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Checking mail = Crash

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Checking mail = Crash

Post#1 » Sun Jul 10, 2022 1:43 pm

I love you guys

I don't know what happened, I never had any issues. I was caught up in the character/guild lockout issue (that you fixed :D) and I'm ruined by the inability to use a mailbox. I've checked the bug tracker and it seems like there's only 1-2 people on there who have had this same issue (alts, nobodies main on the verge of getting to 85). It hinders my progression pretty solidly when any bag I win in an ORvR zone gets sent to my mail (I now have a gold, purple, blue, and white [fort] bag) and I'm locked out of it. It's pretty difficult to get those 9999 war crests when you are locked out of bags.

I want to buy something off the AH : I have to trust someone to buy it with my money and give it to me
I want to sell something on the AH : I can't. Maybe I can sell it on my alt, oh wait, I can't mail it to him...
I want to send money to an alt : "yo dude can you just trade this gold to a guy named "Sandor"?
I want to buy gear for my alts : "Hear me out, I need you to trade this item worth 70g to my other character"
I win a bag in ORvR or city : If I can't get in the chest (most of the time) its stuck forever.
I want to improve my gear : I can't buy talismans off the AH. Find a guy in trade chat, wants to COD it to me. Same for dyes.
Fashionhammer : Oh this item might have a cool appearance on my alt....well, this is awkward.

Somehow this is only my main's mail that is going wrong.
Is it possible that because I sent LOTD resources from my alt to my main and queue'd for LOTD before I checked my mail that this is happening? I've sent LOTD resources successfully from on character to another previously.

I appreciate any help I can get :mrgreen:


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