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Choppa pull proposals

Post#1 » Thu May 23, 2019 6:14 am

-Add minimum range.
Atm you can get pulled from any range and any direction. We remember how OP WLs fetch was when they could disable you with a pull in meleerange. Well choppa pulls does the same thing but with several targets.

-It is undefendable
Tbh this is not OP or annyoyng,it is stupid. It is like a neverending morale ability spam. Watching entire WBs loosing their frontline against a undefendable skill,both in fights out in the lake and in funnels. Tanklines is now pointless in many fights. Enemies now need to stay at max range if they wish to keep the fight up.

-Pulling from cover
Any orderplayer have seen people getting pulled from top floor, from stairs, getting pulled through walls etc. I have been pulled from first stair in keep up to lord. Anyone saying this is a lie is either a troll or...something else.

-Should the pull get removed?
NO IT SHOULD NOT! Choppas are now very loved in fights and that is a good thing.

I know it is a tough code to work with. But tbh it is just way out of line atm.
The skill should not ignore immunity
The skill should not be undefendable
The skill should not ignore walls,levels,floors,stairs etc
The range is just fubar. Many times the choppa is out of range of my 65 feet range skill,but i still get pulled.
WLs got a minimum range on their fetch because it is like a free KD every 30 sec. Why is it then ok to have same thing on a undefendable aoe version of same skill wich ignores any obstacle in the game?

Once again,i know this is not a easy fix. But is it not managable to just "copy" the magus pull? That version seems much stabile.
Because atm choppas makes fun pvp less enjoyable.

We are a small community and there is way to much salt,both from playerbase AND devs/GMs. We all enjoy this game and we should all work together to have a more enjoyable experience. Both factions need some balance and i know that,but this choppa issue is the biggest problem atm (atleast that is what i think)
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