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Rules for Roleplay Topics

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Rules for Roleplay Topics

Post#1 » Sat May 09, 2015 1:18 pm


here are some rules for making roleplay Topics:
  1. If you start a new roleplay topic you need to use this [Roleplay] in front of your topic. For example
    [Roleplay] Sigmar Hammer
  2. Open roleplay topics only in the fan art area
  3. If you want to answer in a roleplay topic you need to follow the rules from the thread owner

Here are some General rules from Velxunyrr

General Role-Playing Rules

No God-modding, Power-playing, or Metagaming
This is perhaps the most important rule to be considered. God-modding refers to the practice of creating an insanely overpowered character who cannot be touched or harmed by anything, and it is often seen as a very rude thing to do. Avoid it as it ruins the fun for others and will not be tolerated.

Power-playing is when someone RPs as another person's character to give the themselves an unfair advantage. For example, someone says, "I win because <insert character name here> ran off a cliff!". This is just as bad as god-modding. Don't do it, as it won't be tolerated.

Metagaming is where a player's character makes use of OOC knowledge that the player is aware of but their character is not. A character played by a metagamer does not act in a way that reflects their character's in-game experiences and backstory.

Refrain from Auto-hitting
Automatically hitting means you attack another person's RP character without allowing them a chance to defend or control the actions of their character. Much like God Modding, this practice is frowned upon, considered rude, and will not be tolerated.

Be Respectful
Respect is paramount. It's ok to play a character that isn't the most pleasant to be around, but if you want to join a role-playing campaign, you should respect the people who have taken their own personal time to set it up, as it is for your entertainment as well as theirs. As a result, you should also respect the campaign itself; if it isn't for you, then kindly leave and find another campaign that is more suited to your tastes.

The Moderator and Thread Owner Have the Final Call
If an out of character argument breaks out during the course of a role-playing campaign, then the forum moderator or thread owner always has the final say. You should respect this decision and simply move on.

Don't Abuse Your Power
While moderators and the thread owner hold the most power over what goes on in the thread, this does not mean they can do whatever the please. Be fair to the people in your campaign and they will be fair to you.

Spelling and Grammar
Try your best with your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We're all human and we all make mistakes, and English may not be a person's first language, which is fine. Just be sure to proofread your responses before posting. Misused grammar, capitalization, and spelling can be extremely immersion-breaking for the people involved, so please, do try your hardest.

RP - Role-play

OOC - Out of character. This is used to refer to times when role-players speak as themselves in a thread, rather than their character.

IC - In character. Pretty much the opposite of "Out of character."

Bio - Biography. Refers to an in-depth backstory of your character, abilities, weapons, and so on.


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