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Help us with developing new features or fix up existing ones. This is the place to apply. C# for game engine, C++ for tools.

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Post#1 » Sat Sep 06, 2014 2:00 pm

Thanks for this opportunity to be part of the team.

I have exceptional technical and analytical skills, with experience in software development, data analysis, database management, information system support, security, network and server support, business analysis, enterprise application integration, program configuration, testing and evaluation, which I have gained in various analyst/programmer roles.
Well enough from my resume; don’t want to bore you too much.

My thinking includes some of the following
Big believer in class templating.
There is not a wrong way of coding, just better ways to organise data.
If it aint broke, better it.
When asked if my glass is half empty, my reply is to drink it all and tell them I’m the problem solver.

I know and can work in c/c++, c#, many flavours of basic, python, English, vba, just to name a few.
My first program that I wrote, was way back when I was in primary on the Apple II, a Ship in top middle of the screen few lines down, | walls either side spaced out and runs with moving ship left or right to keep inside of the walls which also moved and periodically got narrower. Score is how long the run is, was fun back then. 30 years on, much prefer c++ over c# but for the speed of coding over performance I can work with. Have years of experience, both real world to hobby stuff. All the same to me, it’s the buzz from seeing it all come together. Looking at problems and working that square peg into the round hole keeps my mind going.

As for war, have some development running on one of my development servers; currently have been looking at keeps. In particular, have been working towards making them the aristocratic households of medieval Europe. My reasoning is as follows:

What was the first thing players usually did once they hit the keep sieges? 'Happy campers ram watching' whilst the defenders run to the top trying their luck at sniping and then legging it. We never had any standing fights; there was never any incentive for these, unless you were lucky to be part of a pre-made.
This was a problem that could be overcome if players can go to the castellan, or porter and pay towards forming a patrol group, where npc would spawn and you as a named champion lead the charge into the 'happy campers'. This ensures that the keep siege is flowing. Well that’s my initial goal.
I am also conscious of the local pq's. Let’s say up in western praag, if a group commissioned by the castellan is charged with securing the canon mines then the defences will gain an additional supply of canons and the player gains increased rr bonus for each kill from the supplied canons.
The first step is the mesnie and their ai.brains, patrol routes and their tactics; the watchmen interacting with players with mdps which fights along side, magi keeping distance and healers healing.

As for the current branch, really needs a 'living world object'

As you can see, I am keen to learn and contribute.
As the holidays are over for me here, and as again I have more time to spend on projects outside of my work if you want to add me to the team, I can work with any areas that are required.
If there’s any other questions ask away :)

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Re: Application

Post#2 » Mon Sep 08, 2014 1:24 pm

I PMed you.
Max Hayman

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