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Chapter I - The Kar Khadath Regiment is Forged

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Chapter I - The Kar Khadath Regiment is Forged

Post#1 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:16 pm

The bone-piercing winds of Naggaroth howled within the Witch King's halls, only briefly interrupted by short sentences, hastily barked out by a towering, armoured man in the center of the room. Long shadows danced around the chamber in the flickering witch light orbs which illuminated the grand chamber.

"My lord, the entire frontline is crumbling underneath the combined might of our accursed cousins, Empire's state troops and Dwarf gunlines! If we do not receive reinf..."

"Enough, Commander Varanyth." – interrupted a powerful voice, as if it came from afar, yet so impossibly close it chilled from the bones out. The howling din paused as if listening, a lingering silence as if watching, waiting to see what would come to pass.

"My L-lord..."

The imposing figure, clad in dark plate looked down with hate filled eyes that glowed as brightly as the seams in his armour. With a gesture of his hand, clad in a clawed gauntlet, a sudden violent burst swept through the room, flooding it like an arctic gale, knocking the breath out of the Commander and forcing him to kneel.

"Silence! I tire of your excuses.” Filled with malaise, the voice promised unspeakable agonies should the Commander continue.

"You will not interrupt your King again." added a gentler voice, that of a female. Her tone was one of amusement, as the great warrior was utterly disarmed by the woman of alluring and yet unpleasant beauty.

"Now, to the matter at hand..."

"Commander Varanyth, you were granted an Iron Writ and with it you carry your Sponsor's authority. You have, however, failed in your appointed task and you left her...dissatisfied. How terribly disappointing."

As soon as the woman stopped speaking, the set of great steel doors at the foot of the chamber flung opened with great force. Two guardsmen marched in, between them carrying a small cauldron; their footfalls drumming a rhythm on the flagstones. The air instantly took on the taint of molten iron.

The kneeling figure on the ground tried to move, to shout, to do anything, but was left powerless. It was as if a greater will than his was holding him firmly in place, to await his terrible fate. The guards slowed as they approached, the cauldron gleaming in the pale light, tendrils of blackened steam rising from the unholy vessel.

"And I'm sure you the know the price, Commander." - bellowed a voice from within the armour.

The hulking figure approached the guardsmen, taking the cauldron and grasping it firmly as one of the guards gripped the seasoned warrior by the neck and tilted his head back. Without a word, the cauldron's contents were poured down the Druchii's throat. The agonized shrieks of the powerless victim could be heard from the farthest corners of the fell citadel, until the dreadful noise was rendered to a choking gargle whilst the molten iron did its work. As the screams faded to the gasping rasps of the dying, two figures entered the room, seemingly unaffected by the scene playing out before them; or perhaps concealing it very well.

"Forge it into a new Writ." A note of amusement could be heard in the woman's voice.

"It's yours for now....if you dare claim it." - a mirthless smile spoiling her unearthly beauty as she uttered these words to the Druchii who have just entered the hall.

One of the guardsmen lifted the now empty cauldron from the ground, whilst the other grabbed the lifeless body by the scruff of his neck.

"No, leave the a reminder. Go."

The guardsmen hastily left the room, dragging the corpse along the black floor. The woman placed her hand on the shoulder of her armoured companion, as he gave his decree; his voice again bellowing across the frozen hall.

"Division and conflicting goals give room to weakness. Strength lies in a common aim, combined strategy, and relentless discipline. I have decreed that the time has come for those who fight for their own ambition stand side by side with the disciplined and form orderly ranks fit to crush our foes." Though once again calm, the voice carried an unspoken threat underneath.

“We have decided that you shall bind together our finest and cruellest, bring rebellion under the yoke of a single command. Whilst the healthy struggle of one House against another encourages the strong to rise, as things stand our might is wasted. Your regiment, what is it now?”
she paused, tapping her full lips thoughtfully. “Ah, yes. Kar Khadath.” she purred the words almost mockingly.

An uneasy silence befell those gathered in the room, hesitant to draw attention to themselves lest the weight of wrathful ire fall upon them.

"You may leave now", uttered the lithe regal figure, clad in a wrought crown and strategically placed silk, who dismissed her subjects as casually as ushering away a common servant.

"Dread Highness... Queen Morathi." - with these words, the two figures left the room as quickly as they entered it, Malekith's glare smouldering into them as soon as they dared to turn their backs.

From the high balcony, The Witch King and the Hag Sorceress of Ghrond gazed down as their forces gathered below; soldiers marching, warriors forming rank. Banners snapped in the wind, as the troops were called to rank by the Commanders who now found themselves in a position of unique opportunity. The din of war horns rose above the cheers of the Druchii army, mingling with the growls of nauglir and other terrible beasts. With a cry of “Sa’an’ishar!” a drum set the marching pace as the army moved out; the thunderous sound of a marching host echoing across the frozen plains of Naggarythe. The symphony of death had begun.

"And so the Druchii from across the Land of Chill have come together in a tenuous alliance to advance the will of the Witch King. Soon there will no stopping us, my son, as we sweep the Old World into darkness and a new age of subjugation. The Kar Khadath Regiment shall serve us well."


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Re: The Kar Khadath Regiment is Forged

Post#2 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:43 pm

One of the best things I've ever read ;o

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Re: The Kar Khadath Regiment is Forged

Post#3 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:57 pm

Love it.

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Re: Chapter I - The Kar Khadath Regiment is Forged

Post#4 » Mon Jan 27, 2020 1:48 pm

Exquisite writing, well done! ^^

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