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Post#1 » Sun May 17, 2020 1:09 pm

Hi all im a long time Warhammer fan. Been playing with armies of them since I was 11. Love the novels and setting and the rpg. Im also a huge fan of roleplay and always welcome in character interaction. If you enjoy talking about lore or the setting or wouldn't mind taking someone under your wing im always looking for new friends. I used to play back in the day on official. I was a member of "Clan Steinhammer"

I also was a member of the "Bugman's Brewery Forum"

I am a member of the "Warhammer Age of Rebuilding" its a project made up of all sorts of Warhammer fans that are continuing the old world by altering some of the endtimes events. It doesn't change everything but alters enough so instead of everything going "Boom, space dragon, TM names" it progresses the story. They are on fb and are just a search away all Warhammer fans are welcome to check it out!

I usually play a dwarf in game as they are my favorite race.

It has been great so far just exploring and questing again. Got to hang out with the Legendary Gotrek and Felix.


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