Guide: Complete List of Set Gear

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Guide: Complete List of Set Gear

Post#1 » Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:04 pm

This spreadsheet is updated as new sets are released. Tabs at the bottom switch between archetypes.

Complete List of Set Gear

New Sets

- Hunters Set
Acquired in the T1 Empire/Chaos Warcamp via kill quests near the flightmaster.

- Scribe/Archivist/Lore-Master/World-Walker Sets (Not yet active)
Acquired from vendors for collecting tokens via quests.

- Beastlord Set
Seasonal for Spring/Fall (inactive for 2 months during Summer/Winter). Epic questlines acquired from various chapter camps in T4. Requires kills from RvR-enable Lair Bosses.

- Rare Fortune Set
Very rare drops from R37+ mobs. Bind on Equip, all pieces are tradeable and can also be found on the Auction House.

- Onslaught Set (Not yet active)
Gold Bag drops from Ch22 Hard PQ's.

- Redeye Set (Not yet active)
Boots and Gloves drop from Gunbad PQ's
Chest, Shoulders, Helm, and Back drop from each boss.
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