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Def magus equipment.

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Def magus equipment.

Post#1 » Mon Dec 04, 2023 2:50 am

Recently started lvling my magus again. Back 4 years or so bis for def magus was ann head + body, beastlord pocket+gem+back+shoulders, 3 dom. Checking all options again, I'm switching to sent shoulders+gem for extra toughness on shoulders + extra tali spot + -2% to be disrupted, and eventually to warlord back + head + gem, ann body + shoulders, 3 dom.

Checking other options- invader in theory has toughness bonus, but almost no toughness on parts.

I have seen years ago suggested 4 oppressor for the 200 absorb, invader gloves + belt +gem, 3 beastlord, but the toughness loss doesn't seems to be worth it (10% for 200 absorb is on average 20 less dmg per hit, or vs dps with normal scaling 65 or so worth of toughness- while you loose much more toughness).

Ann at this point is really getting old. Did anyone ever came up with any better setup?
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