[Guide] RoR Under Linux

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[Guide] RoR Under Linux

Post#1 » Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:42 pm

Hello folks,

Heres a little information about how to get RoR to work under Linux. I am going to assume that you're at least somewhat familiar with Linux in this guide and know how to run your own commands for your own distro. I am going to be using Fedora 22 as my basis for this - but it should work on Ubuntu, Mint or anything else. I am using wine-1.7.49 (Staging) and wine-mono 4.5.6.

I would suggest creating a brand new 32-bit wineprefix or using an existing one. It has to be 32bit. Using winetricks install the following:

Code: Select all

comctl32ocx comctl32 comdig32ocx d3dx9_* dotnet40
From this you can run the RoR launcher and login and play! The launcher seems to push out an error, but still connects fine and gets you ingame. I haven't played long, nor messed with the default settings - however it isn't throwing anything odd in wine so I think it'll be ok. :)


It appears if you put the texture cache beyond anything but 'default' you will crash when rotating the camera. So uh, don't do that.

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Re: [Guide] RoR Under Linux

Post#2 » Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:18 am

Thank you very much! = Sticky!
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Re: [Guide] RoR Under Linux

Post#3 » Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:42 pm

Can't run new launcer in mint, it crashes when input field (login or password) gets focus with console output:

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fixme:advapi:RegisterEventSourceW ((null),L".NET Runtime"): stub
fixme:advapi:ReportEventW (0xcafe4242,0x0001,0x0000,0x00000401,(nil),0x0001,0x00000000,0x33d6a8,(nil)): stub
err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"Application: RoRLauncher.exe\nFramework Version: v4.0.30319\nDescription: The application requested process termination through System.Environment.FailFast(string message).\nMessage: Unrecoverable system error.\nStack:\n   at System.Environment.FailFast(System.String)\n   at MS.Internal.Invariant.Fai"...
fixme:advapi:DeregisterEventSource (0xcafe4242) stub
fixme:rpc:RpcServerUnregisterIfEx (IfSpec == (RPC_IF_HANDLE)^0x401c18, MgrTypeUuid == (null), RundownContextHandles == 1): stub
fixme:advapi:UnregisterTraceGuids deadbeef: stub
have you any ideas, what else i should add to existing wine/mono installation?

UPD solved by installing mxsml3 before dotnet4 via winetricks

UPD2. Damn .. it works w/o patching wine. Only one issue - should be used in fullscreen mode, to prevent losing mouse if pointer moved out of window borders.

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Re: [Guide] RoR Under Linux

Post#4 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 9:45 pm

i am able to launch the game and login but am unable to create a character. seems like a similar others are having. set permissions to 777 on all files to rule that out.


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Re: [Guide] RoR Under Linux

Post#5 » Sat Oct 03, 2015 4:05 pm

Back in the past I needed to patch & recompile wine to get WAR works. I was running it on Linux Mint afair, on box with 4GB of ram, CPU-integrated graphic card handling two monitors. SC wasn't really an option, but I was able to farm lizards in LOTD ;-) On modern box with dedicated GPU it should be playable. I think I was using this guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=974986. It's pretty old and most likely this patch was already incorportated (or not ;-) in wine, but maybe someone will find this usefull. Unfortunatelly I have only virtual machines at the moment, so I can't check this myself. Good luck, anyway! [;
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Re: [Guide] RoR Under Linux

Post#6 » Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:06 pm


same prob at first launch and all the next restarts are black screens with the mouse pointer only, looks close to something working but no clue :p

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Re: [Guide] RoR Under Linux

Post#7 » Fri Oct 16, 2015 1:14 am

The game runs very well in qemu with vga passthrough too, if you don't want to mess about with wine.

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Re: [Guide] RoR Under Linux

Post#8 » Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:06 am

Hello All!

Just tried to run the game again, since the settings Demorde used are for the most part the same ones I tried back in the days: http://www.returnofreckoning.com/forum/ ... f=4&t=2973

Again Iam stuck at the very same problem as before:
- Game starts
- Main Window is opened
- no way to create a character or choose a server http://imgur.com/WwycSyu
i am able to launch the game and login but am unable to create a character. seems like a similar others are having. set permissions to 777 on all files to rule that out.

I also made sure all permissions are set to 777 like clements suggested, but didnt work out :cry:

Does anyone have an idea? I was so eager to play WAR again and this post sparked high hopes and seeing that it did already work and I cannot reproduce this success frustrates me.

Thanks folks

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Re: [Guide] RoR Under Linux

Post#9 » Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:13 pm

Ok, got it working since the day before yesterday and gotta say I missed that game.
I still dont know the problem though... Just copied my brothers client from his windows machine and that one worked flawlessly using the same WINE-prefix.

I suggest turning on the CSMT settings in winecfg -> staging
Seems to run smoother on my system and fixed all the texture-errors I was running in.

Thank You demorde!!!


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Re: [Guide] RoR Under Linux

Post#10 » Wed Jan 06, 2016 3:23 pm

Wow awesome :D

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