Guide: Reporting Rule Violations

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Guide: Reporting Rule Violations

Post#1 » Sun May 29, 2016 9:57 am

If you want to report players because they violate our Ingame Terms of Use please follow these instructions.


  • - Don`t use the in-game report function, it's currently disabled.
  • - Reports need to be corroborated with evidence. Different violations require different types of evidence. Look at the list below for further information.
  • - You can upload videos @ YouTube, Vimeo or Tinypic (no registration needed)
  • - You can upload images @ Imgur, Postimage or Tinypic
  • - Please note that not everything that you might think is violation is in fact a violation. Consult the Terms of Use before you report someone.
  • - Don`t create a thread about your report. Any such threads will be deleted on sight.
  • - Reports without evidence will not be dealt with.


  1. Take a screenshot or record a video that shows the rule violations.
  2. Upload the evidence to one of the aforementioned sites.
  3. Send the evidence (links to videos and pictures) and a description to magicthighs or any other GM as a private message. If you can't send personal messages on the forum, check the GMs' profiles and use the email provided there.

Report Chat and Player Interaction

    If you want to report a player because they violated the rules regarding chat and/or player Interaction, take screenshots of the whole conversation. We need the conversation start and end, not only the part that include the violation.

Report Exploits / Hacks / Cheats

    There are a lot of different exploits/hacks/cheats. The best way to report them is to record a video that clearly shows these actions. A video is important because in many cases screenshots are not enough.

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