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  • Patch Notes 22/03/2024
    Eastern Wyvern Hunt


    Every year after spring settles in, Eastern Wyverns flock to the west for their breeding season, leaving a foul stench across the Old World. Greenskins scour the lands for 'da bestest wyvern for da big boss', while their enemies seek to cull the wyvern population. Wyvern wings will blot out the sun unless the brave venture out into the wilderness.

    The Old World and Ulthuan reek with the stench of Eastern Wyvern eggs, a smell that seems to rile up the greenskins. War may be everywhere, but sometimes you just need to take out your basket and go egg collecting. Who knows what those pesky wyverns have been eating and laying in their eggs.

    This live event will run from March 22nd to April 1sth, Altdorf noon time. Look man, it's an invasive species. Just because they largely coincide with when patching is done to "turn them on" or whatever doesn't mean you should take your time for granted. Everything might just end this week for all we know. Make the best of your time, crack some eggs, get out there and explore the world while it's still here.


    Basic: [Crate of Bloody Sunz Dyes][Crate of Butcher's Pass Dyes][Mini Eastern Wyvern Eggs] or [Eastern Wyvern Eggs]
    Advanced: [Eastern Wyvern Claw][Eastern Wyvern Claw][Eastern Wyvern Claw] [Eastern Wyvern Claw] [Eastern Wyvern Claw][Eastern Wyvern Claw][Eastern Wyvern Claw]
    Elite: [Clipped Wyvern Wings] from 2022 seen here , [Shorn Wyvern Wings] seen here, or [Potion of Acclaim]. All RoR cloaks are visible in the gallery here .

    Easter Egg Hunt or Live Event Quest: Wyvern Mounts / Eastern Wyvern Disc. You can preview the Mounts here and Magus Disc here. The Ghastly White Eastern Wyvern is only available from the Live Event Quest "The Great White Wyvern" / "Da Great White Wyvern" in Karaz-a-Karak / Karak Eight Peaks respectively.

    All Live Event rewards are only available from the associated heralds: Masta Wrangla Gribz at the Karak Eight Peaks Flya Boyz, or Wyvernslayer Thorrek on the Karaz-a-Karak Flight Deck - near the flight masters in the two cities.

    Wyvern Egg Hunt

    Those wretched wyverns have laid over 6,200 eggs across the Old World and Ulthuan. Worst of all, somehow those eggs found their way into Karaz-a-Karak and Karak Eight Peaks! That's what you get when you let a slayer decide what's for breakfast.

    Tier 1 maps, along with Karaz-a-Karak and Karak Eight Peaks, have Mini Eastern Wyvern Eggs, which contain smaller quantities of rewards and items aimed at lower-level / newer players. Tier 2+ maps (including the side zones of Death Peak, Cinderfall, West Praag, and the Isle of the Dead) have Wyvern Eggs. Wyvern Eggs contain larger quantities of potions and dyes, and a few rare items for you to discover. However, Wyvern Eggs also have a chance to summon a feisty Eastern Wyvern Matriarch, so be careful when egg-hunting!

    This year we've moved the Live-Event-Associated mounts, the pesky wyverns, to be exclusive to the Wyvern Eggs. When looting eggs, you have a rare chance to find a special Specked Egg of a colored variety. These eggs can be traded between players, or if you hate wyverns they can be crushed under your foot. Eggs are traded for mounts at the Live Event merchant near the Heralds.

    Live Event Shoppe & New Dyes

    The return of the Eastern Wyvern Hunt sees the return of the associated 26 Eastern Wyvern Hunt dyes, including two spec dyes themed around our Greenskin friends. The primary way to find new live event dyes is in the Wyvern Eggs, however some players may find that luck is not on their side and wish to buy dyes from a vendor. During the Eastern Wyvern Hunt, enemy players will drop a Green 'trash' item that players can use to buy dyes from the live event merchant (check your auto-rolls!) Order players will drop 'Teef' for Destruction players; Destruction players will drop 'Fangs' for Order players. Teef and Fangs are tradeable between players.

    During the Eastern Wyvern Hunt, players can visit the live-event vendor to trade any Specked Eggs for a colorful wyvern mount, or Teef/Fangs for dyes. Destruction players can find Wrangla Rugrit Onetoof at the outdoor Flya Boyz area of Karak Eight Peaks, near the flight master. Order players can find Ranger Doreksson on the Flight Deck of Karaz-a-Karak. Please note that the live event heralds and merchants will only remain for 5 days after the live event, so claim your rewards and make your purchases in a timely manner!

    Dye previews are available here towards the bottom, but please be aware that the colors may apply differently on different base armor colors. We recommend to use an addon such as Pocket Palette to see how this dye will look on your armor, but please note it may take a few days before the add-on is updated. These colors were taken from official publications.

    Weekend Warfront: Assault on Black Crag


    Karak Drazh was once among the mightiest Dwarf strongholds of the World Edge Mountains, but was taken by the Greenskins during the Goblin Wars. Strategically placed at the western end of Death Pass, it guards the approach to Karak Eight Peaks. Today known as Black Crag, it is the most powerful Orc stronghold.

    This weekend Assault on Black Crag will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Black Crag Keep scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Realm versus Realm

    - Fortress Lords have had their Stat set amended slightly, and have had a bonus HP increase of 3 million. (now 5.5 million.)



    A new map has been created by one of our artists for Mount Gunbad! This map covers the 'top' level of Mount Gunbad. Unfortunately due to the middle wing wrapping under itself, we are unable to map this portion of the dungeon at this time, but you no longer have to feel lost in most of the dungeon. Likewise, a new map icon has been implemented for Mount Gunbad to help it stand out as a unique location, and not a standard cave.

    After some feedback, some things have been toned down slightly in Gunbad. You can see the changes below:

    Redeye Mixa's: EEK! - Base Damage reduced to 250 (Previous of 500). Radius reduced to 1200 (Previous of 7000). Base damage multiplier reduced to 125 (Previous 175). This should be just about the sweet spot for the ability.

    Chipfang: Chipfang's Screech - Radius reduced to 800 (Previous 1200). Stun duration lowered to 4 seconds (Previous of 6.) Stun will be now casted every 30 seconds (Previous of 20s)

    [22454]- Jar o' Pummelin's AA damage slightly reduced to 200 (Previous of 250)

    Gunbad Quest Rework

    We have analyzed all the quests in the Gunbad instance, and we have implemented many fixes for these quests. We have also introduced many new rewards that are aimed to be beneficial to both low level players and high level players. We have also introduced a new trophy with this quest rework! Have fun finding and obtaining all the new rewards!

    Gunbad Influence Rework
    We have updated the Gunbad influence rewards to be more rewarding for both lower and higher level players, as the previous blue-rarity items were not useful for anyone. You can see the changes below:

    Basic: Renown Potion

    Advanced: Choice of a Soulstone or a Companion Coin

    Elite: A brand new Squig cloak! The cloak can be previewed here.

    Gunbad Armor Change
    We have decided to swap out the Redeye Cloak for a Redeye Belt to be in line with the other armor sets in this tier bracket. Solithex will now drop the Redeye Belt. The item stats of the Redeye Belt will be the same as the Redeye Cloak. Players may trade their Redeye Cloaks for the Redeye Belt at a merchant inside Mount Gunbad if they do not wish to obtain it through the new means, though this merchant may be removed at some time in the future. Additionally, the Redeye Belt has been added to the Armory section of the Tome of Knowledge, so when you equip it you can see the unlock (the cloak did not have this previously).

    Players who have the Redeye Cloak will not lose it, or its appearance, however in the near future this appearance will not be obtainable. It will be re-added during future PvE reworks in appropriate content more fitting for a Cold One skin.

    If you have any feedback about the Gunbad Changes, please share it with the Developer Team below, but especially in the Gunbad Feedback Megathread:

    In preparation for incoming dye-hoarding, all dye stacks have been increased from 99 to 999.

    Temporary Sentinel Weapon Acquisition
    The Sentinel Vendors in IC and Altdorf now offer Sentinel Weapons for the cost of 2 Sentinel Veteran Medallions, which can be obtained via the Dungeon Weekly. These vendors can be found in The Undercroft for Destruction, or The War Quarters for Order.

    Bug Fixes

    [22453] - Will of the Warboss stage 9 is now completable again.
    Fri Mar 22, 2024 9:44 am View the latest post
  • PvE Development and Roadmap - March 2024
    PvE Development and Roadmap
    Hi everyone,

    Earlier this month, we released a Developer Update about PvP Balance, its current progress and future plans that the Balance Group will be working on to improve PvP and Careers on Return of Reckoning. In the very same thread, we have received comments that you’d also love to see a similar update about the PvE Development Progress and so we have a few things to share with you.

    In this update we’d like to share the Live Event Schedule with you for the next 3 months, update you on the progress of Dungeon Restorations after the Ability Rework, give a temporary solution to Sentinel Weapons and City Dungeons and introduce you to the Tier 2 PvE Rework and how it will affect you moving forward!

    There’s a lot to share, Returning Content, Reworks, Item Set Adjustments and even new Cosmetic Items!

    We’ve also heard your concerns, and so we’d like to take the opportunity to reassure you that PvE Development is done completely separately from PvP Development on Return of Reckoning and does not affect the pace at which PvP content is being updated or released!

    Dungeon Restoration Progress

    In this Section like shown on the Roadmap above, we’d like to talk about the Progress of Development around Dungeons and what content you can expect to reappear in-game and in what particular order.

    We hear you all, and know that City Dungeons and Sentinel Items are high priority for the community, and we are working hard on restoring said content to the game, if everything goes well, very soon, but until then we are also preparing temporary solutions on acquiring Sentinel Weapons that we hope will serve you well.

    Read about Sentinel Weapons below!

    Gunbad Restoration

    Recently we have released our first batch of updates to Gunbad Dungeon, applying fixes and adjustments to restore it to its original state before the Ability Rework. The intention of this restoration is to create a Dungeon Experience that both players and developers can be proud of as representation of the Warhammer Fantasy Universe while still offering an enjoyable experience.

    These modifications all affected Monster and Boss Abilities, Mechanics and Attributes that we are still looking for Feedback about, please do visit our Feedback Megathread.

    In the following weeks, further updates will be applied to Gunbad, with the aims to rework some of its group content such as Influence, Quests and other Rewards, to be more in line with the current game design and offer Items that are useful or otherwise treasured by the rest of the playerbase.

    This means gaining more valuable Talismans, Potions or other Currencies that are more useful than before and can help new or returning players to be battle-ready faster and contribute to their Realm.

    Rumours are that the Greenskins of Gunbad have also been hoarding fancy looking treasures unknown before. Who knows what the explorers of Gunbad might reward you with if you gain their trust?

    Hunter's Vale

    The next Dungeon Content the community will gain access to again will be Hunter’s Vale as preparation for the coming of the Wild Hunt Live Event, and the return of Kurnous.

    As mentioned earlier, the Ability Rework has destabilised a lot of content that now requires fixing and development to restore them to their prior state, and even further improve it where possible.

    In the coming weeks we will contact the community just like with the re-release of Bastion Stairs to test Hunter’s Vale, fine-tune it where necessary, and launch it on the Live Server to be ready for the Wild Hunt.

    City Dungeons & Sentinel Weapons

    The return of City Dungeons is possibly the most recurring question we get nowadays and we are ready to share some information about them.

    Restoration of these Dungeons is currently the highest priority for the PvE Team, not only because it is next in line for our development plans, but also because of player feedback about their return and specifically the return of Sentinel Weapons.

    But the re-release of Simar’s Crypts, Warpblade Tunnels, the Bloodwrought Enclave, and Bilerot Burrows is currently still further away, and requires quite a bit of work to be functional again, especially Bosses, and so it is our current plan to offer a temporary solution to the playerbase for acquiring Sentinel Weapons for Careers that desperately need them!

    Until City Dungeons are re-launched, players will soon be able to redeem their Sentinel Veteran Medallions, earned via the Dungeon Weekly, for Sentinel Weapons at a rate of 2 medallions per weapon.

    We will share further details about this along with the Patch that they will be added with!

    We’d like to stress that this is a temporary measure that will disappear once the dungeons become functional again, and so if there are players who’d prefer acquiring these weapons with this method, rather than its intended way, now will be the time to do so!

    Chapter 22

    Finally as shown on the Roadmap, the work will begin for restoring Chapter 22 Public Quests in order to give access to the playerbase to these fun PvE Events, but also the way to acquire the Onslaught Set once again.

    As we progress further and further with the Dungeon Restoration and Development we will of course share more information and details about each content but also about our future plans for the rest of the missing dungeons!

    Tier 2 Content Rework
    Progress & Planned Changes

    Simultaneously with the Dungeon Restorations, the Rework of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Content has also been steadily advancing.

    In our last Patch Notes, you could read about all the changes, restored or even newly added content to the now finished Tier 1 Zones and its Tome of Knowledge content, and the same effort will go into updating all of Tier 2, its Tome Unlocks, Public Quests, Quests, Item Rewards and all Tier 2 PvP and PvE Armor Sets.

    Most of the work around re-implementing and fixing Tome of Knowledge unlocks for Tier 2 Content is complete, along with Achievements, Bestiary Unlocks and Kill Collectors that you can already read about.

    Quests & Public Quests

    We have begun the process of analysing all of the Tier 2 Quests, Public Quests to add missing completion text, fix any issues with them and update rewards that are more up-to-date to what a new player requires to have the best chance possible at contributing to their Realm’s War Effort.

    Most Influence Rewards, Quests Rewards, Items will be adjusted to be valuable, such as High Quality Talismans, Potions and Equipment with proper Attributes that fit their Tier, that will be now worth doing for easy upgrades, if nothing else!

    Armor Sets

    This also means that all Tier 2 Armor Sets, both PvP and PvE will also be adjusted and modified to be in line with their Item Level and the Tier, as before most players would choose to only acquire the Keeper Dungeon Sets, and our goal is to offer more viable alternatives by modifying the rest of the Armor Sets that you can acquire through Public Quests, Questlines or PvP.

    Armor sets that will be modified include:
    • Obliterator Set
    • Challenger Set
    • Tracker Set
    • Havoc Set
    • Keeper Set

    Hidden Quests

    As a bonus, we haven’t forgotten about Hidden Quests either and of course Tier 2 will also include the continuation for expanding your Tier 1 Explorer’s Set, along with new surprises you can earn through thorough completion of Tier 2 and unveiling all its secrets!

    Live Event Schedule
    March - May

    Lastly we’d like to announce and share the next three Live Events that will return this year as well to Return of Reckoning over the next three months!

    This month, in March, the invasive Eastern Wyverns are returning to breed and lay their eggs all across the world, threatening the balance between the Forces of Order and Destruction. During this event, players will be able to hunt down Wyvern Eggs all over the world, both in PvE and PvP. You will have a chance at finding special event items from Dyes to Potions, and also the most unique Cosmetic Items, such as the highly coveted Aviator Goggles.

    Next in mid-April, to celebrate the re-release of Hunter’s Vale, The Wild Hunt Live Event will be held. The Spirit of Kurnous returns once again to challenge all would-be “master hunters” to the hunt of their lives! Participate in the hunts, and the newly re-released Hunter’s Vale to re-earn Special Event Mounts and a Unique Cloak Cosmetic.

    Finally, in mid-May, Sigmartag will be back! It is the most important celebration across the Empire, as citizens flock to Altdorf for celebrations full of spectacles and food - especially Sizzling Sausages! Elsewhere, denizens of Chaos pay tribute to their own first Champion, a sad mimicry of Sigmar’s triumph.
    Support your Realm for Increased Renown Gains on the battlefield, Special Dyes, Mounts and a Cloak to celebrate the festivities!

    Mark your calendars to make sure you can participate in all these Live Events coming soon!

    Thank you for your Support!

    That is our Developer Update for the PvE Roadmap and overall Dungeon Restoration Progress that is underway.

    Please share your opinions about parts of PvE you’d like to see more of, you have trouble with, or you’d like to see otherwise expanded upon. In the meantime we will continue to keep you updated as we progress and get closer to releasing everything mentioned above.

    As always we thank you for all your support you are giving us in-game, or through the Forums and our Discord Server and we will continue to read your feedback and be engaged with you all as much as possible while expanding our means to include you in assisting us in the betterment of Return of Reckoning.

    Thank you, everyone, for reading all this!

    The RoR Team
    Mon Mar 18, 2024 5:01 pm View the latest post
  • Patch Notes 11/03/2024
    Community Event - Reckoning Rumble 6v6 Tournaments

    It is our pleasure to announce that on the up-coming weekend of Return of Reckoning, March 15th - 17th, a New Community Event will take place called Reckoning Rumble!

    "Summoned forth by the Gods, Reckoning Rumble emerges from the shadows, a battleground forged in the crucible of endless war and blood. Here, amidst the clash of titans and the thunderous sound of WAAAGH, the champions of both the Forces of Order and Destruction converge in a relentless show of steel and sorcery. Prepare thyself, for within these battlefields of fate, teams of six shall vie for supremacy across a multitude of tournaments, spanning from the calm of the Friendly Category to the ferocious trials of the Competitive Category, where rivalries ignite like wildfire and destinies are forged in the fires of battle."

    Read more here

    Weekend Warfront: Bane of Peace


    The Dark Elf march through Dragonwake has not gone unchallenged. High Elves and their Order allies have rallied around key locations, determined to protect ancient ruins and dragon nesting sites.

    This weekend Bane of Peace will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Dragon's Bane scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Completing all tasks rewards the title "Orderbane" for destruction characters or "Destructionbane" for order characters.

    Realm versus Realm

    [22177] - Fortress Lords have had their Bonus HP reduced to 2.5 million (Previous of 10 million) But have been given a far stronger stat set to what they had previously. This should hopefully equate the time it takes to kill a Fort lord compared to a keep lord.

    Combat and Careers
    General Changes and Fixes

    - Damage bonus abilities/tactics/buffs/class mechanics will no longer enhance the damage output of procs.

    Damage procs are defined as tactics and buffs that activate additional damage through another ability or auto-attack. For example prayers, covenants, Flames of Rhuin, Frozen Touch etc

    These adjustments are the first step in our plan to refine proc damage. The aim is to reduce the overall damage output from procs and create a more level playing field. This ensures that a damage proc will deliver the same damage value across different scenarios, whether it's triggered by a White Lion using the Loner tactic or a Witch Hunter.


    The damage on adds has been fine tuned. Their auto attack damage has been increased some, to compensate, some of their ability damage has been decreased if applicable.

    The Damage on bosses has been increased where applicable, you can see the changes below:

    Left Wing

    - Griblik da Stinka - Auto attack damage increased significantly

    - Bilebane the Rager - Auto attack damage increased significantly, New ability "Warped Bile" 360 degree AoE ability that does moderate damage to entire group.

    - Garrolath the Poxbearer - Auto attack damage increased significantly, New ability "Seeping fumes" AoE Knockback that fires behind the boss, does small damage.

    - Kurga da Squigmaker - Auto Attack damage increased significantly, New ability "Rage of Da Squig-maker" 100% damage increase enchantment that is casted every 20 seconds and lasts for 8 seconds. This ability can be shattered.

    - Foul Mouf da Ungry - Auto attack damage increased significantly

    - Glomp da Squig Masta - Auto attack damage increased significantly

    Right wing

    - Brood Mother Szikalax - Auto attack damage increased significantly

    - Masta Wrangla Glix - Auto attack damage increased significantly

    - Elder Kizzig da Waaagha - Auto attack damage increased significantly. - Chipfang - New ability "Chipfangs Screench" which plays a stomping animation and sound, 6 second 360 degree unbreakable stun which is casted every 20 seconds.

    - Herald of Solithex - Both his and Logazor Brightaxe's Auto attack damage has been increased significantly

    - Redeye Mixas - New ability "EEK!" AoE 360 degree knockback which is casted every 30 seconds, that will do quite a lot of damage, similar to how it was pre ability rework.

    - Masta Mixa - Auto attack damage increased significantly, Redeye mixas auto attack damage increased slightly, their HP pool has been reduced to compensate. Jar o' Pummeling's damage increased moderatly.

    Middle Wing

    - Redeye Big Oaf - Auto attack damage increased significantly

    - Blaz da Tamin' Masta - His & Velkyrrix's auto attack damage has been increased significantly

    - Arathremia - Auto attack damage increased significantly

    - 'Ard ta feed - Auto attack damage increased significantly

    - Wight Lord Solithex - Auto attack damage increased significantly

    There will be more Gunbad changes in the future, to restore some of the mechanics/minor changes that are still missing, but these changes for now are to increase the difficulty of the dungeon, as currently the dungeon is much easier than intended. The speed-run quest is not affected with these changes, therefore the timer will not be changed.

    Additionally, the bug where Glomp da Squig masta would sometimes respawn the wave(s) of adds and go immune again for another 30 seconds has been fixed.


    We also have additional changes to Beastlord, as currently this is much easier than intended. You can view the changes below:

    - Ursine Domina: Auto attack damage increased significantly

    - Bramble Witch - Both the boss and Bramble Daemonvine have had their auto attack damage increased significantly

    - Khorgash Manbreaker - Both the shamans and the boss have had their auto attack damage increased significantly.

    - Skarlok - Auto attack damage increased significantly, Self heal reduced by half, Skarlok Brood auto attack damage increased significantly

    - Snizzort - Auto attack damage increased significantly.

    We will have more changes to Beastlord in the future, to restore some of the mechanics/minor changes that are still missing, but these changes for now are to increase the damage output of these bosses, as for now they do not hit as hard as they are intended to.

    Tier 1 PvE Rework Completed

    - All Tier 1 Hidden (aka Easter Egg) Quests have been reactivated and now have some use, for those who wish to exchange their trinkets. Previously the quests rewarded a trash item with no purpose. Now these trash items can be traded in at a special vendor in the Chapter 4 hubs. Four 'Easter Egg' quests that reward these curious trash items exist (one per chapter area).

    Additionally we have reimplemented the Collector's Edition quests as Easter Egg quests, and these will reward you with an accessory set that will get upgraded in the future (so don't throw it away), and the title unlocks from the Collector's Edition.

    There are a total of 20 Easter Egg quests in Empire v Chaos [5 for Order, 5 for Empire, 5 for Destruction, 5 for Chaos]; 22 in Dwarf vs Greenskin [5 for Order, 5 for Dwarfs, 5 for Destruction, 5 for Greenskins, 2 Universal]; and 26 in the superior elven race [5 for Order, 5 for High Elves, 5 for Destruction, 5 for Dark Elves, 6 Universal]. These quests are hidden in various game objects or quest items dropped from NPCs, so put on your exploring hat.

    New cloaks were designed to fill in for the old 'Pre Order' cloaks (which mostly went on Bloodlord gear). All new cloaks can be previewed here, including the 9 new cloaks in the Tier 1 Hidden Quests.

    - All Tier 1 Kill Collectors have been implemented, adjusted, and given a bonus reward upon completion. On live all kill collector's required you to kill 60 mobs and get a small experience bonus, which we felt was rather unrewarding. Now you can earn some potions or dyes (or the rare Bestial Tome unlock).

    Please note that a Kill Collector has a hidden counter and you will not know how many mobs you have to kill, but you will see the final reward even if you kill one mob. This is not a bug, it is simply how the Kill Collector works. Do not stress our CMs out by killing one boar and seeing that the reward is some dyes and you get no dyes - you will only get the dyes once you have killed enough boars! How many is enough? That is for you to figure out (but it is fewer than 60...)

    - A new achievements section has been created to track completion of Kill Collectors, so that if you finish it and return one day in the future, you'll be able to quickly check if you've already done it, instead of killing mobs and trying to figure it out. This new section goes under the Career category and is called 'The Tallyman'. This section is currently only implemented for Kill Collectors from Tiers 1 and 2. It will be implemented for Tier 3 & 4 when these reworks are done.

    - All Tier 1 (and two IC) Achievement and Bestiary unlocks have been implemented/fixed. Many of these unlocks did not even work on live, so we are happy to introduce some unread achievements to RoR! Please note that some bestiary unlocks are hidden behind kill collectors. The RoR wiki may not be up-to-date with these unlocks, so explore the world and see what you can find!

    - New icons and landmarks have been added to Tier 1 maps to help improve the questing experience.

    - Two new 'Normal' Public Quests have been added to Dwarf/Greenskin Chapter 3, the Scartusk Camp for Destruction, and the Bloodhorn Barrens for Order. These two chapters never had a normal difficulty public quest, and we thought for the sake of balance it would be nice to create new PQs.

    With all the above done, we are happy to announce that we have concluded the Tier 1 Rework, which started a year ago. All Tier 1 quests, public quests, influence rewards, tome unlocks, zone areas, map markers, etc. have been fixed and improved. We are immensely thankful to all those who contributed to this effort (making new map marker icons, making new cloaks, writing completion text), and we hope to continue this journey into Tier 2!

    The conclusion of the Tier 1 Rework does not mean that we are done with Tier 1, it simply means that we are done fixing existing content (unless you find a bug!) We do have plans to add some new custom RoR content for Tier 1, but this will take time.

    Tier 2 PvE Rework

    Wasting no time, we've started the rework on Tier 2 PvE.

    - All Tier 2 History and Lore, and Noteworthy Person unlocks have been fixed/implemented.

    - All Tier 2 Public Quests have had their tome sections given an initial look-over and we've removed 'ghost' 4th task bubbles where there was no 4th stage. A number of PQ related ToK unlocks were fixed in the process.

    - All Tier 2 Achievements have been implemented, including many that did not exist on live but were in the database.

    - All Tier 2 Bestiary unlocks have been fixed/implemented. Previously many unlocks were simply placed on the npc, when on live they were intended to have you loot an item from an NPC and equip it to get the unlock. We have reverted these unlocks to how they worked on live, where possible. Please note that the wiki may not be accurate as to the method of acquiring these unlocks.

    - All Tier 2 Kill Collectors have been implemented with updated rewards for completing the kill collector.

    - All Tier 2 zone maps have been analysed and fixed as needed (fixing a handful of PQs that were not showing up because they were listed in the wrong chapter). Ostland will no longer show areas like C9 or C11.

    - All Tier 2 maps have had their icons fixed and updated. No more dwarfen statues in the Shadowlands or Empire towers in Barak Varr. All PQs now list the correct information. New icons were added to assist with questing.

    - A few Tier 2 PQs with objectives to kill siege weapons are once again doable.

    - The Tier 2 Keep ToKs have been reimplemented when you explore a keep. If the keep is Order, then the Order ToK is on the outer grounds of the keep while Destruction will only get it when reaching the inner sanctum; and vice versa.

    - We have begun the process of analysing the hundreds of Tier 2 quests to add missing completion text, update rewards, and fix any issues with them. If you want that +4 strength talisman on your healer, this may be the last chance you'll have to get it.

    - We have begun the process of analysing all Tier 2 PQs to adjust their requirements, because killing 100 mobs is not what should make a hard PQ hard.

    - We have begun the process of analysing the Tier 2 Influence rewards to improve them.

    - We have begun the analysis of Tier 2 armour sets.


    - In loving memory of Viet, who passed away recently, a gravestone has been added in the Graveyard of Praag.

    "I'll be waiting with my raiding party to pillage once more."

    Bug Fixes

    - The Cloak of the Barazbezeki [i.e. the Karaz-a-Karak city release cloak for dwarfs] has been taken to the tailor and made longer. Apparently it was giving dwarfs a height complex.

    - Fixed Siege Weapons. The High/Dark Elf single target ballista's flight time has improved to match the animation, and AoE repeater ballistas now work. The flight time of the Empire and Dwarf cannons has been improved with damage matching animations. The Empire and Dwarf AoE cannons no longer use the chaos tri-barrel cannon animations. The Chaos Hellcannon is once again single-target, and the tri-barrel hellcannon once again works as AoE.

    - The Ranks of the Damned Achievement no longer unlocks from one game object, but is appropriately distributed among different game objects in the Inevitable City.

    - The unlocks for the graves of the Seven Lords and Seven Sons properly appear in the Tome of Knowledge in a new subsection of the Achievements - Exploration tab.

    - The floating trees in the Order Nordland Warcamp, Ekrund, and Mount Bloodhorn have been cut off from the Winds of Chaos and brought back down to earth.

    - The Keeper's Shoulders and Helm have been added to the Old World Armory, and are now required to earn the completed Keeper's armor set unlock, and 'The Keeper's Keeper' title.

    - The Sharpthorn Wud Public Quest (Greenskin Chapter 2) has been fixed and will now show up in the Tome of Knowledge.

    - [22284] Fixed to make AP drain not stack.

    - [22034] Alternate Appearances and dyes for cloaks should appear now for everyone again.

    - [22304] Significantly lowered the HP for these siege weapons to make the quests completable.

    - [7542] Oil should no longer be Scavenge-able now.

    - [21801] Lowered the health significantly for this NPC. Making the quest Completable.

    - [22285] Fixed to make AP drain not stack.

    - [22286] This lair should be properly reachable now with how the mechanic was originally intended.

    - [22279] The PvE instructors boon should no longer trigger the Armor Pot Cooldown Group.

    - [22193] These Bolt throwers should be attackable now and have a relatively low HP pool.

    - [22281] These Bolt throwers have had their HP pool Significantly lowered, the PQ should be completable now.

    - [22047] These open world mobs should no longer be able to heal now.

    - [22356] Players that are Lower than level 20 should no longer be snared when casting a 60% speed mount.

    - [22360] This game object should no longer de-spawn upon interaction, making the quest completable.

    - [22196] The spawn location of these mobs have been moved slightly.

    - [22197] Added a small sell price to the quest jewelry pieces.

    - [22071] This game object should no longer de-spawn upon interaction, making the quest completable.

    - [22260] Kadrin Rune of Passage should no longer send you to the order warcamp as Destruction.

    - [20756] Fixed the quest radius for this quest, you are now able to get credit outside the walls of the keep.

    - [21055] Fixed the quest radius for this quest, you are now able to get credit outside the walls of the keep.

    - [7635] Fixed the stat allocation on these cloaks.

    - [7947] Removed the level 1 green belt from this HE WC quest

    - [7951] Removed the level 1 green belt from this HE WC quest

    - [22369] Fixed the game object

    - [13198] Fixed the display of this item

    - [15504] made item only usable for AM and RP.

    - [22374] Fixed Typo

    - [22373] These Bolt throwers have had their HP pool Significantly lowered, the PQ should be completable now.

    - [22350] You can now target the NPC and complete the quest.

    - [16044] Fixed the missing model for this item.

    - [20306] This item now has the proper effect it once had restored.

    - [22379] Warrior Priest now has Buckler of the Smuggler and Sledge of the Smuggler purchasable for war-tokens.

    - [22392] This game object should no longer de-spawn upon interaction, making the quest completable.

    - [22395] This game object should no longer de-spawn upon interaction, making the quest completable.

    - [22402] Hunter boots now properly gives the proper tome unlock

    - [9727] Tome unlock properly implemented

    - [10567] Fixed this tome page

    - [12871] Fixed this tome page

    - [14189] Now properly displays chapter 8 Influence

    - [15008] Fixed this tome page

    - [15007] Fixed this tome page

    - [15009] Fixed this tome page

    - [14523] Fixed this tome page

    - [20677] Now properly displays chapter 7 influence

    - [15166] Fixed this tome page

    - [15154] Fixed this tome page

    - [Sacellum] Mawgut Bulls "Bull Charge" properly applies immovable.

    - [Sacellum] Hoarfrost "Grasp of Frost" properly applies immovable.

    - [Sacellum] The Thunderbelly twins now properly applies immovable

    - [Sacellum] Malghar Ragehorn "Challenging Roar" now properly applies immovable

    - [22425] - This game object should no longer de-spawn upon interaction, making the quest completable.

    - [22223] - Players can no longer auto attack the ram and players through keep doors.

    - [22420] - Kill Collector properly implemented

    - [22427] - This Tome of knowledge entry has been fixed.

    - [22429] - This respawn area has been fixed in KV.

    - [22444]- You no longer get teleport into the abyss when clicking on the door of the Officer's Room in Sigmar's Hammer.
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  • Community Event - Reckoning Rumble 6v6 Tournament
    Community Event - Reckoning Rumble 6v6 Tournament
    Hey everyone,

    It is our pleasure to announce that on the up-coming weekend of Return of Reckoning, March 15th - 17th, a New Community Event will take place called Reckoning Rumble!

    "Summoned forth by the Gods, Reckoning Rumble emerges from the shadows, a battleground forged in the crucible of endless war and blood. Here, amidst the clash of titans and the thunderous sound of WAAAGH, the champions of both the Forces of Order and Destruction converge in a relentless show of steel and sorcery. Prepare thyself, for within these battlefields of fate, teams of six shall vie for supremacy across a multitude of tournaments, spanning from the calm of the Friendly Category to the ferocious trials of the Competitive Category, where rivalries ignite like wildfire and destinies are forged in the fires of battle."

    Reckoning Rumble, organized by community member Pung, is a 6v6 Ranked Scenario Event where the champions of both the Forces of Destruction and Order alike, will compete against one another in multiple types of Tournaments ranging from the Friendly Category to the highly rivalrous Competitive Category through the weekend!

    Thanks to generous community contributions, in recognition of their valor, all brave warriors who enter the fray shall be granted a chance for great rewards - Five Event Rings shall be distributed among all who dare to stand and fight, through a Chaos Raffle you earn Tickets for by participating in any of the Rumble Group Tournaments!
    But as destiny favors the bold, the triumphant few who emerge as the Top 3 Teams in the Competitive Category, shall claim special rewards for their exceptional deeds:

    - 1st place Competitive Team - 2 Event Rings
    - 2nd place Competitive Team - 1 Event Ring
    - 3rd place Competitive Team - 1 Gunbad Diamond

    To encourage as many of you as possible to join the fray, the RoR Team will also contribute to the participation rewards, as all players who will join any of the Group Tournaments will also be eligible for guaranteed in-game rewards delivered through the in-game mail system in the form of :

    - x150 War Crests
    - x40 Potent Rejuvenating Draughts - Use: Instantly restores 183 Action Points
    - x40 Potent Draughts of Recovery - Use: Instantly restores 2748 Health

    Remember that all of the above rewards are for participants of the Group Tournaments and Solo Ranked Madness is not included for the purposes of claiming them!

    Reckoning Rumble Schedule

    From Friday to Sunday, each day a Tournament will be held, along with a Solo-Ranked Madness Mass Queue where all players will be encouraged to join Solo Ranked Scenarios as part of this limited-time community event!

    All Times are Altdorf Server Time - where 19:00 Altdorf Time is:
    - 11:00 PDT
    - 14:00 EST
    - 18:00 UTC
    - 21:00 MSK

    - Competitive 6v6 Tournament - Friday 15th 19:00 Start
    - Faction 6v6 Tournament - Saturday 16th 19:00 Start
    - Friendly 6v6 Tournament - Sunday 17th 19:00 Start
    - Solo-Ranked Madness Mass Queue - each day at 17:30

    More in-depth details can be found about the scheduling and its details on the official Discord Server of the Tournament!


    As this is Community Event with lots of effort and organization - to participate in it, all players are encouraged, but it is necessary for at least Team Captains, to join a Discord Server dedicated to Reckoning Rumble, where you can read more information about all the Tournaments, their Rules and Schedules but also on How to Join!

    Please join the Reckoning Rumble Discord Server:

    You can also read more about this Event on our offical RoR Forums:


    It is the perfect opportunity to try and see whether 6v6 Scenario Content is for you or not - and we hope that we'll see many of you encouraged to try this Event out and have fun throughout the weekend!


    The RoR Team
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  • Post Ability Rework Balancing Roadmap - Developer Update March 2024.
    Post Ability Rework Balancing Roadmap
    Hello everyone,

    It has been a long time since we first introduced you all to the Ability System Rewrite that has been hard at work for over the past 2 years, and now that it is complete you’ve all been able to experience the massive effects it has on our ability to make changes to the Project, namely to modify abilities faster and alter the balance of Return of Reckoning on a larger scale.

    In this post we would like to elaborate further on the goals behind the Balance Change that is taking place currently and introduce you to the people who are leading the charge in this large undertaking, to improve the game for us all, and improve core mechanics to be more up-to-date to today’s standards.

    We even have a rough roadmap for you!

    The Return of Reckoning Balance Group

    At the helm of our Balancing Group is Dalen, our Code Developer responsible for the whole Ability System Rewrite and the main developer behind the changes that we would like to achieve for the game by the end of this whole process.

    Along with being a developer, he is also a long-time and experienced player of RoR with a vast knowledge of the many mechanics and careers, allowing him to have a broader overview of all the changes and how they potentially affect not just parts of the game, but also the project as a whole.

    As head of the Balance Group, Dalen makes the final decisions, but our main direction is a result of a full collaboration between the Balance Members and no changes generally go live unless there is full understanding between everyone and there are no critical disagreements!

    Next to Dalen, the Balance Group consists currently of 2 additional long-time players directly working together and assisting the project with their extensive knowledge of RoR and all its areas, with also over 10+ years of experience individually and with reputation within the community as experienced and talented players who understand the deeper mechanics behind the scenes, with which they initially earned their spots on the Balance Group.

    Current Players in the Balance Group:
    • Bejkon
    • Zumos

    Originally formed before the Ability Rewrite, the Balance Group has gone through some changes in members and alterations over time, but it has now proven to be a stable and productive team that is capable of working together, debating constructively and changing their approach if there are clear disagreements.

    Next to working together - the Balance Group also regularly reads the forums, monitors in-game progress/stats/graphs and gathers feedback from the community to be able to make adjustments and make sure we are on the right track.

    We also hear you all, and we would also like to open up more communication about Balance, creating a brand new forum, expanding the Balance Group, but we would like to return to this topic at a later date, as we want to approach this carefully to make sure we add to the group’s efficiency and not hinder it, as we’d like to keep to our regular updates and maintain a steady pace towards our long-term goals. In the meantime, your continued support and feedback is greatly appreciated!

    We will share more information about these plans in the future!

    A More Diverse Balance

    The Group’s main philosophy with the ongoing Balancing process is to create an enjoyable gameplay to as many as possible, where every career and every specialisation has a good place of its own, for a wide range of playstyles. To achieve that goal, we want to offer every career an option for both a viable Party and Warband specialisation, allowing them to join and feel useful in any group or content in RoR from Open RvR Battles, Keep or City Sieges, Roaming and Scenarios!

    If everything goes according to our plans, over the next many months we will balance careers in terms of power, synergy with each other, overall group utility, their mechanics and many other important factors in preparation for the future and this development path we’d like to take moving on!

    Many of the changes might not immediately be perfect, and it will be a bumpy road, but we will continue to review recent live data and make adjustments as necessary, while also revealing more and more information about our long-term plans, so that our decisions make more sense to you all!

    Balance Roadmap

    As shown on the image, our initial goal after the completion of the Ability System Rework has been to modify abilities and mechanics in the game that were in dire need of changes in order to fit our current goals, and prepare them for fine-tuning later!

    This meant giving attention to Careers that have been left behind for too long, and making sure they are brought to a fair level next to others, such as Black Orcs!

    After years of neglect for the Black Orcs, we are happy to bring them back where they deserve to be in both small and large scale. With We’z Bigger and Linecracka! they have gotten a unique tool for warband play and their excellent damage output and new knockback will now make them a great pick for small scale teams too.

    Currently we are in Phase 1 of the Roadmap working on core adjustments for Tank Careers, after which we’ll move on to Phase 2 and also start working on Healers! This is to make sure that we are creating stable foundations for the rest of the Balancing, by adjusting Support Mechanics first, then move on to DPS Specialization Reworks, and fine-tuning of damage numbers!

    At this stage core mechanics such as Snare Effects were also looked at, which the Balance Group agreed should be standardised and their potency reduced, in order to allow much more mobile and dynamic combat experience. For that, a lot of Crowd Control Effects were modified, together with a buffed up Juggernaut for Tanks, aiming for a more engaging gameplay. We are currently tracking feedback about how it affects both Warbands and Small Scale groups, and how you all feel about it!

    Due to community feedback, it’s also been our goal to enable Careers much earlier in the levelling process and give them their Core Tools as soon as possible, to help balance low level group content and encourage new players to learn Career mechanics from the get go. For Tanks, this change was to give them Guard from Level 1 already!

    For the time being, we try to mostly concentrate on mechanical changes and feedback about them. That’s not to say we don’t look at feedback about numerical changes, but those are a lot easier to change compared to larger mechanics, that we first wanna make sure are received well.

    Now, you probably have noticed that all of our current patches were also accompanied by additional adjustments to even Damaging Careers despite us still being in Phase 1, this was to address critical topics or abilities we thought needed modifications for the time being, but know that we haven’t started the real balancing of Damaging Careers just yet, and we know some changes will require compensation based on your feedback and our data.

    Please note, that these changes are not meant to be final, but are the first version of adjustments in order to move closer to the Balance Group’s Final Goal that we’ll try to execute over the course of the following months, through testing, reviewing data and incorporating your feedback. This means just because we’d leave Phase 1 or Phase 2 - we can and probably will still tweak those archetypes as needed!

    By the end, we also intend on taking a look at All Careers with multiple Archetypes such as Warrior Priest of Sigmar for example, to completely re-balance both their Healer and Damaging Specialisations and fit them into these Archetypes with proper Morales, Utility Abilities or access to Charge Movement Ability

    But this is all just the start and the foundation for more exciting changes we are planning for Return of Reckoning, now that the Ability Rework is finally done. In the near future we plan on revealing even more details and information about changes we’ve been working on and cooking in the background!

    Please be excited!

    Look forward to more news soon…!

    Thank you for reading our announcement about our balancing goals so far. We hope we were able to give all of you insight on how the process is worked on, what our philosophy is - and also give hints towards changes in the near future that we are very excited about.

    We will continue to work hard on providing the best experience possible for you all, and continue to communicate our plans, answer as many questions as we are currently able to regarding this update.

    For now, we would also like to thank you all for your feedback on our Discord and Forums, as we are actively reading them and find them incredibly useful - and we’re currently thinking about how we could improve this feedback process even further!

    Thank you, everyone, for reading all this!

    The RoR Team
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