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Onslaught PQ Bosses biographical notes

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Onslaught PQ Bosses biographical notes

Post#1 » Fri Apr 27, 2018 4:37 pm

We would like to bring to you some lore aspects you can find in new onslaught PQ. All bosses are prominent characters in Warhammer universe. And they deserve to know them better.

Special thanks for Ryan for polishing those notes.


Dammaz Skar

Behold! You stand in presence of Gorfang Rotgut, Troll-Eater, chieftain of the Red Fang and Broken Toof tribes, King of Black Crag, desecrator of Karak Azul. Tremble in fear as you see the face of your death.

The enormous size of this orc is overwhelming. As tall as any ogre he seems to be even larger because of his infamous Evil Sun Armor - a thick set of magical steel plate and scale mail. In his hand he wields Red Fang - a giant, serrated sword.
From his fortress in Black Crag he controls the western edge of Death Pass; blocking any attempt of an offensive towards Karak Eight Peak. The leader of this fortress, old and cunning Skarsnik, forged an alliance with Gorfang Rotgut, uniting the strongest greenskin forces in the region.
So Gorfang lays in his fortress, gathering troops and plotting his Waaagh! (while hunting trolls in between). This is equally frightening as when he marches to kill and plunder. There still live some Dawi who remember his incursion into Karak Azul. His forces stormed the Dawi fortress, killing many in their way. They capture the king’s son, Kazrik. Do you think he died a cruel death? No, he is still alive. Gorfang nailed him to his father throne, shaved his hair and beard off and then tattooed his head with a crude Orc glyph representing Gorfang. And let him live. Now King Kazador seeks a way to settle this grudge.

Think you are able to kill him? Try… We will take care of yours funerals.

Slayer Keep

So, you think it is easy to kill a lone Slayer? Maybe you’re right. But who cares? I will tell you a tale about the place where they gather in force. Karak Kadrin, The Slayer Keep. And I will tell you about one Slayer in particular; Ungrim Ironfist from the Drakebeard Clan, The Slayer King.
He is the Slayer King, last from the long line of Slayers King. His regalia, The Slayer Crown, Axe of Dargo and Dragon Cloak of Fyrskar have become known to many foes, across countless battlefield. Entire warbands of Greenskins and Chaos Warriors felt his immense might first-hand, and crumbled beneath his foot.
Do you know anything about Slayers? They vow that they will seek glorious death in combat, but only at the hand of a worthy foe. And for those who are not worthy they have fury, blood and death at the ready. Now multiply this undying resolve and thirst for combat by the hundreds and you will have a dim image of what is waiting for you in the halls of Karak Kadrin. In the shadows of this bastion the spirit of Grimnir, The First Slayer, fuels the souls of the gathered Kadrin warriors with strength and determination.
I see you seek glory and opportunity to plunder. Great, splendid. The death of Ungrim Ironfist will greatly please us. But we’re afraid you are a foe not worthy of his death…...

Ebon Keep

Hear me, countrymen! Bend your knee and pray to our Lord Sigmar for strength and force of will, for you will certainly need it for the fight ahead of us. Dangers and terror beyond what you have ever experienced, in any battle you have bravely fought in, lay ahead. We make our stand here, in the very heart of the Chaos Wastes. Peering over that blood-red horizon you can see the outer defenses of the infamous Ebon Keep. We shall ascend its steps, no matter the cost, and finally smash the root of evil facing our great civilisation!

Do you feel it? The earth rumbles beneath our boots. Hills transform into lakes of boiling mud. Demonic whispering is on the wind. At the bottom of your heart, all of you know what this means. Yes, the Lord of Change, Greater Daemon of Tzeentch guards these valleys of nightmares.. And we are here to put a stop to its heinous ways, once and for all!

A grim task awaits us all. But let it be known that on this day, we will write history. Our victory here today will be sung about for centuries by the legacy we leave. Each and every soul standing here will rest eternal as a hero of this day. No matter what vile magic we are faced with, we shall overcome its darkness. We stand firmly with our brothers and sisters, side by side. There will be whispers in your mind, that will claw at your very soul. Horrors of the eternal void within shall plague you, and the image of your allies will become tainted. Our enemy will attempt to shatter our faith and comradery. Yet you will overcome this heresy, for it is nothing but lies! Our faith in Sigmar and the Emperor, is unbreakable.
Warriors of Empire... on your feet! Form the column… Forward, march!!!

All the King's Men

Gather around, you dogs of war! Faster! Listen closely as I reveal some wisdom the Raven God has bestowed upon me. You destroyed the weaklings’ villages, burnt their fields to ash, slaughtered their men without remorse... and now listen to the lamentations of their women on the wind. Reikland is crumbling beneath your feet.

But you are all fools! Look up, beyond that hill. Castle Reiksguard is still standing. The last of the Empire’s defenders are preparing there for your arrival. Why is that? Because you failed to fulfill one crucial step. Kurt Helborg, so-called Reiksmarshal, ‘Grand Master’ of the Reiksguard Knights, and wielder of the Grudge Settler made by Alaric The Mad, is STILL ALIVE. You may have tormented thousands, yet one of the most stubborn Empire warriors still stands tall.

Now, he awaits you in his chambers. Fully plated in his polished white armor, with his Runefang sword at hand and Laurels of Victory sprawled around his helmet. You will recognize him with ease. Don’t think, even for a second, he’ll be brought down without a bloody brawl. Neither him nor his men will surrender to us at will. They have dealt with retainers the of Raven God in the past. Some of whom my master hope you will find. That castle holds many, many secrets…

Prepare yourself well, cowards. Equip your strongest armor. Pick up your toughest shield, and your sharpest weapons. Prove to your God that you can do more than slaughter mere peasants.

Glittering Citadel

We have a task for you. An assassination of a single Asur. His name is Caradryan. Does this name seem familiar to you? Here’s a small hint or two… He’s the Phoenix Guard Captain. Wielder of the Phoenix Blade. By now you should realise that this won’t be an easy task. Never said it would be.

When you come face to face with him you’ll see a raging firestorm and the fury of his enchanted blade. Fueled by the divine power of Asuryan, first among Asur’s gods, His rune glows bright on Caradryan’s forehead, His strength coursing through his veins. The Chosen One... Despite our despise for this filthy Asur he is a quite formidable opponent. And as you could guess, he is never alone. Keep this into account or you’ll be reduced to mere cinders in seconds.

Phoenix Guards pledge the woe of silence, as did their Captain. During the battle you won’t hear a word, hiss or groan from his mouth. No matter how the long the battle lasts, how deeply he\s wounded... not a single word he has uttered... for centuries. But, there is a rumor. Some whispers that in moment of his death, Caradryan will be allowed to speak. We want you to find out the truth. We want you to make his last word a begging. Make him crumble to your feet and beg for mercy. This is the task we put on you. Now begone, you have stood in our presence long enough.

Tor Sethai

Silence, my warriors. You babble like little children. I heard you from a hundred feet away. Now. That's better. Open your ears and stay alert. I’ve returned from scouting the area, and it looks dire. Our home is invaded by a great host of Druchii soldiers. At their disposal are foot soldiers, tamed beasts, bolt throwers and sorcerers. Although those last ones look more like captives than willing servants. Peculiar thing, isn’t it?

Who leads them, you ask? I saw him... and I know him, as do you all. Malus Darkblade himself. On his infamous Cold One known as Spite, with the Warpsword of Khaine in his hand. It is him who we must face. And we cannot fail! Many of you have heard rumors about him, how he became the Tyrant of Hag Gref, how he slaughtered his own father, how he got possessed by a chaos daemon. All this and more rings true. I’ve walked among the shadows for many centuries but still feel an icy cold bite on my spine when reminded of him. Do not underestimate the challenge before us. Or you will surely die...

But we are the Asur. Rightful owners of these lands. No Druchii have a place here. We will eradicate them from our isle. Malus’ agenda means nothing to us. I don’t care if he is here on behalf of someone greater or scheming his own plan. We will strike swift like the wind, scatter his soldiers, slay his harpies and hydras and finally put an end to his rotten existence. Warriors of Ulthuan! Brace yourselves... to battle!
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Re: Onslaught PQ Bosses biographical notes

Post#2 » Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:13 am


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Re: Onslaught PQ Bosses biographical notes

Post#3 » Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:29 am

For Karaz Ankor!
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Re: Onslaught PQ Bosses biographical notes

Post#4 » Sun Apr 29, 2018 4:32 pm

Found King Kazador in Death Peak today!
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Re: Onslaught PQ Bosses biographical notes

Post#5 » Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:13 am

UPDATE: adding rest of notes. Hope you will enjoy.
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