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  • Community Managers
    Hey all!

    Due to the nature of how development works in combination with forums it has been decided that community managers were needed, so me and Xyeppp/Github have been selected as such.

    This means that developers may post less (or even not at all) but the community managers will make sure to go through the messages and relay important information between players and developers, cutting out the crap.

    We will happily accept this task and make sure to read every post in the patch notes as well as suggestions & feedback (and Gameplay and Balance discussion once that opens).

    EDIT: Moderators

    As such I have selected StormX2 and Penril to become forum moderators, they have the power to edit/delete posts, as well as warning and even ban people on the forums (the latter is under extreme circumstances only and will be scrutinized). Their job is to make sure people follow the TOS on the forum and don't flame each other.

    If you believe that they overstep their boundaries in any way and have any sort of proof of this, contact me and I will deal with it. But I have faith in their ability to sort things out.
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  • What you accept about this project before you start playing.
    In light of a slew of terrible quality feedback and some bans for the same, it's time to outline some more subtle things that you are considered to have accepted when you start playing this project.


    1. Return of Reckoning is a combination development and play server.

    Exactly what it says on the tin. This server is SIMULTANEOUSLY the major test server and the general play server. Where the two aims come into conflict, development will always win.

    Complaints about the server being used for the purpose of development, or about disruption caused to play by development problems and issues, will be moderated at the staff's discretion.

    2. This project is in its alpha stage, and alpha means bugs.

    Alpha is not an "excuse". Alpha means Alpha. It means the server is not feature complete. It means you accept that bugs can and will occur. It means that you treat all things as being in flux, and nothing as permanent. It means that you understand and accept the possibility that progress on the server may be reset.

    Complaints in the form of whining on the forum or in game about the effects of bugs, which you are obliged to accept will occur, will be moderated at the staff's discretion.

    Implications that alpha is being used as an excuse will INVARIABLY be moderated.

    3. The developers work off their priority lists, not yours.

    The staff don't care what you think general development priorities should be. The staff don't care whether you think new features are being introduced before old ones are fixed. The staff don't care about whether you think guild standards or PvE should come before RvR. The staff don't care about this because they are unpaid and will devote time to whatever they wish, and (more importantly) because they know better than you what can be fixed at the present time, for whatever reason that may be.

    This comes with the general caveat that the staff will make progress in the best interests of keeping the majority of players, because strange as it may seem to some, we have no intention of alienating the majority of the playerbase.

    Complaints about staff priorities will be moderated at the staff's discretion.

    4. The developers have the right to change anything they so choose, mechanically speaking, and to bear the consequences, in terms of player gain or loss, of bad decisions.

    We are not Mythic. This isn't Age of Reckoning. We have the right to change anything related to the mechanics of the game. Anything.

    Read that again. We have the right to change any mechanics, should we so wish. Will that always be a good idea? No. Will it always work out for the best? No. Will it sometimes work out for the best? Yes. Do we eventually hope that all our changes will be improvements from Mythic's state? Yes.

    Do you have the right to complain that we experiment with such changes?


    Most importantly, do we acknowledge that we will make mistakes? Yes, and we will endeavour to rectify them as soon as possible.

    Complaints about staff exercising executive control over the direction of the game and performing experimentation PER SE WILL INVARIABLY be moderated.

    Unsubstantiated criticism about the actual experimental changes being performed, in the form of unelaborated criticism, requests to remove, etc. WILL INVARIABLY BE MODERATED.

    Constructive criticism about the actual experimental changes being performed IS COMPLETELY ENCOURAGED.

    The general rule is this: If you're going to criticise, do it specifically and in a way that is useful to the team. Complaints for the sake of relieving your own frustration will be removed.

    5. Patchnote threads are for discussion of the content of the patchnotes ONLY.

    When a changelog thread is posted, the staff are interested in hearing general commentary regarding the content of the changelog. That's it. We are not interested in hearing you ask for ETAs for future content or complain about what was omitted from the changelog. That is ungrateful and profoundly irritating.

    Discussion in a changelog thread which is not related to the content of the changelogs, or complains about issues and features which were not part of the changelog, WILL INVARIABLY be moderated.

    If you have any constructive criticism to make about these rules, the Rules Discussion forum is always open.
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  • Recent rollbacks
    Two recent issues have necessitated the three recent rollbacks:

    - An underflow bug in the medallion handler for mailing contribution reward medallions to players who were out of the region or offline.

    - A bug in the relative renown rank scaler which caused a negative value, which was cast to a high positive renown value and caused instant level up and massive BO tick medallion rewards.

    Both of these bugs have been fixed.


    Should another issue arise, there will have to be another rollback. If you have difficulty accepting rollbacks, I strongly advise not performing any actions which have value to you during the next day or so.

    Future rollbacks will affect the following elements:

    - Auctions
    - Renown Rank
    - Gold
    - Items
    - Mail
    - Influence
    - Quest Progress

    We thank you for your patience and remind you that the Return of Reckoning server is our only test environment with a significant number of players, and will occasionally be exposed to serious issues such as the recent ones.
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  • Patchnotes 23/09/16
    [RvR campaign]


    - The base lock timer for a BO has been reduced to 10 minutes.

    - ALL BO lock timers are scaled by relative population. The "contested" period will increase in duration and the "lock" period will decrease in duration, within a maximum variance of +/-50%. This is related to the factor by which one realm outnumbers or is outnumbered, such that a realm with twice as many players as the opposite realm will have 5 minute locks and a realm outnumbered by 50% or more will have 15 minute locks.

    - Players will be granted zone lock rewards even when offline or in another region.

    - When a player's contribution expires, it will now be converted into XP, RP and medallions based on the loser's rate. Like the above, this will also occur if the player is offline.

    - Because of the BO changes, Diminishing Rations will no longer apply outside of a friendly keep's radius, and will read population highs rather than current population in lake to determine the strength of the debuff.

    - Fixed an issue causing the RP that a player with no group received from kills to skip the relative rank/renown rank scaler, causing players with a higher renown rank to receive far too much renown for killing or assisting on lower renown ranked players (and vice versa.)


    - Added an Orc Foreman to Destruction's Bloodfist Rock in Thunder Mountain.

    - Added Keep Capture quests to T2/T3 and T4 mid-pairing zones. Due to complications with multiple objective flags on the quest objective, the Keep Capture quests in other T4 zones and Battlefield Objective Capture quests in all tiers will remain inactive for now.


    - Added items to blue and green keep bags

    - Reduced the potential to "kite" keep lords.

    [Other changes]


    - Fixed an exploit allowing a player to fly from anywhere in the world.
    - Restored a significant amount of NPC state data from packetlogs.
    - Renown text in the chatbox will now show who you killed or assisted.
    - When levelling up, the correct number of available renown points will be displayed.


    - Added an ominous presence to the Arena.

    [Addressed tickets]


    - [7766][7767][7768][7769] Item(s): Added missing talisman slots to all Karaz, Spite's and of Thunder Influence items.
    - [7750] Item(s): Saboteur's quest rewards from the quest 'I Spy' stats added.
    - [7784] Item(s): Added career restriction to the Wargroom's BG items.
    - [7738] Quest(s): Disabled obsolete 'Welcome Back' quests for the time being.
    - [7762] Quest: Shaman Circle NPC spawn added for Nashak the Blighted.
    - [7833] Quest: Dark Investigations quest marker added.
    - [7839] Quest: Von Rhine's Express objective fixed.
    - [7758] World: Added additional hidden warcamp guards to Dwarf Chapter 9 PvE camp.
    - [857] World: Removed invalid gameobjects associated to the old Daemon Moon Rising event.
    - [7781] World: Fixed door granting access to Morkfang da Mad PQ.
    - [7752] NPC: Bernhard double spawn removed.
    - [7751] NPC: Damri Valrison double spawn removed.
    - [7737] NPC: Sister Krankheit double spawn removed.
    - [7733] NPC: Sheen Gloomleaf double spawn removed, is now corrected to be a hostile Champion.
    - [7730] NPC: Grimhide and Steelfang double spawns removed.
    - [7726] NPC: Majestic Unicorns are now friendly to Order in the Blighted Isle.
    - [7710] NPC: Pherinax double spawns removed.
    - [7709] NPC: Billok double spawns removed.
    - [7657] NPC: Father Hofstetter is no longer being attacked by surrounding wolves.
    - [7765] NPC: Clotsnout double spawn removed.
    - [7765] NPC: Moved Gibbitz off the roads for the time being.
    - [7773] NPC: Fixed the subtypes for 2 High Elf NPCs in the Blind Justice PQ.
    - [7779] NPC: Longbeard Hjolfersson double spawns removed.
    - [7780] NPC: Rroth double spawn removed.
    - [7782] NPC: Stonefang double spawn removed.
    - [7804] NPC: Kraggorn double spawns removed.
    - [7806] NPC: Tulkis the Shadow double spawns removed.
    - [7836] NPC: Magus of Fate double spawn removed.
    - [7840] NPC: Von Rhine double spawn removed.
    - [7614] NPC: Solaryn faction changed so she no longer attacks allied mobs.
    - [7824] NPC: Oathbearer Runesmith subtype fixed.
    - [7727] NPC: Loathsome Construct has been moved above ground.


    - [7826] Fixed Terrain exploit at the Marshes of Madness Order Warcamp.
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  • Patch at 01:00 BST 21 September 2016
    I will be issuing a patch with the following changes:


    - Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to log in if there was mail within their mailbox which belonged to a non-existent character and the system determined that the mail should be returned.


    - If a realm is outnumbered, the ration system will only affect them if they are within the radius of a friendly keep.
    - EXPERIMENTAL: The ration system will now give 70% supply instead of 50% supply for having no BOs.
    - The defense bonus for fighting in the closest zone to the fortress will now correctly work, and has been changed to add 30% additional supply. This means that a defender cannot be debuffed within their own zone unless they outnumber the enemy.
    - Diminishing Rations will expressly indicate on the buff tooltip whether or not the debuff is as a result of outnumbering the enemy.
    - The incoming damage tooltip is now shown in a grammatically incorrect fashion (Incoming damage increased to 25%, for example) because its true value was repeatedly being misinterpreted.
    - The ration system now shifts more slowly when the supply value falls below 100%. This is to give the defending realm more time in which to capture a Battlefield Objective to prevent the debuff.
    - EXPERIMENTAL: The effect of Diminishing Rations on incoming and outgoing damage has been halved.
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