Essential Addons / CooldownPulse (returning player)

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Essential Addons / CooldownPulse (returning player)

Post#1 » Mon May 27, 2024 2:25 pm

Hey! I just returned after several years of complete absence and I'm looking for some essential addons, I want to squeeze out the every little bit of efficiency out of all my characters.

Right now I'm using a Gaming Keypad to never miss an essential ability combined with Buffhead, which I've customized as much as possible to also never miss a single key ability that might be off CD or forget to apply fresh debuffs on a new target. I'm still re learning the game, tweaking my Keypad and just going absolutely crazy to react as quickly and efficiently as possible. I haven't yet entered any proper combat since I came back, Warhammer Online is not the kind of game where you can make a mistake and win, at least that's how it used to be, especially since Order was absolutely, disgustingly broken. I still recall a time when a whole team was wiped out by two Engineers, and no one could leave the spawn area, or how a Warrior Priest and Knight wiped out 6 Orc players all by themselves in open world PvP. I'm not sure if much has changed since then, at least balance wise, but I'm not about to take any chances!

So I was wondering if RoR has any new essential addons for PvP, or maybe something like Doom CooldownPulse?

It's a WoW addon, which briefly flashes a certain icon on the screen when a specific ability is ready. Please let me know if something like this exists for Return of Reckoning. I got very used to this addon back when I doing PvP none stop on the Vanilla + servers.

Besides that, is there anything else I should be using?

No-useless-mods perhaps?

Now that I think about it, I'll have to get Tether again, but first I'll have to edit the visuals because they are not thematic, and they don't look like something from Warhammer at all!

Edit: Looks like Tether is gone! Is there a different addon like it?

I also have sequencer, but it really sucks, so I used it in a limited capacity.

Another addon I used to use (and still use) is Advancedrenowntrainer, but there seem to be some issues with it, so it works, but it's bugged and doesn't show the right number of points sometimes.

If there are any addons I should install please let me know, any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Essential Addons / CooldownPulse (returning player)

Post#2 » Mon May 27, 2024 6:50 pm

You can find CooldownPulse equivalent here.

Tether is now GuardPack, and as for AdvancedRenownTrainer it's a general bug with it not displaying your points correctly - you need to be at the trainer for it to update IIRC.

You should also install Enemy for the warband frames.
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Re: Essential Addons / CooldownPulse (returning player)

Post#3 » Tue May 28, 2024 7:20 am

You have the latest Guardpack (Ex-Tether) in the creator topic here : ... 23#p554823

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Re: Essential Addons / CooldownPulse (returning player)

Post#4 » Sun Jun 02, 2024 2:42 pm

Thx for the responses, I'm still struggling with a lot of outdated and buggy addons that are driving me insane, but that will be for another thread.

Anyway, are there any addons I need to optimize the performance itself? Like No-useless-mods?

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