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  • Hotfix 14th August 2018
    - Restored the extra mastery point from the +1 Path of X set bonus.
    - Adjusted the set bonus code. This should prevent you from losing your bonus mastery point every time you change gear.
    - Gork's Barbs will now inflict damage.
    - Challenge will once again function.
    - Indigestion, Penetrating Siphon and Gimme Dat! should now be available.
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  • Server Patch notes 14/08/2018
    - Rewrote the career package handling, which handles among other things career mastery and renown mastery. All characters will need to reconfigure their career and renown mastery. This should fix miscellaneous issues with both.
    - Players will be teleported to the nearest spawn when falling through the world instead of being killed.

    - Now attempt to teleport players out of scenarios when restarting the sc handler.

    - Reverted the defense calculations to behave as they did before I left.
    - Removed access to True Strike.
    - As a result of the package handling rewrite, Hardy Concession will now function.


    DoT ticks no longer trigger the auto attack.

    - M4 Alter Fate is now operational.

    Bright Wizard / Sorceress
    - Flames of Rhuin and Frozen Touch correctly trigger when the target is successfully attacked rather than when the target receives direct damage.

    - Rage will affect Reckless Gamble and Hurtin' Time.
    - The DoT portion of Inevitable Doom no longer counts as direct damage against the person hosting the debuff.
    Rampage will be reverted and the 2h tree further improved with a client patch.

    - Swapped the skills at lifetap 5 and damage 5. As there was no client patch, this will not be fully reflected on the client.
    - The Empowered Lores tactic and its Shaman mirror will now only build extra mechanic points when the ability actually builds rather than consumes mechanic points.
    - Gork's Barbs will now inflict its damage as direct damage in a 30ft AoE when the target receives a direct heal. This effect cannot be triggered more than once every second.
    - The cooldown of Gork's Barbs is now 20s.
    - Dissipating Energies is now 5s duration, 1s tick and 20s cooldown.
    Da Waaagh! Is Coming will change with a client patch if necessary.

    [Black Orc]

    Right in Da Jibblies - Added interrupt component to carry a persistent effect of ability even if they are knock up immune.

    [Warrior Priest]

    Hammer of Sigmar - Will no longer buff the player with accelerated intimation, this was set to facilitate the use of Soulfire before client control, now its cast time is appropriate it is no longer needed.

    - Disabled all quests of quest chains 'Chapter 2: The Trail of Bones' and 'Chapter 3: The Trail of Bones' as they are related to the live event 'Beyond the Sands'
    - Corrected the description of the last quest 'Spotting Trouble' so that it now indicates the correct entrance of The Sewers of Altdorf

    Fixed/Set questmarkers for these quests:
    - Paranoid Raven Games
    - Boss Huntin'
    - Means of Betrayal
    - Treasure Under Altdorf
    - The Devil Inside
    - Chapter 3: The Trail of Bones
    - Spotting Trouble
    - Tasty Morsels

    [12148] Last quest of quest chain 'Distrust' is now working
    [11402] The quest can now be turned in to Dolun Hammerson

    [12157] Avelorn Shieldbreaker´s are now on their positions for "Defender's Defeat".
    [12155] Alexis Koertig death counts now for "What Empire Wants".
    [12151] The City Guard is back on his duty for "Sewer Invasion".


    - BOs will now keep realm affiliation after being captured for 120 seconds and turn neutral after this time
    - When there is no one around BO the portal from Warcamp will be disabled
    - Keep Lords will now just remove from aggro list people that are over 150ft from him instead of terminating them
    - Keep Lords will now remove players from aggro list after 15 seconds instead of 60 seconds
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  • Server hotfix notes 06/08/2018
    - Detaunts now reduce the damage of any of your effects on detaunted targets by the detaunt's reduction value.
    - The Close Combat tactic now correctly triggers on single target melee ability damage rather than all melee ability damage.

    - Retribution and Bring It On now correctly scale with rage.

    Witch Hunter/Witch Elf
    - Stealth now correctly has a chance to break when attacked rather than when receiving any damage.

    - Backend work on sending renown packages from the trainer correctly.

    True Strike
    - Costs modified to be in line with crit abilities (5, 10, 15, 15) = 45 total.
    Enough people seemed to think TS was an excessive addition that I'll make this tweak, but we will now see how things go.

    - Fixed the bonus experience gain mentioned in the last patch and increased the value. Scenario XP gain formula is now TeamScore * Math.Pow(Tier, 1.67) * ScenarioSpecificRewardScale instead of TeamScore * Tier * ScenarioSpecificRewardScale. This means 2.5x more win XP in Tier 4.
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  • Client Changelog 04/08/2018


    Black Orc

    - WAAAAAAAGH! - Now debuffs enemies elemental resistances (instead of Corporeal) and instead of granting a buff which increased team mates auto attack speed by 20% for 5s it now grants a Blessing which increases team mates (who are within 30ft of the player) auto attack DAMAGE by 25% for 10s. Bespoke Buff component set.

    Change to Elemental will be reverted on next restart/crash - Azarael

    - You Wot!?!! - Now reduces the damage you deal to all but focused target to 90% (up from 80%) and the negative self effect of -25% wounds and -50% incoming heal debuff has been changed to ALL your defences (including armour, resistances, parry, block, dodge, disrupt) are cut by 50%. For example, if you have 4000 armour, 400 resistances and 20% block/parry/dodge/disrupt normally you will have 2000 armour, 200 resistances and 10% block/parry/dodge/disrupt during the "crash" phase.

    - We'z Bigger - Rebuilt to apply visual effect on team

    - Big Brawlin' - Tactic - Snare and disorient augmentation to Big Swing are both reduced to 20% (down from 40% snare and 25% disorient) but the 10s cooldown penalty has been removed entirely. Debuff is an Ailment.

    - Down Ya Go! - The group cooldown reduction is now a blessing and is bespoke to ability.

    - Right in Da Jibblies - Added micro knockup to the ability as per live working, doesnt grant immunities but does respect them.

    - Follow 'me Lead - Set to apply on player as well as defensive target.


    - Git to Da Choppa - Reworked to show a buffline on the caster when using the ability.


    - Corrected a number of abilities which used the wrong type (buff instead of debuff, etc.)

    All MDPS
    - Added archetype tactic "Close Combat". This tactic provides a 25% damage reduction against ranged and magical damage for 2 seconds after using a direct-damage, single-target melee ability on an enemy. This reduction will not stack with the effects of localized damage reductions, such as Detaunts or Guard.

    - Rebuilt Vaul 11pt tactic Dragon's Breath (knockback on Dragon's Talon) to Raking Talons (effect of Dragon's Talon is applied in a 20ft AoE).
    - Rebuilt Redirected Force. Requires Block, inflicts damage and a medium knockback.

    Squig Herder
    - Indigestion is now a Hex, like Sticky Squigz, so that it can be group cleansed.
    - Changed Choking Arrer and Not So Fast! from Cripple to Ailment.

    - Mutating Blue Fire is a 2s cast by request.

    - Rampage requires a Great Weapon.
    - Rebuilt Retribution. 5s channel, 30s cooldown. Inflicts damage to all targets 25 feet in front of you every second. Damage on each strike after the first is increased by 15% for each enemy that hit you during the previous second, up to 60% maximum.
    - Precarious Assault's damage now matches Spellbreaker's.

    - Rebuilt Bring It On. 5s channel, 30s cooldown. Inflicts damage to all targets 25 feet in front of you every second. Damage on each strike after the first is increased by 15% for each enemy that hit you during the previous second, up to 60% maximum.
    - Reckless Blow's damage now matches Spellbreaker's.

    Warrior Priest
    - Soulfire is now a 1s cast but has a 4s cooldown (to prevent it being spammed with no target as a Righteous Fury generator.)

    [Renown Specialization]
    - Deft Defender now increases Dodge and Disrupt to a maximum of 14% (2,3,4,5) instead of 18% (3,4,5,6). This is because it was a very efficient investment of Renown points. Reverted on next restart/crash - Azarael
    - Added a new series of Renown passives, True Strike. These increase Parry, Dodge and Disrupt strikethrough rates by up to 14% (2,3,4,5). I see no reason to separate these along melee, ranged and magic lines, since the few classes that attack with multiple stats have conversions to help them do so anyway (Shadow Warrior, Squig Herder).


    - Fixed "In Combat Bug" when signing up for scenarios after being knockbacked.


    - Updated Reticle textures to increase detail correct north direction.
    - Lava texture is now more detailed.
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  • Server Patch notes 04/08/2018

    - Serverside clear of target range has been increased to match what client can maintain as target.
    - Backend work to allow disabling of gameobjects without removing them.

    - Ordnance removed from the lakes, should no longer get stuck on these ancient objects from another era


    - Debolster lock of spells and abilities now respects +mastery from gear.

    The following abilities are once again effected by cooldown reduction abilities.

    - Rune of Battle
    - Da Waaagh! Is Coming
    - Rending Blade
    - Shades of Death

    - DoTs will no longer incorrectly raise OnHit events when they tick. OnHit events will, correctly, only be raised when they are first applied. This means that DoT ticks will no longer consume stacks of Taunt, Detaunt, Challenge, Guard, break stealth, etc.

    - Lifetaps were previously undefendable because they had no stat assigned for the damage component. This has been rectified.

    [Combat Mechanics]
    - Morale gain has been restored to Age of Reckoning levels. We will be looking at morale abilities as necessary in the wake of the results of this change.
    - Reverted a recent change to the AP regeneration mechanics which was intended to have it match live. This was done for flow reasons.


    - Keeper gear currency now stacks with itself
    - Mysterious Nurgling set to invulnerable, non aggressive. Should no longer die and disappear.


    - Guild promote and demote now skips ranks that are not enabled.
    - Inviting someone to the guild should now add them as rank 0 and not rank 1.

    - Experience gains from scenarios are now multiplied by the scenario's tier to the power of 1.5 rather than just the scenario's tier.
    - Career trainers are in the 6v6 scenarios.
    - 6v6 scenarios which pop with two premade groups will use different reward handling, which is a modification of peterthepan3's suggestions in his topic.
    - 6v6 scenarios which pop with two premade groups will not spawn guards.
    - The scenario queue will prioritise creating 6v6 scenarios first.


    - Quest 'Nowhere to Run': NPCs 'Despondent Noble' and 'Hopeless Brightbow' will no longer have higher HPs than normal
    - Quest 'Means of Betrayal': Modified the objectives of the second quest of this quest chain to fit more with instructions

    - If a quest requires you to talk to a NPC, you may do so only once per objective they are relevant to.
    - PvE quests above Tier 2 give 100% more XP, with an additional 100% if they are turned in to an NPC within a zone which is part of the pairing assigned to the race of the character you are playing.
    - Mobs which count towards PvE quests will give 100% more XP while you are doing the quest, with an additional 100% if you are in a zone in Tier 2 or higher which is part of the pairing assigned to the race of the character you are playing.


    [12036] Added spawns of GO so that the first stage can be finished
    [12041] NPCs 'Hopeless Citizen' and 'Despondent Citizen' will no longer have higher HPs, they will thus be easier to kill
    [11892] Swordmasters should now be able to see and take advanced and elite influence rewards of High Elf Chapter 10
    [11572] NPCs will now spawn from the GOs everytime the player clicks on it during second stage


    A majority of quests, items, npcs and gameobjects in Tier 1 Empire vs Chaos are now available in French, Spanish, German and Italian. (Russian coming soon)

    Thanks to the community translators:
    French: Arroswar, Baeltest, Hemen20, sylvain, febvre, fderradj, Ghatisgob, Lourattitude, Nircivarth, zageen60, olivier.sorensen, Requiem, thorbolt80, sixpiwan, zaro73. German: janfabrig, Change, cimba, Darosh, d.santa, Dontas, Enoo, Finduil, holdelupp, Idrinth, insa_kruse, ioerror, JanSchneider, sebastian-schwericke, Nordikai, Oculta, Oreas, wowhaubrock, p.medl94, ragafury, razvanluchian85, Schmissgesicht, simon.rakel. Italian: Amidala, gattocate666, DavidRob, emilianodark, HansPaulBrisa, Moranda, Nefarian78, Tesq, Trasnar. Spanish: Babalu, Estigia, info.ivan, anargast, mieles, policiacaro, takhysis. Russian: afa555, Ainu, Cuppkiller, Cyberwolk, deBugErr, badoev, dimondii, Favnir, gyurza, Horusaximand, serisoto1, Jandice, kallian.tribe, Kindred4080, Nabaro, Nvm1nd, hamidullin.ilya, Scrilian, Stenier, winged.desu, Gumpertappolo, VovanKlepakoff, WarXL, dmfrodol, shooshpanovsky.
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