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Application - Versatile Data Engineer

Help us with developing new features or fix up existing ones. This is the place to apply. C# for game engine, C++ for tools.

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Application - Versatile Data Engineer

Post#1 » Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:25 am

Hey Boys and Girls,

I would like to help out a bit to make RoR an even better place. To me: Professionally, I work since several years as a data engineer. Got a Masters in CS and collaborated on several academic papers.

Programming Langs: Java (daily driver), Kotlin (💕, Jvm,Js & Native!), C#, Ruby, Js ( + node, not lang but important Frameworks: React, Vue, React Native) and Rust
Database algorithms hit a sweet spot for me so I am also well versed beyond the usual SQL jazz. (Hands-on-experience with: DynamoDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hbase, Influx, Solr, Vespa, Elastic, Redis and Impala)


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