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[Scenario] Collecting Data III : The 4 Scenarios i hate

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[Scenario] Collecting Data III : The 4 Scenarios i hate

Post#1 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 7:46 am

This one is simple.

Let us know what are the 4 scenarios you consider the worst, with a short reasoning (can be the scenario design, the size, the objective understnading, the bugs....), and if possible, in few words- what should be done to make it better with a SMALL change (i insist on SMALL).

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Re: [Scenario] Collecting Data III : The 4 Scenarios i hate

Post#2 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:00 am

Stonetroll and Gromril are the only two SCs that really bother me. It isn't the SC itself that give me problem, but the fact the most of the times ppl dont knows how to play it. Usually ppl got distracted by the fight on some useless point of the map and forget to cap the BO or to returns to mid to get the pacifier. Honestly i cant see any change that would solve the problem

Edit: get rid of the damage buff from Lorgrin and Highpass Cemetery
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Re: [Scenario] Collecting Data III : The 4 Scenarios i hate

Post#3 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:20 am

make warballs and buff across the maps work ( DOOMFIST CRATER, LOST TEMPLE OF ISHA)
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Re: [Scenario] Collecting Data III : The 4 Scenarios i hate

Post#4 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:27 am

Logrins Forge
add more flags, remove dmg buff, split the fight and less focus on afking on your own objective until sc ends once you have bit more points than enemy
High Pass Cemetary
another weird dmg buff, and more afk on flag like in Logrins or just afk in WC and wait for enemy to keep capping or skipping the capping while their rdps farm your wc entrance
Khaine's Embrace - normally I would have this one always blacklisted but because nothing is poppin I still take the pop unless I want to afk culti 30mins more while waiting for next pop... similar as above, afk defend your own flag, cannot attack fully, cannot commit fully, people split everywhere and nothing is as fun as both teams choosing to defend for 15mins and sc ends in a draw.

any bomb run sc
I refuse to run those bombs because they always ended up bugging my class mechanic (stealth) or it ends making a suicidal glass cannon dps to be a suicide bomber glass cannon dps. Occasionally there is some newbie who cannot even read the map, not to mention buggy maps regarding actual item location or player locations, so you end with 15 mins of one or other party farming the other while everyone ignores the suppused sc mechanic. Besides, any idiot who actually picks up the bomb becomes primary kill target for the enemy team, so thats when the miracle of pugs assisting other pugs happens for sure in scs. And then there are the bugs relating to bombs, so rather skip on those, thx.

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Re: [Scenario] Collecting Data III : The 4 Scenarios i hate

Post#5 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:43 am

Gates of ekrund is too melee centric for my taste and also promote gheal spam cos it main battleground is kinda small and healers could out of los gheal spam like crazy (that comes from msinly healers perspective)

The eternal citadel when it is not 6man only. It become too chaotic and total mash up, not to mention the punt cheese

Logrins forge when initially both sides stay at opposite flags and noone move 5-10 min. Otherwise it is ok and good fights happens

I dont like scs where u cant flee to save spot when fight is decided (gromil crossing, howling gorge, etc.)
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Re: [Scenario] Collecting Data III : The 4 Scenarios i hate

Post#6 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:47 am

Thunder Valley

Map is to big, and we need to avoid the fight at any cost to win the sc... To me, it's a non sense

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Re: [Scenario] Collecting Data III : The 4 Scenarios i hate

Post#7 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:09 am

I see this an opportunity to have some QoL changes.

If possible change how interact with the flags in the scenarios "Fight for Praag" and the one with the rail train that cuts the map. It's unintuitive for new players that expect to just be in the proximity of the flags when they open up to be take.

All the scenarios with only 2 points to fight for, promote turtling. I'm not new to see teams to search the first kill and then just wait. Give a third thing to fight for, not necessarily another point, can be, but also a buff that makes your point unable to be taken for a reasonable time, or some other buff that worth to fight for.
There are the scenarios I mostly dislike.

All flags point should give same points, I'm looking at the pirate scenario (again I don't recall the name). Teams just prioritize the center flag and wait.
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Re: [Scenario] Collecting Data III : The 4 Scenarios i hate

Post#8 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:10 am

I don't want to forget any sc and as I am not at home to check sc list, I will make some general statements.

I queue for most sc but I still dislike those, where you need full force to attack the enemy, while you don't know, whether the enemy has 1-2 players going to cap your objective right behind you, while you fight their team. You need to put some players in charge for defense, while you fight but who does it? They miss all the fight, while sitting on objective to eventually defend flag against stealthers.

Some of those sc give dmg buff as well, when you succeed in cap, rewarding the stronger team even more. This should be removed, at least the bonus could be altered, because 100% damage buff is just overkill.

SC where you have to run a bomb are improved with latest changes, still you need full force to guard the carrier and new objective spawns before you are back at mid to fight for new bomb. Keeping a defender at mid to eventually stop an enemy bomb runner is lame, because you miss the action.

Plain horrible is thunder valley. You can 100% win it by ignoring all pvp and just go for flag caps. The map is big enough to make it happen.
This is the only map I opt out all the time.

Doomfist crater and tor anroc I only like as tank, because punts off the platform or into lava are funny, when not on the receiving end. I usually still queue for them, because slow sc pops.

Gromril crossing, battle for praag and this eataine themed sc are not working as on live currently and could be fixed. When all flags are capped, capping the mid flag is supposed to reset all flags.
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Re: [Scenario] Collecting Data III : The 4 Scenarios i hate

Post#9 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:23 am

hoy, thanks for your first feedbacks, but if you could make them a little clearer, it would be super nice. Something like :

- Issue : because yadayaydya
- Solution : maybe...

- Issue : because yadayaydya
- Solution : maybe...


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Re: [Scenario] Collecting Data III : The 4 Scenarios i hate

Post#10 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:34 am

Howling Gorge/Talabec Dam (Bomb Run)
Issue: If you lose the first run you mostly lose the sc.
Solution: Grant points for picking up the bomb and defeating the carrier.

Lorgrins Forge/High Pass Cemetery (2-Flag)
Issue: AFKing at one side.
Solution: After 2 min without capping a BO all players are killed and the BOs are set to neutral.

P.S.: Bring back Isha into normal rotation.
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