Slayer 2h weapon + dw tree build.

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Slayer 2h weapon + dw tree build.

Post#1 » Wed Feb 07, 2024 2:25 am

I don't play order, but to play with builds after last patch etc.

2h has a build in 10% strikethrough. Since with the high ws that slayer has, slayer has a high parry anyway, trading 10% parry from dw for 10% strikethrough from 2h, especially since last patch, seems to a good trade. 10% 2h + 10% str strikethrough+ 20% Rampage= 40% total strikethrough for aoe, not a 100% bypass like an old Rampage but still a practical full bypass for anything which isn't high ws with parry buff- so practically speaking still a full bypass vs anything except ws twinked choppa/possibly ws twinked mara /ws based bg.

Now using 2h does means slayer can't use a dw requirement abilities from dw tree, so for whoever plays slayer, is it possible to build one without those? Basically no ID/Retribution, so does slayer has a working aoe build without those? How are Flurry spam with Accuracy tactic, for dmg? Or say Wild Swing spam with WW and Power Through tactic? With possibly Jagged Edge added in for extra dmg?

Also which procs slayer has on 2h weapons, is there anything in there which can add to aoe build, like heal debuff proc?
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Re: Slayer 2h weapon + dw tree build.

Post#2 » Tue May 21, 2024 12:55 pm

2h SL's arent design to AOE, it is suppose to be a single target spec.
Now the problem with it (and trust me I'm a true lover of 2H SL), it aint the best at single target compare to WL, WH and maybe meleeSW.
It has strength but its just not the best at it.
And the worst part is a DW SL will have less burst potential than a 2h but will be much more versatile and be abble to do great AOE damage ... So the meta right now is to play DW slayers.
That been said, 2h sl's for ST are still viable, they are fun they are just not optimal.
This spec desperatly need some love from the balancing team.
We've seen a lot of nerfs lately on the dominant class and spec. Hopefully we gonna start seen some cool buff to underperforming and underplayed spec.

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Re: Slayer 2h weapon + dw tree build.

Post#3 » Tue May 21, 2024 11:17 pm

There is one working 2 H aoe build, but it is making you verry vulnarable and eats up AP absolutely fast. - Slayer
Onslaught flurry spam while closing into enemy. then use Gudrun'S warcry and even the odds when close. And inside the target area, use No Escape, Shatter limbs, Rampage, WILD SWINGS...... repeat.

Other than Retribution, wild swings is 25 feet all around and not front cleave. And wild swings will not be stopped by KD or disrupt. Even if they knock you down, you just stand up and start to swing again.

But the downside is that you will be in red without a chance to drop the rage, thus you are squishy and because of the still high ap cost of wild swings you maybe need to switch to AP M2.

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