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Solo Queue Tier List (Destro)

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Solo Queue Tier List (Destro)

Post#1 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 6:02 pm

Hello Folks, here is a first attempt to create a tier list for Ranked SOLO QUEUE!
Please note that this implements ideas/builds that will be more efficient in this mode than other gamemodes.

This topic is still open for discussion, over time i will include different speccs and theyr influence too.
Ranking also includes the influence on your win conditions overall (and yes, there are more ways to win other than just bashing the enemy team at the current state)
This Tier list might change at any point, given changes to solo ranked mechanics or class nerfs/buffs.

Useage: high > low (iE high B- tiers > low B- tiers)

Solo Queue Tier list:

S Tier: (Viable in any Setting, strong carry potential)
(mdps) Marauder: good single target damage, tanky, heal debuff and a great variety of tools to pick from makes him able to deliver kills easily to his team.
(Tank) 2H offensive Blackorc: most assist damage of all the tanks, purely based on that as people will oftentimes give away free immunities
(Heal) Heal Zealot: purely based on the fact that hes a better single target healer than DoK + ranged stagger
(mdps) DPS DoK: good burst damage, strong and almost permanent Heal debuff, aoe damage, good sustain as well as the option to offheal party members.

A Tier: (Very viable many Settings, good carry potential)
(Tank) 2H offensive Blackguard: more utility than Blackorc, but lesser damage on DPS specc, overall still VERY viable
(mdps) Whitch Elf: Healdebuffs can be a nightmare by times, excellent burst potential and escape tools
(Heal) Heal DoK: excellent healer, good to keep the group stabilized. Less ideal against single target pressure and no long range disables.
(mdps) Melee Squig: too.much.pressure. if the enemy team cant deal with aoe pressure you just won the sc.

B Tier: (viable for many teams, )
(Tank) 2H Chosen: Auras are good and helpful, other than that more or less a cc bot
(mdps) Choppa: great damage, similar to squig but with less mobility.
(rdps) Ranged Squig (70+ with good gear). High lvl squigs deliver tons of sustained damge, rated high also because of the built in healdebuff.
(Heal) Heal Shaman: still viable, but lack the tools of a dok or zealot.
(Heal) Shield DoK: delivers nice damage if the enemy team lets him, good heals overall, option to go healdebuff but VERY exploitable

C Tier: (less viable, exploitable)
(rdps) Magus: Insane burst with stacks which are usually easy to accomplish. however easy to push.
(rdps) Sorc: Insane burst with fast rotations. Easy to push.
(rdps) DPS Shaman: less burst than other ranged dps classes, aoe slow has utility

D Tier: (not recommended)
SnB Tanks: snb tanks are basically unable to deliver any form of noticeable assist damage. Enemies often times gain free immunities so they cannot play on theyr cc either. Basically limited to beeing a guardbot, with less to little influence on how the game develops. not recommended.


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