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Post#1 » Sun Nov 01, 2020 4:17 pm


As always sorry for my English.

distance = range


Finally, and after much experimentation I think I have been able to understand how the warrior priest dps works and HOW it works as a viable dps class. is very simple, do damage from a mid range and then charge in to meele range to kill the wounded enemies.

1-Playstyle: our roll as warrior priest dps will be, from a safe distance, do damage to the heals and rdps of our enemies and then go to meele range and finish off those who are most wounded.

2-Place on the battlefield: as you will see later, due to the warrior priest's abilities, his place is behind of the vanguard line, behind the tanks and other meele, the idea is to attack from a safe distance. Due to the range of our attacks, our objective (from a safe distance) will be the enemy rdps and healers through enemy tanks and meeles doing damage in area, and then thanks to the group damage, charge and finish off the enemy in meele. So we have the ability to change our place on the battlefield as appropriate. if our team does not have enough damage while our skills in cd we can peel the Rdps and healers or help revive our teammates.

If we have a guard, we can get ahead of the front line and do the same as I explained above.


3.1 main skills:

Smite: Skill that deals damage in area, with a range of 50 feet.

Sigmar´ wrath: ability that for 20 seconds allows us to ignore 25 percent of the armor of our enemies and reduces the CD of the abilities of the wrath abilities by 5 seconds.

the idea is, when sigmar's wrath ability is up, use for 20 seconds (spaming) smite (cd of 5 segundos and with sigmar´wrath will not have cd) from a safe distance. (use pots of AP)(trick: dont use smite and then sigmar´sigmar wrath you will lose 5 seconds of spaming)

3.2 complementary skills:

Guilty soul: With each critical hit, it increases our damage by 5 percent that stacks up to 4 times and debuff our enemies when you hit them with a critical strike, deals spirit damage.

Divine justice: increases the damage of prayer of righteousness.

Fanatism: increases our critical hit chance and our parry (parry = useless)

Basically, the idea is to increase the damage of our smite with prayer of righteousness and try to make these hits critical so that they increase our damage more and debuff our enemies with guilty soul.

3.3 main meele skills: (remember they also have their cd reduced by sigmar'wrath).

Hammer of sigmar: it will help us to finish off weakened enemies at meele.

Absence of faith: it will reduce the healing of the enemies that we are trying to finish off.

3.4 complementary meele skills: (remember that they also have their cd reduced by sigmar'wrath).

Soulfire: with this ability all of us, who play warrior priest dps, had problems, but at the end, it is well designed, this is a transition ability, and we use it while we are changing from meele to range or from range to meele. for example, if we manage to do enough damage with our companions from range, we will cast soulfire while we charge to meele range, so when we reach our target the casting time will end and continue using our meele abilities.

Castigation: leaves a debuff and also increases our chances of a critical hit.

Weigth of guilt: if the target is cursed it will slow down its movement speed by 50%. Remember, is important our objective must be cursed. Read the skills so you know which ones count as a course

Bludgeon: it is our ability to fill time when our skills are on cd.

Vow of silence: silence the casters. Super useful.

3.5 Utility skills:
Judgment: help chase fleeing enemies.

Unstoppable wrath: ability to change rank to meele or meele to rank. Use wisely as it has a high cd.

Divine shock: ability to create distance.

2.6 optional skills:
Divine assault: this ability heals us, it is like our lifeline if we don't do it right. So if we play properly we won't use it much.

Sigmar fist: I recommend using strength pots or liniments since when changing range we will not be able to keep this ability active. because pots and habilities dont stack, example sigmar´fist and strength pots

Purge: It's a good skill but it makes our rotation very long.

3.7 meh skills

sigmar's shield, this ability has killed me more than it saved me.

4-Carer abilities:

At renown 40 and 50: ... ,5890,4160
no sigmar’ shield, and avatar of sigmar baby.

At renown 60: ... ,5890,4160

sigmar’ shield and avatar of sigmar baby

at renown 70 ... ,4191,4160

you need to take sigmar´s grace, so you cant be a sigmar avatar anymore.


Critical chance: it is our main statistic since guilty soul increases our damage and this allows us to complement our strength stat . If you stack more better

Strength: increases all our damage, our prayer of righteousness and the debuff of guilty soul will be increased too.

Weapon skill: it helps with the damage of our smite and meele abilities but remember, sigmar´ wrath gives us a good amount of this stat. 25% would be fine.

Futile strikes: if you play the warrior priest well, you don't need it. But you can use it.

In priority it would be CRIT CHANCE - STR - WS – FS or Wounds.

6- Gear:
We will try to combine the pieces looking to accumulate strength (although I use the full warlord).
So basically here it depends on what we have in our bags, trying to take the best bonuses as we get better level equipment.
So here I can't tell you which set is better or how to combine them, but keep something in mind: stack up strength.

7-Talisman: strength

8-Pots: strength and armor or resistances. buy a lot of pots of actions pots too, this is important, you need to spam smite like 20 seconds.

9-Renown points

critical chance IV - strength V - ws until 25% - wounds or Futile strikes (I prefer wounds).

solo roam class?

HELL NO !!!!

If you've seen me this week I'm just dying trying to play alone.

Almost all the classes beat you in a single combat, here I leave you by class the chances of winning according to my experience.

WE: 0.1%, if she is at least a little competent she will beat you. no chance.
BG: 30%, if he has the same or more equipment than you, you will lose or not kill him.
Sor: 100% to meele, 0% to rank.
DoK: if he is a healer, 100% and if he is a dps = an eternal fight.
Marauder: 0.1% same as the WH.
Chosen: dread path: 40%, corruption path 60% and discord path 20%.
Magus: 0% to rank, 40% to meele.
Zealot; 100%
BO: Brawler: 30%, toughest 40% and Boss 40%
Choppa: 30%.
SH: MSH 30%, RSH 0% at range and 70% at meele.
Shamman: healer 70% , dps at meele 70% and at range 0%.

In WB the damage he can bring is very devastating, obviously the warrior priest is not going to kill the entire enemy wb alone.

leveling as warrior priest dps.

As you can see until level 25 (sigmar'wrath) we will not be able to do much and we will die without doing anything, level up to 25 as a healer or grace.

Does it depend on the gear?

No, it is a very common lie that I was also a victim of. If you accumulate strength by mixing the bonuses of your sets and prioritizing the critical chance with the renown points, you will be fine.

Conclusion, the damage of the warrior priest can be very high if it is well applied, knowing when to enter and leave the battlefront. Never be ahead unnecessarily.

Anyway, it was almost a year of research, I am in poverty of the times that I have changed the renown points, I do not have to buy pots or anything, but it gives me great satisfaction to have achieved results and see when the people who have seen me play change his mind about our dear bald man, I would like to see your face when you see what can be done with the warrior priest dps.

If the devs see this and want to make a change, I would like to suggest that they change sigmar's wrath to tier 1 of the wrath tree since it is the main ability and without it you cannot play with warrior priest dps at low levels and also lower sigmar 'grace to tier 1 of the grace tree, since at that level in my opinion the warrior priest grace has enough tools and at that level he does not need sigmar' shield and this change would allow the other specializations to take morale 4 without problems.

any question or donation of gold (joke (or not)) my name is Holylaw.

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Post#2 » Sun Nov 01, 2020 5:31 pm

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Post#3 » Sun Nov 01, 2020 5:40 pm

Asderas27 wrote:
Sun Nov 01, 2020 5:31 pm
Guy has a plan that works well enough for him that he wrote a guide about it. Sod off or offer more than that.
viewtopic.php?f=95&t=41746&p=442977#p442977 my 2h choppa ideas. Long live my alts.

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Post#4 » Sun Nov 01, 2020 8:01 pm

Asderas27 wrote:
Sun Nov 01, 2020 5:31 pm
With the change to Drowning In Blood/Sigmar's Wrath, dps dok/wp work just fine as aoe mid range rdps, wonder why it took so long for people to figure out.
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Post#5 » Tue Nov 17, 2020 12:12 am

Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing.

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Post#6 » Tue May 04, 2021 6:43 pm

Just to make it clear:

That's 40 seconds of downtime for 20 seconds of aoe spam.

With the latest changes though, you can actually test this theory build properly using the warband scoreboard.

Make sure to specify which image is PuG WB and which one is oWB.
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Post#7 » Thu May 06, 2021 10:47 pm

zulnam wrote:
Tue May 04, 2021 6:43 pm
Just to make it clear:

That's 40 seconds of downtime for 20 seconds of aoe spam.

With the latest changes though, you can actually test this theory build properly using the warband scoreboard.

Make sure to specify which image is PuG WB and which one is oWB.
Look, tests have already been done, it works but you will never do the same damage as a real dps class even with the best gear. The problem is quite boring to play, those of us who want to play with a wp dps want something that gets into the fight, using a lot hammer of sigmar and a frontiline playstile, not a class that takes out a broom and sweeps every 40 seconds

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Post#8 » Thu May 06, 2021 11:30 pm

They need to enhance our single target (tweak bludgeon) or give us more tools as a hyrbrid to self heal better.(more survival)


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