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T1 population critical

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T1 population critical

Post#1 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:55 am

Hi all!

Since the scenario tiers have been changed now, Id like to address that the t1 population is also kind of low recently.

Scenarios used to pop every 5-10 minutes. Now the waiting time goes towards 30min. Yesterday evening we had around 80 players in t1 and 600 in t2+. Sounds good? No, it isn't for t1. I wonder where these people were because we had like 15 dessis and 10 orders in open rvr / scenarios.

From my experience - and Im playing this game since ages - we need around 120 people in t1 to have good action and fast SC pops. With 80 in prime time and 40-50 the rest of the day it is critical because people getting bored quickly when there is no action or the battle is too one-sided and log off. That's bad for the overall population of the game.

Id like to see something like that:

T1 / starting tier: 1-19 (chicken with 20). Id keep the bolster mechanic as it is and start debolstering with 16 and higher (as it is already when you hit lvl 16 inside scenarios). A lvl 1 player would get bolstered to lvl 19 and a lvl 19 player would get debolstered to lvl 15. All lvl 15+ Abilities / Morals / Master Abilities should be disabled while in t1. Spending RAs and MPs for 15+ should be allowed. They dont have a big impact and it can be adjusted with the debolster. So all in all the players could stay 4 more levels in t1- which is a lot because they level up slower. This should give us some more players in t1 to keep it fun. Same level gap for scenarios 1-19.

T2 / middle tier: Id love to see an exclusive mid-lvl-range again, limited to tier2 zones. Id make it from lvl 20 to around lvl 35. Don't think that there is a debolster need in that lvl range.

T3-T4 / high tier: t3 and t4 zones only for endgame after T2.

How would you change the level ranges to keep the game fun for every tier? At the moment we have only starter tier and endgame. Im really missing the middle tier and the fun with the keeps in t2/t3 zones.

cya ingame!

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Re: T1 population critical

Post#2 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:07 am

even changing as you suggested might not have that great effect as by design lower level brackets are... well lower level. So if someone plays and levels up past that bracket and do not intend to go back for a new character or if they simply dont want to play in that bracket to begin with (some players actually want all masteries available and do not enjoy playing without those choices) then thats a player thats never going back to that bracket.

So with that in mind it means that each such person will only ever be in that queue / bracket one time (or a few as he/she gets the alts wanted up) and wont return meaning a new player has to install and play the game to refill that number.

Im not saying its the most common behaviour though its worth pointing out. I myself is such a player as an example and since I currently am not interested in leveling a new alt I wont be coming into the lower bracket again. Thats how a bracket system is designed.

As for RvR t2 is merged with t3 and t4 to alleviate some of this issue and its been rather beneficial. Us reverting that is not on the table currently as it will only ensure that the teir split from t4 would be a ghost town again

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Re: T1 population critical

Post#3 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:21 pm

well t1 is fine in my opinion, and you really want a mid tier? serious`? merging t2-t4 was one of the best changes in the past! If you use good gear on your lvl with slotted talis you should be fine and able to kill rr 80 players. The only people what cry about that have just no clue about bolster. But one thing is sure, if you make an midtier it will be empty like t2-t3 where before the change was implemented. This server havent the numbers for a midtier and thats fact.

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Re: T1 population critical

Post#4 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:57 pm

Hello Natherul,

Thank you for your response!

I understand your point. I dont know what the common behavior is, but Im sure that there are a lot of different player types. The spectrum goes from playing only one character till the very end to playing a new character every day :)

Since there are only two tiers at the moment, the players are either in t1 or t2+. Sure, most of them are in t2+ but from my point of view t1 isn't just a starter tier. It has a lot more to offer which t2+ doesn't have.

In t1 you can try different classes, it's easy and fast fun (after 5-10 minutes you are lvl 5 and in the first pvp lake), no grinding, no team speak needed, no waiting for group allies, no premades in SC, usually more SC pops, no running for minutes to get action and all in all a bit slower game play. It's so uncomplicated. I love like. Most people love it. They usually go 'awww, dang' when they become a chicken and have to move on.

I don't want to say that t1 is better or worse then t2+. I just want to say that is different and worth keeping alive.

As it is in everyday life it is best to have options. People should have options to either rush through or slow down.

-> For those who want to rush to max level and play the endgame there could be an item with +% xp/rp gain. Id offer higher boost for player kills/scenarios and lower boost for quest and pve kills.

-> For players who like t1 and play the game because of t1 Id increase the lvl range to 19 as described to have a little more people and SC pops in this gap and maybe offer items to decrease xp/rp gains (no xp stopping - this would lead to overpowered twinks).

Only thing that would change is a slightly smaller t2-t3 scenario range (20-39 instead of 16-39) and people would have to play in the t1 SC gap for 4 more levels. However with 16 and above they could either stay in t1 with debolster or go to t2+ with bolster.

It would be sad to see t1 dying since there is no other game like that. Hope you can find a way to prevent that.


cya ingame! (or not, since you dont play t1 ;)

PS: yes I agree, we dont have the numbers for a mid tier.

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