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[ADDON] BagOMatic (updated 26-05-2020)

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[ADDON] BagOMatic (updated 26-05-2020)

Post#1 » Sat May 23, 2020 4:18 pm

Ello my fellow gits,

seeing that the sorting and automatic stacking of BagOMatic didn't really work anymore due to the understandable imposed server delay between item moves, i decided to look in to a fix myself.

Short description:
Fix for the sorting/stacking addon BagOMatic to work with the imposed server delay of Return of Reckoning.
Adds two little bag buttons at the top of your inventory, these will pack and sort everything (bags, currency, crafting), or just the current open tab.
Other options are available by typing /bom


Download v1.3.7

Sorting with respect to your set bag filters is working, mixing these is sometimes wonky.
Having 1 bag with armor/weapons, one for acessories, one for potions etc. should work fine.
The filters are a bit tricky, but can work rather well :)
Crafting and currency bags don't apply these filters, since there is no reason to.
The bank window is now sorted as well if you click sort while being at the bank. (Might disable this, or make it toggle at some point, for now its more convenient not having to do /bom sortbank :) )
I added some item id's for the specific server and fixed the stacking.
If some items do not properly stack for you, or something else doesn't work, let me know below, then there are probably item id's missing because the original EA api has some limitations. *cough*

The delay between item moves can be set with /bom delay N N defaulting to 0.15 seconds.


-added second button to allow only the currently open inventory to be sorted (without the need to sort everything, if you don't want to)
-moved item move requests into update method, no more client freezes while sorting. Watch your items fly in realtime :)
-delay is now in seconds, no more abritary sleep function.
-sort bank window when open
-fixed packing method (now items correctly stacked, worked in my tests :? )
-added item id's for RoR medallions, if I forgot items that aren't properly stacked, answer below, ty :)
-bigger default delay to make it big enough for strong CPU's [If you're sitting at NASA, increase this ;), you can decrease as low as you see the sorting still working ]
-save/load said delay between reloads.
-initial fix

Soulztorm (Hobbitschubsa)
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Re: [ADDON] BagOMatic (updated 25-05-2020)

Post#2 » Mon May 25, 2020 8:41 pm

Noice mate! :o

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