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Cannot Log in One Character

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Cannot Log in One Character

Post#1 » Wed Mar 27, 2019 8:47 pm

One of my chars Deleuze Chosen I can't log in. I came online with that character and booked out. At the end of book out he was still in the same place but couldn't use abilities, seemed to have crashed. I crashed client and relogged. Now everytime I log this character I get server has closed connection error and kicked back to choose my server. If I choose server two things randomly happen. One is I just get kicked back to same screen. The other is that a black screen and in the side box 'locating battles' goes on forever.

I can log on all other characters no problem. When I logged on another character it showed Deleuze as being online in the guild roster. I've had Deleuze kicked from guild to check guild bug but it's made no difference.

I feel like I've read about a bug like this but I couldn't find on forums. If anyone can help free Deleuze let me know, he has critiques of Nietzsche to write.

Update: I tried to do /stuck twice quickly but i never get to loading screen. On pressing Play it instantly goes to the 'server disconnects' message with the box to choose Martyrs Square as my realm. Guildies report Deleuze seems to be still online and can be pm'd though I cant' log on to him.

Update: Tried logging in on a different computer and ip. Char is still kicked to the server screen though I can log onto other chars.

Update: Server restart didn't fix. But it's solved by asking GM online to move char which worked, thanks to Siodine. Back to working on assemblages with my choppa friend Guattari.
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