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  • 22/9/2017 Patch Notes
    Übersetzung in Deutsch
    Traduction française


    - number of open zones will now scale with population
    - added new GM command .campaign draw that will force loser bag rolls for both realms
    - added chest logging so we can see if there are indeed locks without rewards
    - increased renown from flag microtics when keeps are of rank 4 or more
    - flags with status Abandoned (when there are no players around) will generate only 50% of supplies

    - ADDON : RoR State of Realm v.1.0.1 [UPDATED]

    Changed min-max scale in 80-80 of all Keeps's Lords in Tier2 -Tier 3

    [Career Changes]

    -Updated the various texts ingame to reflect the changes done by Torque

    - all pets should properly cap at rank 40
    - added hardcoded handler that allows auto attacks to be melee only when Shadow Warrior is using Assault Stance


    - Resurrection Illness now applies a 25% stat debuff (down from 50%, still excluding Wounds)

    Slayer and Choppa

    - Removed the negative effect from the tactics Breaking Point and Strong Finish for 2h Slayer/Choppa.

    Shadow Warrior

    Path of Assault
    - Disabled ranged AutoAttack when in Assault stance
    - Increased Melee AA speed proc to 33%
    - Increased Melee AA damage while in Assault stance by 65%
    - Swift Strikes will now grant a movement speed boost for the duration of the ability being channeled
    - Merciless Soldier Tactic redesigned
    Removed AP reduction
    Direct damage Assault melee attacks (Opportunistic Strike, Grim Slash, Exploit weakness, Counterstrike, Brutal assault, Sweeping Slash) will do 50% extra critical damage. The DoT (Draw Blood) and channel ability (Swift Strikes) have a 25% increased chance to critically hit. (technical reasons for the split functionality)

    Path of the Skirmisher
    - Flanking shot is now core
    - Barrage is now 5 point ability
    - Shadow Sting is now 9 point ability
    - Eye Shot is now 13 point ability

    Path of the Scout
    - Fell the weak gains its additional damage modifier if the target has 30% of their HPs or below (up from 20%)
    - Reduced the added AP cost of the No Quarter tactic to 13 (down from 20)


    - Protection of Hoeth now places the absorb component on groupmates within 50ft


    Path of the Rifleman
    - Phosphorous Shells can now be cast on the move
    - Phosphorous Shells has been moved back to 13 point ability
    - Phosphorous Shells duration reduced to 10s, damage remains the same and will tick faster
    - Phosphorous Shells now debuffs armour by 10% for the duration. - Problematic for technical reasons and reverted, damage for Phosphorus Shells increased
    - Snipe has been moved back to 9 point ability

    Path of the Grenadier
    - Extra Powder Tactic now extends the radius of Phosphorous Shells by 50% in addition to its current effects (yeah yeah, crossed trees, deal with it until client control)

    Squig Herder

    Path of Big Shootin'
    - Finish 'em off gains its additional damage modifier if the target has 30% of their HPs or below (up from 20%)
    - Reduced increased AP cost of the Aimin' Quickly tactic to 13 (down from 20)

    Path of Quick Shootin'
    - Buffed Behind Ya to mirror Flanking Shot, damage increased and the critical chance of the ability is increased by the percentage of life lost on the enemy target


    Path of Loathing
    - Moved None Shall Pass back to 5 points in the tree with its original specification
    - Moved Force of Fury to 13 points, the armor buff component of this ability now stacks with everything and of course goes on your Dark Protector as well


    Path of Havoc
    - Tzeentch's Firestorm has been moved back to a 13 point ability
    - Tzeentch's Firestorm can now be cast on the move
    - Tzeentch's Firestorm now has a medium snare effect on anyone within its effect radius
    - Chaos Unleashed tactic also reduces the cooldown on Tzeentch's Firestorm by 10s
    - Bolt of Change moved back to a 9 point ability

    Black Orc

    Path of Da' Boss
    - Big Brawlin' Tactic now adds a 10s CD to Big Swing when slotted giving the disorient and snare effect a 50% uptime
    - Rock 'Ard now places the absorb component on groupmates within 80ft
    - WAAAAAAAGH! now places the buff Red Frenzy on groupmates within 30ft granting an Autoattack speed increase of 20% for 5s


    -Added a limit so you cant make a character with a name that has been deleted before the server restarts (this is because if you make one, it wont be playable anyway since the old character is still cached)


    - Fixed typo 'thoughness' within description of all items that had this typo

    - Fixed missing resists on Dominator belts for MDPS classes
    - Added some new near-BiS Broken/Repairable items to RvR T4+ drop table. Nalgol implementation being used. These are limited edition pieces and will be removed from the drop tables once we see a suitable amount have been picked up.
    - Corrected stats on ~260 R17-18 items.


    - Added invisible walls around 43.5k 60k and 15.5k 63k in High Pass to prevent players using terrain exploits
    - Removed some double spawns
    - Made of palisades and cannons untargetable at Empire Chapter 14

    - Found solution for flightmasters flying above their mounts, some flightmasters can still be displayed incorrectly.
    - Made all IC doors interactable. So if you're going to Undercroft, you have to open doors and they close after X.


    - Mourkain Crystal,Paranoid Raven Games, Gyrocopter Down,Bloody Shame quests now shows correct Queststarter/finisher

    [Public Quests]

    - Converted into PQ spawns many NPCs
    - Added 4 champions to kill at the final stage of Destruction PQ 'Wayshrine of Sigmar'
    - Corrected the level of all NPCs within the Destruction PQ 'Stoneclan's Demise'
    - Corrected the name of NPC 'Jevrisa' for final stage of Order PQ 'Evil Axis', also corrected her name for objective and stage description
    - NPC 'Contagion the Blighted', final boss of Order PQ 'Plague Mist Vale', will no longer have double spawns
    - Corrected the name of the objective of second stage of Order PQ 'Dragon's Blessing'
    - GOs 'Stolen Barrels' will now spawn during second stage of Order PQ 'Ungry Ungry Greenskins', so the PQ is now completable
    - NPCs 'Drakk Sybil' in Order PQ 'The Cult of Drakk' will no longer have friendly double spawns
    - NPC 'Merona the Scaleseeker', final boss of Order PQ 'The Cult of Drakk', is now targetable and thus attackable, so the PQ is now completable
    - Corrected the name of main boss of final stage of Order PQ 'Ashreaver Tribe Stronghold'
    - Final boss 'Whoosha' of Order PQ 'Whoosha's Boyz' will no longer have a weird appearance
    - Removed double spawns of NPCs 'Savage Corruptor' during second stage of Order PQ 'Siege of Bohsenfels'; they will now also all count for their objective
    - Final boss of Order PQ 'Wolfenburg' will no longer be a vampire nor count as such; the objective now fits with the NPC to kill
    - Corrected the final stage of Order PQ 'The Enemy Within'
    - 'Jelera the Darksworn', NPC for second stage of Order PQ 'Castle Grauenburg', will no longer have the appearance of a vampire

    [Tome of Knowledge]

    - Corrected the subtype of many creatures
    - All Bandits should now count as such when killed
    - Verified T3-T4 Dwarf PQ unlocks and corrected the wrong ToK unlocks for exploring and completing PQ stages
    - Verified T1-T2-T3 Empire PQ unlocks and corrected the wrong ToK unlocks for completing PQ stages
    - Only the correct NPC 'Plagued Farmer' will now trigger the ToK Bestiary unlock 'People Pop Up' and its related title


    [10452] Typo fixed on item
    [10465] NPCs for the quest are now targetable and attackable
    [10143] NPC will now show his name above his head and will no longer seem unattackable

    [10442] level corrected
    [10431] Now quest shows corrected NPCs and questmarkers

    [10405] - Fixed
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  • ORvR rework+ DOOMSDAY : All the truth
    Übersetzung in Deutsch


    Download link : RoR State of Realm v.1.0.1 is here !(UPDATED)

    Hi all, we have many changes at the moment in your ORvR life, and as promised, it’s not finished. This is just the beginning. Some of you are maybe lost and don't really understand where we are going. So, it is time to reveal publicly the blueprint. It is a bit long, so take your time to read it, and before posting, try to keep everything in mind. I really hope you will enjoy the plan.


    I. Preamble.
    To begin with and for the small story, this project has been designed for a long time. The initial purpose was to prove to Azarael that War ORvR wasn't just something shitty, f*cked, impossible to enhance, or merely animated by nostalgia. Hopefully, he will see this attempt and be at ease.
    Keep in mind since a year (at least), we first focused on T1, and have spent more than 3 months to make the general canvas of T2+ rework. Just to say it is not pulled out of a hat by magic.
    I'm not a coder, and I don't invent anything, I just rehash existing mechanic and enhance some part here and there so nothing in this canvas is impossible, and nothing really new. Let’s say it may look different, but it is the same. T1 rework is a proof of concept.

    I would like to credit the Dev team, and especially Hargrim, CeGee and Washette who endure my hard requirements to make this possible. Thanks to you. I would like to thank the Team Leads who have agreed to follow me in this madness and give a try. I know that ORvR is the heart of war, and we are planning to make an open heart operation on this old beast.

    Finally, I would like to thank all of the RoR players for your patience and your involvement in this project. I'm looking for something as perfect as possible. You deserve it. Some will argue this not War anymore. I'll answer, it is the concentrated essence of war, different from anything attempted before, but spiritually an advancement to be sure.

    I not looking to convince those who have doubt just with words. We all have doubt and worries. Judge it in each piece, test it, push it limits when deployed and together make what ORvR should have been.

    The rework is simple to understand, hard to catch in its totality. Easy to learn, challenging to master.

    II. Introduction. Prerequisites to read this.
    Before starting to read this big wall of text (will try to add some graphic to help), try to forget what you know about ORvR, keep your mind open, and imagine consequences for you AND for the opposite faction.

    This post will explain the ORvR mechanics. This post won't talk about rewards precisely cause it is another (very important I agree) subject. But I will explain what will be the future roll system will be like in few words.

    Keep in mind this rework may take some time to be fully deployed, and that all parts are more or less linked, resulting at some steps of deployment with strange results.

    Keep in mind, this is the project blueprint. Maybe some parts (or all parts!) may not solve/enhance anything. It is possible the final result will be a bit different, depending if it is possible, efficient or not, or any other reason.

    An efficient playground is IMO more important as starting point than the rewards you can earn playing it. If you enjoy it because it is efficient and fluent, it will be a first reward.

    III. Purpose of the rework.
    The goal of this rework is to lift actual RvR from all small issues we can experience in this general mechanic. The actual mechanic itself works fine, but some parts are ponderous and hard to manage, some other "force" the zerg because lack of objective in time (lock timers, lost keep, VP system...), respecting how they play and how they want to play. It is an attempt to give to each kind of player the possibility to find what he is looking for (solo, small team, warband, zerg), with benefits and drawbacks.

    A simple example to illustrate: A WH or a WE can't really roam alone in the lake. No space for it, no real purpose. Same for small groups. Tanks during a siege have lost some interest. In general, classes specificity have lost their role in the ORvR campaign, it is time to fix this.

    IV. NEW. How to lock a zone? (amended)
    We will abandon the VP system and replace it with an instant lock system. To lock a zone a faction will have 3 options:

    a. Hold all keeps/Ruins + 3 objectives.
    b. Reach rank 5 (not being a Ruin*) and hold all BOs.
    c. Reach rank "6" ((not being a Ruin*) - rank 5 full resource gauge)


    Depending on the situation you may experience, you will have to choose the best strategy to win.
    All options have their benefits and drawbacks.

    V. NEW. Battle Objectives (the tricky part)
    a. How are they working?
    As in T1, Battle objectives will no longer be locked and guarded with NPCs. Players will have to cap it and hold it. To proceed, kill enemies around, stay, and wait the end of timer, and VOILA! The BO is yours. A single player can hold a BO but it may take some time. 6 players is the limit to accelerate the timer to hold it (if you are 7+, it won't accelerate any further).
    - If no one is holding a BO, it becomes neutral.
    - Holding a BO is rewarded in time with small ticks (INF-RP-XP).
    - Holding a BO creates a portal in your warcamp to move faster troops (see "b. Teleport to BO." for details).
    - Holding a BO generate resources, automatically added to the rank gauge.
    For those who enjoyed the resource carrying system, don't be sad, you will find it in another iteration (see below "war treasure".
    - Holding a BO or not will have an influence on your realm during a siege (see "BO modifiers and sieges).

    In opposition with the actual system, the purpose of this system is to provide options. You have 4+1 objectives who can be "deactivated" in time because of lock timers (4) and of keep taken (1). When 2 BOs are locked, the number of option fall to 2+1, "forcing" realms to focus on less objectives, mechanically making players concentrate their forces and blob. Biggest concentration point is when keep is taken, and all BO are locked: Warcamp siege. This new system will always provide 4 contestable objectives at any time AND these objectives will give some benefits for the realm who is holding it.

    b. Teleport to BO.
    - Of course, don't expect to move a full Warband instantly. Consider you will only be able to teleport 1 player per tick (6 sec). So to move a full warband will take around 2 minutes.
    - Teleporting will cost a small amount of resources to your realm so be aware of your resources.
    - Do not worry much about players attempting to grief the system, as they will need to run back to the warcamp repeatedly, over which time the resources consumed will certainly have regenerated by then.

    Sometime, you can lose your teammates, or some strategic situations will "force" you to move fast in some place. This option (which will have a cost) gives you the opportunity to move faster for many reasons; reach a point on the map, reinforce defenses to a specific Battle Objective, join rest of your team, avoid a Warcamp siege...
    Note the teleport limit is low in time for obvious reasons. It is not designed to teleport a full realm from a place to another.

    c. BO modifiers and Sieges.
    You will have to hold BOs for many reasons. Most importantly, to rank up your keep. (see Ranking Up specifics), Second to assure the quality of equipment, and finally to lock the zone. Assuming you understand the first and the third part of it, let’s focus on the second part: Assure quality of equipment.

    Consider a Battle Objective as a mine, or a farm, or any production unit. Holding one will assure you can feed your men (not linked with this mechanic because it is too punishing for outnumbered faction), to develop technologies (ranking up) and more important assure the quality of used materials for your keep and sieges tools (including lords).
    You must hold at least 2 BO’s to maintain your siege weapons and keep defenses. If you hold less than 2 the quality will be mediocre, if you hold more, quality will be good or excellent. Depending on how many BO’s you hold, your ram, oil, ballista and so on will do more or less damage, doors will repair more or less (or not), and lord could be shitty or terrific.
    This maintenance will be dynamic and changes at each tick depending the number of BO’s you control. You can attack a Keep with all BO’s and... forget about them... leaving your enemy with a big advantage... or you can siege while keeping an eye on BO control and reduce his defenses to the minimum. What will you choose? :) What will they do? The battle will be affected not only by the forces pounding at the gates, but also by the skirmishes in control of the BO’s.

    The actual system is very partitioned. Currently when a siege starts, battle objectives become useless and none cares about it. 80% of you faction forces are focusing on keeps (remember what have said about reducing number of objectives earlier?). Now who controls the zone will rule the game. Once again, you will have to make choices, mostly strategic, depending your abilities and numbers. If you play chess you will understand what I’m talking about.

    VI. NEW. Ranking Up; Why and how.
    a. What is the interest to rank up?
    Currently you rank up to 1 star to avoid a destroyed postern, and you deploy a ram. The first realm sieging is generally the one who wins. Short story. Sad story. So what the point to Rank Up finally? Let’s give some interest to this and some new challenges for the realms.
    You can rank up your realm from 0 to 5+. Each rank will provide you some unlocks and benefits. The higher you will rank up, the better your keep and siege tools will be (lord included). Explain all this rank per rank would be quite long, so see the board below; it will explain as simple as possible what each rank will provide.
    Of course, ranking up, enhances your equipment (HP and DMG)

    b. How to Rank Up?
    To rank up, you need to generate resources. You know at least one: BOs
    As explained in the BO section, holding BO’s will fill rank gauge. Accordingly your faction will consume resources in the same time, thus you will have to hold more than a single BO. Furthermore, the distance between the held BO and keep/warcamp may have an impact on the quantity of resources. But there are some other ways to rank up. Many more.
    - Tier I lock. Remember the gauge you had to fill before locking in T1? These are resources. On lock, a portion of these resources are sent to higher tier to complete. Lower tier will be involved in this big campaign. Depending we keep or not DOOMSDAY event, you can imagine how it will work with mid-tier and so on.
    - War treasures. If you kill players in the lake, there is small chance to drop resources and you will have to carry them to your keep or warcamp (with the exact same rules you already know). The higher rank the target will be, the higher the chance to drop a resource chest will be.
    - Guild involvement (more details below in guild section). Guilds currently are just... guilds. In this plan, they will be able to invest in the campaign, converting their money stored in the Guild bank into an amount of resources, with of course some benefits and paybacks in case of victory.
    - Keep claiming (when working see guild section). This will boost resource production generated by BOs.
    As you can see, so many ways to rank up, but the most important will be the BO control.

    VII. Keep, Siege & Equipment: NEW - The Ruin concept.
    You have seen some changes on keep siege/defense, related to Ranking Up (see Ranking Up section), but some little details are added.

    To begin with, it is time to describe the keep. A keep is just another objective on the map. Harder to obtain, easier to hold, and a symbolic source of pride, but that's not the final purpose. It is another battle (not the least) inside a biggest war.

    a. Doors
    - Defenders will be able to use the main Door if it has more than 50% HP. Under this, don't expect to use it to go in and out. The door will be too damaged to be used correctly (to return inside safely)
    - A destroyed door must be replaced manually (using an item on it), then it will able to regenerate HP. This replacement will be possible ONLY if the keep is safe
    - (To be confirmed) Defenders will be able to repair Door manually during siege, using specific items/abilities
    - The door always auto-regen depending how many BO you control. If you haven't any BO, it will not regen.
    - When a Keep is lost, doors stay destroyed for ever. Keep becomes a Ruin. (see below d. The Ruin concept.)
    - The quality of a door depends of the realm rank. The higher your rank is, the stronger is the door.

    b. Ram and Siege Weapons.
    - Equipment is bought and summoned at your Keep
    - Their quality depends on your realm rank.
    - Their damage / ammunition depends on the number of BO’s you control.
    - You will be able to use ram and siege weapons around keeps, but not in open RvR. (note the word "siege")
    - When your keep is lost, and only if it is lost, you will be able to buy and summon a ram and siege weapons at your warcamp. It means you will be able to attack enemy keep even if you have lost your keep.

    c. The Lord.
    Depending your rank and the number of BO you Hold, the Lord and his specific abilities will be more or less powerful.

    d. The Ruin concept.
    When a keep is lost, it become a Ruin. It means it is too destroyed to be repaired. Doors are destroyed, posterns are broken, Lord and NPC's are dead or retreated from the battlefield. Enemies have pillaged it and it is more a symbol than anything else. So, when lost, the keep will become a specific BO (in the courtyard or in the lord room TBD). This BO won't generate anything, no INF, no RP, no XP, no resource, nothing. But this BO can be captured. This capture timer will be longer than a classic BO (x3? TBD). If not held it becomes neutral like other BOs. If losers recap the Ruin, it stays a Ruin. The other faction has still the advantage to lock. Note there is no portal to this BO, as it is a dead place.

    When a keep is taken, the invading faction must fill their gauge of victory points to lock, and losers... lose. It is more or less a period where players are waiting, virtually filling their contribution but these situations rarely change. It is a waiting phase. The lock will be automatic when you will control all objectives in the lake, the winning side will have to secure all objectives and split + potentially defend their own keep. During this period, the "loser" faction is able to prepare a counter offensive and turn back the situation. This part of the game may be a bit tricky for players, but your realm involvement will be the key. Of course, there is a risk that this situation will take time, but at least it will be more exciting and involved than before. And remember, you will have 3 ways to lock.

    VIII. -NEW- Guild involvement (when possible, if possible).
    You are probably in a guild and let’s be honest, it is a good way to play with people you know, but in the ORvR there is no real impact or interest. Now, your guild will take a more active part in the campaign, finance war, claiming keep and of course you may receive a return on investments made.

    a. Finance War (if possible).
    Your guild will be able to pay (officer/leader TBD) to engage an amount of money in the campaign. This amount will :
    - Give some resources to your realm to rank up.
    - Give some buff or immunity to your guild-mates in the campaign (no heal debuff when dead for example, RP/INF micro buff, immunity to starvation, micro bonus in participation roll... TBD)
    This action will be possible before your realm reaches rank 2. When rank 2, the opportunity to fund the war efforts will be closed. You must declare your investments early!
    If your realm loses, you wont have any returns. BUT! If your faction wins, things will be a bit different. This system will be deployed from both sides, all money the losing guilds have invested will be shared between the winning guild.

    b. Keep Claiming (if possible).
    Your guild can claim a Keep. This choice costs money. It can be done at any time during the campaign (on an active zone). Claiming a keep will :
    - Grant immumty to your guild from BO modifiers
    - Give some buff and immunity to your guild-mates (a. same as finance war)
    - Put a "tax" on all kills in the area made by your faction (TBD)
    - Increase BO values (XP/RP/INF/ranking up) for your faction.
    - Give a bonus to your guildies in the lake for rolls on lock.
    There wont be any payback if your faction wins, but you will gain something during all the periods of the campaign in the claimed zone.

    a. Merging T2 to T4
    The DOOMSDAY event was an attempt to solve some issues of ORvR, and especially the mid tier and low NA pop issues. So far, it seems to work. Of course, we will probably have to tweak things a bit, but at least it works. Blob/zerg issues and reward issues are more related to the general mechanic than the tiers merging.

    b. Multi-pairings campaign.
    The DOOMSDAY event is a test to respect the Warhammer concept : "War is everywhere!". We all want to see see war everywhere, but we don't want to dilute population on 3 battle zone unless the population can handle it. Doing this could cancel the merging benefits. A test will be done anyway to see how you manage multi pairings for some time. We are worried about PvDoor, Fight avoidance, but in the other hand, having 400 players in the same zone may be a problem as well.

    So after testing, we plan to scale opened areas with active population. The more players involved in the T2+ campaign, the more zones will be opened.

    X. - NEW - Roll System.
    I promised to talk about rewards. We all agree that sharing 10 bags more or less randomly for 200 players is unfair. That was the original system. Very frustrating to receive nothing at the end of a long battle.
    We are working on something different for quite some time, and it will be deployed as soon as it is ready. The initial phase we will eb testing with fake loots in a first time in addition of actual reward system and when tweaked/enhanced, it will completely replace the existing roll system (for ORvR).

    a. How will it work (roughly)?
    On lock, an average of all contribution will be done, giving a value. This value will represent 45% (for example) of your chance to gain a white bag. Now with a little rule of 3, we will be able to know what are your chances to acquire a green bag. Some % are added for a white bag, and some % are removed for blue, purple, and gold. When the roll is starting, it will begin with your chances to earn a gold bag (let say if you have 35% for a white bag, your green chance should be 35%, blue, 25%, purple 15%, gold 5%. Think you have understood the idea). You got a gold bag? hurrah lucky you! End of roll. You don't? let put some bonus in the pot for the next gold bag roll, and lets roll for a purple. And so on. Losing side will roll too, with an additional penalty of course.
    So yes, there is still random aspects, but a personalized random. Number of bags won't be limited anymore.
    It means basically :
    - Roll will have a "personal", meaning, 100% of contributors can have a bag as often as 100% can have nothing.
    - The more you will contribute, the higher your chance will be.
    - The pot system guarantees that you will receive a gold, purple, blue, green, or white bag eventually. So casuals, you have your chances.
    - Changing character/sides in the middle of the campaign will significantly lower your chances of winning anything.

    b. Will I have a T2 bag in T2?
    No. This system is based on your own level. It means the content of the bag will be related to the character level (when received, don't bother letting it sit in your backpack to open it later, the items are assigned when it is rolled.

    XI. Fortresses and Capitals.
    Nothing is planned at the moment for these 2 RvR parts, and nothing will be made public until the ORvR works perfectly. If all the rework is a success, we will finally have a strong base to move on and deploy something efficient.

    And once again; if it is a fail, blame Yali. If it is a win, praise the team! :)
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  • 15/9/2017 Patch Notes
    Übersetzung Deutsch/German
    Traduction française


    [Hotfix 20/9/2017]
    Natherul & Hargrim
    - HTL now works properly on other then caster

    [Hotfix 19/9/2017]

    - Horned Squigs Head Butt now does a 2s Knock Down and will no longer knock back.

    [Hotfix 17/9/2017]

    - Adjustments made to BO resource generation.
    - Removed uncapping BO's to their neutral state.
    - PvDoor smasher will now track a historical average of players in the zone, instead of a check when the Inner door is at 20%. This means if balanced fights are active in the zone, the keep will generate rewards to prevent one realm from abandoning a keep during the final push on the Inner door.


    - Proximity Flags from T1 are now implemented in T2, T3 and T4.
    - 3 pairings are now again open at the same time.
    - In case of not enough defenders in zone attackers will not get loot bag at zone lock. Defenders will get their roll for valiant defend.
    - Supplies boxes are now disabled.
    - Supplies are generated from BOs you control.
    - Reload speed of siege is now set to 1 ammo piece per 60s of control of BO per BO, so in case realm control 4 BOs each siege will get 4 shots every minute. This value can be adjusted by in game GM command.
    - Door regen is now connected to the number of BOs you hold. Each BO will grant 0.25% of health per 6 second tick. To activate this you need to control 2 BOs and ram cannot be deployed. If you control 4 BOs presence of ram will not disable heal and you will heal 1% of doors health per 6 seconds. This value can be adjusted by in game GM command.


    -Added a internal timer on the server to switch gear so that users of the addon closetgoblin cant stack bonuses (you wont notice this change if you do it manually)

    - Added new ability handler that will allow expanded range of some skills used on ground.


    Extended the Radius of the following ground target abilities to match VFX radius -

    Napalm Grenade
    Sticky Feetz
    Rain of Fire
    Dissolving Mist
    Tzeentch's Firestorm
    Mistress of the Marsh
    Pit of Shades

    Added 10% Disrupt Strikethrough to the tactics Transference and Efficient Runecarving

    Removed Unshakable Focus Morale 2 from physical RDPS classes - This one ability makes any buffs to these classes problematic to say the least so we are going to have a phase where we can gauge the classes effectiveness without it.

    [8265] - Fixed


    - Due to a DB back up, made once again the changes on NPCs noted on previous patch notes
    - Removed some double spawns

    [Tome of Knowledge]

    - Corrected the subtype of many creatures
    - Due to a DB back up, made once again the changes on GameObjects and NPCs noted on previous patch notes, mainly GameObjects and NPCs with uncorrect ToK unlocks (hope I did not forget some)
    - 8 ToK History & Lore proximity unlocks are now obtainable in The Inevitable City (see RoR Wiki for more information)
    - Flying to The Inevitable City will now trigger the ToK Map unlock of this zone, allowing its Major Landmarks to appear on the map
    - Entering The Inevitable City will now trigger ToK WAR Story unlock, allowing the Capital Cities section of WAR Story to appear in the ToK
    - Added realm restriction for ToK WAR Story unlocks for influence in cities, as there is one unlock for each faction
    - Walking into The Char & Bone area of The Inevitable City (Action House northwest of The Apex) will now trigger another ToK WAR Story unlock
    - Verified all High Elf PQ unlocks and corrected the wrong ToK unlocks for completing PQ stages
    - Verified T1-T2 Dwarf PQ unlocks and corrected the wrong ToK unlocks for completing PQ stages

    [Public Quests]

    - Converted into PQ spawns many NPCs
    - 'Uthorin Deathrain' and 'Uthorin Siegewarrior' will now count when killed during the Order PQ 'The Dragon Gate', thus the PQ is now completable
    - Corrected the name of the NPC 'Lord Khirareq' in Order PQ 'The Dragon Gate'
    - Removed some double spawns during the third stage of Order PQ 'Ritual of Corruption' and corrected this stage
    - Only 4 'Dreadblight Harridan' will spawn during fourth stage of Order PQ 'The Circle of the Winds', they will now all count for their objective, and will no longer be naked
    - Corrected the name of one objective of the third and fourth stages of Order PQ 'Against All Odds'
    - Made spawn 4 GOs 'Lunar Brazier' in Order PQ 'Dragonwatch', so that the second stage is now completable
    - NPC 'Korithen Blackthorn' has now the correct level in the Order PQ 'Drake's Rest'
    - Corrected the name of NPC 'Uthorin Death Mistress' in Order PQ 'Ulan Bel'
    - NPCs 'Uthorin Warbringer' in Order PQ 'The Shrine of Tethlis' will no longer be champions
    - NPC 'Tullaris' in Order PQ 'Executioner's Blade' will now spawn at the final stage, so that the PQ is now completable


    [7374] Piles of Dirt are now interactable, thus the second stage is now completable
    [7218] PQ is now completable
    [10218] NPC has now the correct level
    [10429] Added Keys inside the keep to prevent players to be stuck inside
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  • Coders needed
    As you may or may not have noticed I updated the sticky for sourcedev applications at:

    We are moving slowly forward when it comes to the development of the server but we would like to move at a faster pace still and the only way we can do that really is to get more coders!

    With that said, if you think you are someone we are looking for then go ahead and read the mentioned sticky before you post and application.

    Your sincerely
    Thu Sep 14, 2017 5:54 pm View the latest post
  • 2017_09_11 : DOOMSDAY EVENT : FRESH NEWS
    Bugs should be fixed! Giving this another run.

    Übersetzung in Deutsch
    Traduzione in Italiano

    Dear all;

    Last night you experienced some... ..issues, and we choose to revert RvR mecanic to fix issues :
    - Resource chest poping non stop.
    - Infinite resource dropping.

    We apologize for all server reboot in prime time. Consider as said days ago, this time you are part of the experience and as the whole team, you have experienced the "welcome in RoR team" effect :). Hope you enjoyed it.

    BUT !! Thats not finished !! So many funny moment are coming, cause we will deploy some fix and restart the test tonight with some little changes. Here they are :

    Once again, i invite you to install this addon :
    Download link : RoR State of Realm v.1.0 is here !
    It will be helpfull to see what happens in all opened areas.

    1. 3 (or just 2) Pairings to up.

    2. T1 BO system deployed (take it,; cap it, hold it, enjoy XP-RP-INF(maybe bugged, dunno, need feedbacks)

    3. NEW ! Supplies ( part I):
    You will rank up holding BOs. Don't wait for resources chests, they wont appear. So : ranking up keep = Holding BO. Resource pop and carrying solved. (Resource Carrying system will take place later in another situation)

    4. NEW ! Supplies (partII):
    If you hold at least 1 BO you will start generating Supplies to rank your keep. If you don't hold at least 1 BO your keep will start to derank. IMPORTANT: amount of supplies generated by BO is connected to distance of BO from your Keep and your own Warcamp. BOs that are located near Keeps or Warcamps will generate small amounts of supplies.

    5. NEW ! : VPs :
    If you hold more BO than the enemy you gain VPs. If equal, no one will gain VPs.
    If you hold ALL BOs you will get an additionnal VP. Same if you hold all Keeps.

    6. NEW! : PvDOOR:
    3 Pairings doesnt mean free empty gold bags (-->[]). So, if a keep is attacked in a pair without defenders ( or VERY VERY outnumbered), expect to have to have some "Sorry Mario, princess (your reward) is in another castle". Obviously none in this beloved community was thinking about avoiding great battle. But well, just saying :).


    Of course, this deployment may not be free of bugs and issues and we thank you all for your reports if you find some.

    I wish you all a good RvR cession, hoping you will enjoy our hard work ( especially Hargrim's work cause he doesn't sleep a lot these last weeks because it :) )

    Best Regards


    PS : You have probably noticed we were going a step beyond of just merging Tiers. The T2+ reworks has started, and SOoOoOOoo many things (bug and issues included) are coming SOON.
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