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I do code. I have free time.

Help us with developing new features or fix up existing ones. This is the place to apply. C# for game engine, C++ for tools.

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I do code. I have free time.

Post#1 » Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:20 am

Good day.

I was playing WHO on official servers many years ago. I love the game.

Currently I'm tweaking add-ons and interface so they would work / work properly with RoR.
I would like to help in particular with errors in interface.myp. I do have few files that I managed to extract, tweak and put back to .myp and of course I would be glad to share and see them implemented for everyone.
What I've done so far is quite trivial, but for some reason nobody took care of it yet: things like remarking certain functions that belong to Land of the Dead, relics, etc and throwing an error because relics are not implemented. Or capital status that throws an error when you roll your mouse over it. Or minimap error that combined with some unknown to me factors kicks me out to login screen when I change zone.
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