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After each round of recruitment, previous applications will be moved here. When we open positions in the future, those interested should post a new application.

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GM Application

Post#1 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:00 am


I am interested in the role of Game Master for this Project as it seems there are hardly any GM's on NA Prime ime. Sometimes there is One online or none. I play both Realms as well.

I am well versed in customer service and IT Experience. I am on mostly every day between 4pm - 1AM CST. I also work a rotating shift every Two months that would make me available at different times of the day. I am the type of person that takes into consideration both sides of a argument. May it be bug abuse or just a general argument that got out of hand. I feel it is best to investigate a matter to its fullest before taking the appropriate action.

I can also bring developmental idea's to the team if needed, i have quite a few. As well as a background working with servers, hardware and internet security.
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