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Personal Bank Items Gone

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Personal Bank Items Gone

Post#1 » Wed Jun 19, 2024 2:53 pm

I lost about 75% of everything in my bank. VANISHED
Lost trophy items (like Bleached Skull)
Multiple item sets
Event Items

I tried restarting the game. Still gone...
This sucks big time. Instantly for no reason losing 1/2 my worth. Gear skins, dyes...

Is there anyway to get this stuff back? This hits hard and losing so much wealth and progress is a HUGE setback. Worst feeling ever.

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Re: Personal Bank Items Gone

Post#2 » Wed Jun 19, 2024 5:49 pm

Duplicating my response from the other thread about currency, as it is more relevant to this one since it was a bank tab too (will find that bug report and add there too):

I can add in here that several items in my personal bank seem to have disappeared. More disturbingly, many have become different items. For example I now have 2x of the Agatha's Thanks trophy, the Witche's Hope Stone Quest item, some equipment like Mark of the Medic, Icon of the Medic. One item that I am sure was duped from original into one of those was my stack of Blue Bottle Fly Extract. Items in the bank are also scrambled from how I had them organized before. If I was a betting man, this might have to do with the limited time events from the event I had stored in there are got converted (e.g. Mini Cow Pie Snack) or disppeared in there case as intended.

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Re: Personal Bank Items Gone

Post#3 » Wed Jun 19, 2024 5:52 pm

i opened a ticket on bugtracker a while ago.
just post your findings there as well. might help the devs to fix it quicker
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Re: Personal Bank Items Gone

Post#4 » Wed Jun 19, 2024 8:53 pm

Lost my weapon from BB got it replaced by a second influence cloak from hv

Is there any chance of recovery?

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Re: Personal Bank Items Gone

Post#5 » Wed Jun 19, 2024 11:16 pm

There's definitely something fishy going on regarding the bank, even though I couldn't put the finger on what caused the issue or how to reproduce it.

I had all my older gear sets well sorted in the second tab of my guild bank (for Fashionhammer), today there was total chaos: many items are duplicated, some of the duplicated ones were moved to the first tab, while other set items are gone. I think I have 3 or 4 pairs of Hunters Vale gloves now, even though I ran the dungeon only 4 times in total.

Hope you can locate the issue, I don't mind losing a couple of mostly pve items, I can farm them again, but right now I'm scared to store any Sov set items.

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Re: Personal Bank Items Gone

Post#6 » Sat Jun 22, 2024 9:54 am

This was linked in the patch notes as partially addressed or fixed, but I'm still missing items, did they put in a fix and it just didn't work for me?

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Re: Personal Bank Items Gone

Post#7 » Sat Jun 22, 2024 9:58 am

Dreadnot wrote: Sat Jun 22, 2024 9:54 am This was linked in the patch notes as partially addressed or fixed, but I'm still missing items, did they put in a fix and it just didn't work for me?
They said that they are looking into it how to solve that problem too. There will be most likely an update on it soon (on discord/forum).
Fix was more about preventing it and "also" restoration (what's possible) as far as I know.
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Re: Personal Bank Items Gone

Post#8 » Mon Jun 24, 2024 3:33 pm

I lost conqueror body and shoulders on my BG (47 RR). Dont have any stuff to replace it in shield spec. I wont buy it again. Waiting for a fix.
I lost others minor stuff or skin, 3 shields duplicated in bank, dont know what it has overwrite.

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Re: Personal Bank Items Gone

Post#9 » Thu Jun 27, 2024 11:44 pm

I have a bunch of duplicates. Items that no one would ever buy multiples of (such as multiple invader helms, sov helms, and mercenary helms).

Is there a fix coming or is this just how it is now?

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