Onslaught PQ Bosses biographical notes

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Onslaught PQ Bosses biographical notes

Post#1 » Fri Apr 27, 2018 4:37 pm

We would like to bring to you some lore aspects you can find in new onslaught PQ. All bosses are prominent characters in Warhammer universe. And they deserve to know them better. We will update this topic as new PQ's will be ready.

Special thanks for Ryan for polishing those notes.


Dammaz Skar

Behold! You stand in presence of Gorfang Rotgut, Troll-Eater, chieftain of the Red Fang and Broken Toof tribes, King of Black Crag, desecrator of Karak Azul. Tremble in fear as you see the face of your death.

The enormous size of this orc is overwhelming. As tall as any ogre he seems to be even larger because of his infamous Evil Sun Armor - a thick set of magical steel plate and scale mail. In his hand he wields Red Fang - a giant, serrated sword.
From his fortress in Black Crag he controls the western edge of Death Pass; blocking any attempt of an offensive towards Karak Eight Peak. The leader of this fortress, old and cunning Skarsnik, forged an alliance with Gorfang Rotgut, uniting the strongest greenskin forces in the region.
So Gorfang lays in his fortress, gathering troops and plotting his Waaagh! (while hunting trolls in between). This is equally frightening as when he marches to kill and plunder. There still live some Dawi who remember his incursion into Karak Azul. His forces stormed the Dawi fortress, killing many in their way. They capture the king’s son, Kazrik. Do you think he died a cruel death? No, he is still alive. Gorfang nailed him to his father throne, shaved his hair and beard off and then tattooed his head with a crude Orc glyph representing Gorfang. And let him live. Now King Kazador seeks a way to settle this grudge.

Think you are able to kill him? Try… We will take care of yours funerals.

Slayer Keep

So, you think it is easy to kill a lone Slayer? Maybe you’re right. But who cares? I will tell you a tale about the place where they gather in force. Karak Kadrin, The Slayer Keep. And I will tell you about one Slayer in particular; Ungrim Ironfist from the Drakebeard Clan, The Slayer King.
He is the Slayer King, last from the long line of Slayers King. His regalia, The Slayer Crown, Axe of Dargo and Dragon Cloak of Fyrskar have become known to many foes, across countless battlefield. Entire warbands of Greenskins and Chaos Warriors felt his immense might first-hand, and crumbled beneath his foot.
Do you know anything about Slayers? They vow that they will seek glorious death in combat, but only at the hand of a worthy foe. And for those who are not worthy they have fury, blood and death at the ready. Now multiply this undying resolve and thirst for combat by the hundreds and you will have a dim image of what is waiting for you in the halls of Karak Kadrin. In the shadows of this bastion the spirit of Grimnir, The First Slayer, fuels the souls of the gathered Kadrin warriors with strength and determination.
I see you seek glory and opportunity to plunder. Great, splendid. The death of Ungrim Ironfist will greatly please us. But we’re afraid you are a foe not worthy of his death…...
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Re: Onslaught PQ Bosses biographical notes

Post#2 » Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:13 am


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Re: Onslaught PQ Bosses biographical notes

Post#3 » Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:29 am

For Karaz Ankor!
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Re: Onslaught PQ Bosses biographical notes

Post#4 » Sun Apr 29, 2018 4:32 pm

Found King Kazador in Death Peak today!
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