Patch Notes 22/9/2017

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Patch Notes 22/9/2017

Post#1 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:00 pm

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HotFix 27.09.2017

- keeps rank 5 now deranks
- abandoned flags no longer provide supplies that rank keep nor prevent keep from deranking
- eliminated rare occurance when pop scaler opened T2 zone in already active pairing
HotFix 26.09.2017

- ammo replenish rate was cut by 50% and can be adjusted on fly by staff member
- reduced decay timer from 10 minutes to 1 minute without supplies, this can be adjusted on fly
- increased number of supplies lost from per derank tick from 10% to 50%, this can be adjusted on fly
- added minimum requirement of 1 BO to prevent deranking of keep, this can be adjusted on fly

Career Changes

- white lion pets should no longer heal while changing stance

Lair Bosses

- added support for some fun stuff for lair bosses at start of combat

- number of open zones will now scale with population
- added new GM command .campaign draw that will force loser bag rolls for both realms
- added chest logging so we can see if there are indeed locks without rewards
- increased renown from flag microtics when keeps are of rank 4 or more
- flags with status Abandoned (when there are no players around) will generate only 50% of supplies

- ADDON : RoR State of Realm v.1.0.1 [UPDATED]

Changed min-max scale in 80-80 of all Keeps's Lords in Tier2 -Tier 3

[Career Changes]

-Updated the various texts ingame to reflect the changes done by Torque

- all pets should properly cap at rank 40
- added hardcoded handler that allows auto attacks to be melee only when Shadow Warrior is using Assault Stance


- Resurrection Illness now applies a 25% stat debuff (down from 50%, still excluding Wounds)

Slayer and Choppa

- Removed the negative effect from the tactics Breaking Point and Strong Finish for 2h Slayer/Choppa.

Shadow Warrior

Path of Assault
- Disabled ranged AutoAttack when in Assault stance
- Increased Melee AA speed proc to 33%
- Increased Melee AA damage while in Assault stance by 65%
- Swift Strikes will now grant a movement speed boost for the duration of the ability being channeled
- Merciless Soldier Tactic redesigned
Removed AP reduction
Direct damage Assault melee attacks (Opportunistic Strike, Grim Slash, Exploit weakness, Counterstrike, Brutal assault, Sweeping Slash) will do 50% extra critical damage. The DoT (Draw Blood) and channel ability (Swift Strikes) have a 25% increased chance to critically hit. (technical reasons for the split functionality)

Path of the Skirmisher
- Flanking shot is now core
- Barrage is now 5 point ability
- Shadow Sting is now 9 point ability
- Eye Shot is now 13 point ability

Path of the Scout
- Fell the weak gains its additional damage modifier if the target has 30% of their HPs or below (up from 20%)
- Reduced the added AP cost of the No Quarter tactic to 13 (down from 20)


- Protection of Hoeth now places the absorb component on groupmates within 50ft


Path of the Rifleman
- Phosphorous Shells can now be cast on the move
- Phosphorous Shells has been moved back to 13 point ability
- Phosphorous Shells duration reduced to 10s, damage remains the same and will tick faster
- Phosphorous Shells now debuffs armour by 10% for the duration. - Problematic for technical reasons and reverted, damage for Phosphorus Shells increased
- Snipe has been moved back to 9 point ability

Path of the Grenadier
- Extra Powder Tactic now extends the radius of Phosphorous Shells by 50% in addition to its current effects (yeah yeah, crossed trees, deal with it until client control)

Squig Herder

Path of Big Shootin'
- Finish 'em off gains its additional damage modifier if the target has 30% of their HPs or below (up from 20%)
- Reduced increased AP cost of the Aimin' Quickly tactic to 13 (down from 20)

Path of Quick Shootin'
- Buffed Behind Ya to mirror Flanking Shot, damage increased and the critical chance of the ability is increased by the percentage of life lost on the enemy target


Path of Loathing
- Moved None Shall Pass back to 5 points in the tree with its original specification
- Moved Force of Fury to 13 points, the armor buff component of this ability now stacks with everything and of course goes on your Dark Protector as well


Path of Havoc
- Tzeentch's Firestorm has been moved back to a 13 point ability
- Tzeentch's Firestorm can now be cast on the move
- Tzeentch's Firestorm now has a medium snare effect on anyone within its effect radius
- Chaos Unleashed tactic also reduces the cooldown on Tzeentch's Firestorm by 10s
- Bolt of Change moved back to a 9 point ability

Black Orc

Path of Da' Boss
- Big Brawlin' Tactic now adds a 10s CD to Big Swing when slotted giving the disorient and snare effect a 50% uptime
- Rock 'Ard now places the absorb component on groupmates within 80ft
- WAAAAAAAGH! now places the buff Red Frenzy on groupmates within 30ft granting an Autoattack speed increase of 20% for 5s


-Added a limit so you cant make a character with a name that has been deleted before the server restarts (this is because if you make one, it wont be playable anyway since the old character is still cached)


- Fixed typo 'thoughness' within description of all items that had this typo

- Fixed missing resists on Dominator belts for MDPS classes
- Added some new near-BiS Broken/Repairable items to RvR T4+ drop table. Nalgol implementation being used. These are limited edition pieces and will be removed from the drop tables once we see a suitable amount have been picked up.
- Corrected stats on ~260 R17-18 items.


- Added invisible walls around 43.5k 60k and 15.5k 63k in High Pass to prevent players using terrain exploits
- Removed some double spawns
- Made of palisades and cannons untargetable at Empire Chapter 14

- Found solution for flightmasters flying above their mounts, some flightmasters can still be displayed incorrectly.
- Made all IC doors interactable. So if you're going to Undercroft, you have to open doors and they close after X.


- Mourkain Crystal,Paranoid Raven Games, Gyrocopter Down,Bloody Shame quests now shows correct Queststarter/finisher

[Public Quests]

- Converted into PQ spawns many NPCs
- Added 4 champions to kill at the final stage of Destruction PQ 'Wayshrine of Sigmar'
- Corrected the level of all NPCs within the Destruction PQ 'Stoneclan's Demise'
- Corrected the name of NPC 'Jevrisa' for final stage of Order PQ 'Evil Axis', also corrected her name for objective and stage description
- NPC 'Contagion the Blighted', final boss of Order PQ 'Plague Mist Vale', will no longer have double spawns
- Corrected the name of the objective of second stage of Order PQ 'Dragon's Blessing'
- GOs 'Stolen Barrels' will now spawn during second stage of Order PQ 'Ungry Ungry Greenskins', so the PQ is now completable
- NPCs 'Drakk Sybil' in Order PQ 'The Cult of Drakk' will no longer have friendly double spawns
- NPC 'Merona the Scaleseeker', final boss of Order PQ 'The Cult of Drakk', is now targetable and thus attackable, so the PQ is now completable
- Corrected the name of main boss of final stage of Order PQ 'Ashreaver Tribe Stronghold'
- Final boss 'Whoosha' of Order PQ 'Whoosha's Boyz' will no longer have a weird appearance
- Removed double spawns of NPCs 'Savage Corruptor' during second stage of Order PQ 'Siege of Bohsenfels'; they will now also all count for their objective
- Final boss of Order PQ 'Wolfenburg' will no longer be a vampire nor count as such; the objective now fits with the NPC to kill
- Corrected the final stage of Order PQ 'The Enemy Within'
- 'Jelera the Darksworn', NPC for second stage of Order PQ 'Castle Grauenburg', will no longer have the appearance of a vampire

[Tome of Knowledge]

- Corrected the subtype of many creatures
- All Bandits should now count as such when killed
- Verified T3-T4 Dwarf PQ unlocks and corrected the wrong ToK unlocks for exploring and completing PQ stages
- Verified T1-T2-T3 Empire PQ unlocks and corrected the wrong ToK unlocks for completing PQ stages
- Only the correct NPC 'Plagued Farmer' will now trigger the ToK Bestiary unlock 'People Pop Up' and its related title


[10452] Typo fixed on item
[10465] NPCs for the quest are now targetable and attackable
[10143] NPC will now show his name above his head and will no longer seem unattackable

[10442] level corrected
[10431] Now quest shows corrected NPCs and questmarkers

[10405] - Fixed
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Re: 22/9/2017 Patch Notes

Post#2 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:05 pm


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Re: 22/9/2017 Patch Notes

Post#3 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:08 pm

Shweeeeeeet, now all that is left to make great again is DoK and WP! So pumped for the next round of balance changes!

Question - Is the SM bubble buff as good as I think it might end up being? I know their niche spec is almost full dps with parry/bubble being up nearly perm unless you shatter but I was just curious if anyone else is worried about sharing bubbles for both the SM and the BO, surely we will all test this, and it may be just fine.. But I was kinda worried my melee dok just got worse b/c of how many SM's there are.

Annnnyway, glad to see things are happening and super pumped for the last two classes to get tweaked!

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Re: 22/9/2017 Patch Notes

Post#4 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:12 pm

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Re: 22/9/2017 Patch Notes

Post#5 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:19 pm

What about kobs 5s aoe snare?
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Re: 22/9/2017 Patch Notes

Post#6 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:20 pm

Thank you very much.
I will provide you feedback on assault stance asap
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Re: 22/9/2017 Patch Notes

Post#7 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:20 pm

Dalgrimar wrote:What about kobs 5s aoe snare?

It only affects 3 targets and you need to be in melee range. Big Swing affects up to 9? and doesn't require a target.

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Re: 22/9/2017 Patch Notes

Post#8 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:20 pm

nice changes to engi and choppa! looking forward to test them!!!

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Re: 22/9/2017 Patch Notes

Post#9 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:22 pm

Just curious: what prompted the res sickness change?


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Re: 22/9/2017 Patch Notes

Post#10 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:24 pm

Will the changes to the trees be available on the career builder as well?
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