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Chapter XXI - Da Bloody Mugz

Feel like burning like a bright wizard? Being as green as a gobbo? Robust like an Ironbreaker? Bloodthirsty like a witch elf? Feel free to speak as them here.

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Chapter XXI - Da Bloody Mugz

Post#1 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 3:56 pm


The weary party cautiously made their way to the Shattered Stand, a small makeshift outpost overlooking the sea where a handful of guards kept watch around a beacon fire, lit to help guide the Corsair fleet to safe harbour. Crossbows were raised at their approach, the Greenskins noted among their number, one of the appearing to carry a wounded sorceress over its shoulder.

“Make way for Kar Khadath!” cried Caranordor, leading his regiment towards them. Weapons were lowered and guards stepped aside, yet the unfriendly frowns remained as they passed through, Ithilsyn being placed down. Her vision still hampered from the enchanted flames protecting the scroll, she relied more on her witchsight than mortal vision. The figures around her glowed lightly with their life force, whilst those graced with magical abilities shone brightly with various hues depending on the powers which they were able to channel. To her sight, the boiling skies shimmered with raw magic, as she gazed upon the streams of energy flowing over the lands and across the distant Annuli mountains towards the heart of the Sea of Dreams and the Vortex. The small goblin shaman rescued from the cockatrice was outlined with an aura of murky green, his eyes glowing brightly with power.

“I cannot see Nisothar here. Perhaps he’s established another camp elsewhere.” Mused Caranordor, looking about the Druchii here for a trace of the one mentioned in the scroll.

“The scroll did mention an encampment southwest of the ‘Rock of Galirian’...” Duvaindir replied.

Leaving them to their discussions, the Seeress sat down on the hard ground, curling her legs under herself, meditating on her vengeance against those who had harmed her so. The night passed with little disturbance as Caranordor discussed their findings with his Captain. An attempt to lure the Druchii into the darkness from the safety of their camp was ignored. Their arrows brought down a number of guards posted on the boundaries, yet it seemed that they were used to this. Any attempt to chase the Shadow Warriors into the canyons beyond would be folly.


“They know we will be expecting them now. They don’t have the numbers to take the camp or they would have made a full attack,” Duvaindir said, looking about the broken trees lit by a fireball sent skywards by Noogl. As the magical flame fell back to the ground, fading as it diminished, the Regiment formed defensive positions at the centre of the camp.

Sensing an opportunity, Noogl adjusted his hat and straightened himself, attempting to look as big as intimidating as his child-sized form would allow, before toddling up to the Dark Elf Commander. “Letz talk ‘bout buzynezz, yea?”

The witch elf Gretka smirked, wondering what influence the little green monkey had over the orcish brutes accompanying him. One of them broke wind, with a sound like a canvas tent flap caught in a fierce wind storm. Looking pleased with himself, he laughed loudly, one of his companions joining in, with a hearty slap on his back. Gretka rolled her eyes, before howling “Khaine!!!” in exasperation.

“We need ya shipz and fast chukkaz.” Noogl negotiated, looking up at the helmed figure of the Dark Elf Commander towering above him.

“Er... boss is smart” Broosr interjected with a rowdy cheer.

“And some magic stuff! But me needz ta check it first!” Noogl continued, as if reaming off a list contained within his cunning little brain.

“I suppose we could come to some sort of arrangement,” Caranordor replied, contemplating whether the benefits of allying with these wretched things would serve his purposes well.

“Ya don’t trick me!” screeched Noogl, holding his staff aloft and waving it for emphasis.

“Why, we would never,” replied the Commander with a smirk.

“Gud fo ya,” the goblin replied, sticking a yellow nailed finger up a nostril thoughtfully fishing for something, before placing it in his mouth with a wet pop.

If the Commander gave an expression of disgust, it was hidden well beneath his helmet. “I am sure we can spare some boats in return for your services,” he replied smoothly.

“Mugz ava small camp near da big ass doorz! I’ll sow ya it on da map. Shipz needz to be send dere wifin a week!” Noogl replied, pattering back and forth excitably.

“Small camp? Then you are hardly an army...” Duvaindir added, unsure of the benefit of any of this at all.

“But first, let us resolve the matter at hand and dispose of our pursuers.” Caranordor interjected, glancing beyond the Shattered Stand’s boundaries into the darkness beyond.


Listening carefully throughout, Ithilsyn finally spoke. “Why are the Greenskins in Ulthuan?” Her voice was soft, yet it carried with a firm resonance, enhanced by her sorcerous power.

“We ‘ave our own resunz!” Noogl spat back. The Seeress watched him with her witchsight, noticing his green aura flare up for a moment. Interesting.

“Letz say we da ‘xplorurz!” he added.

“Eksploderz!” echoed Broosr like some oversized green cretin.

“Who can ‘elp yaw if ya war...” the shaman announced. Bozdag cheered, one foot in a small campfire, oblivious to the fact that his boot was beginning to smoulder.

Caranordor removed his helmet and nodded slowly. “You may call me Commander.”

“Gud,” Noogl replied, spitting on his hand before offering it out for the Dark Elf to shake. Caranordor glanced at it, pretending to not be aware of the custom so that he would not have to sully his palm with the ichor dangling off the goblin’s hand.

“We got da boats from da spiky knife earz! Hur hur!” Broosr yelled. “Gud job boss.”

Noogl screeched and ran around in a circle. It seemed that some sort of an alliance had been forged.


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