Rampage for Choppa

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Rampage for Choppa

Post#1 » Thu May 23, 2019 9:10 am

This proposal is meant with warband meta level gameplay in mind, so if your experience is based on pug, scenario or solo adventures in mind - your own insight may differ greatly from the OPs.

The ideal bomb warband is built with magical bomb centre in mind. This on Order is created by bringing 6-8 BWs to create a firestorm of death, which Annihilates most enemies. On Destro, this is created by bringing 4-6 Sorcs, then zealot dps with corp debuff+aoe healdebuff + Winds, and last spots going for Mara with their warband toolkit (AoE; KD, morale drain, interrupt, disorient, AP drain, Init debuff), then possibly bringing a Magus as well for more magic pressure + 65ft pull. Choppa itself being melee limits class potential, same with their relative lack of toolkit when compared to Mara.
Both Slayer and Choppa suffer from similar issues, lack of survivability and relatively weaker physical dmg output compared to BW and Sorc magical bombing. Slayer however retains abilities such as ID (good dmg pressure + WW synergy) and Shatter Limbs (CD increaser which when landed on enough healers can decide fight outcome). On the other hand Choppa has GTDC 4 target 40ft pull on 20s CD, and CF! which a Black Ork can also bring.

Slayer however retains a tool, which some may consider strong, others not so strong, which allows them to "close the gap" between SL and BW dmg output potentials, name Rampage, which nullifies risk of being blocked/parried, and allows highly effective landing of both Shatter Limbs and ID, and prevents occasional defensive checks from interrupt the normal dmg flow of Flurry/Onslaught.
Meanwhile Choppa retains in same ability spot, an AP buff. Said buff is mostly used in pve, whereas in pvp its generally just easier to use an AP pot than go through the trouble of having to use a finisher to gain (slightly less AP than some pots...) some dmg and recover some AP. This skill can be bit tricky to use in large fights with heavy lag, where target may or may not be in said 5ft combat range, resulting in using an AP pot being the more effective way to recover AP. It's decent pick for pve adventures, which is about the only reason why I'm running it even now. (dungeon mobs AP steal mechanics)

A recent thread lately confirmed that many good Slayer players agree that Rampage is not even that good, and some have even voiced opinions they would not mind if it were given to Choppa, as the ability comes with relatively high opportunity cost (Rage drop vs needing tactic for Rage retain).
This also should ensure there is no need to worry about just one Choppa AoE ability being undefendable, when now Choppa and Slayer become more equal in having similar number of undefendable AoE tools at their arsenal. And as recent discussions concerning Rampage in other threads have shown, the ability can be countered, and is also highly situational.

I am sure most Choppa players would be happy to have some good ability at the 5pts left tree spot, and Slayers/Order in general would not mind if RvR becomes more balanced, so the change will possible allow for more equal fights and result in less boring empty zone/keep fights.


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