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  • Patch Notes 10/06/2024
    10th Anniversary Celebration

    Has it really been 10 years of Reckoning already? It's rare for a fan project to outlast its game's live counterpart by such a significant margin, but here we are and we're proud of it. It is the combined effort of both the developers and you, the dedicated and loving fans of Warhammer Online and the Warhammer Fantasy universe. We are incredibly grateful to all of you for being a core part of all this and supporting us over the years, keeping WAR alive and choosing it as your home. But do not think this is all, as the best is yet to come!

    So with that said, let's celebrate this anniversary with a bang! We have prepared several fun rewards and events for you all to commemorate this special occasion. Sounds good? Then spread the news, rally your friends and get in the WAAAGH!


    - [Anniversary Goodie Bag] as one-time login reward.
    - [Anniversary Companions]
    - [Anniversary Fun Box]
    - [Anniversary Capes] - Preview here.
    - 10th June to 17th June - x2 [Renown] Boost and x2 [War Crests] from player kills.
    - 14th June to 17th June - On the Weekend, x3 [War Crests] from player kills.

    Click here to read more about the Anniversary Event Schedule.

    Weekend Warfront: Guns, Shrooms, and Steam


    The trains of Kadrin Valley are carrying gromril back to Karaz-a-Karak night and day. Work on the Doomstrikers is well underway, but now the greenskins have decided to sabotage the efforts. Get out to Gromril Crossing, and help your realm drive back the enemy!

    This weekend Guns, Shrooms, and Steam will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Gromril Crossing scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.


    - Wrackspite's adds in Bastion Stair now properly move towards the boss at a slower speed.


    - You can no longer queue for scenarios while tagged as AFK. Keep in mind that if tagged AFK in a scenario you will be kicked from the SC.

    Typing /afk is a toggle option that you have to type in again to remove. This caused players to unintentionally get instantly kicked from Scenarios on join, due to forgetting to disable their Away From Keyboard Status.


    A few modifications have been applied to the Website's Killboard functionality:

    - Lifetime Death Count has been hidden from Character Profiles.

    - Death Count has been removed from Weekly/Monthly Player Leaderboard.

    - Death Count has been removed from Weekly/Monthly Guild Leaderboard.

    All other stats, including deaths, will remain visible and available for potential analysis in the individual Scenarios and Skirmishes pages.

    Fighting is what RoR is all about, and we'd like everyone to focus on enjoying the game and working together as a Realm. With this change, we're making room for more emphasis on core game mechanics, objectives, career roles, and player interactions, creating - in our view - a healthier and more fitting MMO experience.

    It will take time to see difference, but if we can influence player behavior even a tiny bit for the better, we’re all for it.

    Bug Fixes

    [22637] - [Ironbreaker] Oathstone had the incorrect immunity assigned.
    [22738] - [Squig] Squig's self punt not working after Kaboom
    [22790] - [Blackguard] For The Witch King! Tooltip errors.
    [22636] - [Slayer/Choppa] No Escape and "Wot's Da Rush" lost ability to slow down
    [22791] - [Archmage] Dissipating Energies gives force each tick instead of once on cast
    [22058] - [Renown Ability] quick escape 2 renown ability fixed
    [21960] - [Ironbreaker] IB tactic Dwarwen riposte
    [22367] - [Ironbreaker] Offensive Sovereign 8p bonus doesn't grant an ability
    [21731] - [Squigherder] Warlord for SH 4 piece bonus doesn't add up
    [21577] - [Shadow Warrior] Warlord 4 piece bonus fix
    [22801] - [Witch Hunter] ''Dragon Gun'' description doesn't list knockdown duration
    [22800] - [Witchelf] ''On Your Knees'' description typo
    [22432] - [Witchelf and Witch Hunter] witch elf can camouflage while on a horse
    [22470] - [Magus] Perils of the Warp is a Hex
    [22461] - [Witchelf] 4 Piece bonus on Devastator set for Witch Elf
    [22802] - [Bright Wizard] RoF not providing +15comb if instantly canceled by movement
    [14920] - [Item] Preservation on Demonrend granting only 80 wounds instead of 110
    [22203] - [Runepriest] Regenerative Shield Tactic is not adding the 10% less armor will be bypassed buff tooltip fix
    [22804] - [Blackguard] Hastened Doom tactic does not scale wounds.
    [22143] - [Witch Hunter] Sweeping Razor Tactic Generates Extra Accusation
    [22813] - [Swordmaster] Phantom's Blade - Buff tooltip says it shields
    [22716] - [Brightwizard] Morale2 on BW still have 30ft range: taking it to 25ft
    [22143] - [Witch Hunter] Sweeping Razor Tactic Generates Extra Accusation
    [21069] - [Shadow Warrior] Warlord-4p-Setbonus (6% EvadeStrikethrough) not working on SW
    [22665] - [Brightwizard]Tactic not working as it should
    [22246 ] - [WE/WH] Beastlord 6 piece doesn't work
    [22737] - [Swordmaster] "Blessing of heaven" applies effect on all hit not Targeted
    [22798] - Guild standard was incorrectly buffing enemies and NPCs with morale regen.
    [22364] - You can no longer claim a keep that has fallen.
    [22472] - Logging in with items on you that grants +AP should no longer result in lower AP pool.
    [22799] - [Witch Hunter/Witch Elf] Dragon gun / On your knees should now not do knockdown if the damage was defended against.
    [22497] - [Shaman] Fixed ability type of Gork sez stop so it should not be blocked.
    [22345] - Getting rewards from capturing a BO now requires you to be in the RVR lake.
    [22803] - [Witch Hunter/Witch Elf] Dragon gun / On your knees now only apply morale gain within 100 feet.
    [22346] - Bolster now also grants armor.
    [18726] - Capturing supplies should not grant opposing faction rewards even if close.
    [19048] - [World] Typo in Tchar'zanek's speech in city.
    [22765] - Melee Squig Herder's "Outta My Way!" charge now properly respects punt immunity.
    [22703] - Siege Oil can no longer be pulled by player skills like Magnet, Rift, etc.
    [22773] - Siege Rams can no longer be pulled by player skills like Magnet, Rift, Marauder Pull or White Lion fetch.

    [21437] - [Slayer] detaunt should remove rage regardless if power through is slotted or not.
    [22268] - [Choppa] detaunt should remove rage regardless if Wot rules is slotted or not.

    The above Slayer/Choppa bug fix is a mistake on our side, it was an already addressed Bug Ticket, that got accidentally reversed. We will hotfix this asap!
    Mon Jun 10, 2024 7:40 am View the latest post
  • 10th Anniversary - Summer Live Events Schedule
    10th Anniversary - Summer Live Events Schedule
    10th Anniversary Celebration

    Has it really been 10 years of Reckoning already? It's rare for a fan project to outlast its game's live counterpart by such a significant margin, but here we are and we're proud of it. It is the combined effort of both the developers and you, the dedicated and loving fans of Warhammer Online and the Warhammer Fantasy universe. We are incredibly grateful to all of you for being a core part of all this and supporting us over the years, keeping WAR alive and choosing it as your home. But do not think this is all, as the best is yet to come!

    So with that said, let's celebrate this anniversary with a bang! We have prepared several fun rewards and events for you all to commemorate this special occasion. Sounds good? Then spread the news, rally your friends and get in the WAAAGH!

    The Return of Reckoning 10th Anniversary Event will be held from 10th June until 17th June, featuring unique In-Game Rewards, special Twitch Drops, Renown and War Crests Boosts and many more!


    - [Anniversary Goodie Bag] as one-time login reward.
    - [Anniversary Companions]
    - [Anniversary Fun Box]
    - [Anniversary Capes] - Preview here.
    - 10th June to 17th June - x2 [Renown] Boost and x2 [War Crests] from player kills.
    - 14th June to 17th June - On the Weekend, x3 [War Crests] from player kills.

    Twitch Drops

    Special Anniversary Twitch Drops will be held for this occasion and if you've participated in previous Twitch Drops, it will be familiar. Each day 3 Tiers of Fix Daily Rewards will be attainable as you accumulate your Watch Time at our approved RoR Streamers, while the Unique Tier 4 Rewards will change every single day.

    If you miss a Tier 4 Reward of a specific day, you will not be able to go back and claim them.
    For more information on how our Twitch Drops work, please visit here!


    - Daily Tier 1 Reward - [20 Gold]
    - Daily Tier 2 Reward - [Potion of Acclaim]
    - Daily Tier 3 Reward - [20 War Crests]

    Unique Day-to-Day Tier 4 Rewards:

    - 10th June - [200 War Crests]
    - 11th June - [Exotic Mount Token]
    - 12th June - [WAR Double Aegis]
    - 13th June - [Box of Otherworldly Talismans]
    - 14th June - [100 Gold]
    - 15th June - [Anniversary Fun Box]
    - 16th June - [Anniversary Companion Box]

    [Anniversary Fun Box]
    - [1x Halfling Pie (10 day)]
    - [10x Twisting Tentacle Pies]
    - [100x Profound Fireworks]
    - [10x Potion of Feral Aspect]
    - [Celebratory Horn]

    [Anniversary Companion Box]
    - [Small Pack Mule] for the Forces of Order
    - [Small Enslaved Pack Mule] for the Forces of Destruction

    These two companions are completely new!


    The Feast of Shoika


    The summer sun has reached its zenith and Dazh smiles down upon his worshippers below. All throughout Kislev pyres are lit, from the smallest village to the largest cities, in honor of Dazh who gave the world the gift of sunlight and fire. These pyres are fueled by sacrifices of mighty beasts, and small scraps of paper upon which the faithful write their prayers, hoping the flames will carry them to the heavens and reach the generous hands of Dazh. The summer season in Kislev is not only the celebration of Dazh, for it also honors Shoika, the powerful Tsarina who established Kislev. It is a time of celebrating in a manner most fitting of the Old World, with fire and blood.

    As our next Live Event, The Feast of Shoika will be returning to celebrate the founding of Kislev and the start of the Kislevite New Year.

    The Feast of Shoika Live Event will be held between June 28th and July 8th.

    Join the festivities in the city of Altdorf to earn the Blessings of the Gods and celebrate together with Kislevite Boyars, Priests of Dazh and mysterious hag mothers. Meanwhile, Dolgans and goblins from the east join the Raven Host as the forces of Chaos seek to raze Kislev and turn its lands into one massive pyre honoring the Lord of Change.

    Re-experience the unique Quests and Public Quests of this Live Event and have a chance to earn its limited time rewards again.

    Provisional Rewards

    - Event Cosmetics: [Kossar's Helm] or [Feast of Shoika Alcohol Sampler]
    - Event Pets: [Oblast Elk Fawn] or [Lynsk Bear Cub]
    - Event Mounts: [Oblast Elk Saddle] or [Lynsk Bear Saddle] or [Bound Ice Daemon]
    - Event Cloaks: [Druzhina's Korzna] or [Kislevite Kozhukhi] or [Pulkowa Palatka]
    - [Event Dyes]
    - ...and more!


    Twilight's Tide


    The dreaded time of year has come once again when Sariour na Yenlui thins the veil between the Realm of Chaos, and the known world. Archmages strengthen wards on ancient menhirs, while Asur hosts assemble to face the daemonic onslaught. Only superior elven craftsmanship will see Ulthuan through another Twilight’s Tide.

    We would also like to announce ahead of time the return of Twilight's Tide, our most requested Live Event from players. We are happy to announce it will be held again this year.

    This year's Twilight's Tide will be held between July 26th through August 16th, get ready to craft!

    Twilight’s Tide marks the time of year when Morrslieb is closest to the known world, a dangerous time of year when the daemons of Chaos flood into the known world, with a particular focus on Ulthuan and the ancestors of Aenarion. Meanwhile, the dreaded Druchii are never ones to miss an opportunity to strike at a distracted foe.

    Twilight's Tide Rings

    The main element of this live event is the ability for players to craft their own rings, tailored to their needs. 40 combinations of rings exist, which across four tiers (levels 11, 21, 31, and 40) and four rarity brackets (green, blue, purple, red) equals 440 rings. Upon being crafted rings will have a talisman slot intended for unique live-event talismans, though the rings will decay after 30 days and turn into a permanent ring without a talisman slot. The talismans only work on these event rings for balance purposes.

    Provisional Rewards

    - [Twilight's Tide Event Rings]
    - Event Professions: [Ore Refiner's Writ] or [Jewelsmith's Writ] or [Artificer's Writ]
    - Event Mounts: [Sapherian Unicorn] or [Dark Unicorn] or [Twilight's Ascent Disc]
    - Event Cloaks: [Cloak of Twilight] or [Cloak of Shadowy Tendrils]
    - [Event Dyes]
    - ...and more!
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  • Patch Notes 05/06/2024
    Weekend Warfront: Blood Basin


    The blackened environs of Black Fire Pass are home to one of the bloodiest battles yet seen. The clash of steel on steel does little to drown out the screams of the wounded as Order and Destruction forces struggle for dominance in the blood-mired snow.

    This weekend the Blood Basin will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 Friday to 12:00 Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Black Fire Basin scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Realm versus Realm
    Live Event: Sigmartag

    We noticed Realms had a difficult time to accumulate the Event Renown Boosts through collecting [Skull of A Fallen Foe]. The old implementation would have required 5,000 [Skull of A Fallen Foe] to be collected within 8 hours, we thought this was too much currently.

    We'd like players to enjoy the benefits of Sigmartag's Renown Boost more consistently, and in all time-zones.

    New Realm Skull Requirements :

    - 250+ Skulls: 10% Renown Boost

    - 500+ Skulls: 20% Renown Boost

    - 750+ Skulls: 30% Renown Boost

    - 1000+ Skulls:40% Renown Boost

    - 1250+ Skulls: 50% Renown Boost

    Sigmartag Relic

    - Relics during the event should show up properly on your map moving on.


    We have identified the issue regarding RvR Gold Bags sometimes not rewarding players with set items. This fix on the other hand resulted in Reward Brackets to be slightly modified:

    - Players Renown ranks 1 to 20 will receive Obliterator Set pieces

    - Players Renown ranks 20 to 29 will receive Devastator Set pieces

    - Players Renown ranks 30 to 39 will receive Annihilator Set pieces

    - Players Renown ranks 40 to 49 will receive Conqueror Set pieces

    - Players Renown ranks 50 to 255 will receive Vanquisher Set pieces


    - Guild Standards have been restored to function properly again, see Bug-Fixes section!

    - You can now once more capture the enemy realms guild standards.

    Combat and Careers
    Balance Changes

    - Graceful Strike was changed to generate double hate from damage (including Damage over Time) instead of a fixed amount of extra hate to bring it in line with other tanks.

    This change is in connection with the listed bug-fixes regarding Tanks, to make all Tank Careers generate hate the same way.


    - The Helmets of Dominion from the Veteran Renown Gear merchants have been upgraded to be given stats, to be useful for someone that is just fresh into tier 2.

    - The Cloak of Conquest from the Veteran Renown Gear merchants have been upgraded to be given stats.


    - When an event is edited a new guild log is sent with the new information.

    - When an event is 30 minutes from starting a message is now also sent in guild chat.

    Character Restoration

    We have updated our Character Restoration Guidelines. Players can now request the recovery of deleted characters. We ask everyone to please read and follow our newly established guidelines, if you are thinking about using this new support feature.

    You can read our Character Restoration Guidelines here.

    Bug Fixes

    We have allocated more resources to fixing bugs and issues reported to us. You can track this process through our [Bug Tracker], where you'll be able to see reported bugs, resolved cases, and closed reports.

    We are very grateful for your assistance with our project by reporting issues you encounter, and we encourage everyone to do the same if they come across a bug. We only ask that when you report an issue, provide us with as many details as you can to help us reproduce them:

    - Clear description of the issue & Error Messages
    - Exact steps to reproduce & Frequency
    - Screenshots or Videos
    - Character information
    - Additional context

    [22769] - [world] All tok are broken for all monsters . No counts for any kills.
    [21993] - [Item] - Caledor scorpion spawning
    [08845] - [Item] - Black Chasm
    [22784] - [Zealot] Fetish of the subjugator without any stats and Fortress weapon
    [22692] - [Ironbreaker, Black Orc, Swordmaster] Aggro generation issue on IB
    [22522] - [Ironbreaker] - Shield Sweep Grudge Generation Broken
    [22638] - [Ironbreaker] - Avenging The Debt doesn't provide snares and root immunity to Oath Friend
    [22787] - [Choppa] - Furious Stompin' Tooltip is messed up
    [22277] - [Swordmaster, Black Orc, Slayer] - Added a Tooltip description to say Not Affected by Cooldown Reduction
    [22485] - [Knight, Chosen] - Added description to tooltip stating, "Targets can only be damaged once every two seconds." For their reflect damage abilities.
    [21693] - Guild standard buffs should now work both when holding it and placing it on the ground.
    [13060] - Guild standard needs to be stowed before entering an SC.
    [16032] - Guild standard 2 and 3 can now be used at the guild level they are rewarded.
    [22362] - Guild standard now correctly grants movement speed.
    [20603] - Guild standard can no longer be claimed by 2 people at the same time
    [19756] - Guild standard post 4 can now be used
    [07231] - Re-did area to mark Thane's Defense as part of Ch7 influence
    [19966] - Quest items can now be withdrawn from the bank. Note that they automatically gets added to your quest items bag and that you have to drag them to your normal inventory as there is no right click nor space to drag to quest items.
    [19684] - Bank items now show talismans and bind status
    [22449] - Choppa will also grow in size as they reach Red Berserk stage.
    [22765] - Melee Squig Herder's "Outta My Way!" charge now properly respects punt immunity.
    [22703] - Siege Oil can no longer be pulled by player skills like Magnet, Rift, etc.
    [22773] - Siege Rams can no longer be pulled by player skills like Magnet, Rift, Marauder Pull or White Lion fetch.
    [22660] - RvR Gold Bags missing Set Items.
    [22082] - Siege Rams should be properly visible again on your map.
    Wed Jun 05, 2024 7:31 am View the latest post
  • Patch Notes 30/05/2024
    Live Event: Sigmartag

    Click here to watch on YouTube


    Bells toll across the Empire on the 18th of Sigmarzeit, for on this day Sigmar ascended to the heavens to take up his mantle as god. No longer would the men of the Old World have to live in fear of the wilds and children of Chaos, for one of their own was among the divine hosts to watch over the Empire he founded. All citizens of the Empire, praise Sigmar!

    Sigmartag is the most important celebration across the Empire, as citizens flock to Altdorf for celebrations full of spectacles and food - especially Sizzling Sausages! Elsewhere, denizens of Chaos pay tribute to their own first Champion, a sad mimicry of Sigmar’s triumph.

    This live event will run from May 31st to June 14th, Altdorf noon time. May Sigmar Bless You All.


    - Basic: [Sigmar's Sizzling Sausage], [Balthasar’s Blocking Bacon], [Franz’s Fiery Fishsticks], [Volkmar’s Vigilant Venison], [Harald’s Hearty Ham], [Be’lakor’s Baleful Bacon], [Festus’ Finger-lickin’ Frog Legs], or [Sigvald’s Scrumptious Sausage] - unique limited-time pocket items that give you some bonus, but at a cost. No one said such fatty food was good for the gut.
    - Advanced: [Hammer of the Goblins Icon] for Order, or [Harry the Hammer's Icon] for Destruction; or a Potion of Acclaim. Trophies can be previewed here .
    - Elite: [Heldenhammer's Pendant] for the forces of Order, or [Hammerstorm's Pendant] for the forces of Destruction. These are Live-Event-Slot items.

    All Live Event Rewards are only available from the associated heralds: Arch Lector Kaslain in the Temple of Sigmar, or Sven Bloody-Hand in the Sacellum.

    Live Event Quest: Griffon Mounts / Chaotic Origins Disc. You can preview the Mounts here and Magus Disc here. Additionally, players who push to the end of this questline can expect to earn a new cloak.

    Hidden Quests: The Sigmartag festivities have brought with them some trinkets to acquire. How many are there? What do they reward? That is for the curious to find out.

    Skulls of Fallen Foes and Relics

    Every player kill during this event will drop a Skull of a Fallen Foe.

    New limited time shrines have appeared in Altdorf's West Temple and near the Inevitable City's Sacellum Arena. Take the skulls you acquire and contribute them here in honor of the gods, and you'll receive a limited time Renown Boost.

    The Renown Boost lasts for 8 hours, and by working together as a realm, you can increase the boost even higher. The boost only works in RvR lakes. The boosts, and the skills required, are:

    Realm Skull Boosts (Per faction, resets every 8 hours):

    - 1000+ Skulls: 10% Renown Boost
    - 2000+ Skulls: 20% Renown Boost
    - 3000+ Skulls: 30% Renown Boost
    - 4000+ Skulls:40% Renown Boost
    - 5000+ Skulls: 50% Renown Boost

    Heroic Relics

    After every 1,000 skulls donated, a Relic will soon spawn in front of either the Reikwald Fortress (Order) or The Maw (Destruction).

    This Relic acts as a pairing wide flag running mechanic, and if you can escort your relic all the way to the enemy's shrine (Order runs to Maw, Destro to Reikwald) and place it there, your entire realm in the zone will get an additional 50% Renown Boost, which stacks on top of your normal skull Renown Boost.

    Likewise, if you intercept the enemy realm and prevent them from capturing their relic, your realm will earn a 25% Renown Bonus for a successful defense.

    Relics must be taken through RvR flagged zones and cannot be pulled into PvE, and with a full 3 maps to traverse, you can set ambushes for your enemy or send scouts ahead to ensure your relic caravan survives the journey. Relics can spawn at maximum once per hour, and are intended to layer in more options for RvR players during this event.

    Live Event Shoppe & Event Dyes

    During Sigmartag players can purchase 30 live-event themed dyes, including four spec dyes themed around the Empire and its distant history. During Sigmartag, Order players can purchase these limited-time dyes from Felicia Grunhaber near the Temple of Sigmar, and Destruction players can shop with Kresla Beingen near the western entrance to the Sacellum.

    Dye previews are available here towards the bottom, but please be aware that the colors may apply differently on different base armor colors. We recommend to use an addon such as Pocket Palette to see how this dye will look on your armor, but please note it may take a few days before the add-on is updated. These colors were taken from official publications.

    Sigmar's Crypts and Bilerot Burrow Re-launch


    The re-launch of Sigmar's Crypts for Order players and Bilerot Burrow for Destruction players has arrived!

    This re-launch features even more in-depth fight re-works than our previous Bastion Stair update, and includes:

    - Completely new / improved mechanics for many existing fights
    - Two brand new bosses in Bilerot Burrow
    (The Pox-Bloated Child and Ekscremite the Septic)
    - Streamlined experience so players only clear either Crypts (Order) or Bilerot (Destro) for their full Sentinel set

    The previous paired Dungeons, Tunnels and Bloodwrought Enclave, have been split off and are being reserved for a re-launch in the far future, likely with a new armor set tied to them. Now, you'll only need to run a single dungeon instead of moving into two or three different instances.

    Effects that always show: We've also updated many new and existing PvE mechanics, like puddles that use fire or cloud effects, to always be visible, no matter what your graphics settings are at.

    We're still fine-tuning some bugs, but overall players should now properly see key mechanics in PvE without needing to change their settings.

    Weekend Warfront: Trial By Fire


    The Bright College has long been a target of Tzeentch, who sees himself as the sole master of the Flames of Change. The Masters Vigilant have always had to work hard to keep the pyromancers free from corruption, though recently the rising power of Tzeentch threatens to overwhelm the capabilities of the Masters Vigilant.

    Agents of Chaos have somehow infiltrated the Bright College, leaving the Masters Vigilant scrambling to purge the surging corruption. Join your realm in the battle for the heart of the Bright Wizard College in the College of Corruption scenario.

    This weekend Trial by Fire will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Colleges of Corruption scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Realm versus Realm
    War Report

    - War Report now has a 5 second cast time

    - War Report not usable while in stealth

    War Report was added a cast time, as it has been used to escape potential fights, which is unintended behavior. Going forward, we intend War Report to be mainly used to travel around frontlines while outside of potential combat situations. Entering combat while casting War Report will cancel the teleport.

    Tier 2 Armor Rework

    We are happy to announce another milestone that brings us closer to the end of the Tier-2 content rework.
    All of the Tier-2 sets have been analyzed, updated, and we hope upgraded.

    The Havoc, Tracker, Obliterator, and Challenger sets have all been expanded to four-piece sets in order for them to be more desirable compared to Keeper's, and keeping in line with our approach of increasing set-sizes from Tier 1 to Tier 4 to create a smoother progression to the 6-piece sets that define Tier4+. All T2 sets have likewise lost their set bonus that increased a mastery tree by a single point. This mastery-tree modifier often led to issues and we prefer to not use it.

    Obliterator and Challenger were used as baseline sets at Item Level 21. Their stats have been adjusted to match this value. The Tracker's set has been changed from item-levels 12-16 to be item-level 20, thus benefiting from large statistical gains. The Havoc set has been increased from item-levels 13-15 to item-level 19, thus benefiting from large statistical gains. The Keeper's set has been adjusted as it had statistical irregularities, and it has gone from item-level 17 to item-level 20, though this does not imply that it was buffed, nor does 'adjusted' mean that it was nerfed without saying it directly - some pieces had increases in stats, other pieces had decreases. Please note that item-level does not equal the minimum level to equip these items, these have either been unchanged or lowered.

    City Public Quests & The City-Watch Set

    As part of the Tier 2 armor rework, and in time for Sigmartag celebrations, 5 of the Altdorf and Inevitable City public quests have been reimplemented as Tier 2 content and will now reward players with the City-Watch armor set in gold bags (each PQ has one piece), along with some assorted gear in blue and purple bags. The City-Watch armor set is item-level 19, just below Keeper's, and offers alternate-spec stats (i.e. if Keeper's is main-spec for one class, City-Watch is off-spec). However, this set does not reward wards due to the ease of acquiring it.
    This set also rewards a 'new' appearance for players as far as armor sets are concerned.

    The Altdorf Public Quests, in order of increasing difficulty, are:

    - The Tar and Jar Brawl in the Blowhold Tavern

    - The March of the Dead along the Docks (midway between the two taverns)

    - The Pale-Eye Hideout just east of the Bright Wizard College entrance

    - The Cult of the Feathered Coin under the Altdorf Library, accessible via the alleyway west of the Library.

    - The Daemons of the Night near the middle entrance of the Altdorf Sewers

    The Inevitable City Public Quests, in order of increasing difficulty, are:

    - The Temple of the Damned at the Temple of Change

    - Toil and Trouble at Fleshrot Alley in the east of the IC

    - Inevitable Rot near the Ellysium at the Lost Narrows

    - Disputable Power inside a house at the end of Dread Way in the west of the IC

    - The Bigger They Are... inside the Sacellum arena.

    Appearance Guide

    The Appearance Guide has had the image for Tier 1 and Tier 2 sets updated with higher quality images. The shoulders for the Tracker and Havoc set, which were not previously on an armor set, are now obtainable. The helm associated with the look of the Havoc set is not yet obtainable on an armor set. Please note that the images show the 'complete look' of that appearance, not the pieces of that set. To find the 'missing' pieces of a particular look, you will have to explore the world - do some quests, visit some vendors.

    City Dungeon Maps

    Just in time for the Sigmartag festivities, our cartographers have finished mapping out the Altdorf Sewers, Sacellum Holding-Pits, Sigmar's Crypts, and Bilerot Burrow. The implementation of the Sewers and Sacellum maps may be delayed due to the quantity*

    Dungeon Weekly

    - Sigmar's Crypts and Bilerot Burrows now contribute to the Dungeon Weekly.
    - As the Sentinel Armor and Ring is now available via the City Dungeons, the Sentinel Medallions will be replaced in the Dungeon Weekly starting next week.

    Bastion Stairs Quest Rework

    We have analyzed all the quests in the Bastion Stairs instance, and we have implemented many fixes for these quests. We have also introduced many new rewards that are aimed to be beneficial to both low level players and high level players. Have fun finding and obtaining all the new rewards!

    Tome of Knowledge

    The tome unlocks for walking have been reduced to 200, 2000 & 20000 leagues. 1% of their original values.
    The player that has walked the longest in RoR has walked 9,460 leagues so far.

    Tier 2 Rework Update

    With the completion of the Tier 2 Armor set updates, and the reintroduction of the Altdorf/Inevitable City PQs, we are 99% done with the Tier 2 update. All that remains are the Tier 2 hidden quests, and their unique rewards.

    Clink clank clink clank. Don't those blacksmiths have anything better to do during Sigmartag?! They should be fattening up on sizzling sausages! All I can hear over all this noise is something about heralds and heaters. Are the heralds crying about the incoming summer? This noise is making my head hurt. I think I need to go eat a sizzling sausage.

    User Interface

    The following Guild Log Entries have been restored in their Guild Overview panel:

    - Standard bearer assign
    - Standard bearer unassign
    - Event cancellations
    - Event about to begin
    - Vault expand
    - Clarified between keep lost and keep unclaimed
    - Guild events now remove themselves after event end time

    Starting from now, Depositing Items and Money, as well as Withdrawing will be logged. This new feature won't be immediately accessible yet in UI but know that it is coming soon.

    With these changes, we aim to give more control to Guilds, allowing them to properly track activities relevant to them and view logs of deposits and withdrawals.

    Player Memorial: Zuna

    We are deeply saddened to share that a fellow player of ours, Zuna, has recently passed away. Zuna was a well-known part of our community, and we will miss their presence dearly. Our thoughts are with everyone who knew and played alongside Zuna.

    The Community has organized a Player Memorial March on the 1st of June - 7pm Altdorf Time from Martyr's Square to the Praag Graveyard to share some tales and honor his memory.

    - Gravestone has been named in the Praag Graveyard in memory of Zuna.

    - The resting place of our dear player, Noergl, has been moved to a coffin in Karaz-a-Karak Heroes' Crypts with the permission of the Bitterstone Thunderers.


    The following Suggestions & Feedback Threads from the Forums have been locked,reviewed and addressed or partially addressed for this update:

    [Art] A proposal related to the design and quality of art
    [Visuals] The Challenge Glow
    [Visuals] New Challenge Glow Suggestion

    Thank you for providing the Return of Reckoning Team valuable feedback to help the development of the project, we will continue to track your messages, answer and address them as time allows!

    Bug Fixes

    [22690] - Gunbad Influence has been reset - you can earn your new rewards again.
    [22708] - "Pile it Up!" now has the proper Quest Description
    [22714] - Defending a keep and making it safe should now restore doors HP to their rank value and not the keep base value.
    Thu May 30, 2024 12:36 pm View the latest post
  • Game Update News - 24/05/2024
    Game Update News
    Ability Effects

    In our most recent Patch and Client Update , that you can download here, several optimizations and quality of life changes have been implemented that we would love to hear your feedback about. The majority of these changes are affecting Ability Animations that might have an effect on your client's performance and we want the best experience for everyone.

    If these updates are already visible to you, you do not need to download our newest client, only if for some reason yours is outdated and you don't see these changes.

    For installing our new Client, we recommend a clean installation without copying over old files to prevent any complications with our new client version.

    Challenge Glow

    First, this feature has been requested by a lot of you for some time.

    With the new update, the old red glow animation is no longer visible on enemy targets that have been Challenged by Tank Careers. This not only improves performance but also improves clarity and overall visuals in battles, both small and large scale.

    If you still have glowing enemies, you can update your client for this change.


    Area of Effect Abilities

    Additionally, there were changes applied to certain abilities that have an area effect. These abilities have a core place in the current game and are also required for certain game mechanics both in PvE and PvP content, and as such we were thinking they should be visible at all times.

    We understand many of you play on low settings or have animations disabled so feedback about this is extremely important to us.

    As of the new Update, certain Area Effect Abilities such as "Rain of Fire" from Bright Wizards or "Pit of Shades" from Sorcerers will be visible even while users set their "Play Ability Effects on" only to "Self" or "None".


    Player Feedback

    That is it for our Game Update News this time around.

    These changes can be currently considered experimental and we are looking for player feedback about them, so please share your thoughts and your experience. We are especially curious about how these changes affect game performance and we want to ensure we do not worsen that aspect of the game, while visuals are being modified

    Thank you for reading!

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