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  • Dev Diary : November 2017

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    Italian translation
    Dear all;

    Here's November's dev diary.
    The past few months have taken their toll for everyone, and you've probably noticed and experienced numerous change on the server.
    Before we dive in, I'd like to thank you all for the patience you show in regard to the new RvR system. I know that you need to adapt to something different, imcomplete et sometimes frustrating. But courage ! We're halfway through.
    Behind the curtains, the teams are working hard to bring you, each week, an impressive number of ameliorations and I thank them all for their selfless dedication, their patience and their motivation.
    Now let's see what RoR has in store for you in the near/distant future J.

    Let the money talk.
    Right about now, the project is largely funded by the ads running on the forum. As you may have noticed, there is actually quite few of them and we would like to keep it that way.
    To help us keep the project well financed, I ask you again : please deactivate your ad-blockers and come on the forum as often as you can to have a look.

    New RvR system
    After some months of testing and a bunch of adjustments, the changes implemented that was part of the DOOMSDAYS EVENT seem to function. Therefore, the combination of T2, T3 and T4 players and the multipairing system will become permanent.
    Concerning the rework of the system itself, half of it is already implemented, et we are ever looking to fix every detail we can about the mechanics involved.
    That being said, we are very keen to have your feedback. Even if we do not respond to it, we try to always take it into consideration with eveything we implement.
    There is still 2 huge blocks of essential stuff that we need to get up and running before we can consider the RvR rehaul complete :
    - The siege system, taking into account the rank of each faction to calibrate the damage et protections against siege weapons;
    - Modificators for the Battles objectives that should have a dynamic impact during siege (regeneration of doors, damage on siege weapons and on the Lords...)
    When that part's done, we'll be able to focus on the little ''bonus'' stuff :
    - Drop of ressource as part of the loot from kills
    - Implication of guilds into the RvR system (war money, claiming fortress)
    - Multiple other fun thingies…
    Please note that we'll bring small adjustments to the classic lock condition (keep capture) in case of strong AAO:
    - Relic transport : the faction capturing a Keep will have to bring a relic back to their own keep. The speed of the relic bearer will be directly indexed on the opposing faction's AAO. At the same time, the faction that just lost a keep will be struck by a buff of vengeful fury, also indexed on AAO.
    The cause for this springs from the observation that, in case of biggly huge AAO, the losing faction doesn't have enough time to organise a counter-attack. Through this new system, we are trying to give them that time so this losing faction doesn't give up altogether too quick.
    Once this is done and tuned up correctly, we will be able to open a new RoR chapter : Fortress.

    Roll System
    This is brand new and we are keeping an eye on it to tuned it up. That being said, some are a little confused about what's going on. So, let me clarify a bit. First of, you need to distinguish two things :
    - The personal loot system is based on your ONW contribution;
    - The contribution system.
    What changed is the loot roll system. The contribution system, very basic since it was implemented, will be our next step in completing this ensemble. We didn't begin by changing it for technical reasons, but recent progress allow us to begin to refine it now. So, how does this system work ? And why is freaking everyone getting white bags now ?
    Before saying more and to bring up some numbers, right after the implementation of the new individual loot roll system, more than 1200 gold bags were won in 3 days. Which, you'll agree, is a lot...
    Hence, here's how it works. You'll see, its simple.
    When a zone locks, the server makes the sum of all the contribution for all concerned players and creates an average. This average corresponds to an x% chance to get a gold bag. Each other bag's roll (purple, blue, green) gets a bonus. The more common the bag, the bigger the bonus is. Logic.
    After those calculations, every player rolls a dice (1 to 100) on his own chances (rule of 3 + a small penalty if on the losing faction + an AAO base modifier) for a gold bag. If won, then the roll stops there. If not, we add a small bonus on gold bag's next roll and we move on to a roll for a purple bag, and so on. Please note, that this little bonus is specific to each type of bag and is never lost until that type of bag is won. Hence, this bonus is always going up till you win. Once you do, the bonus start back at 0.
    Consequently, after a lock, there could be 100% of players winning gold bags as well as 0%. Your own contribution is only increasing your odds to get one, but it never assures you to do so. Neverthless, sooner or later, your turn will comeJ.
    There is no more 12 bags for X players, but X gold, purple, blue, green and white bags for X players.
    The idea behind all this isn't to distribute more bags, but simply to create a less frustrating system that is as just as possible in rewarding contribution no matter the number of players involved.
    Obviously, this system is fairly new and will require some tweaking; and we are already foreseeing some small changes to make it more fair (like indexing the bonus based on your contribution instead of it being a fixed value).

    Like I promised: it's coming! For a couple weeks already, every night, testers are running through our first dungeon again and again to help finetune it. The idea is to give you the best experience possible and not ''just'' a dungeon. So, ya, it's comingJ.

    Far from forgetting PvE, the team is working hard to improve and fix the PvE content. And I think that every week, you can see the improvements. All PQs are being reworked in the hope of getting them as close as possible to how they were on live while also having them feel as hard as their difficulty level implies.

    Patcher and client control
    This tool is very complicated to develop. Being able to interact with the game client is a task that cannot be treated lightly and the technical hability to do it correctly is lacking us at this moment. So, even if progress is slowly made, I can't give you any ETA on this. When we deploy the new patcher, we want to avoid as much as possible even the smallest problems in installation, client corruption and everything related.

    Class balance
    Every week, new functionalities lets us tweak/improve how every class function. Thanks to this, we have more and more flexibility to work on things. No need to say though, our first goal is to make the game as balanced as possible, and that means some of you will gnash your teeth at some point, from patches to patches. Understand this is nothing personal :p

    In parallel with the work of balance (More or less patcher dependant), another "small" R&D project is in progress. A picture worth more than a thousand words ...

    Who knows ... some day...

    Gear sets and equipment
    The Onslaught set should make its way into the game soon. Finally Hargrim and Skorri are back from their holidays in Mt. Gunbad and should speed up the process of reworking all of the chapter 22 hard Public Quests. Those PQs will be a lot tougher than your average PQ and too dangerous to try alone. However, I need to explain something that may seem self evident but isn't. When the staff develops a new set, it's not just one set that needs to be done, but 24. One for each class. And that represents a huge workload. Specific tools are being designed to help us achieve sets creation faster in the future.

    Land of the Dead
    Just kidding...

    RR limits
    Ah. I warn you right now, this is in the cards, but it will take some time before it goes live. For now, it's just an idea, but it seems like an important one to us. The RR limit is 80 as of now. Once this is achieved, no more purple rain. SAD. Just when everything is starting to get interesting for the server, some players lose motivation. Knowing this, we are thinking about unlocking the renown gain way past RR80. Of course, to preserve some balance in the game, no stats will be impacted by this change. And the unlocked stuff would be of a more cosmetic type (appearance items, titles, shiny trinkets...) A priori, this unlocking would be followed by a lift on the renown gain slowdown for the RR40+ players.


    The time has almost come, Bright Wizard College reopens after a very long time in the next weeks. More details will follow as we move closer to the release day.

    To conclude, I have to ask something of you. Could you please become the emissaries for this project by speaking about it to your friends, your social network contacts with the goal of growing our community. The improvements that were made on the server this year are real and I believe sincerely that next year will be great for RoR. Might as well get as many people in so all can profit and have fun !!!
    So this pretty much sums up what I can tell you about the project. Thank you for your patience and your support.

    Yali and the RoR team.
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  • Patch Notes 11/11/2017
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    Traduzione in italiano

    Hotfix 11/15


    Marauder procs will no longer work off throw axe.

    [New WAR.exe]

    Thanks to Secrets we have a new exe file for war that FULLY utilizes multi-core CPUs as well as having the RAM fix baked in. This has made very large improvements to performance in mass RvR battles, as well as reduced crashing in the lakes.

    Feel free to use it but we recommend you save the old exe somewhere if you should experience any issues.
    This will cause your WAR.exe process to use more ram. IF you have less than 4GB of RAM, it may cause issues. We have not tested it on a low RAM device.

    WAR.exe Download
    alternative link


    - The Halloween event has now ended. All spawns aside from the capital city vendors and quest givers have been disabled.


    - Keep Lords will now announce who is his current target. Let the clone salt wars begin.


    - Groups have been rewritten from scratch to provide an interface for updating them across regions. We identified the group crash, how it was happening, and have a way for most cases to prevent it crashing the entire warband or group. While we do have a killswitch for cross-zone groups, the group crash should no longer occur as frequently, if at all, across zones and should never affect more than one person.

    - It is no longer possible to perform group actions that require you to be a group leader if you are not the group leader. This includes making someone else the leader, kicking someone, etc.

    - Groups now update every 100ms across all regions. Please report any anomalies as a result of this functionality on the bugtracker, though in general it should be better.

    - Fix for the scenario handler getting stuck for about 5 minutes (which means it makes no new scenarios while that group is queued) when only one premade group is queueing.

    -It is now possible to create a one-person party for others to join by clicking on the 'Make your party open" UI interface and relevant slash commands.


    - Added a new system to work with VFX

    - Removed offensive requirements for Dok/WP aoe detaunt tactics Intimidating Repent and Terrifying Aura (Thanks for help Natherul) This means you can spec these tactics and receive benefit from them regardless of weapon configuration.
    - Restructured Swift Movements in database to prevent a rare failing and to line up tooltip CD accurately.
    - Increased Heal effect of tactics Sanctified Bullets and Kiss of Doom from 100% to 150%.
    - Reworked Leonine Frenzy - It can no longer crit on the damage procs but will now add strikethrough, armour penetration and a speed increase to the pet. Visual effect also added.
    - Tactic - Stalker - No longer adds wounds to the pet Lion, replaced with 15% critical rate for pet Lion.
    - Points in the Guardian tree no longer add a wounds multiplier to the White Lion Pet.
    - Added all important remote when summoning dwarven mounts.


    - NPCs can now use softcaps on stats, so will not be granted immense strike through values. Stats above soft cap are converted into Power of correct type. This change will also affect defense values of NPCs.
    - NPCs can now call character names when directing attacks against them.


    - All scripting for Gunbad is ready.

    [Public Quests]

    - It is now possible to win gold or purple bag doing easy Public Quests

    - Destruction PQ 'Ghyran's Embrace': Added one objective for last stage
    - Destruction PQ 'House of Cards': Reworked the first stage; NPCs of second and third stages are now within the PQ area; NPC 'Lady Arkaneth' is now a Hero
    - Destruction PQ 'The White Tower of Hoeth': Reworked the first stage; Assigned the NPCs to the different stages and organized them
    - Destruction PQ 'The Vault of the Dragon Princes': Added a portal (appearance of an Orb) so that players can use it to go out of the PQ when the exit is blocked by barriers
    - Destruction PQ 'Loryndaal': The PQ has now the correct difficulty: Easy and no longer Normal, and will grant rewards of an Easy PQ; NPCs 'Ember Drake' and 'Scorchtail Drake' will now count for first stage; You will now have to destroy the Dragon Orbs for second stage; GO 'Dragon Portal' can now be used as a portal to go out of the temple when the exit is blocked by barrier
    - Destruction PQ 'The Fortress of Caledor': GO 'Orb of Hysh' can now be used as a portal to go out when the door is blocked by barrier
    - Destruction PQ 'Dragonwatch Falls': NPCs 'Drakesinger' will now count for first stage; You will now have to kill 'Dragonwatch Seer' during second stage; Organized the NPCs inside the PQ
    - Destruction PQ 'The Caladain Gate': NPCs for second and third stages have now the correct appearance
    - Destruction PQ 'The Phoenix Eye': Assigned the NPCs to the different stages and organized them
    - Destruction PQ 'Woodsong Manor': Reworked the first stage
    - Destruction PQ 'Blind Justice': Assigned the NPCs to the different stages
    - Destruction PQ 'Spirits of Eataine': Reworked the first stage; Assigned the NPCs to the different stages
    - Destruction PQ 'Follow the Light': NPCs 'Truelight Adept' and 'Truelight Escort' will now count for first stage; Assigned the other NPCs to the different stages and organized them; Added one objective for last stage
    - Reworked the following Destruction PQs:
    • The Battle of Avethir
    • The Vault of the Dragon Princes
    • Kelysian's Landing
    • Malyros' Rest
    • The Fortress of Caledor
    • Keeper's Vigil
    • Galiron's Mouth
    • The Caladain Steppe
    • Caladain's Furnace
    • The Senthoi Pool
    • Dawnbreak Manor
    • Last Stand
    Note: All Destruction PQs have now been reworked, so have fun rediscovering them!

    - Order PQ 'Raven Host Vanguard': The PQ has now the correct difficulty: Normal and no longer Easy, and will grant rewards of a Normal PQ

    Updated the list of the functional Dark Elf PQs on RoR Wiki.

    The Burning Windmill Empire Chapter 2
    - Added barriers with appropriate collision so you won't be able to attack Seeker Cultists on Stage I or go through them anymore.
    (Even with AoE)
    - Cultists will now play an effect on spawn.
    - Removed some fire VFX from Stage III. (More work on the fire effects will be done later on)
    - Volkryth Flamecaller, restored his Live appearance.
    Bloody Savages Dwarf Chapter 14
    - Removed one unnecessary mob from the middle of the PQ area. 10764


    [10785] The GO should no longer change of appearance when clicking on it
    [7535] Second stage is now functional, thus the PQ is completable
    [10483] Quests 'Raising The Empire Banner' and 'Raise the Chaos Banner for Glory' are now fixed:
    • Destruction players will now have to click on the GameObject 'Chaos Banner' next to the Battlefield Objective Feiten's Lock.
    • Order players will now have to click on the GameObject 'Empire Banner' at the top of the Battlefield Objective Verentane's Tower.
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  • Patch Notes 4/11/2017
    Traducción Español
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    Übersetzung in Deutsch
    Traduction française

    Hotfixes 5.11.2017


    - Auras from Chosen and KotBS are now removed on bolster and debolster as they could get stuck in a bolstered state, which is too powerful for a lower level.

    - Lined up the correct tooltip values for Bullet and Kiss procs for WH/WE

    [Public Quests]

    - Public Quests will now add you back to a public quest if you are removed from them for any reason (ie; end of Public Quest, leaving the public quest and returning, etc)
    - Public Quest decay has now been implemented. 15 minutes of no contribution will result in your contribution being reset.
    -Active public quests that are sent on zoning will now show the active, not total amounts of players at a specific public quest.

    -Fixed an issue where White Lion pets were having too much of a stat when overrides were used.
    -Fixed the killswitch for White Lion pet overrides.
    -The .getstats command can be used on your own pet now.
    -Inspecting a player will now send relevant info about the set that an item in the inspect window may contain.
    -Skills that scale off of Toughness or Wounds will now use reduced crit chance as crit chance (only applies to WL's leonine frenzy)

    - Patch Notes -


    - Added backend to enable some additional VFX casting
    - Added backend to modify buff duration on certain casts
    - Server will now discard any GM tickets made from reporting the medallion or PQ mail as spam

    - Grouped players that die will now only continue to gain xp/inf/rr from the kills of their comrades for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes the dead player's gains will cease.
    - If you are more than 8 levels higher than the mobs you're farming you will no longer receive xp. Pick on something your own size.
    - Fixed the accidental nerfing of xp gains while in a group. My bad, you guys.
    - Champs and heroes are exhausted of being farmed and have asked that their xp rewards be reduced.


    - Updated the ab changelist in accordance to Torques changes

    Added VFX to -

    Monstrous Rending
    Black Horror
    Wings of Heaven
    Surge of Insanity
    Daemonic Scream
    Bad Gas
    Barbed Wire
    Knight/Chosen Auras
    None Shall Pass

    Increased size of Squigbeast

    Renown Ability Changes

    Disabled Resolute Defence and Cleansing Wind

    Class Changes

    Fire Clown

    Tactic - Flashfire - Set this effect can now only happen once every 6 seconds.

    Witch Elf

    Ability - Sacrificial Stab now grants the Blessing Shriek of Death for 10s, this Blessing increases the players Auto Attack speed by 10% per resource point spent.
    Ability - Sacrificial Stab now casts the Ailment Hindering Cut upon the hit target, this Ailment snares the player affected by it by 3% per resource point spent.

    Witch Hunter

    Ability - Dragon Gun now knocks down the primary target for 3s

    White Lion Rework

    Lion Pet

    AOE splash damage no longer lands on Lions, AOEs can be anchored off them and they will take damage from an AOE if they are the primary target but they wont melt from splash any more so they will be more survivable UNLESS attacked directly where they will be weaker unless significant investment is place into the Guardian tree.

    Pet Wounds, Toughness, Weaponskill, Strength and Initiative are being reduced. Values and modifiers will be monitored and adjusted as time goes.

    Reverted for now - You can build these stats back into the Lion pet with points in the various trees, the more points you have in the appropriate trees the more stats your Lion gains. The higher points in the tree give more to your Lion pet than the lower points do so investment brings benefits past the abilities in them.

    Points in Path of the Hunter grants Strength and Weaponskill to your Lion

    Points in Path of the Axeman grants Toughness and Initiative to your Lion

    Points in the Guardian Tree grants Wounds, Toughness, Weaponskill, Strength and Initiative

    Path of the Axeman

    A mastery path focused on your pet distracting enemies while you deal damage

    Trained to Kill - This ability now boosts the Lion pets Toughness and Wounds by 50% of the players Strength gained from items. The stance allows for the augmentation of the 'harassment' pet using dps main stat (as he should be dealing damage) and should prevent a full guardian built and spec'd WL from swapping to this stance and making an uber tank pet.

    Path of the Guardian

    A mastery path focused on assisting and supporting your pet while he deals damage

    Trained to Kill - This ability now boosts the Lion pets Strength by the Wounds the player has from items and Weaponskill from the Toughness that a player has from items. The stance now correctly benefits those who play support to the Lion pet as opposed to giving the most benefit to those who go full on dps.

    Guardian Tree

    3 point tactic - Tactic - Furious Mending - Heal value increased.

    5 point ability - Echoing Roar

    7 point tactic - Baited Trap - The armour increase additional from this tactic will now stack with potions.

    9 point ability - Brutal Pounce

    11 point tactic - Stalker - This tactic now grants your Lion an increase in their Strength and Toughness (160 each stat at lvl 40)

    13 point ability - Leonine Frenzy - Internal Cooldown on damage procs reduced to 1s, scales off the players Wounds

    15 point ability - Rampage

    [Public Quests & Personal Loot]

    - The randomization function for PQs that can award multiple random items (such as Conqueror gear) will now always return one of the items in the list of items truly randomly, and fixed a logic error that could result in the bags being empty.
    - PQ stages now accurately reflect the faction you are doing them for. For example, order PQs will show the title of the PQ instead of the words "Destruction".
    - PQ objectives will now update individually - as opposed to using the first index of the list of objectives always. This allows PQs with multiple objectives to update correctly on the client.
    - Fixed a memory leak with Public Quests and Keep Chests.
    - Players who go offline or use a flight master while participating in a public quest will no longer be eligible for a reward from that public quest. This does not apply to RvR.
    - Fixed an issue where NPCs and Pets in Public Quests would complain about exceptions.
    - Fixed an issue where the Public Quests' objective status would not be shown if a player leaves and re-enters the Public Quest.
    -A majority of null references related to public quests and dangling player references have been cleaned up.
    - Fixed an issue where Public Quests would add a player at an inappropriate time to contribution lists if they were in a group with another player, resulting in them unable to roll on the public quest until a server restart.
    - Fixed an issue where Public Quests where healing someone outside of the PQ area would make you unable to roll on the public quest until a server restart.

    [Group/WB Crash]

    Disabled for now - Implemented a potential fix for the group/warband crash and added a killswitch just in case the fix doesn't work. We'll be monitoring the crashes and hopefully narrow down the solution with the information from this patch. If it goes wrong, we will turn it off.


    - Cleaned up aggro lists to prevent a memory bloat issue.

    - NPCs will now respect their own AA and Ability ranges.
    - Lair Bosses will no longer be randomized with -1 / +1 levels on spawn.


    - Channels now display their effect (abilities like None Shall Pass! should now work)

    [White Lion]
    - Baiting Strike's aggro reduction should now function on the appropriate targets.
    - White Lion pets are now subject to anti-AOE code that prevents them from being hit by AOE attacks unless the attack is direct.
    - Furious mending should now work as intended and apply to both the pet and the owner.

    - Added a new framework to facilitate the adjustement of pet based classes globally and within mastery trees allowing for dedicated and focused balance tweaks (see Torque's notes for specifics).


    - Items will now show their set bonuses when linked to another player, when you visit a merchant, and when you are viewing the auction house.

    - Corrected stats on ~400 R17 items
    - Corrected stats on ~260 R18 items
    - Corrected stats on ~580 R19 items

    [Public Quests]

    - Destruction PQ 'Destruction of the Weak': NPC 'Tonas Jorgen' is now a Champion
    - Destruction PQ 'Monument of Narialle': NPCs 'Narialle Sentinel' will no longer be Champions; You will now have to destroy the Altar during second stage; The 3rd stage is now functional
    - Destruction PQ 'Whitefire Tor': Reworked the first stage; NPCs 'Arkaneth Chillbinder' will no longer be Champions
    - Destruction PQ 'Spirited Resistance': NPCs 'Wrathglade Spite' will now count for first stage; NPCs 'Blazing Spite' will now spawn when clicking on the Roots
    - Destruction PQ 'The Pool of Elthrai': NPCs 'Daughter of Isha' will no longer be Champions
    - Destruction PQ 'Sea Guard Beachhead': NPCs 'Veteran Seaspear' will now count for first stage; NPCs 'Veteran Seacaptain' will now spawn during second stage; NPCs 'Veteran Sea Guard' will now also spawn during second stage and will no longer be Champions; Last Boss 'Sea Master Lorias' is now a Champion and no longer a Hero; Removed fire animations
    - Destruction PQ 'Watchtower of Aethwyn': NPCs 'Fiendish Talon' and 'Fiendish Barb' will now spawn during first stage; Reworked the second stage; NPC 'Blackclaw Heartrend' is now a Champion and no longer a Hero
    - Destruction PQ 'The Jade Stand': Modified the first and second stages; NPC 'Gerithir the Protector' will no longer be a Champion
    - Destruction PQ 'Whitemoon Manor': You will now have to destroy the Wellstones during second stage
    - Destruction PQ 'Recompense': Modified the second stage
    - Reworked the following Destruction PQs:
      > Stone of Ecelsion
      > The Griffon Gate
      > Reservation of Honor
      > Town of Berhessa
      > Reaver's End
      > Tor Elyr
      > Quyl-Isha Temple
      > Wavesinger
      > Dartian Forest
      > Everspring
      > Trial by Fire


    Patch Notes are updated.
    Live Events are updated.


    [10727] NPCs will now count as Night Goblins
    [10728] Removed multiple spawns
    [10736] Corrected the level of the NPCs
    [7394] NPC 'Sorceress Selinja' is now a Champion and no longer a Hero
    [7399] Adjusted the difficulty of the NPCs to fit with the PQ's difficulty level
    [7403] High Elves and Salamanders will no longer attack each other
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  • GM Ticket system
    Übersetzung in Deutsch

    Hey all!

    Today Im proud to announce that the ingame ticket system for GM assistance is working! What this means is that you can now from ingame go to the help menu and request CSR assistance (sadly we cannot edit CSR to GM at this point) which will bring you to the menu to fill in a request form. GMs will be able to see this list and work on tickets accordingly.

    For now the .gmlist command will work but we aim to phase that out after an undetermined time. The GMs will still ofc be ingame and work as normal but there is no need to /tell them.

    This system also includes a feature where a GM can answer a ticket with a mail in the case that the person who made the ticket is not online.

    I would like to personally thank Sullemunk for making the UI part for the GMs while I made the backend.

    Yours sincerely,
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  • Server is ONLINE
    Hopefully we've plugged up the last of the memory leaks. Hamsters kept escaping for wild times in the datacenter. Nothing but fast cars, coca-cola, and loose squirrels all over the place.
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