Basic FAQ for Newbe (Alpha)

In this section, you will find some advices and basics to start quietly ingame. Question like " I'm lvl 1, what shall i do?", "What class shall i pick?", will find some answers in this place.

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Basic FAQ for Newbe (Alpha)

Post#1 » Fri Mar 06, 2020 10:35 am

Basic information about RoR in few simple words. (work in progress, this guide is aimed to release pressure from global chat channels in game and forum asap)

Edit 1: Fixed typos, expanded some topics. Guide should be more plausible to read now.

It is surprisingly hard to explain basic concepts to someone that don't know a thing about the game, I hope I manage to do so to some degree without skipping too much. English is not my native language. So I hope it is understandable and communicative, correct me in PM if You find something absolutely unacceptable both in case of content and form.

1. SC, RvR, PQ, T1-T4, WC, WB...
Scenario, battleground in wow term. Instanced (not open world) PvP with objectives. The goal is to reach 500 points asap. Way to do it depends on the scenario, from typical "Domination" (controlling objectives gives points, more objectives = more points), "Capture the Flag" type of scenario (grab "flag" and deliver it to enemy base or Your own base) or mutations of both. (grab/secure "flag" and hold to it as long as possible, or while holding it kill enemies etc.)
In most cases, actual killing of players is not the main goal of SC. It is only the way to reach the objective.
Realm vs Realm – that the main dish of this game. RvR is happening in open (non instanced) areas (lakes) which are located in every zone in the game. RvR lakes are marked by dark red border on the map. Entering one of the lakes will mark you as a pvp target – enemy players will be able to attack you. Each RvR lake besides Nordland have 4 Battle Objectives that generate resources for faction that controls it. Generated resources appear as wooden chests that player can pick up and try to deliver to warcamp (in T1) or faction keep (T2-T4). Returning resource will provide your realm with points. In T1 faction that will gather enough points first will lock the zone, granting the winners increased rewards. In later Tiers those resources are used to upgrade rank of faction keep in given zone. Each rank increases amount of siege weapons that players can use, main gate health pool and few other things. Faction needs its keep to be rank 2 or higher to be able to attack opposing faction castle.
Non instanced PvE staged and timed event, on every map (zone) there are a couple of those (marked by open treasure chest) with varying difficulty levels. “Easy” can be done solo by most classes, while “Hard” usually requires at least tank+dps+heal. Each PQ rewards several bags containing loot. Bags vary in quality; normal and hard PQs grant the best rewards. (An idea copied first by Guild Wars 2, years later WoW).
T1, T2, T3, T4
Tiers. Zones of world map designed for players of a specific level. On every zone You have RvR and PvE areas. PvE areas are designed for specific level range, example would be Nordland which is for players rank 1-6, meaning that you are likely to find enemies from level 1 to 6 there. RvR lakes are divided by Tiers. Tier 1 lakes are designed for players rank 1-15, going there with higher rank character will turn it into chicken, do not do that. Tiers from 2 to 4 are for players ranked 16-40. The distinction between Tiers 2-3-4 are keeps and their surroundings, while in Tier 2 you fight on relatively small zone for control of 2 small hamlets, in T4 both lakes and keeps are much bigger. T4 keep is surrounded by outer walls, its gate is much sturdier and defenders are able to use more cannons etc.
WC, WB and other
Warcamp – that faction camp near RvR lakes. Its your base of operations and hosts plenty of npcs, guards and quest givers.
Warband is unit that can be formed by at least 2 grouped people. It can host maximum of 24 players divided into 4 parties of 6 players.
Organized WB
Type of warband that has a leader and its operating in organized manner. Your typical organized WB will have one person responsible for giving commands, leading people and thinking of tactic that they can use to overcome enemy, just like in real world military units have its commanders. Most typical build used is 4 parties of 2 tanks 2 heals 2 damage dealers in each.
Pick up Group Warbands are warbands consisting of mostly random players, they often are leaderless and are used mostly to herd people into specific point and enable tank and heals use group abilities, although this term is also applied to warbands with actual leader commanding, PuG acronym just means that people there are “picked up” on the way and aren’t for example guildies, that play together every time with same characters.
Type of warband that acts as secondary to the main one. Example would be keep defense with 30 defenders grouped together. First 24 will be in ‘main’ warband, while other 6 form second one, which in this situation would be called and overflow warband.
Flymaster - Fast Travel
In RoR to travel faster between zones, one can use flymasters service. Those NPCs are located in every Warcamp and in most PvE quest hubs (chapters). Order flymasters are dwarfs equipped with copter backpacks, while destruction flymasters are orcs mounting wyverns.
In other words, PvE quest hub. Each chapter tells the story of given region and its inhabitants. Progressing from chapter to chapter is going to reveal the meta story of each side of the conflict. Every chapter has its Public Quests, doing them will give You influence in that chapter ("blue" exp). Influence rewards come in 3 tiers, each needs more influence than preceding one. Usually its some kind of potion on first tier and some gear pieces on second and third.
2. Character, Exp, Stats
Stats n Stuff
Strength - increases melee dmg, reduces opponent’s chance to block and parry melee attacks
Ballistic Skill - increases ranged dmg, reduces opponent’s chance to block and evade range attacks
Intellingence - increases spell dmg, reduces opponent’s chance to block and disrupt spell attacks
Toughness - reduce incoming dmg in same amount that their offensive stat would give. In simple terms your 100 toughness equals enemy 100 strength in terms of damage bonus he would get.
Weapon Skill - increases chance to parry melee attacks, increases armor penetration
Initiative - reduces chance to be critically hit, increases your chance to evade ranged attacks, increases chance to detect invisible enemies
Willpower - increases healing given, increases chance to disrupt spell attack
Wounds - increases number of health points
Resistances, Armor etc.
Armor - Protection from physical dmg. Applies to both melee and ranged. Reduction of enemy damage caps at 75%. Its counter stat is armor penetration, provided by weapon skill.
Resistances – Protection from magical dmg. Its counter stat is intelligence.
Block – your chance to block enemy attack. Nullifies enemy attack damage completely. Needs shield.
Parry – your chance to parry enemy melee attack. Nullifies enemy attack damage completely.
Disrupt – your chance to disrupt enemy spell. Nullifies enemy attack damage completely.
Dodge – your chance to evade enemy ranged attack. Nullifies enemy attack damage completely.
Action Points
Almost all skills cost AP to use. Only specific classes use additional resource pools. AP is auto replenishing resource but that process can be speed up by some skills, gear and potions made by alchemists. Additional resource pools, that some class use, are replenished by class specific mechanics.
Your character actual level. Mastery Points (skill points, that unlock abilities in skill trees) are unlocked by this. Max lvl-40.
Renown is your pvp experience. You gain this by doing pvp activities – fighting in rvr lakes, conquering keeps, capturing Battle Field objectives and fighting in scenarios. Each renown rank gives you one point, that can be used to enhance your character stats. Renown ranks 40,50,60,70 and 80 grant one additional mastery point to be spent. Most of pvp gear requires renown rank to be equipped. Maximum renown level is 80.
If some says: "I'm 40/73" means he is level 40 character with level 73 renown.
Influence one can get in specific regions. You gain it by playing PvE Public Quests or in case of the RvR zones by participating in activities in given rvr lake.
3. Chat
Basics of Chat
To use chat press Enter, then type command corresponding to category You want to talk about.
Remember to:
Be polite - don't annoy others by being rude, to ignore is just two mouse clicks. Also simple "ty for help" is a nice thing to write after receiving help/information.
Be patient - if You don't receive immediately doesn't mean You are ignored, but someone that reads Your MSG may be occupied by something, distracted or simply don't know the answer.

But most importantly, DON'T BE LAZY! Search information at the forum and vast Warhammer wiki, 99% of questions can be answered there. It is annoying immeasurably after You answer the same question over and over and over again.
Chat channels for new player:
/5 LFG - looking for a group, remember to include info: Who/How many, Where, What. "LF 1heal 1tank T1 sc"
/ad - advice channel, ask and advise others here. But only if You cannot find a solution on the forum or wiki. With 1500+ players online this can be crowded place if trashed with simpler questions like ‘who is the best tank’.
/1 - Region chat, all "where is NPC xyz" and "could someone help me with Q xyz" goes here. There is no need to throw every possible question in to /ad, probably someone near You got a solution, just ask.
/t1 - Chat used for coordination of the battle effort of Tier You are in(/t2 - tier 2 etc.). Mostly for WB leaders and crucial information like: "Enemy WB INC to...!"
4. How to lvl up?
Warhammer Online is a PvP focused game. One can level up only by playing SC or battling in the RvR lakes. This is the fastest way to level also (if You win). HOWEVER, it is great to slow down, travel a bit, do some PQ with other players and solo quests. Read some quests descriptions and feel the vibe of the rich Warhammer world. With one of the greatest fantasy lore ever created. Rushing thru leveling process makes harder to understand many mechanics of the game, You simply don't have time to grasp all skills, strategies of encounters etc. And no one wants to be that one guy dragging the team down by incompetence. Right?

PvP lvling
To efficient level thru pvp, do repeatable quests found in the WC of RvR lake You are currently in. Repeatable quests are also available in every scenario you join. You can return those in your capital city, just a leap from flymster.
5. Map and Tome of Knowledge
Is divided into three sections corresponding to pairings (Dwarfs vs Orcs, High Elves vs Dark Elves, Chaos vs Empire). Every pairing is divided into four Tiers. T1-T3 is divided into two maps/zones. T4 into five.

You will find there information about what faction that controls each zone. This information suggests where one can find active RvR lakes. To start capturing zone for Your faction, previous Tier must be captured. (T2 must be locked before T3 is opened for capture (locking), T3 to open T4) Tier 1 is constantly changing ownership since is the fastest one to be controlled, locking it is not required for that pairing progression.

After T2 and T3 is locked, battle in T4 starts. This tier is divided into 5 zones, to lock that tier faction must win successively battles in 3 zones starting from middle one. (Thunder Mountain for Dwarves vs Orcs pairing, Dragonwake for High Elves vs Dark Elves, Praag for Chaos vs Empire).

Winning two pairings for faction, allow that faction to attack capital city of the enemy. It is endgame PvP content.

Also, it is worth to mention that the map got the coordinates. This very precise tool allows to add that information to Your question in necessary or understand answer. After opening Map (m key, default) the place You want to find a location will be one where Your cursor is pointed and cards will be on the right side as X:"numbers here"Y:"numbers here"
Tome of Knowledge
Aka "ToK" record Your progress in games. It is both archive of Your achievements and a quest log. The closest thing that comes to my mind to describe it is Journal from Elder Scroll series. Just dive into it and start reading to find tons of information and lore. It shows also active title of Your character and allows You to change it.
6. Basics of Combat and Class information.
12 classes for destruction and 12 for order, they are more or less mirrored.

This guide would be a very, very long one if I describe every single class, specs etc. and it isn’t goal of this guide. What You have to know however is some basics. Warhammer Online gameplay is based “holy trinity”, three archetypes of Tank, Heal and Damage Dealer.

Every tank has access to "Guard" ability from level 10. This ability splist damage received between Tank and guarded person. If You have it, use it and stay close to guarded target. You have a ton of abilities to help your guarded target survive and to assist your dps in brining down enemies. Remember to switch guarded target and come to help, depending on the enemy focus.

Every heal have ability to restore health points of friendly target and resurrect it. Use both of those abilities. You don't have to be grouped with player to heal him. So if You see that someone is slowly walking toward You barely alive, don't be a douche, save him if You can spare AP even if he ain't in Your group. Same goes for resurrecting.

Every DD do Damage (duh) but remember that You are squishy. Charging enemy line solo probably ain't a good idea. Make an effort to inform group members what, You gonna do, ask for a guard from the tank. Remember that You gonna die a lot. Don't cry about it.
In ideal situation every 6 man group has 2 tanks in front, 2 DPs and 2 heal behind them (2/2/2). Same goes to Warband composition, with four groups of 2/2/2 cooperating.

DD especially should remember that "behind" tank not always should be taken literally. "Guard" ability has its range, so dive a bit into enemy lines, for a prior target can be done if You remember to not dive too far.

Why "behind" too? Every tank has access to "Hold The Line" ability. All friendly players up to 50ft behind You will receive 15% bonus to dodge and disrupt, stackable 3 times.
7. Best advice You will ever get
Don't be lazy. All game theory is available on the forum and RoR wiki. So ask questions only if You didn't find the answer there.
Watch carefully how things are done. Many, many questions can be answered just by observing.
And do Yourself a favor, install voice communication program. Discord is widely used in RoR. Make a room, share link with others. You will see that this speeds up the flow of information, makes easy to call targets to focus on our call for help. Just do it.
9.RP - how to cyber
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Re: Superfast Supershort Guide to RoR for Newbe (Alpha)

Post#2 » Fri Mar 06, 2020 6:32 pm

Great guide covering most of basic info one would need to get into RoR, gj on that :)
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Re: Basic FAQ for Newbe (Alpha)

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Excellent post for new folks, even those away from the game since 2012. Thank you for the time spent!

I would add these two links to help with understanding RvR better:
Open RvR Guide - ... _RvR_Guide
City Sieges - ... ity_Sieges

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