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  • Temporary Ability Test

    We are beginning another stage of the new ability system testing. Over the weekend when we performed some server maintenance we encouraged people to log into our public test server which performed well.

    We are planning on doing a test of the new ability system on Martyrs Square (Live Server) on Tuesday 28th November.

    We are planning to go back to the old ability system on Wednesday 29th November.

    There is a lot of potential for things to go wrong. We are planning that when switching back to the old ability system we may need to roll back characters to before the test if there are significant bugs that effect progression.


    The following Dungeons will be unavailable:

    Bastion Stair, Hunters Vale, Sigmar Crypts, Warpblade Tunnels, Bilerot Burrows & Bloodwrought Enclave

    Additionally, all Chapter 22 Public Quests will be unavailable during this testing window.

    Ability System Patch Notes

    Please check the patch notes for the ability system rewrite here:


    I've found a bug!?

    All bugs can be reported on our bugtracker.

    Please select "Ability Test - PTS" as the Product Version so we can filter the reports.

    Please note: if you are reporting a sensative bug or exploit please put the "View Status" to private on the ticket. Please then alert a member of the team asap.


    * A few abilities or tactics may have changed ids so you may need to place them onto your hotbar again.
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  • Patch Notes 22/11/2023

    Live Event: Goldtooth's Great Feast


    Click here to watch on YouTube

    Feastmasters, sharpen your blades for the fattened calves. The Overtyrant demands to celebrate the end of the raiding season with a massive feast. The Great Maw consumes all, and this Great Feast the ogres and their allies will strip the land bare! We shall eat our fill until our bellies burst. The bigger the belly, the warmer the winter!

    Greasus Goldtooth, the Overtyrant of all the ogre kingdoms, has declared his annual Great Feast to mark the end of the raiding season in autumn. Any tribe with a resident halfling is sure to feast well! Assist the halflings in making stews to warm the bellies of the ogres, and if a pot lands in your bag, surely the ogres won’t notice...

    Halfling chefs are a prized commodity in the ogre tribes, and many a halfling has quickly learned to become a chef if it meant saving their own skin when captured by an ogre tribe. The ogres of the Mountains of Mourn are known to consume massive quantities of meat, but few know how partial they are to halfling stews. They say you can throw anything into a pot and an ogre will consume it with great joy, but only the best recipes truly satisfy the Great Maw. The halfling chefs combine their own knowledge of Old World recipes with those they learned during their travels with mercenary ogre bands across the lands, and this Great Feast, they're ready to cook up their most famous stews.

    Goldtooth's Great Feast will start on November 22nd at 12:00 Altdorf time and last until December 8th 12:00 Altdorf time.

    Goldtooth's Great Feast is Return of Reckoning's newest live event which will join our annual rotation of live events. Our artists have made a trophy, a new cloak, and magus disc. Our thanks to our artistic contributors for their continued dedication to RoR.

    +Basic reward: Fowl Drumstick - a new trophy to munch on when Goldtooth's Great Feast is over Preview here OR five Halfling Rucksacks - live event items containing ingredients to cook stews.
    +Advanced reward: Mawseeker's Cloak Preview here OR a Potion of Acclaim
    +Elite reward: Rhinox of Mourn, or Corrupted Gut Plate Disc mount (decay timers based on renown bracket) Mount previews available here. Disc previews available here.
    -Completing the Event Quest 'A Bone to Pick' - Lucky Wishbone an event slot item.

    All Live Event Rewards are claimable at the Live Event Masters: the butchers Mogrub Bleedingfist for Order and Bolron Skinscrapper for Destruction. The live event areas are located in the Flight Deck of Karaz-a-Karak, and the Hall of Da Bestest in Karak Eight Peaks.

    The Great Cook-Off
    In addition to the new items that can be won through the in-game tasks, the Return of Reckoning team is happy to announce the return of our annual cooking contest, but this year with a savory twist! Those who submit entries which meet the rules will earn the Chef's Wooden Spoon and Chef's Rolling Pin trophies, and the Picnic Blanket cloak. The top three will receive the Halfling Chef's Hat Preview here. How do you enter the Great Cook-Off? Head to this forum post and join the festivities. There is still plenty of time to enter, as the final time for entry submissions will be around December 21st.

    Goldtooth's Great Feast Stews, Halfling Rucksacks, and Marks of the Maw
    It wouldn't be a proper ogre event if it wasn't about eating until your belly was about to burst! Who better to assist the ogres in this task than their loyal(?) halfling chefs! During Goldtooth's Great Feast these chefs have decided to be so kind as to help those who with lesser culinary skills to cook amazing stews (i.e. 1-hour liniments).

    All you need to do is gather the ingredients, found in Halfling Rucksacks that drop from players. Each Halfling Rucksack drops 3 ingredients from a pool of 15 ingredients. Get the right combination of 3 ingredients, based on the halfling chefs' requirements, and head to their temporary camps at the Flight Deck of Karaz-a-Karak, or in The Hall of Da Bestest in Karak Eight Peaks to toss your ingredients into a cauldron. Buying a cauldron will start the cooking process, because cooking a quality stew takes time, which will say 'decaying in 10 minutes' because we cannot change the text at this time. After 10 minutes your stew will be ready for consumption!

    However, you can get more for your products if you buy some barley (x2), potatoes (x3), or horse meat (x5) to thicken your stew! These items can be purchased from the associated halfling chef for Marks of the Maw, which drop from players. Please note, the vendor interface at the time of creating this event can only display 3 ingredients maximum, so if you want to buy the stacks of 2, 3, or 5 stews, you must have the multiplier purchased! We hope to fix this in the future, but for now we appreciate your understanding, and that you read underlined text.

    This year we have added four new liniment combinations based on suggestions from last years winner of the Great Bake-Off. These include Willpower with heal crit, willpower with reduced chance to be critically hit, renown and wounds, and toughness and reduced action-point cost.

    It wouldn't be a new live event without some new themed dyes. We are happy to introduce 20 new dyes themed around the Ogre Kingdoms of the Mountains of Mourn. Please be aware that these dyes are only available for purchase during this Live Event.

    Dye previews are available here towards the bottom, but please be aware that the colors may apply differently on different base armor colors. We recommend to use an addon such as Pocket Palette to see how this dye will look on your armor. We hope to continue to introduce new dyes based on inspiration from the source material in the Live Events to come.

    Live Event Shoppe
    The ogres have been invited, we think... maybe they forced their hosts' hospitality, to Karaz-a-Karak and Karak Eight Peaks. Four vendors sell stews for ingredients; one sells at a ratio of 3 ingredients to 1 stew, while the other three sell the same stews but with output multipliers so a single trio of ingredients combined with a multiplier can yield 2, 3, or 5 stews. Please check all four chefs and check what you want to spend your event resources on. Other vendors sell dyes, or allow you to trade in a Thankful Egg for a stack of ingredients. Where do you get a Thankful Egg from? Why from a Thankful Fowl of course.

    Goldtooth's Great Feast Quests
    A couple new quests have been added for Goldtooth's Great Feast. The "A Bone to Pick" quest will reward you with a live-event slot item focused on defensive stats, such as dodge, disrupt, parry, or block. The "What's on the Menu" timed quest is divided by player level (1-15, 16-29, 30-39, and 40) and race - theoretically a level 15 player can do all four quests if they get to level 40 before the event ends.

    P.S. To enjoy the event to its fullest, show your npc chat bubbles (in user settings under chat)
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  • Drakwald - Public Test Server.
    For those of you who use the website to post feedback on the forums, you may have noticed something new on the front page...

    We are currently preparing to launch our public test server, with the ability system implemented. This will be a large-scale test of the functionality of the abilities, how they work in tandem and hopes to identify any critical bugs. The current state of the system is good, we're happy with the feedback from internal testing, as well as help from our @tester group. We're preparing to now release this in a public environment to get some more information to work with.

    The current plan is to release this test server to a small group, mainly to test how the new launcher operates (as it allows us to switch between dev, live, test etc with one button, as opposed to having multiple launchers installed). And on this we can test how the new server operates fundamentally. Then we will release this as an open, public server for all to hop in.

    I appreciate updates have been slow whilst we have moved to this phase of the Ability System rework but it's not long now until you can log in and help us identify any issues before we go to a full release.

    PS: As a reminder, this is not a balance release. There will be signifcant changes to balance, as a result of the ability system changing, but we are not shipping this as a balance rework - these will come following the release. (I hope that makes sense)

    Drakwald is waiting... for a bit longer.
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  • Patch Notes 20/10/2023

    Live Event: Daemon Moon Decaying


    Click here to watch on YouTube

    Every year, as the fog covers the land and the autumn nights herald the chill of winter, the Daemon Moon rises. For scholars, the Daemon Moon is a dangerous time of year when the threat of a daemonic incursion is greatest. For the common-folk it is a time of revelry and chaos, all in the spirit of the times. Needless to say, the scholars are right to fear what is to come, for during the time of the Daemon Moon, daemonic forces are unleashed upon the mortal realm to play with the lives of the living as they please. This year scholars have noted a disturbing greenish-brown tinge on the Daemon Moon, an ill omen of Nurgle's power. Nurgle has indeed hefted his mighty girth to the forefront, shoving his thinner brothers aside. Once again, the Daemon Moon does not rise, it decays.

    The Daemon Moon Decaying Live Event
    will start on October 20th at 12:00 Altdorf time and last until November 1st 12:00 Altdorf time.

    New Heralds
    This year, a new Herald has arrived specific to this live event, and can be found next to the Suspicious Peddling Merchant both Altdorf and the inevitable City. Visit them to claim your rewards as you complete the event.

    • Basic reward: Leper's Bell, or Leper's Handbell - two new trophies to let everyone know that you are unclean. Preview here
    • Advanced reward: Rusted Lamellar Cloak for Order; Plaguebearer-Flesh Wrap for Destruction
    • Elite reward: Enslaved Manticore, or Decaying Manticore Disc mount (decay timers based on renown bracket)
    • Completing the Event Quest 'Imp Games - The Riddle' - Heart of Decay - show the world you've given into the Plague Lord's embrace
    • Daemon Moon Masks: There are a total of ten Daemon Moon masks, they can be acquired through a variety of ways (3 via quest, 1 via PQ, 2 via random 'box' roll, and 4 from player drops) Preview here Masks decay into permanent versions without their buffs

    The Sacellum Arena
    The Sacellum Arena returns as a Weekend Warfront during this live event. In this scenario, you and your allies have been pulled into the belly of the Inevitable City by Tzeentch's will. During the scenario three relics will spawn by three statues on the outer edge of the Arena (initially one relic will spawn, and over time more will appear.) Your team's objective is to pick up the relic and bring it to the center of the Arena, standing on the metal grate over molten metal for five seconds so Tzeentch can accept your offering. The carrier of the relic will have a granted ability (like a Zealot/Rune Priest buff) to toss the relic for some strategic play.

    Gather the relics, drop them into the Pit of Change, and have a blast.

    The Living Snot ORvR PQ
    The age-old foe of the mortal realms and mythical blokes, the Living Snot, has emerged from the Chaos Realm this Daemon Moon. Join your realm in battling the Living Snot in the Chaos Wastes, while you hold back the opposing realm. This PQ will include a handful of rewards exclusive to the PQ, such as the Joyous Visage mask.

    This year, the Living Snot has also had its spawn moved and its movements updated, so it will remain in the center of the map and avoid walking towards either faction's Warcamp.

    Daemon Moon Quests
    Three special quests are again available during this live event. The first of these quests; 'Imp Games', is a timed race to find hidden tricks across the cities, this quest is repeatable. A follow-up quest 'Imp Games - The Riddle' can be purchased from the merchant, started by buying the item 'Imp Curio'. Lastly is a short quest called 'Ill Omens', which is broken up into four brackets based on your character level (1-10,11-20,21-30,31-40). Previous quests from Daemon Moon Rising are still available from the Coldheart Witch Hunter in Altdorf, or the Slaughterheart Magus in the Inevitable City.

    Pan de Monium
    What are Daemon Moon celebrations without a bit of Pan de Monium? This Estalian bread is specially baked during the Daemon Moon, with bakers leaving small gifts, or tricks, for their unwitting customers. Pan de Monium can be acquired either by completing the Imp Games quest, or purchasing it from the Suspicious Masked Peddler. Pan de Monium contains over two dozen possible rewards, ranging from potions and talismans, to dyes and masks, or perhaps even a precious aegis for the lucky few. What does Pan de Monium have in store for you?

    Twenty-eight Limited Time event dyes, all themed around the Chaos Gods, have returned this year. As the Daemon Moon Decaying is Nurgle-themed, Nurgle themed dyes sell for gold, while dyes associated with other gods require a small additional sacrifice. These dyes are available only during this live event, and can be sold or traded to others afterward, so be sure to stock up!

    Dye previews are available here, but please be aware that the colors may apply differently on different base armor colors. We recommend to use an addon such as Pocket Palette to see how this dye will look on your armor.

    Live Event Shoppe
    A Suspicious Masked Peddler has set up shop in the Altdorf Slums, and secluded room near the Apex of the Inevitable City. This vendor will gladly accept your gold and daemon fingers while the Daemon Moon is up, but please be aware that once the Daemon Moon fully decays, he too will fade from your life. Here players can buy new unique dyes, the Imp Curio to start a quest, or a bit of Pan de Monium. Players can also exchange their faction's cape for the opposing faction's default version, for a price. (Nothing is for free; it may cost you a finger or two - such is the price Father Nurgle demands.)

    New this year, the Suspicious Peddler will also accept "Crystallized Malevolence", which can be found in higher-ranked PQ bags from The Living Snot, and will trade you a powerful 7-day Event Item, the Magnus Daemonarium, in return.

    Weekend Warfront: Call of the Arena


    One moment you and your allies were locked in a deadly struggle with your enemies in the Old World or fair isle of Ulthuan. The next moment you found yourself pulled into the Realm of Chaos and looking upon the blood-brick walls of the Sacellum of the Inevitable City. The Weaver of All Fates has challenged you to survive in his arena.

    This weekend warfront Call of the Arena will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Sacellum Arena scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Realm versus Realm

    - Order's Warcamp in the Nordenwatch Scenario has recruited a few additional Guards.


    Three new Gold Elven Heraldry shield Quests have been added for each faction. The newly accessible gold shields are:

    • Gold Pavise of Eataine (Swordmaster)
    • Gold Pavise of the Griffon Gate (Swordmaster)
    • Gold Pavise of Chrace (Swordmaster)
    • Golden Aspis of Clar Karond (Black Guard)
    • Golden Aspis of The Blood of Naggaroth (Black Guard)
    • Golden Aspis of The Lord of Murder (Black Guard)

    You can find all details on where to earn the shields here on the RoR Wiki.

    Crafting Vendors

    - Cleaned up Portalstones appearing as items within Crafting vendors. These items cannot be used but were still purchasable, leading to confusion for players.

    - Cleaned up Compound Apothecary items within Crafting vendors. These items also could not be used but were purchasable within Guild vendors, leading to confusion.

    These items might return someday if their function is restored and works properly, but for now, we've disabled them until such a day arrives.


    - You can no longer send messages to people on your own ignore list.

    Happy Halloween from all of us on the RoR Team!
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  • Update RE: Compensation.
    Update 18/10/23

    Deleted Characters from the rollback are restored now. Some compensation has been mailed to them.Thank you for your patience.


    Twitch drops that were lost during the rollback period should be resent out now. Thank you for your patience.


    Compensation should now be found in your Mailbox. Thanks again for your patience.


    I appreciate people are waiting to receive in-game mails, the importing of the hat vendor this week took a substantial amount of time. We will be distributing Compensation when time allows.

    Don't worry, we haven't forgotten!


    Hey friends,

    I appreciate we have taken some time on this and want to thank you all not only for your patience, but also your continued support this past week as we have been working diligently to identify a suitable compensation package to attempt to cover the time-investment lost due to the rollback announced earlier in the week.

    We have taken all precautions to minimise the chance of this happening again in the future.

    As some of our long-time community members will attest to, this is a very rare occurrence, the server may occasionally hiccup and our systems tend to bring everything back online within minutes, with minimal disruption. However this time we do appreciate that a significant time-investment was lost for players, and as such we will be distributing the following package as a means to apologise for this.

    Compensation Package:

    We have analysed the data we have from that time period and have created a sliding system that provides suitable compensation based on activity on each character over that period. This means individuals who logged in for a substantial amount of time, and as such experienced significant losses, are granted more than an alt you logged in on for 2 minutes to check your bank for example.

    We felt this was a better option as to giving a base flat amount.


    - War Crests
    Scales from 50 to over 2,000+

    - War Tokens
    Scales from 1 to 300.

    - Genesis Crests
    Scales from 1 to 20.

    - Potion of Acclaim
    Scales from 1 to 2.

    - Beastial Token
    All players will receive 2 tokens.

    - Crate of Liniments
    Scales from 1 to 5.


    Now, there is still an issue with the individuals who lost PvE progression, and unfortunately there really isn't a measure in place based on data that we can track to create a suitable package for these folk. As a result, given that forming groups with the reduced lockout was made substantially harder due to the 2x event running, we have made the decision to extend the reduced lockout on PvE dungeons until Monday 16th October.

    These rewards will be distributed through the in-game Mail system and will be a phased delivery based on the amount of characters impacted to maintain stability whilst this operates.

    Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience this caused players and appreciate that we cannot simply 'refund' time. We're hopeful that you will be happy with the packages the team have worked diligently on over this past week.

    We are also working on restoring the characters that were created and then lost. These will be restored at some point in the future and if you have character slots available then they will appear and require a name change. There is currently no ETA on this however and more information will come in the near future.

    Thanks, from all of us working on Return of Reckoning.

    PS: The hats are still coming. (Silly rollback delayed dev time smh).

    Compensation will be distributed at some point this week as some people are asking for ETA's.
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