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WL: What build is used with Invader set?

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WL: What build is used with Invader set?

Post#1 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 3:12 pm

I just got the 6 piece (16 meds away from trinket) and starting to tinker with my specs with the set.

Catsup is RR74 atm and was running with 3 piece beastlord, Full Vanq, 2 piece Gen and T4 ring. 1054 Str, 602 WS, 38% parry, and 17%, 14/17% disrupt/dodge. And Hunter/Guardsman.

I been having a blast with the pet ultilities and high burst off this build. Plan was to get the invader trinket and two piece the invader with the Vanq set. The vanq set bonuses are awesome. 710 WS with proc and crit I value greatly to go with high Armor debuff and high burst.

With Invader set, I see some good and constant weapon damage with the same spec. And am curious what spec and build others are using with the invader set. I got some ideas on how to tweak with trained to hunt additional auto attack speed. On test dummies, I notice sustainable damage improved, with some lost in burst due to where AP deficit isn’t as critical.

I still want s build that can be used ‘On Everything’.

Anyways, thoughts and experience?



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