[Warrior priest] Complete noob need advice on warrior priest

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[Warrior priest] Complete noob need advice on warrior priest

Post#1 » Fri Nov 29, 2019 3:53 pm

I have no **** clue what I'm doing, I'm a complete noob that never played Warhammer. Pvp looks nice, I'm bored and I want to give this game a try.

I got stuck on character creation screen for about 45 mins scrolling through the crazy amounts of classes available.... lol

Ended up picking Warrior Priest.

I understand the game says Warrior priest is a healer, but I've also watched some melee warrior priest pvp videos afterward... so my question is.... are warrior priest viable melee pvp'er ? Can I roam / gank with melee warrior priest or end game they have to be healer otherwise they're worthless... I like to prove people wrong by playing unorthodox builds in game generally, and I always end up being able to do some decent stuff against all odds, but the lack of knowledge of this game on my part makes me want to play something smart first, learn the game and then go hard with some weird spec/class and dominate :D
would melee warrior priest allow me to do that or its a waste of time on my part to start with that class?

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Re: Complete noob need advice on warrior priest

Post#2 » Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:00 pm

All three specs are viable, but the caster healer (Salvation spec) wears completely different gear from the melee healer (Grace) and melee DPS (Wrath). Grace also wants to build much tankier than Wrath (see my signature for my Grace guide), whereas Wrath needs to be build very offensively to do respectable damage (talk to Halcite for Wrath advice). In regards to wanting to play a quirky/unorthodox build, I can recommend Grace highly for that. Very hard to play, but very powerful when played right.
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