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  • Changelog 03/12/16
    -fixed issue causing armor and resists not to work at all against direct damage

    -Merged T2 and T3.
    -Open world cap change. T1 1-15, T2 and T3 16-30, T4 31-40. Does not affect scenarios.
    -increased repair value for supplies
    -fixed issue with lighthouse in barak varr t2 not spawning supplies.

    [Combat and Careers]
    -Fixed Magus pets, were auto attacking with physical damage instead of spiritual or elemental.
    -Updated pet weapon dps handling and guide.
    -Refined stealth check. Now harder to spot while stationary and even harder to spot when behind target.

    [Other changes]
    -T2 and T3 XP bonuses removed.
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  • Spam and what to do if you encounter it
    Hey all!

    Just wanted to make a quick post regarding spam and what to do if you encounter it on the forum.

    The forum has built in systems to protect from spam but sometimes it fails to catch everything. In those cases please do NOT reply to the topic, just report the post.

    This makes it faster and easier for me or anyone else with admin or mod access to remove the topic and ban the user.

    Thanks for reading this short message :D
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  • Changelog 29/11/16

    - Adjusted pet HP and defenses. Full breakdown is available in the Guides forum.
    - Fixed an issue which caused pets to auto attack as if using a weapon with 100 Weapon DPS. Pets now attack with a weapon of 24 Weapon DPS if their range is longer than 30 feet and 48 Weapon DPS otherwise.
    - Fixed an issue which allowed the controllers of ranged pets to make them use their abilities through walls by clicking on the hotbar ability.
    - Fixed an issue which caused creatures not to get a Weapon DPS contribution on abilities they used.

    [Combat and Careers]


    - Gained the DoT and Intelligence steal "Get'n Smarter" in place of "Yer a Weaklin'" at Rank 30.

    Squig Herder

    - Melee attacks directed at a ranged Squig will ignore the Z axis.
    - The range of the Spiked Squig is now 65ft.

    Yes, I know the abilities say 100ft. I don't believe that to be indicative of the engagement / AA range. It's the skirmish squig with higher damage to boot so it'll engage at 65ft.


    - Players may no longer stealth while holding any object which prevents mounting.
    - The maximum time for which the flag in Black Fire Basin may be held is 2 minutes.


    - Fixed an issue allowing a player to turn in the part in Serpent's Passage multiple times per run.
    - Fixed an issue allowing players to mount with the Howling Gorge bomb and the Serpent's Passage salvage.

    [Open RvR]

    - Diminishing Rations is once again zonewide. It is linked to the delayed AAO factor and nothing else. It will multiply the Wounds of affected players by 1 / (1 + AAOFactor * 0.0025) and increase the AoE cap of the outnumbered faction.

    An example of the Wounds debuffing:

    100% AAO -> 1 / (1 + (100 * 0.025)) = 80% Wounds.

    - The maximum time for which any supplies may be held before resetting is 6 minutes.

    [Public Quests]


    - Bloody Savages in Badlands is fully operational.
    - Black Orc Slog in Badlands is fully operational.

    [Other Changes]


    - Altered a variety of NPCs in the Inevitable City to no longer display their names above their heads.
    - Made Bloodbathed Hags and Chosens of Khorne in the Khorne section of IC neutral mobs.
    - Removed the remainder of Halloween event NPC spawns.

    [Addressed Tickets]


    - [8492] Item(s): Fixed 4 green renown Orc two-handers to count as two-handed weapons.
    - [8429] Quest: Amber Blossom correct completion text added.
    - [8381] Quest: The Glory of Ulthuan game objects for interaction fixed.
    - [8461] Quest: Priceless: Eataine's Promise can now be interacted with.
    - [8393] NPC: Kournar now awards his Rally Master ToK unlock.
    - [8394] NPC: Tosha Schreiber now awards her Kill Collector ToK unlock.
    - [8405] NPC: Shargra Glutmire double spawn removed.
    - [8407] NPC: Sovek the Merciless double spawn removed.
    - [8458] NPC: Moved Raving Waldo to his correct spot.
    - [8509] NPC: Removed an event NPC from the Tower of the Fallen.
    - [8510] NPC: Added a spawn for Terrorwing.
    - [8395] ToK: Grave of the Unknown Acolyte unlock added to Tombstone in Ostland.
    - [8392] ToK: Urghu Redhorn now spawns, and grants the 'Blood Rite' achievement unlock.
    - [8404] ToK: The Cult of the Plaguesworn now unlocks at Shargra Glutmire.
    - [8408] ToK: 'The Sentries' tome unlock added to Dread Sentries.
    - [8421] ToK: 'Lady in Disress' achievement unlock added to Pub Rats
    - [8443] ToK: 'Soulblight Stone' tome unlock added to Dead Marauder in Troll Country.
    - [8446] NPC: Pulled a Glacier Yeti out of his icy pool.
    - [8456] ToK: 'The Herald' Pursuit achievements all added.
    - [8463] ToK: 'Feiten's Lock' tome unlock added to the door at Feiten's Lock.
    - [8464] ToK: 'Black Powder' tome unlock now obtainable at the Black Powder Keg.
    - [8465] ToK: 'Ogrund's Tavern' tome unlock added to the door of Ogrund's Tavern.
    - [8466] ToK: 'Fort Marvik' tome unlock added to the door near Stoneclaw Castle.
    - [8468] ToK: Added tome unlock to Ulvarin, Chaos Chapter 12 Rally Master.
    - [8472] ToK: Added tome unlock to Reikl Bloodspike, Chaos Chapter 12 Kill Collector.
    - [8474] ToK: Added tome unlock to Ulvarin, Chaos Chapter 13 Rally Master.
    - [8491] ToK: Brugg One-Eye now awards his Rally Master ToK unlock.
    - [8479] ToK: 'Necromancy' tome unlock added to Gosbert Trautman coffin.
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  • Changelog 25/11/16

    - Postern doors are now accessible to the attackers if both of the following conditions are satisfied:

    • The attacked keep is Rank 0
    • The associated main door is down

    [Experimental Mode]

    - Fixed an issue causing books and chalices always to regenerate career mechanic points.
    Fri Nov 25, 2016 1:37 pm View the latest post
  • Changelog 21/11/16

    - Characters in .ex mode have an * at the end of their surname while the mode is active. If there was no surname, it will be an *.

    [Combat and Careers]

    Witch Hunter / Witch Elf

    - Bullets and Kisses may now be cast in stealth.
    - Openers and the stealth abilities themselves are the only abilities which may be used to break your own stealth.
    - Incognito and Shadow Prowler are now correctly off the GCD.

    [Open RvR]

    Battlefield Objectives

    - The base component of the reward for a Battlefield Objective is now proportionally diminished if the objective is recaptured by a realm within 20 minutes of the last time it was captured by that realm.
    - Battlefield Objectives tick defense every 3 minutes instead of every 5.


    - When a keep is under attack, siege weapons will be resupplied at 10% of the normal rate rather than 35% of the normal rate.
    - Significantly increased the amount for which a keep door is repaired when supplies are returned.


    - Cannons and artillery have an ammunition limit of 15 shots. They begin with this value and may never store more ammunition than this.
    - When supplies are returned to a keep, all of its active cannons and artillery on the field receive 10 additional shots. This value is proportionally reduced if there are more cannons and artillery on the field than the keep's current supply cap.
    - Fixed an issue causing AoE cannons to inflict full damage to standard siege weapons.



    The Hallowed Moon event has ended, thank you all for your participation!

    - Disabled all the Hallowed Moon event quests, and removed the majority of spawns associated.
    - All the bosses and mini-bosses will remain, for the sake of obtaining their special rewards.
    - Changed the Spooky Concoction into a skull trophy, as proof of participation in the Hallowed Moon event.



    - Placed AoE cannons in the Maw of Madness Scenario.

    [Public Quests]


    - Foul Ruins in Marshes of Madness is fully operational.
    - Axerust Peak in Marshes of Madness is fully operational.
    - Legacy of the Mourkain in Marshes of Madness is fully operational.
    - Korgoth's Raiders in Barak Varr is (almost) fully operational.

    [Other Changes]


    - Removed Grag the Hoarder double spawn.


    - Swapped 4pc and 5pc set bonus on Devastator T3 RvR gear
    - Swapped 4pc and 5pc set bonus on Duelist T3 Scenario gear
    - Corrected Tunic of the Mercenary, it will now provide the set bonus as intended.
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