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Hi all!

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Hi all!

Post#1 » Mon Jul 26, 2021 8:48 am

Latest newbie. Loved AoR, looking forward to checking things out. :ugeek:

I have no family to speak of. Been on my own some years now. I thought I found someone who would love me." I looked at her. She was a bit disheveled, but cute, wish a spray of freckles over her nose, a pale complexion, gray-green eyes and a shy smile. "Just how old are you, if you don't mind me asking?" "20. Almost 21." Oh ****. And here she was stranded halfway around the world. "And you have no money to get home?" She shook her head, started crying again. "Did you speak to a police officer?" "No, I was afraid. I don' t know how they treat someone like me here." I nodded, understanding her fears. Then the inevitable question, "Why are you helping me?" I took a moment to answer.

I heard the shower running a good long time. Then after a bit all was quiet. I stretched out on my sofa and decided I could use a nap too. I woke a bit later with a raging hardon. Unusual for me these days. I remembered a dream. A young woman offering herself to me. A sexy woman with large breasts and ample butt, riding me like I hadn't been in years. Somehow I was younger too, slimmer, vigorous. That explained the reaction. I sat up with a start. Noticed Jeannie sitting in a chair leafing through a magazine. Remembering what had awakened me and how, I sat up and pulled a blanket over me. Did Jeannie stifle a smile as she looked from her magazine to me?

Anything in the refrigerator. Or the cabinets. No need to ask." "Anything?" Did she wink as she went back to her reading? One thing I noticed. While the woman in my dream had red hair and gray-green eyes, or would have if I dreamed in color, she was not Jeannie. The girl sitting across from me was slim, wearing a t shirt and shorts, definitely not large breasts or butt. Her legs looked to be strong, from running maybe. Jeannie put aside the magazine, "John," somewhere along the line I'd told her my name, "while I was laying in bed upstairs I was thinking. Could I find some kind of work here?" "Depends on what. I know a lot of the local businesses. I've been here for ages.
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Re: Hi all!

Post#2 » Tue Aug 03, 2021 11:46 am

Hello and welcome to the forum.

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