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[Healer] Shaman VS Zealot VS Dok

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Re: [Healer] Shaman VS Zealot VS Dok

Post#21 » Tue Sep 03, 2019 11:58 am

Shammie is 2nd best healer after zealot in my opinion. Shaman can kite really well. Shammie has an AoE heal.

DoK has a hatred mechanic that means you need to pray all the time to be a pure class healer.

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Re: [Healer] Shaman VS Zealot VS Dok

Post#22 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 1:31 pm

in my eyes - Shammie is best.
Why you all talking about AOE-Heal, burst and blablabla.
Thing is. A dead Healer does zero healing. If under pressure, shammie is capable of epic kite action. You get hit? You get fast! You get hit? Auto-Detaunt! Get hit again? Double-Detaunt! Wont get hit? Splatter the place and do an AoE-Slow.

Shammie is best cause he is independend. He can look after his own arse and that is a huge thing when it gets ugly. Why should you heal ... when you can outrun your enemies or slow them.

Think smart guys. Healin is more then pushing AoE-Grp-Heal. Thats just dumb. Same as Partymembers that willingly take dmg to get the kills. Move smart, as a grp, an Shammie is best you can get.
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