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Latest news

  • Game Update News - 24/05/2024
    Game Update News
    Ability Effects

    In our most recent Patch and Client Update , that you can download here, several optimizations and quality of life changes have been implemented that we would love to hear your feedback about. The majority of these changes are affecting Ability Animations that might have an effect on your client's performance and we want the best experience for everyone.

    If these updates are already visible to you, you do not need to download our newest client, only if for some reason yours is outdated and you don't see these changes.

    For installing our new Client, we recommend a clean installation without copying over old files to prevent any complications with our new client version.

    Challenge Glow

    First, this feature has been requested by a lot of you for some time.

    With the new update, the old red glow animation is no longer visible on enemy targets that have been Challenged by Tank Careers. This not only improves performance but also improves clarity and overall visuals in battles, both small and large scale.

    If you still have glowing enemies, you can update your client for this change.


    Area of Effect Abilities

    Additionally, there were changes applied to certain abilities that have an area effect. These abilities have a core place in the current game and are also required for certain game mechanics both in PvE and PvP content, and as such we were thinking they should be visible at all times.

    We understand many of you play on low settings or have animations disabled so feedback about this is extremely important to us.

    As of the new Update, certain Area Effect Abilities such as "Rain of Fire" from Bright Wizards or "Pit of Shades" from Sorcerers will be visible even while users set their "Play Ability Effects on" only to "Self" or "None".


    Player Feedback

    That is it for our Game Update News this time around.

    These changes can be currently considered experimental and we are looking for player feedback about them, so please share your thoughts and your experience. We are especially curious about how these changes affect game performance and we want to ensure we do not worsen that aspect of the game, while visuals are being modified

    Thank you for reading!

    Fri May 24, 2024 6:44 pm View the latest post
  • Patch Notes 22/05/2024
    Weekend Warfront: Call of the Arena


    One moment you and your allies were locked in a deadly struggle with your enemies in the Old World or fair isle of Ulthuan. The next moment you found yourself pulled into the Realm of Chaos and looking upon the blood-brick walls of the Sacellum of the Inevitable City. The Weaver of All Fates has challenged you to survive in his arena.

    This weekend warfront Call of the Arena will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Sacellum Arena scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

    Tier 2 Rework

    The Tier 2 PvE rework has concluded a massive milestone. All Quests, Public Quests, and Influence Rewards have been updated and/or fixed.

    - Every single T2 Public Quest (PQ) has been evaluated and balanced across its bracket (i.e. every Chapter 7 normal quest should be roughly equal in difficulty). We have counted and made sure that enough NPCs and Game Objects (GOs) are spawned so that players do not need to wait for respawns. Mobs have been given roam where appropriate. Overall, every PQ has had the amount of trash required to complete Stage 1 reduced. Public quests which indicate that the environment is 'on fire' after a stage will now properly spawn flame vfx on following stages (and the environment is no longer permanently burning).

    - All T2 Influence rewards have been analyzed and upgraded, and balanced across all races.

    - All T2 quests have been thoroughly analyzed and fixed in technical aspect and in a user-experience aspect. Completion text has been added to every T2 quest, which will now create logical connections from one step of a quest to the next. Many quests have had their scripted elements re-introduced so that when a 'troll appears out of the bushes' it now spawns when the quest is accepted, and isn't standing there by default. We thank our community members who volunteered their time to contribute to the completion text writing.

    - All Tier 2 Quests rewards have been balanced across the races so that if shoulders are rewarded in Chapter 5 of one race, players can assume that every Chapter 5 rewards shoulders. Likewise all quest rewards have been greatly improved. Every single quest rewards either money, or an item (as opposed to previously rewarding only experience, or poor quality gear.) Gone are the days of white gear with no stats, or gear without talisman slots, or Chosen boots with willpower, or a single level 5 healing potion. Items have been improved both in statistical value, but also in selling value. Quests should now feel rewarding.

    - Quest content has been roughly equalized across all races. Previously the Elf chapters had roughly 20-24 quests per chapter, while the other races had between 8 and 12 per chapter. The other races have had their quest storyline expanded, and new quests have been added. The questing experience in all 6 races should be roughly equal in content.

    - As part of the Quest Rework, but also dipping into the Tier 2 Armor Rework, the Tracker Set has been given a 4th piece available from Dwarf/Greenskin Chapter 8. Sorry Shaman and Rune Priest players, but it seems a bounty's been put out on your heads.

    - The Chaos influence areas have been fixed for Chapter 6, Chapter 7, and Chapter 9. These chapter hubs will now properly display the influence for their chapter.

    This is not the end of the Tier 2 rework, but it brings us much closer to the conclusion of the Tier 2 rework. What's next/what's left?
    - The Hidden Quests (including the next steps to the Tier 1 Explorer's Set) are still pending.
    - Tier 2 Armor rebalancing and expanding the sets to be 4 piece sets (a continuation from the T1 rework that increased those sets from 2 pieces to 3 pieces)
    - Some old content brought back to life with purpose in the Tier 2 bracket. More on this in the near future.

    Bug Fixes

    [17315] - Blood on the Steps in Bastion Stairs for Destruction is now completable again
    [22671] - War Crests appear in RvR Bags again.
    [22687] - Pets don't waste their abilities on first Global Cooldown.
    [22154] - Pet's Abilities can be used in Manual immediately again.
    [22708] - Quest: "Pile it Up!" unable to throw mud at the statue
    [22594] - "The Sewers Of Altdorf" starting text mentions wrong location
    [22704] - "Bitterstone Legacy" not giving out item reward.
    [22605] - High Elf Chapter 3 and 7 Kill Collector not working.
    [22706] - Quest: "Sumfink in Da Water" - barrels don't vanish and have no cooldown
    Wed May 22, 2024 8:40 am View the latest post
  • Hotfix 10/5/2024
    Hotfix 10/5/2024

    A hotfix has been applied to Scoreboards in Warbands as they were broken recently. First, we applied a temporary fix to remove the Chat Spam you might have seen a few days ago - after today's hotfix the Scoreboards should be functional again.

    GuardPack from Sullemunk

    Our official GuardPack Addons have been updated to a new version:
    Please, check it out here.

    Tier 1 Leveling Event

    Click here to watch on YouTube

    The Tier 1 Leveling Event has been applied to the server and will go live as usual between Noon and 1PM Altdorf time. You can read more about the event in our last Patch Notes and in this Forum Post.

    As a special surprise we are happy to announce that this weekend's Tier 1 Event will not only feature x2 Renown as advertised but we also added x2 War Crests gain, enjoy WAR!

    We would also like to take the opportuntiy to bump the Community's fantastic Creation from guild Entropy & Chaos, as they have created a Guide for New Players and will be assisting during the event:
    Entropy & Chaos Forum Post or the Guide

    Remember that on May 11th 01:00 Altdorf Time ( CET) there will be a special NA Realm Watch you can join to watch on our official Return of Reckoning Twitch Channel:


    The Download and Installation section of the website has been fully reworked and updated to improve new player experience and smoothen the process of joining Return of Reckoning.

    With the New Download Page and our New Installer it is easier than ever to get started, with only a few clicks required to join the WAAAGH!

    We will continue to improve the Website with more resources such as Guides and New Player Tutorials to enhance introducing the game to new & returning players alike.

    Bug Fixes

    [22601] - Abilities would not activate if used exactly on Cooldown.
    [22656] - Scoreboards were not working in Warbands.
    [22651] - Chop Fasta! Range and Radius was incorrect.
    [22653] - Chop Fasta! No Great Weapon?
    [22632] - Blackguard Crush Vitality had wrong Tooltip.
    [22625] - Zealot's "Waves of Chaos" not getting scaled with DB
    [22501] - Squig Herder's Outta My Way! doesn't punt enemies
    [22659] - No War Crest in bag reward rvr
    [22677] - Sentinel Medallions were missing from Weekly Dungeon Rewards.
    Fri May 10, 2024 8:27 am View the latest post
  • Patch Notes 03/05/2024
    Live Event: Wild Hunt

    Every year Orion's rebirth in the Wood Elf realm of Athel Loren marks the start of Spring. With Orion's rebirth the Wild Hunt begins, as elves across Athel Loren join the King in the Woods in riding forth and purging the forest of its enemies. This is all done as an offering to the elven God of the Hunt, Kurnous. Enemies of Kurnous beware, for you may become an offering during the Wild Hunt.

    The Wild Hunt is upon the Elves, and Ulthuan is already sodden with blood. Hunters stalk the fields and forests in search of rare and savage prey, to demonstrate their skill to the God of the Hunt and perhaps gain his favor. Others seek merely to glimpse the fabled White Stag and gain Kurnous's blessing. But Kurnous is a true hunter, and incurring his wrath carries a price ... of poetic justice.

    Kurnous has taken particular interest in the activities of the mere mortals, ever eager to find which hunter is truly worthy. As the Wild Hunt commences, vines from the World Root have sprung up in Ellyrion. Beyond those vines lay the Hunter's Vale, sanctuary of Kurnous. All who dare can enter to see if they are worthy to face the Lord of the Hunt. Though be forewarned, nature itself will turn against those who enter the Hunter's Vale.

    Travel to Ellyrion, the kingdom beloved by Kurnous, and find the Vale Vines to his inner sanctum, the Hunter's Vale. During the Wild Hunt, some may be lucky enough to catch sight of the White Stag as it wanders along the southern coast and ranges of Ulthuan. Join the Wild Hunt in honour of Kurnous and prove to the Lord of the Hunt if you are worthy of being a hunter, or the prey.

    This event will run between noon May 3rd and noon May 13th Altdorf (Server) time.

    Basic: [Stag Skull Trophy]
    Advanced: [Bleeding Hart Charm] (Check the armoury for other variants)
    Elite: [Blessed Hide of Kurnous] Preview here, or the Deepwood Cloak here

    Quest Rewards: The Stag of Kurnous or the Stag of Isha (or the Daemonwood Disc for the Magus), live-event themed limited time mounts. You can preview the Mounts here and Magus Disc here.

    We would like to thank our artists for their continued contributions to RoR. Thanks to their efforts we were able to introduce a new cloaks.

    The Deepwood Forest Dragon
    A forest dragon has made its presence known in the forest realm of Avelorn. Join your allies to defeat this forest dragon in the hopes of prying some of its precious scales off of its hide! Dragon scales can be traded at the Live Event vendors in Altdorf and the Inevitable City for new cloaks which you can preview here. Players can also acquire a quest from the Deepwood Forest Dragon to acquire other components for other cloaks. Who knows what else the Deepwood Forest Dragon hides beneath its wings... perhaps a puppy.

    Live Event Quests
    The Wild Hunt includes quests to acquire your sacred-stag mounts. These quests are broken up into four brackets based on your character level and have different tasks accordingly. Make sure to read any text in all-caps. Additionally, there is a repeatable quest requiring players to beat the Hunter's Vale, with unique limited-time prizes. All quests are available from Live-Event related NPCs: Hethoac Evertrue in the Altdorf Market Square, or Karalith Raemari in the Inevitable City Apex.

    Live Event Shoppe & Returning Dyes
    Ah beautiful colors, what would the world be without beautiful colors? Better without blinding yellow no doubt. This Wild Hunt 32 colors are returning to RoR, two of which are spec-tacular dyes which may make a leprechaun out of a dwarf. Ten of these new dyes are added permanently in the game as drops from the Hunter's Vale bosses; four new optional heroes have been added to Hunter's Vale for those seeking to expand their dye pursuits. The remaining dyes, along with some unique items, are available at the live event vendor. Trophies are displayed in this link for your convenience. In the spirit of the Wood Elves, all good things are fleeting, cherish them while you can. Order players can find Thealyn Rosethorn in the Altdorf Market. Destruction players can find Rakaan Savageblood in the Inevitable City Apex.

    Dye previews are available here towards the bottom, but please be aware that the colors may apply differently on different base armor colors. We recommend to use an addon such as Pocket Palette to see how this dye will look on your armor, but please note it may take a few days before the add-on is updated. These colors were inspired largely from official publications, such as the Wood Elf 8th Ed. army book.

    Combat and Careers
    General Changes and Fixes

    - AoE ability target selection is changed to prioritize the closest targets.

    - Hate generation from healing has been reduced by 30%, to help in both PvE and RvR Sieges.

    - The cone of the Challenge ability is increased from 45 degrees to 90 degrees.

    A slight increase of the cone of Challenge to strike a better balance between being able to affect a targeted group, but not being able to challenge full warbands with just one challenge.

    AoE radius changes

    The following abilities have had their radius reduced from 30 to 25 ft.

    This is a compensation for the new ability system calculating the radius of abilities that hit all around the player differently than the old ability system. The old system calculated distance in different ways for circle AoE, cone AoE and single target, while the new system uses the same method for all of them. This led mostly to problems with abilities that already had large radiuses, hence for now we only change abilities with a 30 ft radius. We will continue to look at the strength of all AoE abilities and their ranges.

    Tanks - Distracting Bellow
    Magic Ranged DPS - Unleash The Winds
    Healers - Rampaging Siphon
    Bright Wizard - Fire Cage
    Bright Wizard - Annihilate
    Bright Wizard - Backdraft
    Bright Wizard - Scorched Earth
    Bright Wizard - Explosive Force
    Knight of the Blazing Sun - Shackle
    Knight of the Blazing Sun - All Battle Commands
    Knight of the Blazing Sun - Staggering Impact
    Warrior Priest - Repent
    Warrior Priest - Divine Amazement
    Warrior Priest - Martyr’s Blessing
    Warrior Priest - Soulfire
    Witch Hunter - Get Thee Behind Me!
    Engineer - Self-Destruct
    Engineer - Barbed Wire
    Engineer - Extra Ammo
    Engineer - Lightning Rod
    Engineer - Bugman’s Best
    Engineer - Electromagnet (Slow part)
    Engineer - Steam Vent
    Engineer - Static Discharge
    Engineer - Fling Explosives
    Ironbreaker - Grip of Stone
    Ironbreaker - Earthshatter
    Ironbreaker - Blood of Grimnir
    Runepriest - Rune of Ending
    Runepriest - Rune of Battle
    Runepriest - Rune of Might
    Runepriest - Oath Rune of Warding
    Runepriest - Rune of Sundering
    Slayer - Distracting Roar
    Slayer - No Escape
    Slayer - Shatter Limbs
    Slayer - Inevitable Doom
    Slayer - Even the Odds
    Slayer - WIld Swing
    Archmage - Dissipating Energies
    Archmage - Funnel Energy
    Archmage - Walk Between Worlds
    Shadow Warrior - Instil Fear
    Shadow Warrior - Whirling Pin
    Shadow Warrior - Whirling Rage
    Sword Master - Aethyric Grasp
    Sword Master - Gusting Wind
    Sword Master - Wrath of Hoeth
    White Lion - Echoing Roar
    White Lion - Whirling Axe
    White Lion - Blade And Claw
    Chosen - All Chaotic Auras
    Chosen - Petrify
    Magus - Instability
    Magus - Tzeentch’s Grasp
    Magus - Lasting Chaos
    Magus - Chaotic Rift (Slow part)
    Magus - Coruscating Energy
    Magus - Warpfire
    Marauder - Wave of Horror
    Marauder - Wave of Mutilation
    Zealot - Breath of Tzeentch
    Zealot - Suppressing The Fragile Unbelievers
    Zealot - Chaotic Agitation
    Zealot - Wind of Insanity
    Zealot - Mark of the Vortex
    Zealot - Rite of Agony
    Black Orc - Where You Going?
    Black Orc - WAAAAAAAGH!
    Black Orc - Big Swing
    Choppa - Outta My Face!
    Choppa - Wot’s Da Rush
    Choppa - Furious Stompin’
    Choppa - Git To Da Choppa
    Choppa - Wild Choppin’
    Shaman - Breath of Mork
    Shaman - You Weren’t Using Dat
    Shaman - Stop hittin’ me!
    Shaman - Steal Yer Thunder
    Squig Herder - Sticky Squigz
    Squig Herder - Farty Squig
    Squig Herder - Wind Up Da Waaagh
    Squig Herder - Spore Cloud
    Squig Herder - Bad Gas!
    Squig Herder - Big Bouncin!
    Black Guard - Chains of Hatred
    Black Guard - Furious Howl
    Disciple of Khaine - Terrifying Vision
    Disciple of Khaine - Chant of Pain
    Disciple of Khaine - Khaine’s Refreshment
    Disciple of Khaine - Fell Sacrifice
    Sorcerer - Grip of Fear
    Sorcerer - Shatter
    Sorcerer - Disastrous Cascade
    Sorcerer - Surging Pain
    Sorcerer - Piercing Shadows
    Witch Elf - Enchanting Beauty
    Witch Elf - Blade Spin

    Additionally the following abilities have their radius reduced:
    Witch Hunter - Dragon gun from 30-35-40-43-48 to 25-30-35-40-45
    Witch Elf - On Your Knees! from 30-35-40-43-48 to 25-30-35-40-45

    AoE line width changes

    The following list has all abilities that function as a line in it. Several adjustments have been made:

    Tanks - Raze from 25 to 30 ft.
    Witch Elf - Web of Shadows 20 to 30 ft.
    Ironbreaker - Axe Slam remains 35 ft.
    Engineer - Strafing Run from 25 to 30 ft.
    Squig Herder - Shoot Thru Ya from 25 to 30 ft.
    Knight of Blazing Sun - Nova Strike remains 30 ft.
    Witch Hunter - Divine Blast remains 30 ft.
    Witch Hunter - Reversal of Fortune remains 30 ft.
    Bright Wizard - Wall of Fire from 20 to 30 ft.
    Marauder - Mouth of Tzeentch from 20 to 30 ft.
    Magus - Daemonic Scream from 20 to 30 ft.
    Shadow Warrior - Lileath’s Arrow from 25 to 30 ft.
    White Lion - Flying Axe remains 30 ft.
    Sorcerer - Ice Spikes from 20 to 30 ft.
    Sorcerer - Infernal Wave from 20 to 30 ft.
    Engineer - Friction Burn from 20 to 30 ft. Additionally, the Cone Angle increased from 120 to 180 degrees.
    Magus - Infernal Blast, now also functions as a line ability with the same range and width as Friction Burn.
    Bright Wizard - Flame Breath from 25 to 30 ft. Additionally, the Cone Angle increased from 120 to 180 degrees.

    Proc Changes

    To allow for better understanding of game mechanics we aim to have all procs function the same. Last patch was a first step, but now we tackle a couple of weird exceptions.

    From now, all damage procs can no longer crit or proc other procs. This affects the following procs:

    Slayer - Retribution
    Sword Master - Wall of Darting Steel
    White Lion - Hunter’s Strike
    Black Orc - ‘Ave Another One
    Black Orc - Can’t Hit Me!
    Choppa - Bring It On

    Last patch damage procs were changed to no longer be affected by damage increasers. While this was a very necessary change to some procs, there is also a group of procs that were already weak before this change. With the following adjustments we aim to make these tactics and abilities more viable and in some cases give some compensation for the previous change.

    To allow for better balancing certain procs now scale the player's Damage Bonus (DB).
    The following numbers are based on maxed out Mastery Tree values!

    MDPS - Jagged Edge - from 3 x 202 to 3 x (149 + 0.5 x DB) damage
    High Elves - Centuries of Training - from 3 x 84 damage to 3 x 101 damage (fixed tooltip to “with direct damage”)
    Chaos - Backlash - from 5 x 50 damage to 5 x 74 damage and now procs when you are being attacked, like tooltip says, instead of when taking damage.
    Bright Wizard - Lingering Fires - from 5 x (50 + 0.45 x DB) to 5 x (75 + 0.45 x DB) damage
    Bright Wizard - Playing With Fire - from 375 to 500 damage
    Knight of the Blazing Sun - Biting Blade - from 5 x 70 to 5 x (60 + 0.45 x DB) damage
    Warrior Priest - Guilty Soul - from 4 x (150 + 1.0 x DB) to 4 x (175 + 1.0 x DB) damage
    Witch Hunter - Blessed Bullets - from (337 + 1.5 x WDPS) to (375 + 1.5 x WDPS) damage
    Witch Hunter - Fanatical Zeal - from 262 to 352 damage
    Engineer - Tangling Wire - from 6 x 41 to 6 x (44 + 0.25 x DB) damage
    Engineer - Hollow Points - from 5 x (81 + 0.45 x DB) to 5 x (90 + 0.5 x DB) damage
    Archmage - Dispel Magic - from 225 to 247 damage
    Sword Master - Potent Enchantments - from 4 x 135 to 4 x (88 + 0.35 x DB) damage
    Sword Master - Wall of Darting Steel - from 150 to 187 damage
    Chosen - Tainted Wound - from 337 to 498 damage
    Magus - Infernal Pain - from 3 x (82 + 0.75 x DB) to 3 x (99 + 0.75 x DB) damage. Additionally changed to deal Spirit damage.
    Marauder - Gift of Savagery - from 5 x 168 to 5 x (81 + 0.45 x DB) damage
    Marauder - Touch of Rot - from 187 to 352 damage
    Marauder - Touch of Instability - from 348 to 390 damage
    Zealot - Waves of Chaos - from 150 to (150 + 0.75 x DB) damage
    Black Orc - Loudmouth - from 225 to (172 + 0.5 x DB) damage
    Shaman - Mork’s Touch - from 225 to 250 damage
    Disciple of Khaine - Khaine’s Imbuement - from 3 x 151 to 3 x (151 + 0.5 x DB) damage
    Sorcerer - Shades of Death - from 150 to 200 damage
    Witch Elf - Kisses - from (150 + 1.5 x WDPS) to (180 + 1.5 x WDPS) damage
    Witch Elf - Witchbrew - from 450 to (224 + 1.5 x DB) damage
    Witch Elf - Vehement Blades - from 187 to 277 damage
    Witch Elf - Treacherous Assault - from 262 to 352 damage

    Balance Changes

    - Grudges - Internal Cooldown of building Grudge when you are being attacked reduced from 1.0s to 0.5s.

    - Heavy Blow - Damage Bonus scaling initial hit changed from 0.75 to 1.0. Damage Bonus scaling of DoT changed from 0.75 for all Grudge levels to 0.25 - 0.50 - 0.75 - 1.0 for 25+ - 50+ - 75+ - 100 Grudge.

    - Oathstone - Now additionally gives 6s of Immovable to you and your Oath Friend if they are within 50 ft.

    - Avenging The Debt - Now additionally grants 3s of slow and root immunity.

    First, Heavy Blow is now changed to scale better with Grudge. This is a buff if you are above 75 Grudge and a nerf in damage if you are below.

    Additionally we aim to buff the middle tree as Oathstone was quite an underwhelming ability. Giving yourself and your Oath Friend immunity to roots and knockbacks can be extremely valuable if timed correctly in fights.

    Balance Changes

    - Down Ya Go - Now requires da’ Gud Plan! and leads to da’ Best Plan!

    - Git Out! & Fly Gits! - Now requires da’ Best Plan! and leads to No Plan after dis!

    - Less Stabbin’ Me - Reworked to give 10% Parry with an additional 5% Parry in da’ Gud Plan! and 10% Parry in da’ Best Plan!

    - Arm Breaka - No longer needs da’ Gud Plan!, instead now leads to da’ Gud Plan!. Base damage increased from 112 to 150. Now additionally gives the drained Action Points to your allied target.

    - You Wot!?!!! Removed and replaced by Chop Fasta!.

    - Chop Fasta! - New 13 pt ability in Path of Da’ Brawler: Blessing. 35 AP. 5 ft range. Instant. No CD. Requires Great Weapon. Needs da’ Gud Plan!. Leads to da’ Best Plan!! - You hit your target for (225 + 1.5 x DB + 1.5 x WDPS) damage and increase your auto attack speed by 50% for 10 seconds. If you are behind the target, you will almost always deal critical damage.

    Similar to the Sword Master, the knock down and knock backs trade stances. We believe that having knock down on the second stance will allow for more playmaking possibilities.
    Less Stabbin’ Me is reworked to be less reliant on your stance. As Black Orc already has a 10% block tactic, it is changed to parry and is a possible replacement to regain some of your passive defenses lost with the removal of You Wot!?!!
    Speaking off, we felt like You Wot!?!!! just did way too many things at once. No class should need such strong buffs with such high uptime. In its place is a new ability with a familiar name. It is a strong second stance ability increasing your auto attack speed.
    At last Arm Breaka is changed to first stance ability and now gives the AP removed to your allied target.

    Balance Changes

    - Furious Stompin’ - Initial Hit base damage increased from 125 to 150. The second, third and fourth hit have their base damage reduced from 125 to 100 and their damage bonus scaling reduced from 1.0 to 0.75. Overall this is a nerf of roughly 14% in total damage.

    An adjustment to Furious Stompin’ to slightly reduce the AoE burst damage potential of this particular skill.

    Balance Changes

    - Staggering Impact - Cooldown reduced from 30 to 10 seconds. Base damage increased from 50 to 74. Weapon DPS scaling increased from 0 to 0.45.

    By buffing this very underwhelming ability, the KotBS now has three strong options as 13 point abilities in their mastery trees, giving them maximum specialisation variability.

    Balance Changes

    - Warrior Priest - Guilty Soul: Can now be procced by any damaging ability. The damage increase now additionally increases the damage of your auto attacks. The player now only gets the damage stacks when wearing a Great Weapon.

    This change allows DPS Warrior Priests to use more abilities in their kit without running the risk of losing their Guilty Soul stacks. SnB Warrior Priests can now use the tactic for the damage over time component, but won’t get the extra damage stacks.

    Balance Changes

    - Oppression - Now additionally reduces damage taken of group members within 100 ft by 15% for 5 seconds.

    - Tzeentch’s Reflection - No longer buffs your willpower and initiative. Instead it gives the following effect: Group members within 100 ft become surrounded by a magical barrier for 10 seconds, which will absorb up to 1162 magical damage for each person. Action Point cost increased from 20 to 35.

    While overall Chosen is still in a decent spot, their 13 pt abilities feel rather weak. With other tanks getting buffs, it makes sense to take a look at these abilities as well.

    Oppression can now be used to reduce incoming burst damage on your group.

    Tzeentch’s Reflection is now an ability allowing you to counter magical ranged damage for your group.

    Balance Changes

    - Touch of Instability - No longer triggers on Heal over time ticks.

    Balance Changes

    - Crashing Wave - Now knocks down on the initial. The initial hit is now fired instantly on pressing the ability. Now counts as direct damage. Also no longer gives Unstoppable (bug fix).

    - Crashing Wave - Now requires Improved Balance and leads to Perfect Balance.

    - Mighty Gale - Now requires Perfect Balance and leads to Normal Balance.

    - Hoeth’s Tempest - Now further increases the power of the knockback.

    - Redirected Force - Now deals (150 + 0.67 x DB + 1.0 x WDPS) damage to all targets in front of you within 20 ft (220 degrees) and interrupt any spells they are casting. Cooldown increased from 5 to 10s.

    - Crushing Advance - No longer interrupts. Instead Block chance is increased from 5% to 10%.

    - Perfect Defenses - Reworked to give 5% Block with an additional 5% Block with Improved Balance and 10% Block with Perfect Balance.

    - Calming Winds - Reworked to give 10% Disrupt with an additional 5% Disrupt with Improved Balance and 10% Disrupt with Perfect Balance.

    - Ether Dance - Moved to 9 points in Path of Khaine

    - Phoenix’s Wing - Moved to 5 points in Path of Khaine. No longer requires Improved Balance, instead now leads to Improved Balance. No longer requires Great Weapon. Action Point cost increased to 40.

    - Sapping Strike - Moved to 13 points in Path of Khaine and reworked to: Hex. 35 AP. 5 ft range. Instant. No CD. Requires Great Weapon. Requires Improved Balance. Leads to Perfect Balance. - You deal 5 x (112 + 0.67 x DB + 0.67 x WDPS) Spirit damage over 10 seconds, increasing your chance to critically hit by 10% for the same duration. If you are behind the target, you instantly deal (187 + 1.5 x DB + 1.5 x WDPS) Spirit damage.

    Crashing Wave now instantly knocks down the target when pressed instead of having a weird delay.
    We swapped the stances of knockback and knockdown as we believe this can lead to better CC rotations into your own burst damage. This change will be closely tracked to see if it has the effect we aim it to have.
    For the middle tree, Redirected Force now has the AoE interrupt, allowing both SnB and 2H specs to gain access to this tool. The block of Crushing Advance is increased as compensation.
    Perfect Defenses and Calming Winds have been reworked to rely less on your current stance.
    The knockback of Mighty Gale when using Hoeth’s Tempest is increased as we felt like the knockback was too weak to warrant a tactic.
    At last several changes in the Path of Khaine. Sapping Strike is reworked as the new 13 pt ability. With two great utility options as other 13 pt abilities, this ability is focused purely on buffing your own damage. Ether Dance is moved to 9 pts, which will make it easy to combine with Vaul’s Buffer or Whispering Wind. At last, Phoenix’s Wing takes the 5 pt spot in the tree and is changed to Stance 1 ability and has the 2H requirement removed.

    Balance Changes

    - Hatred - The Black Guard now builds 10-5-3 Hate when being attacked (0-29 Hatred; 30-59 Hatred; 60-100 Hatred) instead of always 5 Hate. The Black Guard now always builds 5 Hate when attacking instead of the 10-5-3 Hate based on Hatred.

    - Feeding On Pain - Reworked to: Reduce the AP cost of abilities based on your current Health level. With 76-100% Health: Reduce cost by 5 AP. With 51-75% Health: Reduce cost by 10 AP. With 26-50% Health: Reduce cost by 15 AP. With 0-25% Health: Reduce cost by 20 AP.

    - Crush Vitality - Reworked to: Crush the Weak now additionally lowers the target’s auto attack speed by 35%. Now available at lvl 39.

    - Simmering Anger - Now available at lvl 21.

    A small change to buff some previously useless tactics of the Black Guard. Feeding On Pain is now a proper AP tactic and Crush Vitality a potential counter against physical small scale groups.

    Realm versus Realm

    We have reintroduced armor being obtainable via RvR bags. The full set can be acquired from the bags, but a gold bag will only include 1 piece.

    Players Renown ranks 1 to 23 will receive Obliterator Set pieces
    Players Renown ranks 24 to 32 will receive Devastator Set pieces
    Players Renown ranks 33 to 39 will receive Annihilator Set pieces
    Players Renown ranks 40 to 52 will receive Conqueror Set pieces
    Players Renown ranks 53 to 255 will receive Vanquisher Set pieces


    Fortress Lords have had their bonus HP increased by 3 million. (now 8.5 million.). This should now properly equate the time between keep lords and fort lords.

    We have also reintroduced Invader Set being obtainable via Fortress bags. The full set can be acquired from the bag (minus the jewel), but a gold bag will only include 1 piece.

    Players Renown ranks 40 to 255 will receive Invader pieces in Fortress bags.

    Ranked Season 7

    Ranked Season 7 of 6v6 Scenarios has already started on the 29th April, and it is time to battle yourself up to the top of the leaderboards both in Solo Mode or Group play, to earn more rewards and have a chance at participating at the Season Finalists Tournament.

    Read more about Season 7 below:

    Ranked Scenarios

    The end of season rewards for season 5 and season 6 are added to the vendors. Better late than never.


    Destruction's Guards in the center lane of Login's Forge are now properly mirrored to Order's: Ranged Guards up front, with melee guards in the back.

    Hunter's Vale

    The Hunter's Vale Dungeon has re-launched with some new quality-of-life improvements and some additional restorations that bring the dungeon more in line with the original version of the Mythic servers. Key updates include:

    - Sprite bodies in the Kurnous encounter now disappear instantly once defeated. Previously, these could often pile up if unscavenged, which would prevent players from seeing the Dog/Wolf/Lion mechanic later in the fight.

    - Spears cast by Kurnous no longer duplicate per target, meaning fewer spears to worry about. However, be cautious, as the damage of these has been increased significantly!

    - The Aspect of the Dog/Wolf/Lion mechanic has been fully restored and now works like it did on the original servers. The new mechanic follows the same rock-paper-scissors style of picking an animal to counter whichever Kurnous selects, but now players are granted reactive abilities to use which counter the power that Kurnous will soon unleash in his new animal form. To gain these, interact with one of the animals which appear as this phase begins.

    The Hunter's Vale Dungeon now also grants new Basic and Advanced Influence Rewards. (With Elite to follow in the future!)

    Additionally, Hunter's Vale now also grants influence towards the Dungeon Weekly, with the final three main bosses granting a total of 8,000 influence, or just under the first reward pip.

    The Hunter's Vale Wiki Page has also been given a much-needed facelift, and now has all the correct information and guides on the bosses for newer players and curious parties!


    - The damage on Masta Mixa's fists have been reduced slightly once more. This should be about the sweet spot for them now.

    - Masta Mixa's knockback mechanic has been temporarily disabled until we're able to properly restore his "Kablooey!" say chat, which is intended to warn players to interrupt him. This knockback is planned to return someday in the future once this functionality is restored.

    Tome of Knowledge

    The Achievements for Quests have been implemented and work retroactively counting quests you had already completed (excluding repeatable quests that were previously done as there is no counter for how many times these have been done). Players can now achieve these achievements and earn the associated rewards.

    Companion Pets

    Two new Companion Pets have been added for players to acquire with their Companion Coins! These are:

    Order: Basset Hound Companion
    Destro: Ravenspawn Companion

    These two pets are tied to the Altdorf Sewers and Sacellum Dungeon, and their quest lines are unique in that players can repeat these quests once per week to acquire all 4 color variations of this pet by speaking to the starting NPC after they finish the quest. (You only need to spend your companion coins once to acquire all 4 variants.)

    The quests for these new companions (and samples of how they look) can be found at the vendors in Altdorf's Southeast quarter or The Inevitable City's Slaanesh quarters.


    The name for the Level 35 Intelligence potion has had its name changed to "Potion of Elegance" in order to reduce confusion with the Level 10 Intelligence potion "Potion of Subtlety" which shared the same name.

    The Skull of Ograrand from the Inevitable City is now properly implemented. Giving you different responses each time you interact with the item.

    Guild Vendor

    [22604] - Players will now be able to purchase 4 Purple 200 Apothecary vials for 1 guild coin instead of being a 1:1 trade.

    Community Events

    On the weekend of May 10th to 13th, a Tier 1 Leveling Event will be held for Return of Reckoning, featuring x2 Renown increase for all Tier 1 RvR Zones. The aim of this event is to assist leveling new characters but also to encourage inviting new players and your friends to try out RoR, as it will be the best time to get some
    easy boost starting out!

    As a major collaboration with this Tier 1 Leveling Event, three Warhammer Creators will also be featured along with it: "The Great Book of Grudges" and "ProphetOreo" trying out Warhammer Online, with the help of community member "Tothmonra", who helped organize it. For the duration of the Tier 1 Leveling Event and the Weekend, Twitch Drops will be available on the channels of these three creators.

    - Tothmonra - Follow
    - TheGreatBookofGrudges - Follow
    - ProphetOreo - Follow

    We encourage everyone to participate in our Tier 1 Event, especially to help and assist new players ease into the game and help wherever possible.

    You can also read about it here:


    The following Suggestions & Feedback Threads from the Forums have been locked,reviewed and addressed or partially addressed for this update:

    [General] Equalise AOE interupts across destro and order
    [General] Keep Lord Aggro Problem - Buff Menace, Tanking NPCs in RvR
    [General] Tone down the Meta Procs
    [General] Start a Solo Ranked Season
    [General] Balance the Roaming, not just Mass RvR
    [General] Restart the Balancing
    [Ironbreaker] Equalize the defense. Advocating for Ironbreaker to match height to other tanks
    [Ironbreaker] Some Mechanic & Skill recommendations
    [Ironbreaker] IB Mechanical Grudge
    [Swordmaster] Roll back (mostly) to December
    [Swordmaster & Black Orc] BO/SM changes to tactics giving bonuses base on the stance.

    Thank you for providing the Return of Reckoning Team valuable feedback to help the development of the project, we will continue to track your messages, answer and address them as time allows!

    Bug Fixes

    [22529] - Fixed an issue allowing Stat Tactic Effects to be doubled through Bolster.
    [22504] - Fixed Interface issues during City Sieges.
    [22552] - Destruction guards at the Chaos Chapter 20 camp are now hostile again, and will attack Order players who venture too close.
    [22524] - The Masked Shade in the quest "Unmasking the Enemy" has been moved to ensure players can easily enter combat with it.
    [22512] - The issue with Gunbad influence rewards showing "Item received: 0" has been fixed. Players that have tried to claim the rewards previously will need to speak with the herald to re-claim their rewards.
    [22519] - Will of the warboss stage 13 is now completable again.
    [22561] - The quest "Great Green Mushroom" is now completable again.
    [22405] - The quest "Don't Eat the Muck" is now completable again.
    [22406] - The quest "Squig Shakes" is now completable again.
    [22531] - Creeping Death and Sapping Strike now properly apply the correct immunity.
    [22581] - Mirror of the Chaos Wastes is no longer useable in combat
    [22575] - Spawned an additional guard for Chaos Chapter 16
    [22608] - Marauder arm mutation's are now visually corrected, they will display properly now.
    [21498] - Inevitable Doom expiration incorrectly syncronizing
    [22026] - Inevitable Doom won't work if you already have two up
    [21928] - Inevitable Doom Max Duration.
    [22602] - Lotsa Choppin + Extra Choppin' Tactic not functioning properly.
    [22556] - Slayer Flurry + Accuracy Tactic not functioning properly.
    [22630] - Ensnare + Flames of Fate ignoring immunities.
    [22593] - Bypass Defenses is permanent buff.
    [22530] - Shaman Barrier +15% Damage stays for full duration.
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  • Ranked Season 7 is Starting!
    New Ranked Season Imminent
    Ranked Season 7

    Unleash your might and prepare for the ultimate test of combat prowess, for the Winds of Change stir once more!

    We are happy to announce that Season 7 of Ranked 6v6 Scenarios will be starting as planned on the 29th of April, with the usual rewards and systems prepared as before. Get ready to battle yourself to the top of the leaderboard, either in Solo or Group Category and earn [Triumphant Insignias] that you can spend on various goodies, including unique mounts!

    Battle your way to the top of the Leaderboards and participate in a Final Grand battle where the best players and the best groups can clash against each other in one Final Tournament, while being broadcasted by Realm Watch.
    More information about the possibility of this closer to the end of the season.

    Season 7 is currently set to end on 24th June.

    We hope you will enjoy Season 7 of Return of Reckoning Ranked Scenarios.

    Rewards & Leaderboard

    Now let's talk quickly about rewards and how they are given out to players who participate in our Ranked Seasons.

    Rewards will be given out separately for both the winners of Ranked Solo and Ranked Groups, as previously, and we have also made steps to give out rewards to players for the last seasons.

    - The Ranked Vendors in the capital cities will have the Season 5, 6 and Season 7 Rewards added to them along with the next major patch we deploy soon!

    So how are rewards calculated and given out?

    At the end of the Season 7 you will receive [War Crests] based on your total ranking on the scoreboard, but also additional ones if you are among the top four players within your class.

    The top players will receive additional [War Crests] based on their leaderboard placement at the end of the season:

    #1: 1000 [War Crests]
    #2: 950 [War Crests]
    #3: 900 [War Crests]
    #4: 850 [War Crests]
    #5: 800 [War Crests]
    #6: 750 [War Crests]
    #7: 700 [War Crests]
    #8: 650 [War Crests]
    #9: 600[War Crests]
    #10: 550 [War Crests]
    #11: 500 [War Crests]
    #12: 495 [War Crests]
    #13: 490 [War Crests]
    #100: 55 [War Crests]

    The top players of each class will also receive additional [War Crests]:

    #1: 1000 [War Crests]
    #2: 750 [War Crests]
    #3: 500 [War Crests]
    #4: 250 [War Crests]


    There is one major change in the Ranked Matchmaking of Season 7, as a result of the recent Balance Updates you can read about in our previous Changelogs. Since both Black Orcs and Swordmasters now possess a single target Punt ability, they no longer have special rules attached to their matchmaking.

    Matchmaking Changes for Ranked Season 7:

    - Black Orcs no longer have matchmaking limitations to be with a Swordmaster or another Black Orc on the same team.

    - Swordmasters no longer have matchmaking limitations to be with a Black Orc or another Swordmaster on the same team.

    As we are currently in the middle of updates to Game Balance, there will be additional changes during the Season that will affect careers and their state on Return of Reckoning.

    Weekly Ranked Warfront

    The Weekly Ranked Warfront Event will also become more active and easier to complete with with the beginning of the new Season, so we encourage everyone to try to complete these Tome Events for bonus rewards you can earn in this content of Return of Reckoning.

    Earn additional [Triumphant Insignias] this way, along with a bonus source of [War Crests] that you can spend on anything you like, and have faster progression.

    You can access the Weekly Ranked Warfront in your Tome of Knowledge or the Ranked Leaderboards Menu:

    Final Notes

    If you have any further questions regarding Ranked Game Mode or this Announcement, feel free to create a Forum Post about it or ask us or the community live on the Official Return of Reckoning Discord Server.

    That is all for our Season 7 Ranked announcement!

    Hope you will all have fun participating in Ranked and we look forward to watching you all compete for the top of the leaderboards in Season 7.

    Sun Apr 28, 2024 8:42 pm View the latest post