [Shadow warrior]

    - Steady Aim: The buff from this toggle ability can no longer be shattered.


    - [17750] Fix RvR influence in Black Crag
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  • Patch Notes 09/09/2020
    [Weekend Warfront: Guns, Shrooms, and Steam]

    The trains of Kadrin Valley are carrying gromril back to Karaz-a-Karak night and day. Work on the Doomstrikers is well underway, but now the greenskins have decided to sabotage the efforts. Get out to Gromril Crossing, and help your realm drive back the enemy!


    This weekend Guns, Shrooms, and Steam will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Gromril Crossing scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    [Combat formulas]

    - Guard defense formula now uses same code as regular defense checks, but treats all damage as if coming from front. This means you will also see some disrupt/dodge of guard damage in combat log.

    Previously on RoR guard damage checks were also checking against those stats, but using a different formula and always displayed as block/parry in the combat log.


    [Disciple of Khaine]

    - Empowered Transfer: now correctly increases healing on Devour Essence

    - Devour Essence: Damage adjusted to match tooltip damage (base damage is same, but stat multiplier lowered).


    Using the new area system introduced in the previous patch we have made some changes to keeps. The inner sanctum, outer sanctum and area around keeps are now detected as separate areas.

    Respawning in RvR is changed:

    - If you are in the inner sanctum and the inner door is still up you respawn in the keep.

    - If you are in the outer sanctum and the inner door is not yet under attack you respawn in the keep.

    - In other situations you will respawn in the warcamp.

    General blocking of some abilities between keep areas:

    - Jumping with Pounce-like abilities to targets in more inner areas of keeps is now blocked. Jumping from inner areas to outer areas is still allowed.

    - Pulling players between different keep areas is blocked.

    - Melee pets can no longer attack targets in different areas of keeps


    - Higher career level players now have priority for getting reservations

    - The forts will prioritize giving reservations to 33% tanks, 33% healers and 33% dps so more balanced warbands can be made. After the initial reservations to top contributors of each type are handed out, the rest are done in a first come first serve manner.


    - Increased capture range of proximity capture flag objectives from 20ft to 30ft (The ones in Nordenwatch and similar SCs).


    - Fixed an issue with combat flagging when healing others.


    - Battlefront Objective ToK unlocks and quests are now triggered when entering the area instead of when entering draw distance of the flag.

    [In memory of Bipolargary]

    - Last week, we wanted to show support and empower Gary and anyone battling against cancer. The Twitch Drops quest starter was named Gary; he proceeds and asks players not to surrender and to continue fighting.

    - In memory of Bipolargary, the brave cancer fighter who sadly lost the battle, a gravestone has been added next to the others at the Graveyard of Praag.


    - [17713] Crimson Death - wrong duration in tooltip
    - [17712] Leading The Charge - wrong duration in tooltip
    - [17711] Energy of Vaul - wrong CD in tooltip
    - [13094] Minion skill description not matching Unholy Empowerment buff
    - [13815] Fix chosen aura tooltips to state that you can use 3 of them at a time.
    - [13665] Emperor's Champion: Incorrect duration/tooltip information.
    - [15586] Wild healing tactic, wrong AP reduction value
    - [15518] Banish Darkness requires a 2h weapon to get cooldown reduction
    - [15755] Indigestion wrong maximum cooldown increase in tooltip
    - [15714] Hastend Dismissal requires a 2h weapon to get cooldown reduction
    - [17302] Draining Swipe, cooldown on tooltip wrong
    - [17598] Fix No Respite to work on auto attacks.
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  • Twitch Drops event is over!
    Twitch Drops event is now over!

    Thank you all for participating and making the community work together in an unprecedented way.

    Please share with us your feedback & suggestions right over here.

    Your opinion is well appreciated, as this event directly targets you and the streamers and your input will be taken into consideration upon preparing the next Drops event.

    Also, please claim your rewards and deliver them to your desired characters before they expire. You can check the expiry date and claim rewards here.
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  • LIVE: Twitch Drops event
    Duels are now fixed. You can proceed with your event quest.

    Twitch Drops event is now live!

    Tune in to your favorite streamers, watch them long enough and claim tens of rewards.

    Useful Links:
    - Link your Twitch and RoR accounts here
    - Read the Twitch Drops Information & FAQ here
    - Check the community-made list of rewards here
    - Check the Twitch Drops-enabled streamers here

    This event has started on Friday 4 September at noon, and will end on Monday 7 September at noon, Altdorf time.

    IMPORTANT: Once your rewards are claimed, you have 7 days to send them to your characters, otherwise these rewards will be lost.
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