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  • A kind reminder and awareness to the community
    We've asked many times that the community to refrain from speculating who the perpetrator(s) are behind the DDoS attacks.

    I strongly advise you knock it off from now on as it's becoming a constant nuisance. Accusations based on false evidence or lack of evidence can and WILL be punishable for players.

    Any continuation of this behaviour can result in temporary bans. You've been warned...
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  • Server Status

    A Note from Genisaurus:

    Genisaurus wrote:Earlier, I said this:

    Genisaurus wrote:There's no evidence that any one particular person is the culprit. Frankly, we're still compiling evidence whether or not it's even a DDoS - most of the symptoms are the same, but there is some other unusual behavior going on that makes it hard to confirm one way or another. Communication with the one or two people who might be able to say conclusively is blocked by time zones and busy schedules.

    We will let you know more as we know more.

    Well, the evidence has come in, been examined, and it's pretty clear that we are suffering a DDoS attack at the moment. Before receiving confirmation from our lovely network wizards, we were a bit in the dark: It looked like a DDoS, it walked like a DDoS, but it didn't quite quack like a DDoS.

    The problems observed by players over the last few days - when it has actually been up - have been caused by slow connections to the database. This includes things like guilds appearing to lose members, auctions seeming to disappear, characters missing, etc. The information is all there, it just isn't getting loaded properly. Now, there's a chance that this slow database connection might not actually be related to the DDoS, so we're taking the opportunity to make some much-needed improvements to our backend just in case.

    But the database aside, we're still experiencing incoming traffic roughly 10x higher than we usually do, and this is testing the limits of our bandwidth. In these conditions, we cannot operate. We're not going anywhere, but the server won't be able to be started until the attacks slow enough for us to accept the usual player traffic. The server will be available as the DDoS attacks slow, but expect it to be spotty and unreliable in the coming days.

    We do ask that our players not spend their time speculating as to whom the culprit(s) behind these attacks may be. DDoS attacks are notoriously difficult if not impossible to trace, and as such there is absolutely no evidence for any accusations beyond conjecture and circumstance. It takes an unstable and sad person to want to DDoS a private server, but the last thing anyone wants to do is to encourage other unstable and sad individuals to try to be vigilantes in our defense.

    For more information about the status of the server, refer to this topic: ... =8&t=15205
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  • Changelog 27th, June 2016
    We took the opportunity to patch while the servers were dead. Here's what's new:

    [Anniversary event]

    The second year anniversary event has been extended by a week. Order now has a follow-up quest after the Slayer Chronicles Ending that allows them to pick up the cape, if they missed it the first time around. The dye quests in T1, T2 and T3 should now be repeatable and have no issues being completed. The gameobjects for both T4 event quests may continue being bugged; wait until a restart to attempt investigating the Dig Site or recovering the Slayer Heirlooms.

    [RvR Campaign]

    - Siege weapons will now decay once deployed and unused for a period of time. Using or towing a siege weapon should reset this time.
    - There can be no more than 2 GTAoE style siege weapons spawned per realm at any keep.

    - A siege weapon's owner can now reclaim the weapon when it is being towed.
    - Siege weapons can no longer be towed outside of RvR areas.
    - Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to deploy a ram if a keep was made safe.


    - Added cast times to the bomb/part dropoffs in Howling Gorge and Serpent's Passage

    -Added Khaine's Embrace scenario handler.

    Adressed Tickets

    - [6906] NPC: Rotting Greatsword - Fixed NPC faction
    - [6899] NPC: Blindwing - Removed duplicate spawn
    - [6896] NPC: Nurgling - Fixed NPC faction
    - [6893] Game Object: Unique Flask - Removed duplicate spawn
    - [6875] NPC: Aviden Mirithas - Fixed faction

    - [6943] Quest: Cold Hard Steel (dye quest) has been made repeatable.

    - [6938] RvR: Fixed an issue that prevented attackers from placing siege within an area that should have been acceptable
    - [6930] Scenarios: Howling Gorge will now bolster appropriately.

    - [6944] NPC: Nosebiter duplicated spawns removed.

    [Other Changes]

    - Corrected the endpoint code for pull abilities. Incidences of players being pulled to a single spot and being rendered unable to move should be reduced.

    - NPC: Fixed the faction of Rotting Masons.

    - Numerous quest conditions fixed/made possible.
    - Replaced worthless stats on many items to ones relevant to class (ongoing).
    - Deactivated the repeatable option on Wounded in Action quest.
    - Plugged Temple of Isha terrain exploit

    - Added a quest for Destruction akin to Order's 'The Mysterious M.B." achievement unlock quest; Da Stunty Mystery. It's given by Ryun Da Fawkz in the Inevitable City's Apex.
    - Cleaned up mob spawns around The Inevitable City's flight master, north of the Apex.
    - The Skullhorn Gors/Ungors, and Bloodpelt Gors/Ungors in The Inevitable City have been made neutral, and are now in a fighting stance with one another without claiming the Menacing Watcher between them for their own.
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  • Changelog 21st June, 2016
    [RvR Campaign]

    - Hitting a keep door with an attack that is too weak will no longer reset the safe timer.
    - A player deploying oil, a ram, or artillery will automatically be given control over that siege equipment.
    - A successful keep defense now has a random chance of spawning a gold chest, instead of it being guaranteed.
    - For a keep defense to spawn a gold chest, the outer door must have been destroyed (instead of requiring a minimum number of slain players).
    - Hitting a guard will no longer reset a keep's "attacked" status. The only things that will continue a keep's besieged status are hitting a door for a sufficiently powerful attack, killing a guard, and attacking the keep lord.

    - Hotspot Tracking
    - Fixed world and zone hotspot tracking.

    - Wheeled siege weapons can be towed. To tow a weapon, interact with it while mounted. To cease towing, dismount.


    Howling Gorge Scenario Handler
    - Carrier has 90 seconds to drop powder keg at enemy gunpowder stockpile.
    - Powder keg drop at enemy stockpile will award 75 points to carrier's realm.
    - Failure to drop off powder keg in 90 seconds will result in death of carrier and all players within 20 feet of explosion.
    - Players within 75 feet of powder keg explosion will be punted back and suffer large amount of damage.
    - Players attempting to mount or stealth while carrying powder keg will cause immediate detonation of powder keg.

    - Replaced Tor Anroc with Howling Gorge.

    [Public Quests]

    - Destruction : Caladain's Furnace should now work again.

    - Increased the amount of influence awarded per objective in public quests. For now, grouping will not divide influence.

    [PQ] -The Shrine of the Dragontamer - Normal Order PQ in Caledor now works. Redrew PQ area and rearranged mobs. Be aware that the queststeps will differ from live.
    [PQ] -The Battle of Avethir - Caledor Destro PQ - Broke this PQ. Thank's to Styrrkarr it is working again. Redrew the PQ area and rearranged mobs for a better PQ experience.
    [PQ] - Blind Justice - Hard Destro PQ in Eataine is now working.

    [Other changes]

    - Scroll of the Inevitable City and Scroll of Altdorf now have a 10s cast timer.

    - In keeping with tradition and respect, a memorial for Slowtoheal has been built near the Temple of Sigmar in Altdorf.
    - A player's Renown Rank is now locked to double their character level. However, a player may not spend more renown points than they have character levels, until they reach level 32.

    - Fixed the tome unlock "Broken Bones" that awards the Broke Toof jewelry item.
    - T1, T2 and T3 anniversary quests are all repeatable now.
    - The Order T4 event quest now awards both the cloak and Birthday Token.
    - Renamed all the wrongly named Elementa resist potions to Elemental.

    [World] - Fixed 3 terrain exploits. Karak Karag in Thunder Mountain should be at least a bit safer now. Also removed the old Mythic-Palisades, because they were crap.
    [World] - Broke Caledor - Fixed it again.
    [World] - Vacuumed in LotD
    [World] - Fixed some Terrain exploits in the Land of the Dead.
    [World] - Fixed some houses in Praag, so players can't jump through the walls.
    [World] - Fixed a terrain exploit in Thunder Mountain. Players could get inside the rocks and gank enemies while unseen.
    [NPC] - Imrolan Keenarrow - Fixed this Doublespawn in Eataine.
    [NPC] - Fixed missing Rally Point for Greenskin chapter 21.

    Ryan and Saupreusse
    [World] - Removed the invisble walls around Nordland T1 Empire Warcamp and placed some lvl 55 Guards instead. People will not get stuck in this place anymore.

    [Addressed tickets]

    [6757] ToK: Septic Sanitation can now be obtained.
    [6827] ToK: No End to the Oozing work-around made; 20 Nurgling Ooze Samples can be traded for an Ooze Booze pocket item at a Library Assistant vendor.
    [6760] Item: Doom-Caller Ironmantle appearance fixed.
    [6779] Item: Precursor Changestaff item level fixed to 39.
    [6801] Item: Fighter's Armbraces of Vengeance can now be equipped.
    [6800] Item(s): Fixed various Blackguard Scenario weapons to be purchasable for the correct amount of currency, and made them two-handed.
    [6826] Item(s): Fixed the T1 Nordland RvR weapon rewards to all have the correct amount of talisman slots.
    [6765] Quest: Trade Waaagh! and all other event quests can now be done by debolstered players as well, and the killcount has been increased to 30.
    [6821] Quest: The Slayer Chronicles: Ending now properly awards both the cloak and token to Order.
    [6752] RvR: Fireguard Spire in Dragonwake is now in its correct location, and requires all guards to be killed before capture.

    [6781] World: Badmoon Hole - Fixed an exploit that would allow players to enter Badmoon Hole Keep.
    [6863] NPC: Ogshak - Fixed Doublespawn
    [6864] NPC: Charclaw - Fixed doublespawn.
    [6792] NPC: Duskwing - Changed creature type from Wyvern to Giant Bat.
    [6121] Quest NPC: Escaped Engineer - is now level 30.
    [6112] Quest: Fixed some typos in the Questdescription, and updated it, so the quest-npc can be found more easily.
    [6793] Quest: Bait & Switch - Created Doomglade Scouts and spawned them around the quest area. Added a missing questmarker for this - and the following step.
    [2842] Quest: Preserving Hope - Created "Everguard Pathfinder" so the quest doesn't autocomplete and can be finished.

    [6838] Quest: Misled - Fixed prisoner faction so they are no longer being attacked.
    [6837] Added extra 55 guards to prevent warcamp camping.
    [6833] Item: Annihilator Tramplers - Fixed stats
    [6816] Quest: The Doctor's Order - Added a strengh potion reward.

    [6849] NPC: fixed "Chemor the Pungent" multiple spawn.
    [6850] Item: City scroll fixed.
    [6868] NPC: fixed "Dog Ambusher" subType.
    [6876] NPC: fixed "Captain Helbelinch" name.
    [6877] Quest: fixed "Misery" objectives.
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  • Conduct on Streams
    We will punish any behaviour displayed in any stream which is publicized using our forum or in game as if it were a conduct violation committed on the RoR server.

    This includes the audio transmitted over any such stream.
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