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[Mara] Bruiser Defense Build. BIS

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[Mara] Bruiser Defense Build. BIS

Post#1 » Tue Aug 02, 2022 6:26 am

Which is better for anyone who's played as a roam Mara build?

I have a lot of experience on WL with roaming builds. In my experience there, 3 piece offensive sov/5 piece def sov was better than full defense sov because of the 88 wounds on 3rd piece offense. 880 extra HP was just better for survival than the 4% damage resistance proc on 5 piece defense, or extra mastery points from 6 piece.

So for Mara I was thinking:

1) Either the same as above 3/5 offense/defense sov.
2) Or 7 defense sov/ 2 sent (chest/ring)
3) Or 7 or 6 defense sov/ grimmshimmer chest
4) Or 3 defense sov/ 3 offense sov/ grimmshimmer chest or sent chest and ring (this would be missing the armor bonus which might rule it out)
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