New Magus need help!

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New Magus need help!

Post#1 » Mon Nov 04, 2019 8:24 pm

Hi i am rolling a magus for my destro character im level 33 right now but i wont take me long to hit 40. I am realizing i dont really know what im doing at all i usually play tanks. I would just like to know whats the best path? In this version of warhammer is it best to do single target and burst or AOE? Any help is appreciated and thanks.

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Re: New Magus need help!

Post#2 » Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:02 pm

The best spec is the one you enjoy playing the most.

Magus has a lot of different options in that departement, you can:

1] Play a Single Target spec based around a Bolt of Change (BOC) rotation (Havoc spec) that requires some set-up time and does heavy
single target damage. Since BOC is undefendable you can basically delete some players completly in a single rotation (Even some tanks who think they are unsinkable!).
As a Magus your pet can even debuff your own damage type in this spec (Elemental damage)

2] Play a solo roaming, ultra defensive spec using goodies from the Daemonology path to make you a tuff target with high armor, toughness, wounds and damage to kill other roamers in 1vs1 melee distance. You can get so tuff, some players might think they are hitting an actual tank!

3] Play a spec using the Rift skill from the path of Daemonology to rift enemy players to your position, deal aoe damage and help the realm, this spec is also nice to have in warbands, since they can provide you with the heals and guards you need to survive near the frontline. A good rift can break up the enemy position and obliterate their lines.

4] Play a spec based on heavy aoe damage with tzeentchs firestorm and other goodies from the path of changing, defending chokepoints in keep sieges and dealing heavy aoe damage in warband vs. warband battles.

5] Create you own spec that may be a mixture of some others or even something completly new, the possibilities are there.

I only played my Magus to rr50, but I had the most fun with a Havoc spec, slowly setting up my position, choosing a target, start my rotation and see them go from max health to zero in the blink of an eye, imagining what they are feeling now infront of their screens xD. Could I have done more total damage with aoe? Yes, but Havoc felt really unique for me, I think the burst damage was sometimes even higher than that of a sorc :D

So based on that, try to find out how You want to play with your magus and then more experienced players than I am can help you with specific advice.

Magus is a great and fun class to play, with a lot of different options on the table!

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Re: New Magus need help!

Post#3 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:06 am

Here's 1 recommendation from me for a nice and easy setup that you can acquire within a day of hitting 40 (use green jewelry or AH blues instead of the Genesis pieces): ... ame=Defraz

Slot 1 armour tali and the rest toughness talis (ideally 22+).

Demonsoul weapon is super easy to get solo (epic quest reward) and is better than subjugator and the SC weaps for a def mag as it has effectively 720 hp heal. Beastlord gear is from Beastlords quests, use LFG channel to find a group for them. You can pickup the quests here: ... stlord_Set

Now spec like this: - Magus

Should have something like the following once you've done the above:

1000 int
750 toughness
6k hp
2700 armour

Now buy:

40 healpots from officer vendor (1.8k)
40 rejuv pots from AH (3.6k) - you can use healpot and rejuv pot together as they have separate CDs
40 armor pots from AH
40 int pots from AH

In fights use Aegis > Healpot > Rejuv pot - that's 7.6k self healing in a fight on top of your 750 toughness, 375 absorb tactic and 720 hp weapon heal proc. Use knockback and pet stun as needed for kiting WLs / WH. Your main dps attack is Daemonic Maw (get dots up then Maw spam). Use Flamer pet and if you need to kite once Maw snare is up use Rend Winds for damage (it can be cast on the move). Blue pet if you're fighting AM for the increased disrupt. Use Rift as your gap closer on ranged classes.

You are now a 1v1 beast in orvr. Go bait those WLs, SW, Engis, WHs to attack you and collect your free 2-8k renown per kill. Imo magus is the most underrated class in solo play.

If you like the solo playstyle - and you should it's better renown per hour - do not be tempted to switch the above gear to conq or vanq (unless you're doing 3 vanq 3 oppressor much later). The power of the above setup is you are mixing toughness set bonuses from Domi and Anni with Armour bonus from BL (make you sure you have Beastlord pocket to get the int bonus too).

Spend renown points on defensives. Get chance to be crit to 0%. I then add disrupt chance rather than parry as melee classes are free kills whereas a well played dps AM is your toughest fight (but still winnable at least 50% of the time).


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