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Has the choppa/slayer been fixed?.

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Re: Has the choppa/slayer been fixed?.

Post#11 » Tue Jun 22, 2021 5:46 pm

Heres how i'd increase fun and viability outside metaplay for the classes

1 make spring uninterruptable by your abilities, aka let you sprint and do your warcries and whatnot as you move (rsh has this btw)
2 mechanic reduces avoidances by 25-50% to match the damage bonus gradually but not severely (makes it a bit harder to counter them by pure damage output)
3 make the first ability in aoe tree a targeted leap with aoe snare ( similar to the escape tool of the squigherder but offensive)

as for 2h tree, i proposed most of this earlier but its buried

1 change the crit tactic from flat value exclusive to the trees' abilities to initiative debuff in addition to the toughness debuff from the core ability (will make it synergize better for your group and not to mention your other trees abilities)
2 wielding a greatweapon makes your cleave hit 9 targets by default, no tactic needed (greatweapon is now not only viable, but quite decent in warbands)
3 drastically reduce the amount of exhaustives, only deathblow/wildswing and give those increased damage and higher likelyhood of critting when hitting targets below 30% (like what is typical of finishers, for example the rsh finisher is exactly like that and also used to have access to critical multiplier before the rework iirc)

now atleast i cant blame myself for not voicing my opinion on the classes before they get Reworked :mrgreen:

most of these changes have a lot going for them to synergize better and make the classes more competetive in a drastically changed enviroment over the years..

i think it'd be nice to see more slayers and choppas doing solo / smallscale roaming around the lakes :)

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Re: Has the choppa/slayer been fixed?.

Post#12 » Fri Jun 25, 2021 12:11 am

That the choppas has been considered the weakest melee since release
and it's still not sorted out, begs me to question why.
Healdps is better dps because of better sustain, dpstanks are better because of sustain,
and all other melee dps are better because of either escape mechanics or just better sustain.

Both Choppas and slayers can't utilize their mechanics and tactics that prevents ragedumps
because of the worst penalties in the game.
Does WL have a penalty to their mechanic that stops them from utilizing their lion?
Does Marauders have a penalty that stops them from "shafeshifting" ?.

If all classes that can dps (which is pretty much every class) has better sustain
or survivability that slayers or choppas, then what's the point of the slayer/choppa class at all ?.

Even the meatball build SH is considered better AoE with their stomps.
The Choppaskill "Go for da Softspot" has been requested for years to bypass armor,
like all the other classes backstab skills.

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