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  • Server Patch notes 22/09/2018
    HOTFIX 23/09/2018
    - Aggro should now only be generated by healers if they are engaged vs a player or pet.
    - Fixed the issue with overflowing mail and deleted the bulk the came from 20:30 UTC. If you still have issues with too many mails contact Natherul on discord.

    - Rift now require line of sight to pull.
    - Electromagnet now require line of sight to pull.


    - AB changelist and its message on login has been removed as we can now edit tooltips.
    - Once again renown and mastery training and respeccing is blocked unless you are using a trainer of the appropriate type.
    - Block selling of items and buyback of items if not using a vendor.
    - Terror still shakes you to your core no matter how focused you are.


    - Inner keep doors should no longer take damage if the outer is still up.
    - Resource boxes should not attempt to respawn doors outright when keep is under attack (it will heal the doors still ofc).
    - Ram wounds were increased 3.5 times


    - Removed many double spawns at the first PQ of the left wing of Gunbad


    - Back to Gunbad: You will now have to loot item 'Toof Maw's Tooth' to complete the quest
    - Death From Above: Changed the location of NPC 'Idegir the Unclean' closer to his original place. Also last quest of this quest chain is now active and completable


    - The guards of the order WC near Stoneclaw Castle moved to another position.


    - Support for Aggro Meter addon added - we are waiting for Sulle to provide the final version of addon. All heroes and lords in the world, including Keep Lords will now populate the Aggro Meter addon making it much easier to track the aggro during keep takes and PvE fights.
    - Support for PvE wards added. To access next dungon - not yet released City Dungeons (Altdorf - Warpblade Tunnels and Sigmars Crupt; IC - Bilerot Burrow and Bloodwrought Enclave) - you will need to complete whole set of Redeye gear. Otherwise you won't be able to enter the instance.
    - Some more weird aggro and heal aggro issues fixed.

    [Tome of Knowledge]

    - If you were missing a ToK for unlocking whole set now after equipping one piece of that set the ToK Unlock will be granted.


    [12321] Quest marker has been set
    [10138] Quest is now completable
    [12318] Added a GO spawn so that the quest is now completable
    [12343] The troll will not get any damge from AoE spells anymore
    Sat Sep 22, 2018 9:54 am View the latest post
  • Web stuff migration done. (let a msg for activation)
    Web stuff migration is finished and all should be fine now.
    Again we apologize for inconveniences.

    If you have issues with "your account isn't activated" using patcher, please let your account name below, will try to force reactivation (you may have to check your mails again, need to be confirmed)

    Wishing you a nice day.
    Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:02 am View the latest post
  • Accounts create/update unavailable

    We're moving our web servers. During one day or two (starting now), account creation/update won't be available (even if you receive your validation emails...).

    I'll post a reply when it'll be back.

    Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:32 pm View the latest post
  • Server Patch notes 18/09/2018
    The patcher will need a second run to get through all files so once you started the game once please quit and restart launcher. This is to avoid any issues.


    - Added more logging on mail issues from PQ/Keeps.
    - Buffs should now be visible on login.
    - Fixed lava slow not releasing due to change in underlaying system.

    These were ninja hotfixed without a note earlier.
    - Fixed the lords disappearing.
    - Fixed buffs sticking on a target.


    - Drastically reduced chance of dismount while towing seige in vicinity of keep.


    - Increased the interact range on certain objects in Scenarios. Notably the distance was too narrow on pacifiers in Stonetroll Crossing.

    [Class Changes]

    White Lions are reverted to almost vanilla WAR spec, exceptions being a 10s cooldown on pounce as base and 0s cooldown on pounce if Loner tactic is specd.

    We appreciate that while we all love to have work done and to see patch notes, the changes were coming so hard and fast that people could barely keep up and the game was losing connection why most of us are here, the love and nostalgia for the original game.

    Future balance and changes will likely adhere more to a tweak system than a complete recreation, we respect that you have connections to your characters and will be approaching things more in terms of evolution not revolution.

    Due to the reversion process, some abilities may be displaying wrong information on the buffs, for those please place on the bugtracker where we can deal with them asap.


    Drain Magic & Yer Not So Bad - These no longer require a buff to shatter to be used and no longer shatter, they cost 30 ap (down from 50), grants 60 AP immediately (if successfully hit) and then drain an additional 120 AP over 9 seconds.

    Black Orc
    - The 13pt Da Toughest ability, Wee'z Bigger, has had its CC immunity component reduced from 7 seconds to 3 seconds. Its range has also been reduced from 100ft to 30ft.

    - The 13pt Vaul ability, Vaul's Tempering, has had its CC immunity component reduced from 7 seconds to 3 seconds. Its range has also been reduced from 100ft to 30ft.

    - The 3pt Asuryan tactic, Radiant Burst, will no longer affect Radiant Gaze.
    - Radiant Lance will continue to deal damage to all targets within 20ft.

    - The 13pt Rifleman ability, Strafing Run, has been moved to the Tinkerer tree as a core ability, available at lvl 40.
    - In its place, a new ability has been created, "Armor-Piercing Rounds," which will grant you 25% armor penetration for 12 seconds. 1min cooldown. 25AP cost. Instant cast. Buff ability type. This ability does not invoke the GCD.

    Witch Hunter
    - Fervor is now cleansable.

    - The 11pt tactic in Gork, Hurts, Don't It?, has had its morale drain component removed. It has been replaced with an augment to Bunch o' Waaagh which reduces the channel time by 50% and doubles the damage tick speed. The toughness debuff augmenting Brain Bursta is still present.

    Witch Elf
    - Envenomed Blade is now cleansable.


    - Improved drop rates on blue and purple liniment seeds
    - Blue liniment seeds are now unbound and may be traded or auctioned freely


    - fixed keep exploit on Chaos Wastes map
    - The dwarfs felt a little bit unsafe inside their warcamp in Kadrin Valley. Two additional guards were ordered to serve there.


    - corrected several kill quest map marks
    - No Place for Humans: Follow-up quest is now active and completable
    - Brush of Wings: Follow-up quest is now active and completable
    - Daemon's Gate: Whole quest line has been reworked and corrected
    - Shades: Whole quest line has been reworked and corrected
    - The Glory of Ulthuan: Whole quest line has been corrected and reworked
    - What Separates Us: Last step is now available and completable


    [12270] Lowered the amount of kill needed from 15 to 12 in step 1 of "Green is Best!".
    [11896] The reward was split into two quest steps for "Questionable Motives".
    [8146] Questmarker fixed for "Fury Tamed".
    [11690] All objectives are now correct, and quest markers have all been set
    [11101] Restored original spawns of NPCs 'Sigmarite Protector' thus the quest now works as intended
    [12286] NPCs 'Young Elf Noble' once again have normal wounds
    [5704] Daemon's Gate quests are all fixed
    [12305] Corrected the quest to be closer to how it is meant to work
    [11875] Players should now be able to turn in the quest choosing the reward they wish
    [11050] Corrected the quest to be closer to how it is meant to work
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  • Armor of the Vanquisher
    Team created, Community Powered: Renown Rank 55+ Gear. Only on Return of Reckoning.

    Coming soon to a vendor near you. Gear up for the next big fight with original content by the community, for the community.

    Click here to watch on YouTube
    Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:30 pm View the latest post