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RoR item icons in png format

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RoR item icons in png format

Post#1 » Mon Oct 19, 2020 10:02 pm

Hey all,

The link below should contain the item icons of most of the items in RoR, according to the Armory.

You'll notice that the png files have numbers for names. The names are the icon number, as taken from the file name from the Armory. These icon numbers appear to match the "id" attribute of items retrieved from the in game addon api. So running /script DataUtils.GetItemInfo(GameData.ItemLocs.EQUIPPED, 1) where the Axe of the Subjugator is in item slot 1, the addon api will return a lua table with id=9130, and this matches the png with the name "9130" in the following zip. ... sp=sharing


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