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  • Patch Notes 22/4/2017

    - Adjusted zone cap contribution when AAO is present, it was causing errors.

    [Class Changes]

    Testing Phase - These can be removed or changed without warning at any time.

    Blackguard Update
    - Shield of Rage will now also be placed upon your Dark Protector if they are within 50ft.

    Path of Malice
    - Removed Blade of Ruin
    - Added ability Get Down! to 9 points path of malice
    - Moved enraged beating to 5 points.

    Path of Loathing
    - Force of Fury moved to 13 points.
    - Force of Fury will now also be placed upon your Dark Protector if they are within 50ft.
    - Terrifying Foe moved to 7 points.
    - None Shall Pass moved back to 5 points.
    - Anger Drives Me moved to 3 points.
    Amendment - Changed FoF to work as a percentage value instead of being a static value. If you have 50% chance to be critically hit you will, after a 45% reduction from Force of Fury, then have a 27.5% chance to be critically hit as opposed to 5%.

    Path of Anguish
    - Elite Training now offers both Parry and Disrupt, it will still defend against only 4 attacks, however they can be they parried OR disrupted and any variation of.
    - Elite Training will now also be placed upon your Dark Protector if they are within 50ft.

    - Get Down! ability is locked to 2 hander and will not work with a S&B though will not grey out.
    - Get Down! cooldown says 10s in tooltip, it is set to 20s.
    - The 'knock down' of Get Down! doesn't animate and place you on the floor, you are disabled with abilities greyed out but other work is needed to make the character lie down.
    - Some abilities will 'red out' and state you are to low to use them but they will work just fine when you can get and use them. These will disappear when you reach certain levels.


    - Added code to detect guild load failure due to alliance related issues.
    - Added check for multiple guild leaders.

    - Modified group XP distribution to scale based on the level of each person in the group - the lower your level the less XP you will receive per kill.


    - Adjusted the zone lock code


    - The Ebon Keep PQ (Ch22 Empire) is now functional.
    - Corrected stats on Ch20, Ch21, and Ch22 Influence items. ~400 items total
    - Fixed several 2H axes that did not have the correct skill flag causing some skills to appear grey.
    - Removed sell prices from all Set Armor pieces, no more accidentally sold my important stuff.

    - Fall of Firebrew PQ (Ch8 Greenskins) is now functional.
    - The Phoenix Eye PQ (Ch20 Dark Elf) is now functional.
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  • Server offline in attempt to fix guilds
    Server will be offline until an unspecified time in an attempt to fix the on-going issue with "missing" guilds. No ETA on when server will be back up, so until then, just wait.

    We'll post updates here, if and when.
    Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:55 pm View the latest post
  • Patch Notes 16/4/2017
    Interesting random note, we have over 10 million inventory items in the DB. That's one of the biggest chunks to load when the server restarts.

    - Some backend work on vendors - Natherul
    - The Kruegerhaus PQ in Talabecland is finally working.
    - Added an egg.
    - Fixed the map for Ch8 Greenskin areas, they should now show on the tracker correctly.
    - Reunited the Lostgits with their Squigs and Gnoblar Diggers
    - Nerfed some champ camps

    - The renown and inf reward from locking a zone now scales with AAO (up to the cap ofc)
    - New currency is now rewarded on zone lock in T2-3 and T4 respectively

    9458 - Corrected dps and stats
    9374 - Corrected career req
    9236 - Added missing stats
    9050 - Influence area corrected
    8820 - Added career req
    8855 - Corrected stats
    8169 - Corrected stats
    6983 - Corrected career req
    6239 - Corrected stats
    6209 - Corrected stats
    5959 - Added missing crit
    5698 - Corrected career req
    5495 - Corrected rarity and career req
    5315 - Corrected career req
    5225 - Changed T1 PQ bosses to Champions
    4837 - Removed armor and skill req
    4406 - Corrected stats
    4109 - Corrected career req
    3818 - Corrected stats
    2189 - Corrected stats
    2086 - Corrected stats
    978 - Corrected stats

    *NOTE* - Lock rewards appear to be bugged at this time.
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  • Medallion/Emblem Potion Wipe
    During the previous patch, for a period of 12 hours or so, an exploit was live regarding duplication of emblems and medallions. Several accounts took it upon themselves to either abuse this exploit, or take advantage of the fact that others had abused it and loaded up their guild banks. The most excessive abusers have been banned for the week, and their accounts will be wiped.

    Do not abuse exploits on this server. Please. I really don't like having to wipe out hard work, it sucks.

    Downtime will persist for a little while as I clean out player inventories and guild banks of all potions purchasable by Medallions or Emblems. This is the price the rest of the server has to pay for such foolishness. Also, these potions will now be Bind on Pickup, and have a sell price of 0. I cannot stress enough how this sort of abuse can affect our community. It doesn't have to be like this.

    Luckily, the extent of the damage is limited to rather expendable potions, I don't expect to hear any complaints about losing them. As in, do not complain about losing them.

    - Note, only stacks of 20 were affected.
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  • [CONTEST] Chapters of Order & Destruction

    "Since the begining, so many armies engaged in this bloody quest. Whatever their reasons, whatever their factions, we must remember them all. Cause some day, they will have to pay back for that."

    Actually, we can't display guild emblems and possibility are limited... But who knows, maybe some day we will be able to do miracles.
    Waiting this miracle, show us colors of your Guild.

    Here is the source you will have to edit :

    An exemple (Vox Irae)

    Rules :
    - 1 submission per guild (and you must be member of this guild ofc)
    - No blabla, just images.
    - Give the guild's name in case of it isn't readable on image.

    Contest duration :
    - contest will close on April 30th.

    Reward :
    - As always. Nothing decided about this. Who knows...

    Good luck!
    Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:46 pm View the latest post