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by Kloaner
Sun Jun 14, 2020 2:18 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: From the first fight we know it's over.
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Re: From the first fight we know it's over.

Sadly many guild premade wanna farm this weak guyz, lucky there are some good premade guyz who wanna find challenge and not pug farm. They are less imo. isn't that what all Players want? Easy enemies and fast loot? Maybe a fight where the enemy don't hide in the spawn after the first push because i...
by Kloaner
Fri Jun 12, 2020 12:40 pm
Forum: Suggestions & Feedback
Topic: The real State of the Realm -endgame discussion
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Re: The real State of the Realm -endgame discussion

This is an issue with "big guilds" mentality; nothing to do with balance, xrealming, drop rate or anything. They want to win trade to have it easy so they can pve their way to end game. We as players must take actions and start having pug with banlist and kick people that are just city loging or le...
by Kloaner
Thu Jun 11, 2020 8:11 pm
Forum: Dwarfs
Topic: improvements for ironbreaker?
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Re: improvements for ironbreaker?

Of what use now is AM or Shaman in city? The answer is none. Ehm, massive? Since fights are now more about the sustained healing and damage rather than morale bombing, AMs or Shamis insta combat reses are an amazing tool in their arsenal. Hell in my instance of the city we had after the patch, we w...
by Kloaner
Wed Jun 10, 2020 2:49 pm
Forum: Changelogs
Topic: Patch Notes 10/06/2020 - Happy Birthday
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Re: Patch Notes 06/10/2020 - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!
by Kloaner
Tue Jun 09, 2020 10:35 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: rvr, forts, cities
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Re: rvr, forts, cities

aren't there already enough Topics about this?
by Kloaner
Fri Jun 05, 2020 4:10 am
Forum: Suggestions & Feedback
Topic: New Class/specs?
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Re: New Class/specs?

we don't have anything like a balance among the existing classes (after 12 years?) and you dream of new classes? lol
by Kloaner
Wed Jun 03, 2020 6:17 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: [AM] Walk Between Worlds - discuss
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Re: [AM] Walk Between Worlds - discuss

I have not verified it but according to buffhead the aoe detaunt already has 10sec duration, only the setback immunity is 5sec. Afaik on live both were 5sec and it smells like a ninja change. For shaman detaunt and buff both have 10sec duration but their buff is worse, therefore only 5 sec for AM b...
by Kloaner
Wed May 27, 2020 10:45 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Debate about why Order is how it is.
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Re: Debate about why Order is how it is.

In 4 months order got 3 draws (2 IC 1 Alt) and lost everything else, a few with close scores, but most of them overwhelmingly so. Now things could change cause many main toons (and alts) on destro are completely geared up (a couple of those draws are pretty recent) and server pop gone down a lot. w...
by Kloaner
Tue May 26, 2020 1:01 am
Forum: Suggestions & Feedback
Topic: My Dream Patch Notes
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Re: My Dream Patch Notes

Archmage / Shaman Sugested changes: Isha's Encouragement is merged with Apotheosis and Green Cleanin' with Scrub Ya Good! and place heal over time effect on every cleansed group member. Energy of Vault has coldown reduced to 5 seconds, from 8 seconds. Reasoning: Isha's Encouragement and Green Clean...
by Kloaner
Fri May 22, 2020 10:17 am
Forum: Suggestions & Feedback
Topic: Corrections to PvP in a PvP game
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Re: Corrections to PvP in a PvP game

bring Royal drops and you can close all the Zones, port all the Player to Nordland and let them play the Nordland Game. That is what we will see the first weeks. We will have a significant increase of Engis and Magus who will only interact with their Realm when they cry for a Rezz. This Community sh...