Zealot Witchcraft tree healing changes

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Zealot Witchcraft tree healing changes

Post#1 » Thu May 23, 2019 7:15 pm

The Witchcraft tree has some skills and tactics that just don't fit the tree or work properly. Most if not all Zealot healers skip using this tree when healing. From a healing stand point this tree is more absorb/hot oriented but doesn't stand up to that standard when put to actual use.

1. Dark Medicine the AP cost for the return is too much to even bother with this ability, most if not all zealot healers tell you to just take it off your bar and never use it.

1a. Proposed change for Dark Medicine change it from instant heal/hot to a 5sec Hot and at the end of the Hot it applies an absorb. It would now have a 10sec cool down and cost 40 AP.

2. Tzneentch's Refreshment doesn't fit this tree since it only goes off direct heals and is really suited for the alchemy tree.

2a. Proposed Change for Tzneetch's Refreshment is to move it from witchcraft tree to the same spot in the alchemy tree. This would mean Manipulation would have to move and in the state that tactic is in the only way you get any kind of use out of it is to use it with group heal. Move Manipulation from alchemy tree to the same spot in Dark rites Tree. This would displace Swirling Vortex and I would just scrap Swirling Vortex.

3. Open Tactic slot where Tzneentch's Refreshment was at in witchcraft tree.

3a. Proposed Change for a New tactic called Empowered Medicine, Dark Medicine now leaps up to 6 allies with in 30 feet of the target ally, can only pass through each target only once.

Thank you for your consideration.
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