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Return of Reputation

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Return of Reputation

Post#1 » Mon Sep 02, 2019 7:10 am

I'm not sure of precise numbers, but the most I've ever seen online(via this website) was a little over 700; which of course encompasses all sub forties, people active and people joining pug WBs just to AFK at warcamp. Suffice to say, there is a small group of "regulars" on this server. Die hard players, dare I say, especially with the launch of that game that shall not be named.

Who are the most notable people on the server for you? Doesn't have to be that they're good at their class, it could be that they're funny, or a little nuts, or both? It could be that they're known for actually being bad and never learn. Maybe they're always leading pug WBs, or you see them in every SC regardless of whether their faction is getting stomped or not. Etc.

My character is a 40/66 WE named Funkyswervve. Mostly I'm solo roaming in RvR lakes, trying to pick fights 1v1 and get frustrated when it turns into a 1 vs 3, 6, or warband. But that's a personal problem, it's RvR afterall.

People from Order that I see a lot, everywhere:

Thotianna(WL): Tried him a few times and always lose. But I've resigned to losing 99% to them with my spec. I'm fine with fulfilling my role to kill everything else.

The other WL with a Japanese sounding name: He drops in on me out of PoV in RvR. Doesn't even use ATK abilities, just Flees. I die.

Pwn(WL): We've had some dedicated 1v1s out in the lakes, so far I'm about 0-7.

Falken(Fulken?) - Engineer. Really good. He(she?) likes to solo roam a lot as well. Brutal player that clearly knows what they're doing. I tried to gank him once doing a keep siege and lost, twice. Also saw him in CA today, he kept getting ran over by Destro tho.

Dill(KotBS): Straight up lost to him in a duel.

Dogwaffle(BW): This guy always gets way and smartly runs into his party to which I basically die to.

Djin(AM): The only AM I see often. I always try to take him out first if there are multiple healers cause this guy dishes out the pain.

That's about all for Order that I can remember off the top.

On Destro: I'm in Learn to Play so I see those boys everyday, along with fellas from Havoc.

I know all of the regular WEs by name: Enoo, thongsrkewl, Mosliv, Poisondancing, etc.

Lutz when he's leading WBs and the entire zone. Skarjaw, Ghloe.

It's pretty cool seeing these folks on a regular basis. Just thought I'd make a thread to shout them all out. I have a lot of fun, whether I'm killin ya or dying to ya.

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Re: Return of Reputation

Post#2 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 1:29 pm

This is a nice post!

Story time!

My character is Lutzgaroth. DoK 40/84
I mostly lead warbands or fail pathetically at pve.
There is barely a person on destro realm that I haven’t lead to victory or defeat. As I love and hate my Realm players I could just mention you all.. but where’s the fun in that.
I lead the guild ‘The Art of War’ and play mostly with my guys in the rvr lakes now, but I still love my semi PUGs.

Here are some legends:

Grufrip, the ultimate chopper. This guy is nuts, around 400k player kills. F**k my life. He should be tha biggest ork alright. If you don’t see him rolling in his notorious greenskin Warband, you might catch him solo chasing Stunties in the lakes while waiting for SC pops. In any case Order is running, and he is chasing!

Elvasoul, what a DoK. Loved and respected wb leader. We miss you!

Carthage, a chosen to fear. Patriotic leader, so effective that I am glad he’s not Order. We wiped more then once because he made us laugh in crucial moments!

Passions, black guard and many other characters. His shield DoK is hated in SCs for its effectiveness.
If there’s a DoK trick, he knows it.

MrSparklez Glitterboy. Quite a name for a BO. His two handed axe is colored glitter and crits the crap out of Order in SC. In the lakes he loves to imitate a state of the art reinforced keep door once in a while.

Erihon, Order leader and of the 7th legion. He is The Challenge in the RvR lakes. Needs many dirty tricks and more then one Warband to defeat this man. I enjoy his visits to destro once in a while.

Fixxer and his gang. Quite an engineer. Sorry for shaving your beard in BC the other day. It will grow back. Keep it up!

Anja, fancy WE. PnP assassin, I used to see her more often too. But you know, when you see a WE it’s usually to late.

Ayasee, also a WE. Good times. I remember a siege in KV around October 20I8: I send this monster on the walls to go for oil. She ended up killing 8 people and the oil in one run.

Myzeria, honestly.. the best Zealot ever. With her in the group it's godmode time.

Belladona, Jimson and ICONIC. DoK, Chosen and whatever. Let’s stick with this duo for now. I think this two players do not even need to talk to each other to coordinate. One of the two has an ego of the size of the titanic, yet they are pvp legends. I wish I would see them more often taking the oil room on enemy keeps.

Fogna, Zputacatarro and the rest of his Italian paesani. This guys rock. They don’t talk much but function like clockwork.

Ralii or what his name is. White Lion.. I have no idea who you are but I know if I don’t gank your premades with the whole warband you become a serious problem in the backline!

Let’s see... who’s s next.

Kellanved, he plays all of it, both factions. Not even bad at the buttons hes pressing. He used to roll with my pug warbands, not anymore. Who knows why!

Chinesehero, Swordmaster. Don’t know much about him, yet everyone knows his name. At one point I thought he is the Order Ream mascot. He’s the first to die and the last to run. He has a guild now too? What a Hero..

I could go on forever, but I won’t.
If I haven’t mentioned some of you, don’t be sad.

1.1 Don't Be A ****
Whether you hate someone or simply think they're a bad player, you can be respectful. Keep in mind this is just a game, and there is no reason and no place for real grieves/grudges. The majority of this post is fine but take it as a warning, we do not appreciate spreading jokes or rumors that disrupt the players mentioned above and others from enjoying their time here. The content in question has been redacted.

really? :roll:
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Re: Return of Reputation

Post#3 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:03 pm

Azalya the archmage.
Mchappy the runepriest.
Kalleigh the bright wizard.

They are femme fatale.
decimo marauder
larsulu zealot
norsemanherra wp
stormurfru dok

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Re: Return of Reputation

Post#4 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:27 pm


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Re: Return of Reputation

Post#5 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:29 pm

RoR Celebrities 2019 ;D

If i would name all noticeable people on server it could took hours.
Cature, Erihon, Brugon, Grunbe, Motu, Elva, Lutz, Gruf and many more RvR Leads
Chinesehero, Drill, Azeyune, Drukar, Germes, Morphia, Zarbix, Union and many more SC Heroes

I never imagine to be mentioned in topic like that.. Its even funnier that from some sucked from finger imaginations xD
And also: Nastymidget - EG / Nastygobbo - SH

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Re: Return of Reputation

Post#6 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:41 pm

Grufrip , Ocara , Cature , Fluff , Gitcoin , Zarbix , Liliflow , Fixit

Now the foes:

Silently we bide our time
Soon we'll pay you back
For all the wrongs you've done our kind
For the stabwounds in our backs

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Re: Return of Reputation

Post#7 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 10:28 pm


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Re: Return of Reputation

Post#8 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:37 am

Let me say one word:

"Can we play with him, master? He seems so unhappy. Let us help him smile. Please? Or at least let us carve one on his face when he stops screaming."

— Azeila, Alluress of Slaanesh

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Re: Return of Reputation

Post#9 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:00 am

Nezeb rr7x dps dok
Demonlarry rr7x Magus
Squigdakka rr7xSquig herder
Mcronalds rr6x Mara

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Re: Return of Reputation

Post#10 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:15 am

I'll be honest guys, I play quite a lot and I don't remember most of these folks mentioned. Lutz I know, of course, because I'm almost always in his WB when he leads pugs.

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